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A Perilous Journey Ch. 03

by Ginger

08/22/2016 06:51 in big-cock

Two weeks later Anita met Niki for lunch at Copeland's. When she arrived Niki was not there so she got a quite table in the corner. When Niki walked in Anita waved and stood up giving her a hug. "How are you sweetie?" Niki asked. "Doing good. How about you?" "Great. A little sore. You have got to ta

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A Perilous Journey

by cuckolder

07/31/2016 21:48 in blowjob

It was Monday before Anita and Niki were able to talk and they decided to meet for lunch at The Loop. They had barely sat down when Niki asked, "Well? How did he like it?" "He has not said much. We were both so wore out we just laid by the pool yesterday. I think it went ok. He did not participate a

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