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World Class 03

by george

08/14/2016 19:09 in blowjob


It was tearing a hole in my heart as I looked in the mirror at my fiery red ass. I stood naked in my bathroom studying it carefully trying to come up with an explanation for Steve. I knew when he would come home that evening he'd be expecting a blowjob. And why not? I'd been handing them out like candy for weeks. Just thinking about sucking off his big cock made me need to slip a finger into my still soaking horny pussy and wiggle it around in an attempt to alleviate my stress. But, for the first time since I'd been masturbating, images of balls on my chin while a cock throbbed and released its load deep in my throat where failing to get me off. I worked at it for over ten minutes, furiously rubbing my clit, cramming fingers deep inside me, and even shoving my thumb up my ass. Nothing was working. I was completely worked up but unable to get off and it was really pissing me off.

Finally, John's smug face appeared in my brain demanding that there would be, "no cock sucking for one week." That image was quickly followed by Steve's sad face with his hard cock in his hand after I told him that I wouldn't be giving him any sex for a while. I suddenly exploded into orgasm squirting all over the bathroom counter in front of me and soaking both of my hands, (the one in my pussy and the one working my ass). "Ohh...God...Yes," I cried as I dropped to my knees, "You can only have sex after John tells me you can have some..." I yelled aloud picturing Steve standing behind me being cuckolded, sad and horny.

As soon as I had recovered I felt sick to my stomach. Something was wrong with me. I was truly twisted. Was I really going to make my husband suffer for nothing more than the sake of our neighbor Steve's (and apparently my) sexual gratification? I knew I was on the edge of heading down a dark path that could ultimately end in disaster. So why was this decision so difficult for me?


In my second year in college I had a boyfriend for a short while named Jim. He was an English major, medium height, a little on the thin side, really sweet, with a perfect 8 inch long and very thick circumcised cock. It was beautiful. To him, a God fearing Midwestern boy, I was a nasty girl. I would give him hand jobs under tables at restaurants, in bars, I'd blow him in the car, and in bathroom stalls around campus. He'd never had a girl swallow his cum or let him cum on their face, which I was all about it. Hence I became his "dirty little sweet girl". The whole relationship was really kind of cute and adorable.

We were at one party one night and I was a little drunk when Patty, this drop dead gorgeous girl with whom I had some unexplained rivalry with, began flirting with him just to piss me off. I watched them from across the room until she leaned in and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. To be fair, he didn't stand a chance to do the right thing. He was blindsided and was caught off guard by her brazenness. But, being a little drunk, I stormed over, pushed her away and then began yelling at him. Imagine me, the blowjob queen being possessive, but there I was telling him and everyone else around that he was cut off until further notice and that he owed me big time. He was extremely embarrassed and apologetic but I was in a drunken rage that lasted for several days. During that time, he did everything he could to make it up to me, sending flowers, leaving sweet messages and notes apologizing, and asking for forgiveness. However, I was committed to letting him sweat it out for a while and actually enjoyed making him beg.

A few days later I was in my dorm room by myself trying on my roommate's clothes. I was looking at myself in the mirror wearing one of her sexy tiny little sundresses with no bra and my favorite pink thong. The dress was very low cut and because my tits were a little bigger than hers it was showing most of my tits. I actually laughed out loud looking at how my nipples poked through the extremely thin material and how it barely covered my ass and thinking that although tremendously sexy, it was way too small. I believed I'd probably be raped walking around campus wearing it.

Then someone knocked loudly on my door, which the mirror was attached to, scaring the hell out of me. I stayed quite fearing it was my boyfriend and hoping he'd go away. But the knocking continued until I heard Tony's voice, my boyfriend's best friend calling my name and asking me to let him talk to me.

Tony was a linebacker for the college football team. He was 6'4" and built like a tree trunk. He and my boyfriend grew up in the same God fearing Midwestern town and went to the same schools their whole life. They were very tight, the best of friends, and very committed to watching out for each other. I took a good look in the mirror and felt my pussy flush. I got so turned by the thought of exposing myself to Tony dressed like a slut that I had a small orgasm and soaked my thong.

I flung the door wide open and stood in front of him with my hands on my hips and an angry look on my face, "What the fuck do you want?" I scolded.

