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Zoe's Perfect Marriage Ch. 01

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Zoe and her colleagues were crammed around a small table at the hotel bar. The week and been packed with meetings and sales pitches, and now the drinks were flowing freely. Everyone at the table was tipsy, but her boss was relentless in ordering more rounds. They had had a successful week.

Zoe almost spilled her drink when her elbow was nudged.

"You have an admirer," her colleague said, giggling.

"Trish, what are you talking about?" Zoe replied, raising her glass to her lips.

"That guy at the bar. He's been giving you the eye since we got here."

Zoe casually scanned the bar. Her gaze was briefly met by a well-dressed man.

"The guy in the suit with the shaved head?"

"Yeah! He's a stud. Shame you're married. If he comes over, put in a good word for me!"

Her colleague cackled as she spoke. Sober, Zoe would never have acknowledged the man, but she was very far from sobriety. She held up her hand and wiggled her ring finger, showing the man at the bar her diamond. Trish blew him an exaggerated kiss.

A few minutes later, Zoe glanced back up at the bar. The stranger was still standing there, and as she looked up, he raised his own hand and displayed a shiny band on his own finger. Zoe expected a reaction from her colleagues, but they were focused on their drinks and conversation. Zoe blushed. The stranger at the bar was married and he certainly knew she was both married and not interested. Pig. Zoe sipped her drink, thinking back to a recent conversations she'd had with her husband, Paul, about their sex life. One night, to her utter surprise, Paul had told her without any prompting that he found the idea of her giving another man a blowjob to be a huge turn-on. Being the loving wife that she was, she indulged his fantasy, if only to to an extent. Nothing extreme, just the occasional remark when she saw a handsome man on TV. So much as hinting that she was thinking about how big another man's cock was drove her husband wild. Zoe and Paul were in their early thirties, and things were going well for them: great sex, a house, a nice car. She was happy.

Zoe reached into her handbag and took out her phone.

[Being hot on by a hunky guy at the bar. It would be so easy to make your fantasy a reality.]

Zoe's heart skipped a beat as she hit send. She was nowhere near serious, but it was the first time she'd sent her husband a message like that and she felt more than a little naughty doing it. A few moments later, her phone buzzed.

[Why don't you go and say hi?]

Zoe's pulse quickened as her fingers tapped the screen again.

[It wouldn't be the same if you weren't here to watch, would it?]

There was a pause of a couple of minutes, then,

[You have my permission to suck his cock as long as you tell me about it afterwards.]

Zoe's jaw dropped. She quickly replied,

[Joking right?]

Almost instantly, her phone buzzed again.

[Not if you're interested.]

Flustered, Zoe put her phone in her handbag. This was several steps too far for her. She picked up her drink and tried to rejoin the conversation around her. As the evening wore on, her colleagues started to dwindle until it was just her, her boss, and a secretary who was shamelessly flirting with him. Zoe got up to go to the restroom, and by the time she returned, they were both gone. She could already hear the gossip at the office on Monday.


Zoe turned around. The deep voice belonged to the stranger at the bar who was now standing beside her.

"You're persistent. I'm not interested." Zoe said as she gathered her belongings.

"Am I? I was just looking for some company. I'm traveling alone."

"The kind of company that ends with me in your hotel room. No. Thanks." Zoe replied.

"Hey, that's not fair. I'm just looking for someone to hang out with, and you're the prettiest woman in the room."

Zoe laughed.

"Does that ever work?"

"No, but what's the harm in asking?"

Zoe's eyes fell on the stranger's arms. His suit was tailored to his well-built body. He looked great. She didn't like relenting to his advances, but the stranger was honest and charming, and she was relieved to be speaking to someone who wasn't from her office.

"One drink, then I have to go. It's late and I fly out tomorrow." Zoe said.

"What will it be?"

Zoe and the stranger sat side by side at the bar. He rested his leg against hers, and when she didn't flinch, he placed a hand on her knee. Zoe's jumped, her stomach full of butterflies, but she stayed on her seat. She was shocked at herself: she could feel a growing wetness between her thighs. His hand stroked higher to the hem of her dress. Zoe looked at her watch and realized that they had been talking for an hour. She hadn't even asked for his name, and if he'd said it, she'd already forgotten it. Not knowing made it somehow less real and more acceptable. She beckoned the stranger closer, her head spinning from the alcohol.

