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The Epiphanous Spouses Pt. 01

by cuckolder

06/02/2016 20:56 in wife

This story is provided from a husband's perspective and certainly does not reflect the mundane experiences of my own journey through the joys and travails of marriage. It could be classed as something other than a Loving Wives tale but I think it fits the genre reasonably so. It is not a tale of an unwitting cuckold or a recollection of burning the dastardly bitch although there is cuckoldry and a bitch or two represented. It is rather long and being presented in multiple parts over a few days of submissions. It is also fiction and not a recount of any real life experiences in my life or in anybody else's life that I know of. I have taken literary liberties with certain aspects of the tale so if there are those who declare "Ayah, there is no way that could have happened like that!" well, perhaps you are right.

I am going to leave anonymous commenting open for now but will probably delete those comments that are not constructive and adding to any fruitful discussion. The story developed via character arching and was written free form i.e. without plot outlining and I have not submitted it to a peer editor.


Part I

"Sometimes you just have to trust in the kindness of strangers."

That's what he said to me when we parted. Of course, we were no longer strangers having been united by the comradery of those who serve together. I had saved his brother's life many years ago. There was no medal or acknowledgement other than the satisfaction of saving a fellow from a certain death knowing he would have done the same for me if the circumstances were reversed.

He turned his shoulder and said "David, it's already done so no turning back."

I merely nodded and climbed into my truck, dropping the window down to watch him climb back into his little foreign chariot and we parted company on that deserted lane. I pointed myself toward home or what I could call of it now. It still had walls and a roof and comfortable furniture. There were still pictures of the kids who had recently gone off to college. Of course, just as importantly, there was my wife of 25 years, Marylyn.

She had aged well over the years just as I had. Both of us were fitness buffs and loved the great outdoors. Our diets were fresh and our interests were active. We looked, for a word, quintessential. That is not the word of a braggart in this case. We just made every effort to live active lives and take care of ourselves over the years. Both of us were 45 years old, trim, lacking grey hair and with active and healthy libidos.

I pulled into the yard and everything still seemed as it were earlier. Roses were in bloom, the grass was freshly mowed and the neighbors were happy. They were always happy, she more so than he. I think she strays on the side. Call it practical experience. Marylyn was like that, all happy, exuberant, and excitable, except recently as in the last 6 months or so. Don't take that the wrong way. She has always been a happy personality. That's why I married her or at least that is one of the reasons. That is why I have decided to stay married to her, because I know who she is at heart or at least I thought I did.

Her exuberance seemed to shift those 6 months or so ago when she began her dalliance with a Mr. Roger Morgan, of the Morgan Bankers family. Marylyn had been rather hastily promoted into the executive administers role working directly for Mr. Morgan shortly after she moved onto the executive floor. She acted surprised at the quickness of the promotion and I suppose I paid little attention at first. Then the meetings interfered with several of our outings. The dinners excluded the spouses. There were the occasional weekend trips into the offices. After a couple months, Marylyn began accompanying Mr. Morgan on short overnight trips. I suppose the worse evidence of all was the myriad of photographs and streaming video recordings gathered by the investigators I hired after the first month.

There is something about cheaters that almost all observers note. They never think they are going to get caught so they let their guard down or never raise it in the first place. In this case, the ramparts lay unassembled from the very beginning. All that was needed to observe the adultery was to lift the lids of one's trusting eyes. For my dear Marylyn, her breach was observable to anybody who wished to look her happy way.

Mr. Morgan and my wife appeared to have an odd dominant/submissive relationship. They were completely professional and appropriate together in public however, let the drapes be drawn and his brutish nature prevailed and her compliant personality was revealed. He took her with force. She submitted to it without question and from all appearances, their sexual relationship was always centered on his taking her married vagina with his rather large phallus. There was almost never any foreplay and if there was, it was for his pleasure. She would suck his cock or try to at the least but it almost always came down to her opening herself for him as wide as she could, in the same position, and being taken hard. The sex lasted little more than 10-15 minutes each time.

I found it hard to comprehend. Our sexual life was one rich with foreplay, tasting, teasing and bringing each other to a place of sheer joy. Well, that was the case until six months or so. Her interest dropped off a bit and over a period of 2 or 3 months had diminished to just once a week for a rather bland missionary fuck. By that time, I already knew with the evidence I had as to the real cause for concern.

So we continued and my investigators continued. The conversations between Mr. Morgan and my wife revealed a very manipulative man and a woman who for whatever reasons succumbed to that manipulation. It struck me as completely out of character for her. Something seemed strange about that. I could not see Morgan leaving his wife and giving up so much for what he was getting so that could not be it. I couldn't fathom why she would give up what we had for what he offered. While he might have the Morgan name, the far greater wealth in that family was from his wife. He was a rather well compensated employee of what was a privately held company with the Morgan family wealth distributed between 6 brothers and 2 sisters. As banks go, it was a medium size operation and not a colossus. Mrs. Morgan see Stanhope, on the other hand, was worth many millions, much of it in family trusts. I knew this because I work for Mrs. Morgan's father as one of his senior financial advisors. No, Mr. Morgan was playing a game with Mrs. Marylyn Stone, one that she could not hope to win. On the other hand, this was a game I had the patience for.

Mrs. Morgan and I went to high school together many years ago. She was a couple grades ahead of me so we didn't have any kind of relationship but our interactions were pleasant and she always seemed eager to chat. I might not have had any girlfriend relationship but I certainly spent more than a few times with Sister Palm and her five sisters imagining how such a relationship might go. Since working for Mr. Stanhope, we had interacted a considerable amount over the years although I tried to keep our discussions professional and with no hint of impropriety.

Marylyn began transferring funds to her own account. Not large amounts at any one time, just enough to modestly grow her balance. She had consulted a local attorney and apparently had planned to proceed with Mr. Morgan's advice. I didn't know how much of this was due to Morgan's influence or her willful desire to divorce me. That depends on how much dominant control Morgan had on Marylyn. None of that mattered to me, of course. Our real finances were already well protected and beyond any tangible interference of the paramour. Through it all, Marylyn continued as if nothing was amiss. Our dinners were always pleasant and cheerful. Her dress was always neat and attractive. There was no outward clue she was being led down a path of marital upheaval.

