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Silicon Valley Cuckold Ch. 01

by hana

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*** Trigger warning - husband watches wife having sex with another man in this story ***

Sheldon Whipple was reading the tech blogs on his iPad in his living room on Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day and he knew he really should go out and get some sun, but he preferred to sit inside and read. He looked out his living room window and could see his jerky neighbor, John Mathers, mowing his lawn across the street. Mathers prided himself on using an old fashioned reel mower without an engine. He was a big strapping man who liked to show off his physique. Sheldon grimaced at the sight of the sweaty Mathers in his tank top and shorts as he exerted himself in the yard. He was the sort of jock tough guy that used to harass the nerdy Sheldon when he was back in high school.

In those terrible days of high school Sheldon used to console himself that his high IQ would land him a high paying job fair away from his meat-headed tormentors. And Sheldon had mostly been correct. He moved to Silicon Valley after college and took a lucrative programming job at Google. He and his wife Lisa settled down in a nice neighborhood in Mountain View and they were very happy. But Sheldon was annoyed to find that the rough alpha types like Mathers had a place in Silicon Valley as well. Mathers was some sort of sales position where his aggressive and boorish personality probably served him well as he bullied prospects into buying whatever piece of junk product his current company was churning out. Sheldon sniffed dismissively and returned his attention to his iPad.

His stomach was starting to grumble slightly when he wondered when Lisa would return from the store to make lunch. Just then he heard her car pull into the driveway and he stood up eagerly to go help her bring the groceries in. To his dismay, he watched his fair-skinned wife pop out of their Prius and dash across the street in her pretty summer dress waving her hand at John Mathers. He ground his teeth in annoyance as his wife stood before Mathers breathlessly while he wiped the sweat from his brow and insolently looked Lisa's body up and down. Sheldon couldn't imagine what on earth Lisa would want to talk with Mathers about. He thought she disliked the clod as much as he did.

Sheldon looked on through the living room window as Mathers listened intently to Lisa with his head tilted to the side. Suddenly Mathers' face broke in a look of shocked amazement which quickly transformed into a lewd grin as he stared brazenly at Lisa's exposed cleavage. Sheldon's gut wrenched with jealousy at the sight, but then Mathers looked right over at him and saw Sheldon watching them from his living room. Mathers waved at him brightly and Sheldon felt an inexplicable urge to hide as a hot wave of embarrassment washed over his body.

"Why should I feel embarrassed?" he asked himself defensively, but his stomach dropped as he watched Lisa and Mathers cross the street together, heading back toward his house. He saw Mathers help Lisa unload the groceries and he stood in the living room awkwardly as he heard them enter the kitchen and start putting the groceries away.

"Honey, I'm home," called Lisa, though she must know that Sheldon had seen her already. "I've brought John Mathers with me."

Well there was no avoiding it, Sheldon would have to go greet his guest. He steeled himself and strode down the hall to the kitchen.

"Hello, there buddy," said John Mathers with a smirk as he helped Lisa unpack the groceries.

"Yes, hello, John," replied Sheldon. "Err, I could have helped you bring in the groceries, dear," he continued, while Mathers extracted two six packs of beer from a large paper bag.

"Of course you could, dear," said Lisa distractedly, gazing at Mathers' muscles, slick with sweat from his macho lawn mowing. "Just put the beer in the fridge, John, and of course have one yourself."

"Don't mind if I do, Lisa," he said. "Want one, Sheldo?"

"Uh, no thanks," said Sheldon, gritting his teeth at being called 'Sheldo.' He noticed Lisa looking at John's buttocks when he bent over to put the beer in the refrigerator and it irked him.

"Do have a beer darling," coaxed Lisa, patting her hair self-consciously and returning her eyes to her husband.

"But, I don't..." whined Sheldon.

"Get him one, John," said Lisa, cutting Sheldon off with a wan smile.

"Alrighty. Here you go, bud," said John, coming around the counter and looming over Sheldon. John thrust a beer toward him and Sheldon accepted it gingerly.