"My husband is turned on by the thought of me sucking another man's cock." she whispered.

After a moment of silence, she started to giggle. It sounded ridiculous.

"Well then, I suppose it's my lucky night. I'm turned on by the thought of you trying to fit this in your mouth."

As he spoke, he place her hand in his lap. She gasped. Even though it was through a suit, it was the first time she had touched someone sexually other than her husband since they had met. It had been five, almost six years. She cautiously explored his groin. He felt huge. His member twitched to her touch.

"Can I take a photo of your hand on my thigh?"

The stranger nodded. He grinned as he watched her hit send and replace the phone in her bag.

The stranger took Zoe's hand. The pair snaked their way through the busy bar to the door, the lobby, and then the elevator.

"Can we go to my room?" she asked.

Zoe felt safer knowing where she was going and pressed the button for her floor. Before she had time to think, they were at the door to her room and going inside. She was sick with excitement. Her hands fumbled with his belt. She tugged his trousers to his thighs and blushed crimson as her hand brushed his bulging briefs. She looked down and stroked him through the stretched fabric. He felt impossibly big. Zoe knelt before the stranger, his back to the wall. Her hands shook as she lowered his underwear. His cock sprang free, almost hitting her cheek. She stared at it, speechless. Zoe had always thought her husband was a good size. Average, at least. It had been plenty to satisfy her. The veiny rod that pointed to her lips was simply shocking. She took his shaft in her trembling hand. Her finger couldn't meet her thumb as she grasped it; he was simply too big. It was rock-hard, capped with a wide, purple helmet that was already shiny at the tip. She looked upwards, making eye contact with the stranger. He gazed back with a look of savage lust. Without a word, Zoe parted her lips and slowly took his member into her mouth. Pangs of guilt threatened to break her concentration, but she was growing less and less sure that she wanted to stop with every passing moment. Soon, she was far from sure whether she was doing this for her husband at all. The stranger responded to her sucking with groans of approval. Zoe swirled her tongue over the soft, tight skin. She could feel his fluid, slicker than her own saliva. The musky taste of his body filled her mouth. The stranger placed his hands on the sides of her head. His hips began to thrust involuntarily as she sucked and licked.

"Stop." He breathed.

Zoe obliged, surprised. Wasn't he enjoying himself?

"Stand up against the wall."

His tone was maddeningly seductive.

"Now turn around."

Zoe bit her lip as the stranger's hands pushed her dress up to her hips. His fingers slid under her panties and up between her swollen lips as he checked if she was ready. His touch was greeted with folds of slippery juice and sticky hair. She let out a first gasp as he tugged her panties aside, exposing her, and then another as she felt the head of his cock probing for her opening.

"Wait! I can't." Zoe yelped.

The stranger covered her mouth with his hand and whispered in her ear.

"I want you." he growled.

Zoe struggled in his arms. She began to panic. The stranger pressed her small body to the wall and pushed himself into her. Zoe's scream was completely muffled by his hand, but it was more out of surprise than a cry for help. The sudden stretching of her labia sent a jolt of electricity through her from head to toe. She hadn't said yes. There was no consent. Zoe's groan escaped his fingers as he slowly penetrated her. She was practically dripping with arousal and to her surprise her body gave little resistance as he slid his huge girth deep inside.

The stranger pinned her to the wall with firm, quick thrusts. Zoe's eyes closed with immediate satisfaction. He wasn't wearing a condom! She tried to force herself to care, to object, but she couldn't. His hands gripped her hips, then found her breasts under her dress, pinching her erect nipples and massaging her chest as he roughly fucked her. Zoe barely had time to reach for her clitoris before she began to come. She heard her own voice escaping her mouth in shrieks and ragged moans. She was totally under his control. He impaled her to the base of his shaft until the head of his cock found her depth. Zoe's thighs trembled beneath her. The stranger sped up his thrusts, pounding her contracting pussy. Her orgasm made her feet cramp with pleasure. The stranger kissed her neck and shoulder, a smile on his lips as he felt her pulsing vagina suck hungrily on his shaft. Zoe rubbed her clitoris furiously, desperate to come again before their passionate fucking finished. She felt him thickening inside her and instinctively pushed her hips backwards, opening herself to him. Zoe's moans stuck in her throat, her body paralyzed with ecstasy. She felt the stranger's cock twitch and throb, every inch buried inside her. The stranger grunted and groaned into her neck. He unloaded into her. Cum erupted from his balls and squirted against her cervix. Zoe could only whimper as she came again, this time harder and for longer until she felt like her legs were going to give way. He kept thrusting throughout, emptying his tight sack.

