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Emma Treats Hubby To Hot Date Night

by george

08/17/2016 04:15 in blowjob

Emma treats her hubby to a very hot date night Pete, my hubby, had been working so hard for the past couple of months that I thought I ought to treat him to a date night to give him a break. He is a defence engineer and at the time was contracting and had to work lots of stressful and unsociable hou

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The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 02

by Ginger

08/16/2016 00:23 in big-cock

This is a story of how a dominant woman trained her husband to be a cuckold. It's not for everyone. I'll understand if you decide to skip it. It opens where Chapter 1 ended, with Richard begging Clara to fuck her co-worker Jay. ***** Clara held my face in her hands. "Are you sure about this, Richard

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A Cuckold for the Night

by cuckolder

08/14/2016 03:24 in hotwife

I had gotten ready for an evening with Diane. We had talked that morning before work about our plans for the evening. She had asked me what I would like to do this evening and I told her that I was not going to make the plans tonight that I was leaving that entirely up to her. The only thing I was g

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Romantic Night out Picking up a Man

by hana

07/28/2016 19:06 in wife

My name is Pete, the much talked about husband of Emma. We've been married about 10 years and are deeply in love. As you may have read Ems' other stories you'll know a bit about us and our marriage. We have two children who are 12 and 7. Life has been really hectic since they were born to the extent

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A Night at the Bar

by george

07/19/2016 15:43 in voyeur-husband

I sit and watch her as she walks across the bar. My table is about half way back toward where the band is playing and I sit alone, although the bar is reasonably busy. Her confident gait draws my eye, even if I wished to look elsewhere. As she approaches the bar she shrugs the black coat off her sho

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