That is the odd thing. It was as if there was a train locomotive coming right at her and her pleasantries were a screen blocking her from the reality of her moribund station. Surely she must know the wreckage that waits at the next turn? The investigators reports continued and their plans began to take shape. She would have me served one evening unawares and depart for an apartment arranged by Mr. Morgan, taking leave of our 25 years of wedded bliss. None of it made any sense based on my observations of their times together. I suspected something sinister but I had nothing to help tell me what was really going on.

I watched one of the new videos one evening a couple weeks ago. She was stripped naked and standing before him. Marylyn has the perfect lithe body, toned from years of exercise yet here she was presenting herself to what was comparably a fat oaf. He was a fat oaf with a fat large cock protruding from beneath his fat belly. Were these not serious matters, laughter would have been an appropriate response. I watched as he slapped her face and forced her to her knees where he roughly inserted his fingers into her opened mouth. Another hand groped and twisted the tender nipples that I had caressed for so many years. He abused them bringing pain to her face. I didn't understand this but at this point, for now, I did not need to. Forcing her to her knees, he sodomized her mouth for a couple of minutes. When finished with that, he waved her to the bed where she opened herself obscenely and he mounted her savagely. When he was done spilling his seed deep inside her, he dismounted. It was a mechanical performance mostly, lasting no more than 10 minutes. She scurried to the bathroom and came out wearing panties and a bra. Minutes later she left for what was probably her office.

For me, the question to explore, once everything falls into place, is how did Marylyn find herself in such a foreign circumstance? I would have to ask her that question when convenient. Now was not the time.

Marylyn continued making her moderate withdrawals to her "secret account" and I continued monitoring her. One odd thing I did notice while working with Mrs. Morgan's father was how little respect both he and Mrs. Morgan seemed to have for Roger Morgan. The elder Mr. Stanhope had no regard for the man when he talked of him and Mrs. Morgan just berated him whenever his name was mentioned. Apparently, the marriage was not especially on sure footing

In the meantime, Marylyn continued her daily routine. Mr. Morgan continued to fuck her brutally and I bade my time until the anointed witching hour. The day of that hour was to be the coming Friday. It is a wonderful thing for an investigator to have a friend in an opposing legal office. It makes matters so much more manageable. For all concerned, I was just the happy, contented cuckold waiting for his slaughter at the legal trough.

I should add that initially I was not so patient and understanding nor was any plan to proceed evident in any of my thinking. In fact, I could have been easily convinced to kill both of them and be done with the matter. This whole thing was shocking. To be truthful, something in me snapped and I had an epiphany of sorts. My concept of marriage shifted to that of an obligation to be preserved in spite of the unfaithfulness. To understand that, you have to know my concept of marriage. It is always for better or for worse and when worse strikes, a way has to be made for it to continue. That's what I did.

"David, good morning. I trust all is well with you."

His voice brought back old memories, mostly good.

"I am doing well John. I'm certain you are as well. I talked with Stephen yesterday and it appears they love the new house."

We exchanged pleasantries for a few moments. Stephen and I served together during the Kosovo air command mission in 1999 based out of Italy. He was a pilot and I was his navigator. Without going into the details, I pulled his unconscious body out of the Mediterranean after a not so fortunate joy ride over Albania and he has been overly grateful ever since, not that I minded. His wife Cindy is a marvelous cook and we make excuses to visit them in sunny California when we can.

John is Stephen's older brother and somewhat of an odd character although as nice a man as one could ever know. He is retired from the Navy now after 30 years and is one of those kind of men who never really want to talk much about their career. We never really knew what he did. He was just gone a lot. In any event, we never pushed him and were content to enjoy his company when he was around.

Shortly after I discovered Marylyn's peccadillos I confided my troubles with Stephen. If any man would understand, it was he. Cindy is his second wife. The first was a real live blood sucking Dracula of a bitch. She humiliatingly cuckolded Stephen and nearly ruined him financially. The paramour was an old family friend and by the time it was over, the family blood was everywhere. It was an absolutely brutal divorce and a public spectacle of the nth degree. Two years later, the couple was found at the bottom of a ravine along California's coastal highway. Both Stephen and John went to the funeral and sat in the parking lot toasting shots to the unfortunate beloveds until Sheriff's Deputies encouraged them to move along.

Upon learning the particulars of my troubles, Stephen was quiet for a long time before proceeding.

"So David, given your views on marriage and divorce, I don't see you letting this outside bastard take her from you and since you can't legally stop her from leaving, the choices are somewhat narrowed, yes?'

"My friend, you are, as usual, right about that. I have always taken my vows seriously and of course, you know my view on divorce. The problem, as I see it, is how to remove the fucker from my life and do it in such a way that she knows beyond any doubt, any fucking doubt, that leaving me is never an option for her, not in this manner anyway. Now, to be honest with myself, I'm not going to kill her or hurt her or even force her to stay. I have been in love with the woman for 25 years and I know beyond any doubt she still loves me too. As I've explained, the god damn kinky fuck she is into has plucked her right out of reality."

Stephen tipped his beer up and finished it. His lips turned up into one of his famous grins and he placed his hands on my shoulders. OK, he was problem solving.

"David, do you trust me?"

I nodded.

"Good, then we're going to save your fucking life. I need to talk with John first but if you will trust us with the details, we going to make this OK."

I nodded again, not knowing what in the world he had in mind but I trusted him. We were closer than brothers. Marylyn and I had traveled to visit with Stephen and Cindy over the weekend so the women were minding the culinary quarters as we tended to the beer and spirits. All other things aside, it was an enjoyable weekend and after a couple further discussions with Stephen, we parted company being none the wiser regarding what he had in mind. It didn't matter. If Stephen told me he would handle something, I knew without doubt he would and would have my interests at heart. I never let myself forget that over the coming months and that comfort steadied me for what I knew would be the great ruin of my marriage as well as its rebirth.