Zoe panted, struggling to catch her breath between the aftershock spasms of her orgasm. Her mascara was streaked from her eyes to her chin. The stranger began to withdraw, his cock still impossibly large inside her. Thick, creamy cum immediately slid from her unplugged vagina, filling her panties. He planted more kisses on her neck as he tugged her dress back down onto her thighs.

"Good girl." he breathed in her ear.

Zoe smiled involuntarily. As the pleasure subsided, a knot of fear began to grip her stomach. She didn't have permission for any of it. For all her husband knew, it had all been a game she was playing. A joke. They kissed then said goodbye. Zoe watched the stranger walk away, her heart pounding in her chest.

Zoe staggered to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.

"Oh, fuck."

What had she done? She raised her dress above her hips and looked at the musky, creamy evidence between her thighs. Her pussy was puffy and swollen. She had never seen a cock that big before. She didn't know she could come that quickly and with so little foreplay. Her groin was a mess, her thighs glossy with the creamy, dripping cocktail oozing from her lips.

"You're a slut. A dirty, adulterous slut." she told her reflection.

Zoe couldn't bring herself to look at her buzzing phone. Her husband must have been going crazy. The last thing her had seen was a picture of a hand on her thigh. She switched it off. Zoe showered and hurriedly scrubbed her body clean. She shut off the water and stepped out of the cubicle. After she dried herself, she dressed for bed and flopped onto the mattress. The room was spinning. Even now, even with all the fear and the guilt over what had just happened... What she had let happen? No. What she had wanted to happen, and what she had done. Even now, her sex drive was stuck in high gear. She reluctantly pushed a hand into her pajamas pants. His semen was leaking from her lips and her pubic hair was again sticky to the touch. Zoe masturbated until she fell asleep, replaying over and over again in her head what had just happened.


"We need to talk."

Zoe and her husband Paul were sat on their sofa. It had been three days since Zoe had returned home, and they hadn't spoken about what happened on that final night of the conference. Things had just picked up where they had left them. Paul took her hand.

"It's okay. I wanted you to do it." Paul replied.

He wasn't sure how he felt about any of it, but his wife needed to hear it was okay.

"It's not okay."

"It really is. I enjoyed the photo. I must have already jacked off to that ten times."

Zoe looked up, her eyes moist.

"Paul, I'm sorry."


"It... It went further than that."

"What do you mean? That you sucked his cock? It's okay. Honestly. I'm proud of you! Not many guys have a wife who would be willing to do that."

"No, Paul..."

"Seriously, it's fine. Feel how hard I am just talking about it."

He placed his wife's hand on his crotch. Zoe flinched. It was too similar to how things started with the stranger.

"Paul, you need to listen. It went further than a blow job. I didn't mean for it to happen. I couldn't stop it."

Paul was silent for a few moments, his mouth agape.

"Were you raped? Holy shit. If you were raped, we need to call the police. Now."

"No! No... Paul, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen, but... I didn't stop him. I didn't try to stop him."

Paul didn't react. His face was blank.

"Did he hurt you?" he finally managed.

Zoe shook her head.

"Did you enjoy it?"

Paul's words stuck in his throat.

"Yes." Zoe replied.

"I need to go for a walk."

Paul got up and left, leaving Zoe crying on the sofa.