His eyes almost fell out of his head, "Holy shit..." was all that came out of his mouth. For the longest time he said nothing and with his jaw on the floor just gawked at my body. He made me feel like a baby gazelle standing in front of a lion. I took the opportunity to glance at his crotch and saw his cock twitch and grow a little in his pants. It made my mouth water. When his eyes finally made contact with mine he stuttered, "Uh...uh...Jim wants me to talk to you."

"Well, get your ass in here," I ordered standing to the side and pointing to the chair at the desk behind me. He carefully stepped over the clothes sprawled on the floor and obediently sat in the chair strategically placing his hands in his lap to hide the growing bulge. I closed the door, "So what do you have to say?" I asked.

He began to stammer some rehearsed speech, "Jim is so sorry," he started, "bla, bla, was just a mistake...bla, bla, bla...". He seemed very timid which was very contrary to his usual bold and boisterous personality. Either way, I couldn't concentrate on a thing that he was saying because all that was going through my mind was getting back at Jim...well..that and sucking cum from the hard cock that was covered up in front of me. So, I began my little game of teasing and I bent over at the waist and to pick up clothes from the floor and tossing them to my bed. I knew I was not only giving Tony a great view of my cleavage down the top of my dress, but it was so short that when I bent over I knew it was exposing so much of my ass he could probably see the strap of my thong in the mirror behind me. And, by the way he was stuttering, I knew he was looking and taking it all in.

Finally, I stood up looking very annoyed, strategically holding a black lacey bra in one hand and the matching thong in the other, and looked him in straight in the eye, "Jim is the one who was kissing that slut, I didn't do anything," I yelled shaking my fists so that my tits would jiggle. As I continued my nonsensical rant I felt my nipples grow so hard under his gaze that they began to ache. I was getting so turned on I would have been willing to let him take my virginity (but I'm getting away ahead of myself). I finally decided to lay the cards on the table, "...and you show up here to defend that asshole yet you've got a big hard on!"

He started to get up, "Oh god...I should go...".

Before he could get balanced I pushed him back into the chair, "You're not going anywhere until you explain yourself," I commanded feeling all mighty because I just pushed this big linebacker down. I step into him and stood between his legs with my bare thighs against his thighs just inches from his cock. I bent forward and place my hands on his muscular shoulders as though to keep him in place. With his eyes cast down, right into my cleavage, I summand up the most spiteful tone I could muster, "He's been unfaithful and I suppose he's even bragged to you about how I jerk him off and suck his big cock all the time, didn't he? Is that why your cock is so hard."

Poor Tony was dumbfounded and unable to speak, "um...well,". I could tell from how red he was turning that he had heard stories about me from Jim, and the thought of Tony knowing about my oral skills made my pussy gush.

"I guess he told you how I love to eat his cum, how I like it when he cums all over my face and tits?" I added with a very angry tone. "Isn't that why you're really here? You think you'll walk in here and Just because I've broken up with Jim you'll get me to give you a revenge BJ or something?"

"God no...I could never do that to Jim." He looked so cute all flustered trying to defend himself. "For God's sake, he's my best friend., I'm just here to help him out."

"I don't believe you," I screamed lifting his hands from his lap and exposing the very impressive bulge underneath, "you're as hard as a rock. All you've done since I opened the door is stare at my body."

"No, no, you've got it all wrong..." he spluttered and trying to get up again.

I put my hands on his chest and pushed as hard as I could leaning my body into his to keep him in the chair. As he fell back my thigh pressed onto his groin and I felt his balls shift and separate against my thighs. That, I believe, is what made him stay seated, because he could have easily overpowered me and gotten out of that room. I kept my thigh pressed firmly into his balls and could feel the base of his hard cock. I put my face into his with angry eye contact, "You must think I'm some kind of slut, that you can just come here to see if you can get some, don't you?" I accused locking eye contact for several moments.

His breathing deepened and I could feel his heart racing and beating hard in his chest. "This cock doesn't lie like you do." I reached down and squeezed his cock through his pants. He was rock hard and it felt like heaven in my hand. "You're no friend to Jim." I removed my hand and took a couple steps back into the middle of the room and just looked at his beat red face full of anger and lust. "You're a horrible person," I told him trying to push his buttons, "you're an awful, no... a terrible friend."

He started shaking and I knew it was working so I decide to up the ante. "I know why you came here, you can't fool me, sporting a huge hard cock like that. So fine," I barked, "get your look," I crossed my arms in front of me grabbed the hem of the dress and in one fell swoop pulled it over my head and tossed it in his lap. "Get a good look at what you and your pretend friend Jim are never going to touch. Get a good look at the body that will never suck your cock!"