So now, we approach my witching hour. On Monday, I received a call from John to meet with him at a park along the river. We discussed the timing of Marylyn's divorce filings. When not traveling, they were getting together at an apartment Morgan had rented not far from his offices. It was to be her new home when she consummated her break from reality. John merely absorbed it all, smiled softly and told me we would meet again Friday afternoon after Marylyn and Morgan concluded another of their perverse copulations. It would be prior to her having me served that evening in our home.

To say this was becoming bizarre would be understating it. I was becoming further detached with each day of the week. Wednesday brought a completely unexpected event.

"Good day, Mr. Stone. This is Sarah Stanhope. How are you doing this morning?"

OK, that call was unexpected. I never addressed her as Sarah nor did I know she used her maiden name. I paused for a moment and then replied.

"Ma'am' I am doing fine. What can I do for you?"

"Well, first you can stop with the ma'am business, David. I think I was only 2 or 3 years ahead of you in school. You should call me Sarah, OK? That is what you used to call me those years ago."

"Ok. Sarah it is. What can I do for you, Sarah?"

"Good, right to the point. Can you break away today to meet me for lunch at Daddy's place? "

When the boss's daughter wants lunch at the boss's place, the answer is expected.

"Of course I can, Sarah. What is the occasion?"

"We have some personal business, David, something the two of us can discuss when you arrive."

"OK, I will arrive at Noon."

"Wonderful. I will see you then. Goodbye, David."

Her husband was fucking my wife and I worked for her father and now I am having lunch with her to discuss personal business. Perhaps she needs her portfolio realigned. When I arrived at the Stanhope residence, I parked off to the side next to the carriage house as I usually did. This time I walked to the front of the house and rang the bell. Elizabeth, one of Mr. Stanhope's personal assistants, answered the door and ushered me to the veranda where Mrs. Morgan, Sarah Stanhope now, was seated and waiting. She was always an attractive woman, full figured with just a few soft pounds to augment her femininity. The pale yellow dress she wore openly displayed those breasts and her cleavage, accented by a single strand of white pearls. She was a picture of feminine money. For the life of me I could not figure out why any man would abandon such a woman but then my own wife was abandoning me for a brute. She rose from her seat with a huge smile and hugged me.

"David, I am so happy you could come today. Come and take a seat here. Elizabeth will see that we are served shortly. So David, How are you and Daddy doing with the Landskill developments?"

Landskill was a condo development along the river that Mr. Stanhope had invested in a couple years ago and we just broke ground on it three months back. I could not fathom that Sarah had me out here to discuss that.

"It is going well. We have started the pouring already and I think the contractors told us we are running about a month ahead of schedule at this point."

She looked down at her lap and turned her eyes up to mine and whispered

"You know about it, David, right?"

I peered back trying to take the next step in the conversation but couldn't. She continued.

"I'm certain you know about him, David. Our people discovered a couple of other investigators who were monitoring their activities. I can only assume you know and if per chance you do not, I will certainly confide in you."

I nodded.

"Good, or as the circumstances might indicate, not so well. The miserable shit for brains has been fucking her for months now. I should say, using her because for the life of me I cannot understand why anybody would consider what he does a good fuck!"

She glanced down and then peered up with considerable more fire in her eyes. I raised my hand and interjected.

"Sarah, if you know this much, then my own investigators were not as discreet as they should have been and I shall have to have a discussion with them. In any event, yes, I have known for some time and in fact I suspect she is ready to leave me."

"David, I wanted to share something with you."

She pushed a small laptop toward me and started a video. When it started, it showed Roger Morgan leaving the apartment with the door closing behind him. Marylyn was lying on the bed in her usual position and I could see his seed leaking from her used cunt. My anger started to rise seeing this in the presence of another. Then I watched as she sat up and began softly weeping. In earlier videos she had always left first and always composed. This was different. I watched as she rose and retrieved her phone from her purse which was sitting right next to where a camera had been placed to capture the scene. It was a different view than those we had. It was at bed height behind a side table on the wall. Her abused pussy and then her ass filled the screen as she retrieved her phone before returning to the bed. Sitting down, she punched a number.
"Hello, Susan ... I know, I know .. I don't know how much longer I can keep up my fucking good cheer.

No, he doesn't know. David can't know and I will never tell him. I love him too much.

You know why. ... it's killing me

If it was under different circumstances, I'd tell him to fuck off and never look back.

Yes, I know .. Of course I should not have done it but I did and now I'm forced to take this action.

Susan you just don't know or I guess you do understand. He's big. He's forceful and he doesn't ask me. He just takes it. I have to give in to him.

Yes .. Yes, you know I do ... but this is best. If he finds out he will divorce me anyway.

Yes, he will. You don't know David. He won't tolerate this. I should have put a stop to it from the beginning but I didn't. I can't hold onto him and keep this up.

No... NO ... Other than what he does to me, I can't stand him. There is no way.

Susan... Susan, listen to me. The only way I can protect David is to leave him before he finds out. Oh my god, what have I turned into?"

The answer to that was apparent to me. She was a cheating fucking whore for an ugly prick.

After a long discussion on the other end of the line, Marylyn said goodbye and closed her phone. She sat on the bed weeping for several minutes before she rose to the bathroom and left the apartment a few minutes later. I looked over at Sarah and asked her what her impressions were.

"Susan is a friend from her office. Roger was fucking Susan before her husband divorced her and totally fucked her life up. I think she is trying to help your wife make better choices in her life but David, Roger is a manipulative bastard. I wouldn't put it past him to have drugged her or gotten her piss drunk and raped her. But from what I can tell, he has some kind of hold on her, either pictures or video or something. Maybe she is just plain addicted to his kind of fuck. For the life of me I can't understand that. I haven't fucked him for some time now and won't.