It was around 2 am on Saturday night. Zoe and Paul hadn't spoken for almost a week. For the first few nights, Paul had slept on the sofa, but to Zoe's relief, he was at least sleeping in their bed again. Zoe lay awake, trying not to think about the night with the stranger. She was disgusted with herself for being so turned on by the memory of it in spite of jeopardizing their marriage. She began to touch herself but stopped when the guilt became too much to ignore. Paul was asleep, his back to her. Zoe reached out and stroked his side. She shifted her body until she was spooning his back, and her hand soon found its way to his groin. He stirred, but didn't wake up. Slowly and gently, Zoe began to play with his cock. It responded to her touch, growing and twitching as she stroked. He was soon hard in her hand. She worked his shaft for a few minutes until she realized he was now awake.

"Tell me what happened." Paul said.

Zoe stopped.

"I already did. I told you everything. I'm so, so sorry."

After some time, Paul broke the silence again.

"Describe it."

"What do you mean?"

"I want you to describe it. Everything."

Zoe's hand trembled on his cock.

"He... We... did it in my room at the hotel. I sucked his cock, then he turned me around and fucked me. I let it happen and I'm sorry. That's it."

"How big was he?"

Zoe didn't reply."

"How big was he? Was he bigger than me?"

"Yes." Zoe admitted.

"How much bigger?"

"I... I don't know. He was thick. Really thick. Maybe nine inches? I don't know."

Zoe felt her husband's cock stiffen as she spoke.

"He was tall. He was really strong. He could just throw me around... Do what ever he wanted with me."

"What was his name?"

"I don't know."

"Zoe, I want you to tell me."

"I... I didn't ask. Honestly, babe."

Zoe felt horrible. She began to describe the whole evening. The bar, the flirting, and then the sex. Paul rolled on to his back as she slowly stroked his cock, sighing with pleasure as she recounted every lurid detail. She could tell he was close.

"Did you come?"

"Oh, babe... Yes. I came so fucking hard," Zoe purred, "It felt so good. He just kept pounding and pounding until I was moaning like a whore. I was rubbing my clit while he fucked me."

Paul strained with the effort of holding back his orgasm.

"Was... Was he wearing a condom?" Paul gasped as he spoke.

"No, babe. He fucked me bareback. Your dirty wife was fucked skin-to-skin."

She could feel his penis thickening in her hand, slick with pre-cum.

"Where did he cum?"

Zoe slowed her strokes until her hand was barely moving. She straddled her husband's thighs and held his cock in both her hands. One finger carefully rubbed the underside of his glans, just enough to keep him on the edge.

"He sank his enormous cock inside me. I took every inch of him... And then he came in my pussy. He filled me with his cum until it dripped down my thighs."

Paul groaned loudly, pleasure welling up his thighs until the urge to climax was painfully strong. His wife massaged his balls and pumped his shaft as he came, drawing out the best orgasm he could remember having. Ropes of cum shot into the air, splattering his chest and stomach.

"Mmm, babe... Just like that. He came just like that, but all of it squirted up my tight little pussy." Zoe said, smiling devilishly. "I came when he blew his load, too. I could feel my pussy sucking his seed into me... Into my womb."

Paul's hips bucked and shook beneath Zoe until the spurts became a dribble.

"You're a fucking slut." Paul managed, his voice hoarse.

Zoe watched his cock soften in her hand, his semen dribbling down his sides and on to the bed.

"I'm your slut."


A few months later, Zoe and Paul were on vacation with friends at an upscale bed and breakfast in the countryside. Their marriage was back on track. Ever since Zoe fully admitted what she had done, things had steadily improved and were now going well: romantic dinners, long weekends away together, and great sex.

The group of seven had spent the day hiking, and now they were all sat along the edge of the spa tub, drinks in hand, talking and laughing. The evening wore on, and they were getting tipsier. Eventually, the two other couples made their excuses and left. Zoe and Paul were alone in the tub with Michael.

"Feel free to tell me to get lost, but why did you and Claire split up?" Zoe asked Michael, refilling her own drink. "She was nice. We all liked Claire."

"Zoe! You can't ask that. Sorry, Mike." Paul said.

Paul shook his head. Zoe was a talkative drunk.

"No, it's fine. We weren't on the same wave length in the bedroom. The sex was bad." Michael almost laughed as he spoke. "I know that makes me sound like an asshole, but it's true. We just weren't a good fit. In fact, breaking up was her idea."

"That's totally reasonable. Sex is important." Zoe said, catching her husband's eye. "You've got to be on the same page."