"Ah, thank you," said Sheldon, inching away from Mathers slightly. He smelled strongly of sweat and Sheldon wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Let's all go sit in the living room, and enjoy a drink, shall we?" said Lisa, grabbing herself a beer and bustling the two men into the living room. "Here, John, come sit on the couch next to me," she said, sitting down and patting the couch seat next to her suggestively. Mathers grinned and readily flopped down beside her. Sheldon stalked over and sat in his favorite recliner across from his wife and their asinine neighbor. He was annoyed at his wife for inviting this person he disliked into the house, but was resigned to make the best of it and he took a tentative sip of his cold beer.

"So," said Lisa, tugging nervously at the paper label pasted to her beer bottle. "I was just telling John here about that discussion we had the other night."

"Which discussion?" asked Sheldon, genuinely confused. He realized that he was still hungry and would really prefer to be having lunch rather than this damn beer.

"The one about me having sex with Lisa while you watch," said Mathers suddenly, waggling his eyebrows at Sheldon crudely.

The blood drained from Sheldon's face as Mathers said this and his mouth moved soundlessly in shock. He had broached the topic of a threesome with Lisa, and she had agreed to think it over, but he never in a million years imagined that she would get this jackass Mathers involved.

"Now John, don't put it like that," said Lisa, coloring slightly and taking a quick drink of her beer. She was clearly flustered and pushed her heavy framed glasses back up onto the bridge of her nose.

"Lisa, I mean, how could you just go and, uh," Sheldon trailed off, unable to think of the right way to say what he was thinking. His heart was racing with anxiety and Lisa squirmed uncomfortably on the couch.

"Well, honey, I thought we agreed it should be someone we knew and were comfortable with," said Lisa, avoiding her husband's gaping stare of amazement.

"Oh believe me, Sheldon, I understand how it is," said John waving his beer for emphasis. "You've been with your wife for years and the sex is starting to peter out a little. You want to inject some fresh blood into the relationship. Believe me, I understand, I'm very open minded."

"Really?" snapped Sheldon. "That's interesting John, because you have never come across to me as particularly open-minded. Have you talked this over with Celia?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, about that," said John wilting slightly. "It would probably be best if we didn't mention this to her. She isn't as, uh, you know, modern as I am."

"Modern," said Sheldon shaking his head in bemusement. "Really?"

"Now Sheldon, don't get upset," said Lisa jumping up and rushing over to her husband. She kneeled down before him dramatically and took his hand, looking up at him beseechingly. Sheldon was mortified for this to be playing out in front of their crass neighbor. "It's like we talked about. Sex is just physical act. Of course you are the only one I love. It's just that our love life has gone into a doldrums."

"Doldrums, that's a good word," offered Mathers from the couch.

"Butt out, will you?" snapped Sheldon, and Mathers ducked his head contritely and held his hands up for forgiveness. "When we talked about this, I wasn't thinking about someone like him," hissed Sheldon emphatically.

"Hey now," said Mathers straightening up in his seat and bristling slightly.

Lisa just ignored John and focused on her husband. "Yes, well, to tell the truth, John was exactly the person I was thinking of." She looked up into her husband's eyes and gripped his hand in her tightly.

"But why?" asked Sheldon, feeling petulant. His armpit were soaked and he could feel a headache coming on.

"I don't know, it's that animal attraction I suppose," she said distantly, looking over her shoulder. Her cheeks were bright red with shame and Sheldon was struck at that moment by how beautiful his wife was.

"Animal attraction," repeated Sheldon gazing over at John who flexed a bicep for him and winked back playfully.

"That's right," sighed Lisa, patting Sheldon's lap and climbing to her feet. "Look, let's just take it slow at first. John and I will fool around on the couch a little and you just watch. Let us know if you are getting uncomfortable and we will stop."

"But I'm uncomfortable right now," whined Sheldon, embarrassed at how childish he must sound. "I didn't want it to be like this."

"Yes, but the arousal is in the transgression, we need to start pushing boundaries," said Lisa, her eyes bright with excitement. "We have to move outside of our comfort zone."

"You seem more comfortable with this than I am," grumbled Sheldon unhappily.

"Oh, please," chuckled Lisa lightly. "You can't really be jealous of a monkey man like him, can you?"

"You'll pay for that," laughed John good-naturedly. "Not get over her and let me get my hands on those knockers."

"Hey!" complained Sheldon, watching sickly as Lisa walked slowly back to the couch and sat next to John, putting her arm around his shoulder.