"Holy mother of God..." was all that came out of his mouth as I stood with my hands on my hips wearing only my tiniest of thongs. The kind of tiny thong that covered only the lips of my bald pussy. The kind that when soaked (like they were at that moment) clung tightly to the shape of my pussy lips leaving nothing to the imagination. If I had felt vulnerable before wearing clothes, I felt ten times more standing almost naked. I began shaking with angst and desire, I was so aroused that if he had touched me anywhere I believe I would have screamed in orgasm. The look of lust, confusion and anger in his eyes made me I craved for him to attack.

"Now get the fuck out," I commanded, "and never come back!" He didn't move, he just stared at my body. "Now I said. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!" He continued to sit there and I watched a stream of emotions wash across his face. He didn't know what was happening, he didn't know what to do. So I pushed him harder, poking his forehead with my finger "Take your STUPID LOOKING FACE WITH YOU!" I didn't thinkhis face could have gotten any redder, but it did, and it was fullof anger as we began a stare down.

Finally, I yelled, "I said...get your BIG HARD COCK...OUT!"

I slapped his balls hard enough to make him buckle over and yell out, ""

That did it, he was pushed to the limit. As soon as he recovered he grabbed my arm, "You are a very mean person and you need to be taught a lesson." Before I knew what was happening I was sprawled across his lap with my ass in the air being spanked, and spanked hard.

I screamed, commanding him to stop and struggled against his hold, but he held me down with an arm across my back, laying down a steady stream of slap after slap across my ass. If he only knew how good it all felt; the stinging of my skin, the hard cock against my hip, the strong arm holding me down, the occasional fingers and palm pounding against my pussy and asshole. I yelled, wiggled, and bounced around in his lap pleading with him to stop but praying that he wouldn't. I quickly realized that if I arched my back and pushed up on my toes right before each spank, not only did it expose my pussy to more direct contact with his palm, but it also served to push my hip up and down against the shaft of his cock.

He stopped and held still for a moment and while I screamed for him to let me loose, I was saddened believing that he was finished. That was until he violently tore off my thong and cram it into my mouth, "You need to quiet the fuck up and take your punishment like a good little bitch." With me muffled he continued his physical assault adding demeaning comments, "You are the worst kind of slut, accusing me of being a bad friend, and teasing your boyfriend's best friend, you deserve a severe spanking..." This was the Tony I knew, full of self-confidence and strength, not the stammering fool that had entered my room earlier. I knew he was thoroughly enjoying himself, (probably as much as I was), and that he was getting off slapping my firm naked bubble shaped ass and making me wiggle my naked body around on his hard cock. I could feel that his hand was wet with my juices as it spread across my ass.

After several minutes of blissful torcher he stopped just to pull my ass apart and give me a thorough inspection. "Wow, that's one soaking wet pussy," he finally acknowledged, "and it's prefect too. Jim says that you're still a virgin. it true that you're still a virgin?" I stayed defiantly quiet until he slapped my ass really hard, "Tell me bitch! Are you still a virgin or not?"

I relented and yelled yes around the thong (I know, I could have spit it out, but I was way too excited to stop sucking on my own juices), "I am a virgin, asshole!"

"WOW! I've never had untouched virgin pussy before," he said excitedly before pushing two fingers deep inside. "Look at how fucking wet you are. You're getting off on this, aren't you slut?"

I screamed through the thong lying, "No, I'm not, I'm always wet you asshole!" I squirmed my hips harder pushing more aggressively against his hard cock, "Now let me go, you fucker!" I wasn't sure if he could understand me with the thong in my mouth but thank god, either way Tony ignored my pleas and then finger fucked me hard for several minutes proving I was a total slut. Bless his heart, he gave me three strong and hard orgasms making me scream like a bitch heat.

I felt him reach down to the floor before he took my wrists in one of his big hands and tied my hands behind my back with whatever he had picked up. He then pushed me down until I was kneeling between his legs and held me in place with one of his huge strong hands on my shoulders. "I didn't come here for this," he said sternly while unbuckling his pants, "But you got me so worked up that I'm going to have to give you what you asked for, slut."