Now, another thing we discovered is that she is planning on leaving you as you already know even though she clearly loves you. I just don't get that but whatever the case, we think she is planning to do it pretty quick and Roger seems to be the motivating force behind it. My question to you is what your plans are?"

For a moment I thought about revealing my intention to stay married to Marylyn but I realized that until I talk with John on Friday, I was not sure how I was going to do that.

"Sarah, I love my wife, always have and probably always will regardless of what she has done. I can't turn that off. However, I also can't force her to stay. If she leaves and insists on a divorce, then I will be a single man again after 25 years. That isn't what I want obviously, but I'm not a man who is going to be willingly cuckolded. I am just not made that way."

We had been together for about 30 minutes at that point and Sarah waved lunch over. It was odd. The conversation immediately shifted to college football and we pitched our rivalries at each other while enjoying the culinary delights of the well to do. Finishing over a glass of wine, Sarah continued the previous discussion.

"David, I'll share something with you about my marriage and where Sarah Stanhope is with all this."

She paused for a moment, chugged down the remainder of her wine and poured us each another glass.

"You might not make it back to work today because I have another bottle just like this over there" gesturing toward the wet bar against the patio wall.

"Given where I am and who I work for, I'm guessing you have that covered already."

She smiled and slipped back into her chair, crossing those tanned legs and toying with her pearls. The thought immediately came to mind that Mrs. Morgan or Stanhope I suppose was toying with me, flirting at least. I had spent the last few months trying to stay sane in the midst of numerous temptations. I had even started out to get uproariously laid with another woman who had expressed a lot of interest in such sports but in the end, I put it off. I really did take my vows seriously, at least until I was an officially separated man. So, sitting here with this obviously flirting and sexually attractive woman was testing my resolve. Besides, she was the wife of my nemesis. How unlikely would that be?

"So, where were we? Oh, yes, my marriage and I. Well, it was a dark and stormy night. Really, it was. That is when Roger Morgan, the sure cocksman, seduced me and took the only daughter of Harry Stanhope right in her mother's own bed. He was smooth as butter and I was so ignorant of men and sex. He wasn't the first, but he was the first man. The others had been a couple of boys and I was only 18. David, you've seen him. He's hung like a horse and he likes being in control so I surrendered to him. That first time, he didn't hurt me or force himself or anything. He was just a domineering man 10 years older than me and I was smitten. I mean, when he was finished, he rolled over and lit a fucking cigarette in my mother's bed! He made me his bitch and I was impressed but hell, I didn't know any better.

So we dated for a year and finally he insisted we get married. Well, Daddy was fucking furious that Roger didn't come to him first and I guess he took his anger out in the form of an iron clad prenuptial agreement. I mean it is rock solid and totally screws Roger if he divorces me for any reason whatsoever. He leaves only with what he came with which at that time was almost nothing however if I divorce him, he goes with 33% of all of it. That was Daddy's revenge on me I guess. OK, I could go with that back then. This was before Mommy died and left me two thirds of her estate.

Now the numbers have changed. We or I should say you and Daddy have tripled it over the past ten years. Now, there is no way I'm going to let that prick walk away with that much money. That means for the last ten years he has been working hard at getting me to finally divorce him and send him away fat, rich and happy. A big part of that plan is what he is doing with your wife. He has no intention of marrying her. Fuck no and she would be the biggest stupid fool in the world if she ever did. Anyway, we already know she doesn't love him. She just loves his cock, like I did years ago. Although I think it's the hardcore domination that scratches her itch as much.

Now, the thing about Roger is he feels privileged to bed other women, mostly married women, yet doesn't seem it right to afford me the same privilege. Not that it matters, I don't consult Roger for anything other than if he is going to be here for dinner and that is a courtesy for the chef and not I. My private and personal life is none of his business. Isn't that the quintessential marriage of sorts?"

Sarah threw back a throaty laugh, the wine having its intended effect, and continued.

"So you see, David, none of what Roger is doing furthers his cause." I interrupted at this point.

"Wait a minute. I am missing something here. Why doesn't he just leave you? He has some of his own family's wealth, does he not?"

"David, my sweet David, your interloper has next to nothing in his name. It is all tied up in Morgan Banking, nearly every last bit of it. I think he gets a small stipend that would pay for an apartment somewhere along with his annual salary of course."

She leaned over toward me, licked her pink lips and shared her secret.

"But the dirty little truth, David, is that Morgan Banking is close to being sold for enough to settle its liabilities. It isn't totally busted but what is left will have to be shared among Roger's siblings. He might pocket at most $100K.

Where does that leave me? Well, I will have a financially destitute husband who couldn't afford a lawyer to initiate a divorce if he wanted to and would leave with nothing if he did. Of course, I'm left with Roger. Your wife, if she divorces you, is left with a likely unemployed snake in the grass that can't make the rent on the apartment she is moving into. Since the sale of Morgan Banking would close its home office, she is likely to be unemployed as well. All in all, David, it's a scorched earth result.

That still comes back to me and what I am interested in so I'll lay my cards out here."

She reached over, her breasts coming into full view, and refilled our glasses. We were both very much buzzed but our discussion was clearly not over. I patiently waited for her to continue.

"Here are the meat and potatoes, David. Stanhope-Bishop is going to close on Morgan Friday afternoon at 1PM. Roger is not involved. In fact none of the siblings are. This is being kept away from them by their father and the FDIC. Otherwise, the bank would collapse; the FDIC would step in and have a mess to clean up. By 3PM, Roger will be worth nothing, the announcement will be made after closing on Friday and on Monday, Stanhope-Bishop will walk in to consolidate holdings and begin closing operations."

I swirled the wine in my glass and pondered my next question or in this case, a request. I almost didn't but I thought of John and what if she knew that something was afloat. Hell, even I didn't know for sure what it was. However, this revealing discussion, hell, the whole lunch and its aftermath, just notched the storm in my life several levels. I could not avoid it. I looked at her. She was an imbibed sex goddess and she knew it.

"Sarah, I need to ask something of you and given what you have told me, I'm afraid you will not do it."