"Now John, don't goad him like that," said Lisa, running her hands over John's muscled shoulder. "We have to go slow. You aren't allowed to touch my boobs Just put your arms around me and give me a little kiss."

"Ok, Lisa," said John obediently as he took Sheldon's pale,nerdy wife gently into his tanned and thickly muscled arms.

Sheldon's heart was racing in his chest and his penis stiffened unaccountably at the sight of his wife tilting her head back and opening her mouth expectantly to receive a kiss from their brutish neighbor.

"Oh my gosh, my heart is fluttering," gasped Lisa. "Your arms are like steel bands."

"You ready?" asked John softly, his mouth hovering inches from Lisa's as he cradled her in his arms.

"Yes, kiss me," begged Lisa plaintively, and Sheldon's gut felt like it was flooded with ice as Mathers pressed his lips against his wife's mouth. Soon their tongues were flicking in and out of each other's mouths and Lisa was clinging to John lustily.

"Ok, yeah, that's, uh," said Sheldon. This wasn't happening the way he had intended it. He had been attracted to the idea of sharing his wife, and imagined doing it with one of his safe, dorky friends. But as much as he hated to admit it, this was turning him on, and he adjusted the erection in his pants uncomfortable.

Lisa broke away for a moment and fanned her face with her hand. "Wow, is it getting hot in here or what?"

"Take your dress off, it will help you cool down," coaxed John, pulling at the hem of her summer dress suggestively.

"Ah, no, that's not a good idea," said Sheldon.

"But I'm sooo hot," complained Lisa, pouting cutely at her husband. "Look, he's still not allowed to touch my boobs. Everything will be fine." She stood up and pulled her dress off over her head and folded it neatly.

"Oh yeah," grunted Mathers, gripping his crotch suggestively, ogling Lisa's pale, hourglass figure as she bent over to lay her dress on a side chair. "Your wife has a smokin' body, my friend," said John.

"Do you really think so?" giggled Lisa, covering her mouth bashfully as she stood before John in her bra and panties.

"First of all, you aren't really my friend, John," said Sheldon stiffly. "And secondly, I'm not really comfortable with my wife hanging out in her underwear in front of you."

"Look, if it will make you feel any better, I'll take my top off too, so she will feel less underdressed," said John with a smirk as he peeled off his sweaty tank top and tossed in on the floor.

"Wow," said Lisa staring at John's well-defined muscles. Then she glanced apologetically over her shoulder at her husband. "Uh, look, you have a nice chest and all, but please don't come over here and make a mess," she told John, putting one hand on her soft hip and pointing a finger at him accusingly. "Now pick up that shirt and fold it properly," she demanded.

Sheldon was enthralled by the sight of his wife, bossing this big jerk around while standing half-naked in her flimsy underwear, with her curvaceous body exposed.

"Yes, ma'am," said John, smartly, eyeing Lisa's body as he bent down and retrieved his shirt. He folded it carelessly over the arm of the couch. "Now come back over here and give me another smooch."

"Ok," she said brightly and Sheldon's jealousy flared at how eagerly his wife sat down and wrapped her arms around his neighbor. John gripped Lisa in his arms forcefully, crushing her barely covered boobs up against his bare chest and she gasped as he hungrily nibbled on her her graceful neck. "Oh my," she purred in obvious arousal while John ran his hands up and down her exposed back while kissing her neck. Sheldon watched in fascination as his wife tilted her head back in ecstasy while this brute ravished her. He noticed his wife rubbing as much of her bare skin against John's exposed chest as possible and it maddened him. He was torn between jealousy and titillation. "His hands are very rough," Lisa told her husband distractedly as John ran his hands up and down the tender skin of her sides.

"And you wife's skin is soft as silk," said John, sliding his hand up her side dangerously close to the side of her generous bosom.

"Hey, no boob-touching," yelped Sheldon, sweat beading on his forehead.

"Oh, right, sorry," said John as his slid his hands back around Lisa's back and then down to cup her round ass in his hand.

"Oh wow," gasped Lisa, clinging to John's chest and chewing lightly on his collarbone while he held her bottom in his big callused palms.

"Um, that's enough," choked Sheldon, struggling to catch his breath. His penis was painfully swollen and was pitching a tent in his trousers.