Paul finished his drink and pulled himself out of the tub.

"I'll be back. Gotta pee." he said as he walked away, slightly unsteady on his feet.

As Paul returned, he saw the tops of Michael's and Zoe's heads above the edge of the tub, still in the water. They were closer than when he had left. As he reached the tub, Zoe looked up as she slid back across to the other side of the tub and shot him a smile.

"I'm going to pee myself if I don't get out too. I'll be back in a sec." Zoe said, hauling herself up the small steps and out.

Paul noticed Michael's gaze following her ass she she left. He didn't blame him. Her ass was fantastic and her bikini bottoms practically disappeared between her cheeks as she climbed out.

"What did I miss?" Paul asked.

"Oh, nothing. We were just chatting. Zoe's pretty drunk."

The two men sipped their drinks in a silence that was not quite comfortable until Zoe returned. She slid back into the water and stood with her back against Paul's chest. Zoe wrapped her husband's arms around her waist and let her legs float. As they talked, Paul noticed his wife's feet beginning to drift until they were resting on Michael's thighs. A few months ago, it would have been innocent. Unremarkable. But now it was different. Zoe looked over her shoulder at her husband.
"Why don't you untie my bikini top?"

Zoe spoke softly but loudly enough for Michael to hear.

Paul's stomach turned with a mixture of excitement and horror. In the silence that followed, his wife's breasts bobbed weightlessly in the water, secured by the patterned fabric. Michael's gaze flicked between them and Paul. If Michael was surprised by the suggestion, he wasn't showing it.

"Don't be shy on my behalf, babe. Untie me." Zoe said, smiling playfully.

Paul hesitated. He had no idea what he wanted to happen, but his erection was fighting to leave his shorts. He obeyed, and tugged at the bow between his wife's shoulder blades. Her full, round breasts rose in the water as he drew her bikini away.

"Thanks, babe." Zoe said.

Michael stared at her bare chest. Her areolas were puffy and swollen by the warmth of the water, but her nipples stood clear, puckered with arousal. Zoe's feet had drifted between Michael's thighs and she began to explore his groin with her toes. Paul looked on, fixated, as his wife began to stroke Michael's cock through his swim shorts. Her feet either side of his cock, she rubbed him up and down beneath the water while Paul supported her body.

Without any of them saying a word, Zoe stood up and walked over to Michael. Michael glanced at Paul, but didn't get any signals that he should be stopping what was happening. Michael pushed himself up on to the edge of the tub. Zoe looked over her shoulder at her husband and bit her lip seductively, her hand caressing Michael's tent-like bulge in his shorts. She beckoned to her husband with a single finger. Paul edged across the tub, his heart pounding, until he was beside his wife.

"Would you like to watch me suck Michael's cock?" Zoe asked, smiling sweetly.

Paul swallowed. He had fantasized about situations almost identical to this. Helplessly aroused, he nodded.

"Prove it." Zoe said.

Paul was lost for words.


"Pull off his shorts for me."


"I need you to prove that you really want this. There's no going back after this, babe. We can't undo this."

Paul nodded and looked up at Michael, but couldn't meet his gaze. Instead, Paul's eyes rested on the stretched material of his shorts.

"Don't be scared. Just tug them down for me, babe." Zoe whispered.

Paul slowly obliged. Michael's erection was a thing of beauty. He was hung. His cock stood vertically with an upward curve. Zoe turned her head slightly to the side so she could stare into her husband's eyes as she lowered her mouth to Michael's waiting member. Paul watched, breath held, as his wife parted her lips and gradually took the bulbous tip of Michael's cock into her mouth. As Zoe began to suck, her eyes closed with satisfaction. Michael felt wonderful on her tongue: tight, hot, and silky-smooth. Michael sighed with pleasure as Zoe hungrily worked his shaft, her mouth now joined by her hand.

"Oh, fuck, yes." Michael breathed.

Paul was mesmerized by his wife. She was a goddess. Female sexuality embodied. After five minutes or so of Zoe's enthusiastic work, Michael began to breathe more raggedly. Paul could see his balls tightening. Any moment now, he would be over the edge. Michael gritted his teeth, fighting to prolong the pleasure.