"David, if I can I will. You only have to ask. It doesn't mean it comes with no strings but by all means ask."

Her fingers played with the pearls. I threw caution to the wind.

"Can you pull your people off David on Friday? No questions asked?"

That was pretty direct. If I wanted to share more, I wouldn't know what to say. She looked at me, searching my eyes for something for the longest time. I didn't think she was going to answer and then she did.

"OK, yes, no questions asked ... But, I have strings. When I pull on them, you'll deliver no questions?"

"That is difficult. I have no idea what you might ask."

"That is OK. It would not be anything you are not well suited for, David. Besides, I also do not know why I am compromising my coverage of Roger on such an important day."

"I am pretty certain she is having me served on Friday and I have plans to interrupt that expectation."

"Well, you are here with Daddy until mid-afternoon. He told me so. I may join the two of you. That way you can have two alibis." She gave me that throaty laugh again. I said nothing.

"OK, Sarah. So, Friday is good?"

"Yes it is, David. My people will be off the case starting Thursday evening."

"Good. So are mine."

She looked at me askance with the last comment but said nothing.

"Sarah, this has been a most revealing discussion. I'm not sure what you have planned for the surveillance but I do ask that you consult with me before doing anything with it."

She readily agreed and we wrapped up our two hour luncheon. We both had really strong buzzes from all the wine and I invited her, in her own domain, to shoot some billiards with me in her father's study. I've played the old man many times and I knew it would help me come down from the drinking. I switched to lemon ice water while Sarah just continued with the wine. An hour or two later, I was pretty straight while Sarah was falling down drunk. A man with lesser designs would have enjoyed the flesh underneath that beautiful yellow dress. I was tempted but I limited myself to carrying her upstairs and laying her on her bed. I did kiss her on the forehead as she drunkenly groped and squeezed my rather erect manhood. I didn't think she would remember much of it later that evening when she woke and I let myself out and gave serious reflection to what we had discussed.

My first order of business was to call Stephen and arrange another meeting with John. We agreed on the following morning at the same place. When we met the next day, I told him everything, leaving out nothing, including the billiards and even the intimacies on the bed. He thought about it for several minutes and at the end said nothing changes and to meet him here at 4PM as we planned. The additional surveillance bothered him at first and he asked me up front if I trusted Sarah. I replied I believe I did and he pondered that for a bit then he replied.

"David, from what you described, I think you are probably right. She was also clearly seducing you but I'm guessing you already know that. When the time comes to repay favors, fuck her good, as much as she wants, when she wants it. I doubt it would be a chore but we also want this particular woman happy. She has a lot of power but a ball busting witch? I doubt it. So, David, my boy, we all have chores, some better than others."

With that he roared into laughter. I joined him somewhat nervously.

Marylyn did not meet with Roger that day as it was Thursdays and consolidations were due by the end of the day. That was most suitable for me and we had a wonderful dinner before retiring for the evening where I made love to my wife with as much tenderness and love as I could muster. It was bittersweet for me as I knew that tomorrow evening, matters might be much different. I could sense the same in her although in her fairness; she held nothing back, returning in kind almost as if it were the Last Supper. We drifted off to sleep but I woke several times to hear her very softly weeping. The Piper was taking his toll on her conscience but that was a good sign. She at least did still love me.

We woke to a bright sunny morning and shared a breakfast. Marylyn was not her usual self today. The cheerfulness and exuberance was dulled and we both knew why. She didn't know I shared the knowledge which made her nervousness and pain all the more apparent. For a moment I thought she was going to break down and confess her sins yet she didn't. I left for my all day meeting with Mr. Stanhope and my wife's lover's wife. How awkward this would be to a bystander unawares.

We tended to our business, often times with my mind elsewhere. I think the old man sensed something afoot although Sarah deflected any concern on his part rather skillfully. When we broke for lunch, Mr. Stanhope took his separately leaving Sarah and me to dine together once again. She wanted it out in the garden, out of both earshot and eyes. I don't blame her. It was a wonderful choice for lunch. We carried it out ourselves along with fresh lemonade and spread it out on the table linen.

The woman was all professionalism in every regard. We went over all the aspects of our previous work and ran scenarios back and forth to satisfy her father's inquisitive mind. When we were satisfied, we folded the work papers and finished our lunch. That is when the businesswoman took leave.

"Daddy is going to nap after lunch. That is how he is these days so I am not sure if we are actually going to pick up where we left off or not"

"I suppose that is fine. Most of this can wait until Monday in any event."

The elephant in the room was stomping on all the china and neither of us said anything for a moment.

"Has anybody ever told you that you have a rather impressive package, David?"

If I had anything in my mouth at the moment, a Heimlich maneuver would have been required. Her eyes were sparkling and her tongue licked those pink lips again. I was almost speechless, almost. Remembering John, I replied.

"For a woman laid to bed completely clothed and piss drunk, you have a remarkable memory for something unseen"

"Well, yes, but I fondly remember fondling something before a blissful sleep overcame me."

"You could not help it. You probably thought I was somebody else."

"Now, David that was a poor comeback. In any event I much appreciated that tender kiss upon my lips"

"It was your pretty forehead and I was a gentleman in every respect."

"That was a shame. A rogue might have better suited my intentions then."

"Perhaps, but it wouldn't have been as memorable."

"Damn, you are fun. That said, sweet man, I meant it, the package that is. There is nothing lacking on your end in that department if that has ever been on your mind."

The back and forth needed the break. It let me bring us back to what we both knew was going on. This was Friday, one of the days when Marylyn and the bastard were spoiling what was once just mine. I was being made the cuckold, perhaps at this very minute. Sarah knew it too. She knew the pattern and the times and how they did it. It sickened her as it did me but for different reasons. I think she saw the horns on my head because her seductress disappeared and a compassionate and soft woman appeared.