"Ok," said John pulling his hands reluctantly from Lisa's ass cheeks.

She sighed in disappointment while she nuzzled her face into the crook of John's neck. Then she traced her finger idly down John's sweaty chest and over his stomach, stopping at his waist line. "Oh, you have quite a bulge going here," she said, noticing the large lump in John's shorts while she toyed idly with the elastic of his waistband.

"Go ahead and touch it," coaxed John huskily as he slid his hands between her milky white thighs and stroked the tender skin there.

"No, I don't think my husband is ready for that yet," she said wistfully, tugging his waistband out and peeking down the front of his shorts mischievously.

"Lisa! Stop that!" yelped her husband, and Lisa released the waistband with a snap, giggling like a schoolgirl.

"I was just curious," she said defensively.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," said John with a wink.

"Ok," agreed Lisa, standing up abruptly before him with her back to her husband.

"No, no, we can't do this," complained Sheldon. "This isn't how I pictured it, I don't want to share you with a man like John. He reminds me too much off all those jocks back in high school that delighted in humiliating me."

Mathers furrowed his brow at John as he sat splayed out insolently on the couch with a huge bulge in his shorts. "I would never humiliate you, Sheldon. I've always liked you," he said. Sheldon was surprised at how sincere Mathers sounded at that moment, but quickly realized that a salesman could be expected to be a master liar, especially when a delectable wife was at stake.

Lisa tisked and rushed over to Sheldon's side. She bend over and took his cheeks in her hands and kissed him lightly. "Now, now, sweetie," she cooed. "John wasn't one of those mean boys. This is a different time and place. You have nothing to fear from him. I know you would prefer a man more like yourself, but frankly, that would be harder on myself emotionally. I would be more attracted romantically to a man like you. With an oaf like John, it's just about the sex."

"An oaf?" laughed John light-heartedly.

"Now, let's make a deal," continued Lisa, ignoring John and addressing her pouting husband. "I am going to pull my panties down and show John my vagina."

"No!" objected Sheldon, his pulse quickening madly.

"Hear me out," insisted Lisa, raising a finger sternly. "But he can only look, he's not allowed to touch. And then I will ask him to pull his shorts down and show me his, uh, penis." Sheldon noticed Lisa growing flustered at the thought. "But I promise that I will only look and I won't, uh, touch his thing. And then we will just kiss a little more on the couch, ok?"

"You are just going to make out on the couch bottomless together, but not touching down there?" asked Sheldon incredulously.

"Sounds hot, actually," chimed in John with a smile.

"Right, I don't need to wear my underwear to fool around on the couch," said Lisa with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

"Um," said Sheldon hesitantly, but he had to admit that the idea was intriguing.

"Fine, it's settled then," said Lisa brightly, giving Sheldon a peck on the cheek and squeezing the lump in his own pants playfully before skipping back to the couch to stand before John. "Stand up, John," she demanded as she prepared to wriggle out of her panties.

John complied and stared hungrily at Sheldon's wife's crotch. "You first," he grunted.

"Ok," said Lisa, and she pulled her panties down and dropped them to her ankles. Sheldon and John both stared at the dark patch of her neatly trimmed bush and Sheldon could feel his penis throbbing in response. "Do you like it?" she asked sweetly.

"Oh yeah," said the big man, staring down open mouthed at her cooch.

"Now let me see," she said bashfully, pointing at the tent in his shorts.

John quickly pulled his shorts down and his big hard, penis came popping out, standing at attention.

"Oh boy," breathed Lisa. She reached out to grip it, but stopped herself short.

"You want that thing, huh?" asked John smugly, swing his swollen cock back and forth before her.

Sheldon was about to complain when he looked out the front window and saw their neighbor, Jenny Jenkins, staring in the window in shock at the sight of John Mathers and Lisa Whipple standing there with their privates exposed for the whole world to see.

"Oh fuck, Jenny Jenkins is out there and she can see you two," gasped Sheldon in annoyance. "Go pull the curtains!"

John ran to the front window, his big phallus swinging back and forth and yanked clumsily on the cord until the curtains came together shielding the trio from prying eyes.

"Well she got an eyeful of cock," said John turning to Lisa and Sheldon with a shrug of chagrin.