"Slow down. Tease me."

Zoe let his cock slip from her lips and smiled, her eyes locked with Michael's. She licked his shaft from base to tip and swirled the tip of her tongue over his head, eliciting gasps of pleasure from him.

"Do I look hot, babe?" Zoe asked her husband, her eyes wide and sparkling.

"Y- Yeah," Paul managed.

Zoe returned her attention to Michael's pleasure, one hand on his shaft, one massaging his testicles, and her mouth locked around his head. With a long, low groan, Michael lost control. Paul watched as Michael's stomach muscles tightened and thighs flexed. He could see the contractions in his balls, pumping his semen into his wife's waiting mouth. Zoe closed her eyes as cum flooded to the back of her throat. Michael throbbed and shuddered between her lips. She squeezed his balls and milked his shaft until eventually the spasms of his cock stopped. Zoe drew back, her lips trapping in the spoonfuls of creamy cum. She turned to Paul, her eyes smoldering. She opened her mouth, letting her husband see the fruits of her labors. Michael's seed spilled from her lips and dribbled down her chin. Zoe closed her mouth and gulped, finishing with a wide smile. She returned to Michael's cock and licked it clean.

"Thanks." Michael breathed. "That was fucking amazing."

Michael stood up and staggered back to his room, leaving husband and wife in the tub.

"So... Did you enjoy the show?" Zoe asked.

Paul was close enough to smell the musky scent of cum on his wife's breath. They slowly edged closer to one another. Zoe giggled.

"Are you ready?"

Their lips were barely an inch from touching when Paul backed away.

"No," he said simply.

He wasn't ready.

"Okay. Now it's your turn." Zoe said.

Shaking with the maddening arousal of what he had just witnessed, Paul sat where Michael has sat. His wife drew his shorts down.

"Honey, you're practically cumming already! At least wait for me to suck you a bit."

She licked the ooze of pre-cum from his tip. The contact made him groan with the effort of holding back his orgasm.

Zoe squeezed his balls and watched as more beads of pre-cum formed. Suddenly, without any further contact, cum was splattering her breasts. Paul grabbed his shaft and pumped it as he came, a long groan escaping his lips. Zoe looked down at her glazed chest. She pouted with exaggerated disappointment.

"We need to work on your self-control, babe. Imagine what would happen if you watched me being fucked... I bet you wouldn't last ten seconds."


Paul was soundly asleep. It was well into the early hours of Saturday morning when the door to their house clicked open and Zoe stepped into the hallway. The sun was still below the horizon, but not for much longer. She bumped into the hallway table as she kicked off her heels, unsteady on her feet after a long night of partying. One of her friends was getting married, and they had spent all day visiting wineries and all night dancing at a club.

She crept into their bedroom and slowly crawled onto the bed beside her husband. After a few moments, she shook him gently.

"Hey babe. I'm home."

Paul stirred and opened his eyes. He blinked at Zoe as he eyes began to focus. She was wearing a tight black dress, her bosom thrust up and hips pronounced by the close-fitting material. Her hair was a mess, her make-up smeared, and her tights laddered.

"What time is it?" He asked.

"Who cares? Don't you want to unwrap me?" Zoe purred.

"Unwrap you?"

"I brought you back a present."

Paul paused.

"What is it?"

Zoe rolled on to her back and pointed her toes.

"Take off my tights."

Her husband did as he was told. Kneeling between her legs, he drew the scratched material down from her hips and off her feet. Zoe held her dress down, covering her crotch.

"I've been a very naughty girl."

Her words came out slightly slurred. Paul felt a lump form in his throat as the familiar scent hit him. He could smell sweat and sex all over her. She stank of it. Smiling, Zoe pointed a finger to her covered crotch.

"Can you guess what your little slut did?"

Paul pushed her thighs apart. He knew what he was about to see, but he was still unprepared for it. His wife's panties were wet, stuck to her skin. He could see the darkness of her pubic hair through the lacy black material. He gingerly peeled the material from her body and looked inside her panties. His wife's pussy was a mess. Her hair was clumped into thick curls, sticky and shiny. Even as he watched, a thick, pearly blob of cum dribbled from her reddish, freshly-fucked lips. Her panties held a puddle of translucent fluid.