"David, I am sorry for all of this. I really do hate that bastard for what he has done and anything that befalls him will be richly deserved. If I am going to be honest, I also hate your wife right now for what she has done to you. I have always watched you working with my father and you have been an honest man with him and with my interests as well. While I am being truthful, I also have to tell you that I have been attracted to you for a long time. Hell, David, a lot of women are but you had a perfect marriage and, at least speaking for myself, I never wanted to mess with that in spite of my own miserable marriage."

I watched her eyes as she was speaking and saw an innocence I had not noticed before. I had seen the beauty. That was evident. I had experienced the vixen's attitude. Now I saw what she had in youth before her carnal bastard of a husband fucked it away. She continued as if in confession.

"I don't know what is going to happen between the two of you when she serves you but I do know I am going to collect on my markers for today. I would like that to happen this weekend but I'll let you make that call."

I laughed aloud thinking so much for my perceptions of innocence. The seductress was always there right under the surface! In fact I roared with laughter. John was right. I would have to make her a happy woman. Just not right now.

"Sarah, I assure you I will honor my promise to you. For what is happening today and this evening, there is no expiration date. It just has to be after I receive those papers. I am sure you understand."

"Oh I do David, I certainly do."

She never asked what was happening that afternoon. When I found out I don't know if I would ever tell her. I knew the financial end and that was comforting although we hadn't discussed how she could stay married to the bastard. In any event, the time came when I had to go see John. My hour was arriving.

I drove toward the park at a leisurely rate. With matters so out of my hands, there was an unease that I found difficult. Knowing for months and placing my trust in Stephen was one thing but now, my marriage was teetering and when I was being honest with myself, I can shoulder some of the blame for not actively ending the affair. I allowed it to continue and its tentacles to spread and I knew that alone might have been mortal.

It was during the drive over that I toyed with the idea of just walking away and calling off everything, whatever everything was. The gravel under my wheels broke my thoughts and glancing up, I saw John's small car at the far end of the lot. This was an infrequently used waterfront park that was slated for a rebuild once the new pier was completed upstream. Until then, it was a meeting place for lovers and the occasional teen hangout for suburbanites.

"John, I guess it's good to see you again." We shook hands and then walked together toward the river bank.

"John, listen. I've been thinking and having second thoughts. I don't know."

He cut me off at that point and looking directly in my eyes said "It is beyond that point, David."
He was serious and dark today. He had uncovered that ominous personality of his that his natural likeability had been able to mask in our many meetings over the years. I thought about Stephen's first wife and about Roger Morgan and my knees felt weak. Surely he would not kill him even though I knew that was never on the table. Stephen assured me of that even if he assured nothing else. Morgan might live but he would learn.

"Listen David, from here on out, how you play this is up to you but first, you had nothing to do with today. Neither did I so you can relax a bit. The town cruiser can pull up and talk to us till dark about anything they wish. Perhaps our local constable needs a line on the game tonight?"

There was his infectious laugh again.

"Second, David, and this is very important. As we already know, Marylyn will have you served this evening around 7PM. You are to take the papers, say nothing to her and set them on the table. No matter what, don't engage her conversation. I don't care how much your heart hurts. Don't engage her. As soon as the process server leaves, a delivery man will ring and have a package for her that she must sign for. It will be addressed to her and stamped "open immediately". At that point, I want you to leave without picking up the separation papers. Leave them for her to make her decision going forward. There is a note in the package with instructions to her."

I nodded my head not knowing what to say.

"Lastly, I know this will be hard."

He started to smile again.

"You are to spend the evening with Sarah Stanhope. I took the liberty of calling her after you left and made the arrangements. Her father left for a stay in the mountains and she will be at her father's home but you know all those details already. I'm certain she has plans for you."

His laughter buried the dark persona that masked him when I had arrived.

"Jesus H. you called Sarah? You are a ballsy bastard, you know that?"

"Of course, David, but you have to make her happy you know".

His damn laugh again.

"What's in the letter, John?"

"Her life."

He was serious again.

"She has choices to make.. whether she is Marylyn Stone, the woman we all know and love or if she is just another whore or victim in search of something to replace what doesn't exist anymore. She will know where to go depending on what choice she makes. This is when you will know whether you have a wife or not. I suspect the choice will not be a difficult one for her. Remember what you talked about with Stephen, that you will always love her. If she chooses the first option, you will have to decide if that is what you really want now given all that has happened and will in the next few hours. No matter what, they will be your choices and hers and you can be god damn certain Roger Morgan will have no say in it whatsoever."

John gritted the last part through his teeth and then immediately smiled at me.

"It's 5 O'clock, John. Go home and have a quick dinner with your wife. Take a few moments and observe the human condition of the guilty. It will be an education and then do as I have said. I need to go."

He turned from me and then paused and said.

"Sometimes you just have to trust in the kindness of strangers. David, it's already done so no turning back"

Marylyn was home when I arrived as I knew she would be. I didn't say much when I entered. I inquired of dinner and it was nearly ready. Excusing myself to wash up, I gathered some personal toiletries and a change of clothes to be ready when that hour came. Sitting down to dine was awkward. I knew what she was doing. She didn't know that I knew what she was doing. We were both awkward. As John suggested, I observed her human condition. She would avert my eye, fidget with her hands. At one point her hands were shaking as she lifted her fork to her mouth. How she could do this was beyond my comprehension.

I almost rushed over to her to take her in my arms and tell her we were leaving, that whatever was arriving from her at 7PM could sit there with whatever arrived after. I remembered John's words. Don't engage her. Our conversations were muted. Our touches during cleanup were limited. I watched as a single tear escaped and she quickly brushed it away. We each steeled ourselves, she in ignorance, I in terrible knowledge.

With everything finished, she retired to the den and I retreated to my office but not before I snuck my bag into the truck. Sitting there I could hear the minutes ticking away and it was soon 10 after 7. Marylyn never said another word the whole time.

At 7:20, the doorbell rang and Marylyn let out a cry from the den. I rose and answered the door. There was a rather short, stocky deputy standing there with an envelope and a clipboard. Contrary to most accounts, in this community, the person being served with papers for any legal proceeding usually signs an acknowledgement form. Having the server being from the Sheriff's office usually addresses any objections.