My mouth drooled as he struggled with one hand to get out his cock. It wasn't as long as I had expected, maybe 7 inches at best, but it was smooth, thick, and beautiful and I knew I could easily swallow it whole. After he finally got his pants and underwear down to his ankles he reached into my mouth and fished out the thong. "I'm not going to suck your cock, asshole," I said defiantly.

Tony just laughed, "Yes you will bitch, or I'll just give you another spanking. And I won't be gentle like the last time," he threatened.

My pussy pulsated and for a moment I couldn't to decide which I wanted more, another spanking, or, to suck his gorgeous cock. Thank God, Tony made the decision for me and grabbed the back of my head forcing my lips to the head of his cock.

"Now you be a good little slut or I'll beat your ass again. I expect one of your world class blow jobs."

I was more than ready! I took the head of his cock into my mouth and gently suckled. The taste of his precum sent vibrations of lust through my body. He moaned and applied pressure to the back of my head forcing half of his length into my throat. I lifted up and he pushed me back down until my head was bobbing rapidly on his cock. He pushed hard each time until my nose finally touched his groined with every thrust.

"Fucking awesome" he groaned, "I've never had a chick deep throat me." Encouraged by his compliment I let him hold my head down and with his cock buried in my throat I gave him a hummer as he tried to thrust it deeper.

I felt his hands begin to roughly maul my tits and it felt so good I came instantly. I believe that the convulsing of my throat from my orgasm around his cock set off Tony because he too started to cum. I wasn't ready, and so it made me choke and cough but I kept my throat and mouth open so not to bite or injure his beautiful cock. He pulled out of me and continued to cum spurting all over my face and tits, "oh fuck, ya...take that you fucking slut..." he cried.

I couldn't believe how much cum he had. It seemed like it wouldn't stop. I'd heard about big comers and now I was experiencing one. With my hands still tied behind my back I tilted my head, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue like a hungry chick waiting to be fed as he jerked off his exploding cock trying to aim for my mouth but projecting most of his precious semen wastefully to the floor behind me.

As soon as he finished a look of fear washed over his face, "Jesus Christ you slut. What have you made me do!" He screamed looking like he was about to cry. Then, like most men who feel they are cheating in some way, he quickly pulled up his pants looking as guilty as if he had just murdered someone and began to threaten me, "If you ever tell Jim, I'll fuck you up." He grabbed my chin and forced my cum cover face up to his. "Do you understand, you bitch?" For the first time during our encounter, I was actually afraid. I nodded yes, which was enough for him and he ran from my room leaving me tied up and the fucking door to my room wide open.

I dropped on my back to the floor, "Fucking men," I mumbled before I screamed as loud as I could after him, "Do you fucking live in a barn?" Swinging my legs around, I used my feet to slam the door shut and laid there until I drifted off into a deep restful sleep.

A couple days later, Jim was still calling and apologizing, so I knew Tony hadn't said anything. I was feeling guilty about cheating with Tony, and for blaming Jim even though he didn't do anything wrong. So, I decided to head over to his dorm room to apologize and give him another chance. I dressed completely sexy for him in a white V-neck tank top with no bra, a plaid skirt, high heal sandals, and my lacy black thong. I had to admit I was looking pretty damn sexy and believed it would be impossible for him to not forgive me. "And who knows," I thought, "if everything goes well, I just might let him take my virginity."

I knocked on the door and it swung open. Tony stood there in white cotton boxers, his huge muscles bulging everywhere. God he was a perfect specimen. "What the fuck are you doing here?" he asked while his face turned three shades of red, "You know Jim is in class."

That's when I realized it was Thursday instead of Wednesday, "Fuck, I'm sorry..." I stammered feeling really stupid and I turned to leave, "I made mistake."
Tony grabbed my arm and quickly pulled me into his room before looking down the hall to make sure that no one was around to see. "What!" he said staring at my dumbfounded face, "did you come back for another spanking?"

"No, asshole, I didn't," I told him. The thought of getting another spanking made my pussy gush, "I actually came for Jim. I just forgot what day it was. That's all!"

He grabbed me by the back of the neck and pressed his body against my side. He reached up with his other hand and fondled my tits through my shirt. I felt his cock growing hard against my ribs and my pussy begin to throb. "If you're going to dress like a slut I'm going to have to treat you like one." I tried to push him away but he squeezed my neck harder until I yelled out in pain. "You're going to behave and do as you're told; right little girl?" silent and completely vulnerable I nodded my head in compliance. "We have about a few hours before we're disturbed and I'm going to take full advantage of the time." He stepped back and stood between me and the door, "Strip," he ordered.