She looked down between the mounds of her breasts at the expression on his face. Shock? Excitement? Despair?

"Paul... take off your pajamas."

Her husband silently obeyed. Paul's cock was rigid. His wife, still clothed, was smiling like a fiend.

"Now take off my panties."

Paul drew the soaked material down her legs. Just as he was about to drop them to one side, Zoe stopped him.

"No, don't toss them away."

"Okay... What do you want me to do with them?"

"I want you to put them on."


Zoe's expression became more serious.

"I want you to put them on. I want you to wear the panties that I just got fucked in."

Paul was speechless. After a long silence, he complied. His wife's wide hips meant that her panties fit him better than he was expecting. At least, until he tried to cover his raging hard-on with the skimpy lace. Paul's hands shook as he tucked himself into the wet material. He could feel the unknown man's slimy semen coating his own balls. It was still warm from his wife's body.

Zoe nodded with approval.

"God, babe. You look so fucking sexy."

She gazed at his erection, pinned against his stomach by the waist of her panties. If he hadn't been so turned on, his balls would have been spilling over the sides of the skinny gusset of the fabric. Paul's head was dizzy with emotions. The kinky thrill of wearing his wife's used panties made his balls so tight that they ached. He was ashamed of what his wife was making him do, but too aroused to stop himself. Zoe spread her thighs and drew her knees up.

"Can you picture it in your head, Paul? Me, on my back, getting fucked? His cock plunging into me, just ravaging me... Making me come and come until he finally pumps his seed into me?"

Paul swallowed the lump in his throat, his gaze fixed between his wife's thighs.

"Well... aren't you going to do something about it?"

"Like what?"

"Like clean my pussy."

Paul knew what she wanted. He was frightened by how much he wanted to do it. He steeled himself and bent down. The scent was maddeningly strong. He tentatively kissed her mound, still apprehensive of going further. Zoe gasped with delight as her husband carefully licked lower, sliding his tongue through the folds of her lips. Paul could feel it before he could taste it: slick and oily. Viscous. Then the taste filled his mouth. This was it. It was happening. He was licking another man's cum from his wife's spent pussy. Paul delved into the oozing gape of her vulva, plunging his tongue into the juicy mess before slathering Zoe's swollen clitoris with licks and kisses. His wife moaned like a whore, writhing and breathing words of encouragement as he worked. She pulled his face into her crotch, smearing his chin and lips with the slippery fluids. Paul responded with a load moan of his own. His heart was pounding with the erotic rush of the filthy act. Zoe was quickly close to coming, her back arching and hands wringing in the bedsheets.

"Oh... Oh, God... Oh..."

Paul's sped up his licks of her clitoris.

"Oh... Mark! MaaAAARRK!"

Zoe shrieked with pleasure as she came, hips bucking and thighs shuddering.

Zoe's head cleared as she calmed down. Her eyes opened to find Paul looking stunned.

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say his name." Zoe said, her voice hoarse.

Paul didn't speak. Zoe looked down at her husband's penis. It was almost flaccid now. The tip was dribbling cum, this time his own. The rest of his load was in a pool where he had been lying. Zoe raised a finger to her lips.

"Oops!" she said while trying not to smile.


One evening, Zoe and Paul were sat on the sofa after work, the television on but neither of them watching.

"Could you put down your book?"

Paul looked up from the page. His wife was holding her iPad but looking intently at him.

"I love you, and I love where our relationship is going. I never knew it was possible to have this much fun in a marriage." Zoe said.

"I love you too. And yeah. Honestly, I still struggle with it a bit, but the past few months have been incredible. I wouldn't change anything."

He caressed her thigh and kissed her neck as he spoke. After some moments, Zoe spoke again.

"I was thinking... It's so hard to find time to meet new guys the old-fashioned way. It might be fun if I joined a dating site. We could even pick out a guy together. You could pick a guy to fuck me."

Paul shifted in his seat.

"I don't know if I want to see their pictures."

"Really? Why not?"

"It makes it more real. It's not just a fantasy any more."

"Didn't Mark's cum taste real?! You certainly seemed to enjoy it." Zoe laughed as she spoke.