"Good evening, sir. Are you Mr. David William Stone?

"Yes sir, I am".

"Good. I have a service order in your name and if you would, please sign here on this form."

I took the clipboard, signed my name next to the printed one and he handed me the papers. Closing the door, I walked back to the dining room and laid the papers on the table next to the seat Marylyn usually occupied.

"Marylyn, come here'"

She walked in with tears on her face, her countenance broken. She couldn't talk. The words would not form so I suppose John's admonition would not be necessary. The doorbell rang again and my heart jumped.

"Marylyn, you can get this one. I think I've had enough."

My eyes focused on the Petition For Dissolution of Marriage on the papers below. I looked at her in the eyes and nodded toward the door. She answered it and returned with a package. I nodded toward the seat and she took it.

"I am leaving now, Marylyn."

"Wait, David, Please, wait. We need to talk."

I ignored her and walked out the door. She rose and followed me out. I turned toward her with tears in my own eyes and held up my hand.

"Not another fucking step."

She stood there watching me drive down the street before returning to the house to tend to her own delivery as well as contemplate my leaving her petition sitting at her seat. I wanted to know more. I wanted to return and shake the life out of her or shake it back in. I drove around for an hour or more before I relented and turned toward the stately home I knew so well.

She greeted me at the door, her full bosom staring me right in the eye. The dress was black this time, cut just above the knee. Her earrings were small diamonds, the necklace a match. Everything about this woman was sensual yet in all the years I've worked around her and her father, I never actually lusted for her. I suppose a happy marriage was the cause. For now, happiness was replaced by an acute awareness of a world turned upside down.

"Well, imagine seeing you here again so soon, David. Please, come in. You know the way."

I watched her walk in front of me. Her ass was beautiful and full and I could not for the life of me understand why in hell I was thinking of that after all that was happening.

"David, you know your friend John is a charming man. Is he anything like you? I could use two of you."

Her laughter was intoxicating but I kept seeing Marylyn's tears.

"Sarah, you know, she had me served this evening."

"I expected as much. I think we talked about it earlier."

I hadn't forgotten but it seemed like days instead of just hours ago. She was wearing a Jasmine scent and returned with two glasses of white wine. Leading me back out to the veranda, she guided me onto a gliding loveseat, seating herself beside me. It was quiet and peaceful. The grounds here were always that way. It was such a contrast to her condo in the city where her lothario called home. I wondered about her love interests. Did she take lovers frequently or has she remained elusive and distant from men? The seductress in her led me to believe experience was her master but the influence of her father might indicate otherwise.

"David, what is it like to be in love?"

I glanced over at her in wonderment. How could a beautiful woman like this not know love? I then thought of Mr. Morgan and could understand.

"I mean, I have never really loved a man like you have loved a woman, your wife. Can we talk about these things, now, this evening with all that is going on?"

I nodded and she continued.

"Of course I thought I loved Roger when I was young but I loved his cock really and his forcefulness. I didn't know any better. I lived in lust at first. After a while the dross took over and lust meant so much less. There was a young boy when I was in school. He was a bit younger but I had the most insane crush on him and he never knew it. Looking back on it, I should have acted. I should have been brazen. I should have been like so many other girls and pursued him with an earnest desire to catch him. He'd be sitting here today, my husband. Instead I am sitting here with another woman's husband or maybe not. We shall see. That's why I asked what it's like to be in love? Can you still love her the same way when it is over and whatever the result is or can you love her in a different way and have any love for somebody else? It is all such a mess.

I don't have the same problem as you do, David, but you know that. I refuse to divorce the bastard and make him a rich man. I haven't desired another man in the way he desires the flesh of another woman. If I told you I have not been with a man but a half dozen times in ten years, would you believe me?"

She looked at me closely and I nodded.

"I suppose I would believe that, Sarah, if you say it is true. But my question would still be why don't you dump the prick, get on with your life and find that lifelong love if not just to be happy?"

She laughed and flashed her white teeth.

"Oh, David, I am happy just sitting here with you this evening. The bastard can remain my husband in name only. I can relish in his financial ruin. I can keep him on a leash with no recourse but to leave on his own. He might just do that were circumstances strong enough. I can enjoy the company of another man if I choose. Just look at the two of us. I find this to be marvelous company."

She had a point but I guess I still didn't find comfort knowing that somebody would choose to stay married to an asshole rather than let him walk away with probably close to $300 million. On the other hand I'd hate to see him with that either. My thoughts turned back to Marylyn and the papers and that package delivered to the house before I left. There is an instruction sheet inside it, John had told me. Perhaps it was a montage of all her adulteries. Her sister would kill her and I think her mother would be mortified. I turned my attention back to Sarah.

"I am curious about one thing, well, among many things really, but how does Mr. Stanhope figure in all this? It was real convenient of him to make himself absent this evening. He has always struck me as one who enjoyed a great drama."

"Daddy decided it best if you and I were here alone this evening but more to your point, I think he knows more than you or I about these matters. It was his people that identified your investigators. I think he was trying to keep tabs on Roger for business purposes but when he came upon your wife's involvement, he brought me into the fold. I'm not sure why but he has always looked upon you with great fondness. Now if you ask him what he thinks of your wife right now, well, none of it would be fit to print."

"He never let on at all even though I've known since the first month."

"That is because he knew you were aware of it. Daddy's people knew the investigators when they showed up on day one. He asked me to be quiet until events unfolded."

I interrupted her.

"Speaking of events, the financial community should be the buzz. Did the announcement go out? I haven't had the sense of mind to pay any attention."

"Stanhope-Bishop released a public statement at 7PM this evening. As far as I know, everything worked as expected. Most people should become aware of the transactions in tomorrow's paper, including Morgan employees. So our fucking nemesis is officially destitute this evening. He just hasn't been told yet. Speaking of the fucking waste of flesh, you haven't mentioned why you wanted the dogs called off today. Daddy had some ideas of his own, in fact he was certain of them, but he would not share."

