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Big New World

by Ginger

08/19/2016 00:32 in hotwife

Hey y'all, I wrote this recently, and since I'm planning on becoming a writer, I thought I'd throw this up here and see what kind of critiques I can get from the community. And of course, I hope you enjoy it! ***** Friday was always the best day of the week, and this friday was especially good. I go

sign of wife cheating big new world

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A New Perspective

by cuckolder

08/16/2016 21:37 in hotwife

I scanned the room for my wife and found her sitting at the bar sitting beside a large well dressed black gentleman. He appeared to be about 50 and looked to be my height or better but he was significantly heavier than me with a thick neck, broad shoulders, wide hips and a bit of a belly. My 31 year

fashion bracelet new perspective

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Elizabeth - A New Job Well Earned

by hana

08/16/2016 18:56 in voyeur-husband

At around 6pm I woke from my nap, my beautiful wife lay exhausted next to me. She had crawled into the bed naked after her shower and hadn't moved since her head hit the pillow. She had hardly slept from her previous night's enjoyment, just like me from the mental torture as I waited at home. As I g

jewelry pendants elizabeth new job well earned

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New Sensations Ch. 02

by cuckolder

07/13/2016 21:57 in hotwife

Almost as if by fate, things progressed even further after that. One day Nikki was getting curious, and brought up the 'top sites' list on my mac's browser, which is just sort of out of character for her. We've always had a great degree of trust and respect for each others' privacy and property. Any

reading online books new sensations

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