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Cuck Or Bull You Decide? Ch. 02

by cuckolder

07/27/2016 04:04 in voyeur-husband

I am SexyLuv1 aka as "Diamond" a 55 year black man have been in the lifestyle seems like forever. I write about my life and the things I have done now I am a Kinky MF some people want to call me a freak I am not. For those who don't know the difference kinky is a guy who will fuck a chicken a freak

cheating web cuck bull you decide?

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Steph and Giulia Ch. 01: The Betrayal

by george

06/10/2016 03:55 in humiliation

Giulia was going to be at the party. Stephen still wanted to see her, even if she had betrayed him. Every day, he had given her a ride to school. Every day, he had been there for her. She laughed at his jokes. She smoked his weed. Now she had betrayed him, but when she invited him to the party, he c

cheating web steph giulia betrayal

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