I was so fucking turned on being dominated by a strong beautiful hunk, who was also the best friend of my boyfriend that I began to fantasize about losing my virginity at that very moment. I could almost feel his hard cock buried deep inside me. Without fanfare I stripped down to my thong. And crossed my arms angrily over my chest. Tony laughed at my fake modesty and bent his finger beckoning me close. He took me in his big strong arms and kissed me deeply. His lips felt so good and his tongue touched all the right places that he set my body on fire. As we kissed I wrapped my legs around him and he held my body weight easily in his arms. He walked us across the small room and with his back to the door tossed me roughly to the bed. "Show me your awesome deep throat skills," he ordered, and, like a bitch in heat, I couldn't get his underwear off fast enough and get that gorgeous cock down my throat.

"Did you really come here to make up with Jim?" he asked.

Not wanting to stop sucking him off I muffled a yes and nodded my head.

"And here you are sucking me off. You really are a slut, aren't you?"

In response I pushed my nose against his groined and pulled on his balls. I wanted to taste and feel his copious amounts of cum I knew he had waiting just for me. I worked him as best I could for a long time using all my tricks hoping to drain him; but he had stamina. "Take off your panties," he instructed, "I want to see your wet virgin pussy." He laughed, "you are a virgin, right?" I muffled another yes and I felt his cock pulse with excitement in my mouth.

I followed his instructions and removed my thong while keeping his cock in my mouth. I knew what he was planning to do and I was ready. I excitedly discarded my panties to the floor behind Tony and that's when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, someone standing in the doorway. I knew it was Jim. He had come in undetected and caught us in the act. Although I didn't want him to see me like this I couldn't bring myself to stop. I was compelled to continue to do as Tony commanded no matter who was in the room. And the fact that I was about to let my boyfriend's best friend take my virginity, while he watched broken hearted, served only to turn me on even more.

Tony leaned over and began to kiss me deeply and I wrapped my arms around his muscular neck. He crawled onto the bed carrying me with him until I felt the head of his penis rub against my slippery opening. I knew from where Jim was standing he had a clear view of my pending penetration and I thrust up trying to get it inside me.

"Not so fast my eager little beaver," Tony laughed at his pun. He pulled his hips back to avoid early entry, "We're going to take our time and enjoy this moment so you will remember it as a great memory for the rest of your life."

That had to be the most romantic moment of my sexual life. I suddenly felt unbelievably grateful that he was the one deflowering me. I was putty in his hands. He kissed me deeply but gently before laying more kisses down my body until he was eating my pussy. I had only had one person go down on me before that moment, and that other guy certainly didn't know what Tony knew. Soon I was in the throes of the most wonderful orgasms and when I finally lifted my head to glance at the door I saw it gently closing. I knew our voyeur had seen all he could take.

To make a long story short, Tony made wonderful, caring love to me for several hours. I couldn't have asked for a better first time and a better lover to do it with. However, after I left the room I saw Jim hiding out in the hallway. He was quietly bawling his eyes out, probably had been for hours, waiting for us to finish.

I suddenly felt awful; no...despicable, even evil. I had knowingly accused my nice, wonderful boyfriend of cheating on me when he actually hadn't. I had made him feel really bad about it, I then gave his best friend something I had denied him, my virginity. I did it right in front of him and probably fucked up their friendship for life. I was depressed for months (but be clear, I was also getting fucked daily by Tony). I really can be a horrible person.


And that was how I felt again. Guilty, despicable, like a horrible person.

As expected Steve came home with a big grin and an even bigger hard on. I coughed and spoke in a raspy voice denying my husband a blowjob and sex. I told him that I felt really sick and had a sore throat, when in reality, I was hiding my red ass from him and following instructions from my blackmailing neighbor.

Steve was very nice and understanding. He told me to stay in bed and made me soup for dinner. He was kind and gentle rubbing my back, shoulders, head, and neck all in an effort to make me comfortable and to feel better. His effort made me love him even more and every time he'd touch me I'd get sexually aroused just thinking about why I was really denying him sex. I felt shameful, I knew he didn't deserve this from me. I was a lying cheating bitch, and the situation was pushing me to the point of orgasm, keeping me hanging there, hopeless, and unable to do anything but cuckold my clueless husband.

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