Zoe kissed her husband. After a few minutes of touching and kissing, Zoe pressed her lips to her husband's ear.

"Go down on me."

Paul knelt at the edge of the sofa and kissed her toned belly. Zoe had always been in good shape, but recently she was going to the gym several times per week, and she looked better than ever. Paul knew why Zoe was doing it: she wanted men to notice her. It was working, too. She walked with a sway in her hips now. She chose skimpier outfits. Even just taking her shopping, men were starting to stare. He loved it.

Paul drew her sweat pants and panties to her ankles and spread her thighs. His wife sighed as he began to kiss around and over her pussy. His tongue pushed under the hood of her clitoris and he began to flick it back and forth in slow, light licks. Zoe picked up the iPad and unlocked the screen. She and tapped 'finish' on her dating profile. She had uploaded a picture of herself sitting on a rock at the beach, her breasts well-displayed by a bikini. She began to flick through the profiles of all the single men (or at least, men who were as single as she was).

"Mmm. This guy is hot." Zoe said. "Take a look, babe."

She turned the screen to her husband.

"I bet he's hung. He looks like a stud." she teased.

Paul looked up. James. He was handsome. Muscular. He caught himself imagining him naked. How would he take Zoe? From behind? He looked like the dominant type. He would probably just pound away, doggy-style, until he was done.

"Ooh, what about him?"

Jack. Older, maybe forty, but athletic.

"I would definitely let him have me."

Lucas. Young and Latino. A surfer.

"Oh, babe! Can you imagine him fucking me? It would be so fucking hot."

Greg. Paul swallowed a mouthful of his wife's juices. Her pussy was drooling steadily. Her clitoris began to swell under his licks, fully exposed from its hood and commanding his full attention.

"Mmm. I want him." Zoe whispered.

She gazed at the topless photo of Greg. The thought of him plunging into her made her giddy with anticipation. It would be so easy. Just a single message would probably do it. She began to type.

[Hey there ;) I'm looking for NSA sex. Message me back if you're interested. Cute pic x]

She was officially a hotwife. The label excited her. She was struggling to concentrate now. Her husband was licking her towards a big orgasm. Could she start going on regular dates? Was Paul ready for that? She pictured herself coming home late every Friday and being licked clean by her husband. She wished her pussy was full of Greg's cum right now so Paul could lap it up. Zoe dropped the iPad and grabbed her husband's head with both hands, pulling him into her throbbing crotch.

"Yes... Oh, God. That's it, Greg. Make me come. Make me come, Greg!" Zoe cried.

She desperately pictured Greg's horse-like cock plowing into her, enlarged to impossible proportions in her imagination. She juddered as she came, wave after wave of pleasure being drawn from her by Paul's tongue. Even before her orgasm had finished, Paul was on top of her. He slid himself effortlessly into her sopping-wet vagina. She was too wet to offer any resistance. Paul fucked her with quick, firm thrusts that made her pussy squelch and suck. Zoe dug her nails into his back and buried her face in his neck.

"Fuck me, Greg. Fuck your little whore." she panted.

Paul grunted as his balls began to tighten. He fought to hold it back. He felt like he was committing adultery with his own wife.

"No, not yet, babe. Please. Please, just a bit longer." Zoe whined.

Paul ejaculated as she spoke. His body convulsed and he emptied his balls into her gaping pussy. Spent, he withdrew from his wife. Zoe frowned with frustration. She reached for her clitoris and masturbated frantically, determined to come again. She pinched her nipple with her other hand, and in moments was rewarded with an orgasm. It was weak, but better than nothing. Zoe held her fingers tightly against her vulva and knelt over her husband. She parted her fingers and watched as he gulped down the creamy contents of her pussy.

"You're such a good cuckold, Paul. This is your favorite part, isn't it?" Zoe said.

She tensed and squeezed another dollop into his mouth. He'd shot a big load, and he was devouring it without a trace of hesitation. He was well-trained.

Zoe sat beside her husband on the sofa, her head resting on his shoulder. She picked up her iPad and looked at the screen. One new message.

"I'm going on date tomorrow night," she whispered into Paul's ear, " and I don't think you should wait up."


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