That was interesting. I began to wonder just how much 'Daddy' could possibly know. Harry Stanhope is a highly resourceful man but so are my friends Stephen and John. I then recalled that it was John who set up this evening for me to be here of all places.

"To tell you the truth I really don't know other than I didn't want any collateral damage to anybody, I guess including my wife if she were to see him today. I'm certain she did and on this day, this miserable day when the perfect image of how I envisioned her is finally buried, I wanted it to be clean and of her doing entirely. I haven't been involved with the events of today other than to be an observer of the financial destruction and to have a conversation with the man you spoke to earlier this afternoon, my friend John."

I didn't want to show John's hand in any of this or to share more than I needed to with Sarah. With her revelation of Mr. Stanhope's involvement, I suspected there was a whole layer of intrigue below the surface that had yet to be revealed.

"I will tell you this. As soon as I was served, a package was delivered to the house that Marylyn had to sign for and it was labeled open immediately. I left as soon as it was delivered, drove around for a while and came here. I have no idea who actually delivered it or what is in it. I can guess that it is some evidence of sort. I am sure we shall learn of it soon enough."

"Yes we will and I can hardly wait for this drama to unfold, if there is a drama to be had. I am sure Roger will shit himself when he discovers he has no job, no funds of his own and, well, this will be a surprise. I haven't told you about this, David. I sold the condo earlier this week. The brutal shit doesn't even have a home come Monday morning. Daddy warned me about that one. Since he is my husband, he will have to come here to stay. There is always a spare room for him that he has used on rare occasions. However, I think Daddy underestimated me on this one. With Roger staying here, life will become absolutely miserable for him."

"But Sarah, have you considered what having him here that much will do to you? How am I going to manage out here with your father if I have to see that bastard every damn day?"

I really had no desire to spend much time around my interloper and be reminded of the horns placed on me. I was uncertain what my response might be. Besides that, he might prefer the apartment if he were to continue with my wife assuming she made that choice. Sarah just smirked at me and made an exaggerated wink.

"Oh poor David. Do you know how much I love that name? I have always loved it. It's a strong name. Anyways, I think you will be lording over him rather than suffering any of his indignities. Let's see how the weekend progresses, shall we? Remember, I do have all those strings to play with and you promised me, especially since you have now been officially served."

We removed ourselves from the gliding couch on the veranda and refreshed our glasses before walking toward the gardens. Sarah placed her arm in mine and we strolled through her father's prized rose collections. This was truly a beautiful place situated on over 10 acres overlooking the river just a short ride from downtown. The gardens were started by Sarah's mother over 50 years ago and had been cultivated into a maze of trellises and trimmed rows of flowering variety.

I guess it is nice to be rich. I've done well for myself since getting out of the Navy and cannot complain. Working for her father has been very beneficial affording us a substantial income. While nice to have, I would have traded it all to be able to step back several months and have none of this happen. With this beautiful woman on my arm, I contemplated life without Marylyn and wondered what her decision would be. John had told me she would have to make that decision though he seemed it to be a likely one of choosing her husband. At this stage of the drama, I was wondering if that was what I truly wanted. There was so much more to discover before there could be any resolution.

"Look, David. I love the mourning doves. Did you know they mate for life? Just as true lovers do? I watch them every day and they tend to each other's cares just as we do."

I was like one of those doves whose partner had been shot out of the sky. Sarah's hand caressed my lower back and her body was pressed into mine as we stood watching them. Were one unaware of our relationship, they would have assumed we were close lovers from our proximity. The scent of her Jasmine filled my nostrils and in spite of the day's events, I felt my groin harden. I think that's a natural reaction to such close intimacy. I've never had any problem getting aroused and I think Sarah sensed it. Her hand moved down and cupped it, gently squeezing.

"David, I think you are really happy to see me right now." She grinned and scratched my belly through the shirt with those long fingers and nails. I just looked down and nodded before speaking.

"But not right now, Sarah. I'm not ready yet."

"Ha! So says you but "Biggie" says differently. I did tell you it has been a long time. I'm not waiting much longer. But, the evening is still young."

Sarah's phone then began buzzing in the lap pocket of her dress. Opening it she answered and while listening and identifying herself, she walked off just a bit and with seriousness she listened longer and nodded before looking back at me.

"Yes, I understand. Are you sure he is going to do well? I see, yes. I am out of pocket this evening and I cannot get there at this hour. I will come in the morning and see you then. Yes, I am sure you will. I am sure he can explain everything to me then. Ok then. Goodbye."

She glanced back at me while slipping the phone back into her pocket.

"Roger has been hospitalized. Apparently he has been brutally assaulted and is banged up pretty badly but is not in any real danger. The mother fucker never is!"

She spit the last out with venom.

"The nurse would not share any details with me telling me I had to be there in person as a family member before releasing his file information. I'm not going down there tonight. She said he will be there for at least a couple of days, maybe longer. I hate that fucker. I hate him more right now and I'm not going to let him ruin my evening."

She ran into my arms and held on and I could feel her weeping against my chest. It was intimate and I felt for her. There was a warmness and familiarity. Jesus H. I loved my wife. How could I love this woman too? I'm a logical man and there is logic to events and feelings. I'll revisit this I'm sure but for that moment I comforted her and in a real sense comforted myself.

It was around 10PM when we entered the house. Only three hours had passed since the woman I loved had served me with her intention to dump me like yesterday's trash. The house was quiet and the staff had left much earlier leaving us to ourselves. She led me up the stairs leading the way with that beautiful ass. At the landing, she reached around and unzipped the back letting it fall to the floor. She stood with her back to me with high cut French panties on her now exposed ass and a matching bra.

Continuing to lead me, she walked toward her bedroom and entered, then turned and reaching down, unbuckled my pants before pulling them down. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the trousers while unbuttoning my shirt. Her fingers found the waistband of my shorts and tugged them down allowing my now erect cock to spring free, bobbing before her face. My mind questioned my actions and the body won out.
She looked up at me just as my phone went off in my pants pocket.

End of Part I

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