Lisa was silent for a moment before bursting out laughing. "She won't be satisfied with poor Peter after seeing you swing that club of yours," she giggled.

"Lisa, please," said Sheldon, wondering if she would be satisfied with himself after seeing that big cock. "You know Jenny is a horrible gossip. This is going to spread all over the neighborhood."

"Oh, honey, lighten up," laughed Lisa, never taking her eyes off of John's swaying penis. "The good news is that this is all just too absurd to be true. No one will believe her."

"You have a point," admitted Sheldon thoughtfully.

"Of course I do, now John, come over her and kiss me some more," coaxed Lisa, dropping down onto the couch and spreading her legs suggestively to show him her bush.
"Ok," said John walking over to the couch and standing before Lisa with his erect penis pointing in her face. The swollen head of his member was just inches from her mouth.

Lisa stared at John's penis and started touching herself absently, parting her labia and sliding a finger over her clitoris. "I'm not supposed to touch that," she said.

"I know," he said, slapping her across the cheek with his dick impishly, causing her to gasp and gulp with lust.

"What are you doing over there?" asked Sheldon petulantly.

"I'm just slapping your wife across the face with my cock," chuckled John over his shoulder.

"Don't do that," chided Sheldon.

"But I like it," whined Lisa in response. John had his back to Sheldon and her husband couldn't see what she was doing so she looked up at John and lapped quietly at the underside of the tip of his penis with her soft wet tongue.

"Ok, that's just rude, you guys," said Sheldon straining in his chair trying to see what his wife and his neighbor were doing.

"He's right, he's right, sit down here, John," said Lisa, giving his cock one final quick lick.

John gazed down at her as she fingered her snatch and nodded in assent. He sat down next to her and took her in his arms again and starting kissing her passionately. Sheldon watched them kissing there, both of their genitalia exposed, but being careful not to touch each other's privates. He couldn't take it anymore and unzipped his pants so that he could stroke his own penis and pull on his own scrotum while he watched the perversion before him.

"My pussy is really wet," gasped Lisa, breaking her lips away from Johns and panting lustfully.

"I'm not allowed to touch it," murmured John as he nibbled her earlobe. Then he reached behind her and unsnapped her bra.

"That's true, we didn't make a rule about me keeping my bra on," said Lisa, tossing her bra aside as she gave her husband a smoldering glance.

Sheldon just grunted as her large knockers came spilling out. John immediately drew her toward him so that their chests were touching.

"My nipples are brushing against John's chest, dear," said Lisa.

"Yeah," said Sheldon, pulling slowly up and down on the shaft of his penis as he looked at Lisa's soft white boobs and pink nipples contrasted against the dark, tanned skin of Mathers' chest, still slick with sweat.

"Ugh, you are going to get covered in his sweat," said Sheldon. "That's disgusting."

"I know, dear, he's very sweaty," said Lisa as she and Mathers embraced, nude, on the couch. She started kissing John's nipples and he giggled in response, then she worked her way down, kissing and licking his belly until his stiff penis was prodding her in the ear. "I just need to move this out of the way, so I can kiss his stomach more, dear," said Lisa, gingerly gripping John's dick with two fingers and pulling it out slightly so she could kiss John's belly lower and lower down.

"Oh, god, yeah," grunted John in pleasure.

"You said you wouldn't touch it," gasped Sheldon, his blood pounding in his ears and his palms slick with sweat as he fondled himself and watched his wife finger his neighbor's dick and nibble on his happy trail.

"Sorry, dear," she mumbled, releasing John's cock and letting it slap against her cheek as she licked the base of his shaft.

"Are you licking his penis?" asked Sheldon, who was having trouble breathing.

"Just a little around the base," she admitted. "Can't you see what I'm doing?"

"Yeah, I see," said Sheldon quietly as he stroked himself.

"Here, just watch, I am going to lick his penis a little bit," said Lisa.

"Hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about," laughed John as Lisa started enthusiastically running her tongue up and down the veiny shaft of his penis. Sheldon watched helplessly as his wife's head bobbed up and down in John's lap as she greedily lapped as his cock. Up and down and up and down, her mouth licking and sucking the underside of John's shaft.

"I'm going to put the head in my mouth and suck it now, ok?" asked Lisa rhetorically. Sheldon was incapable of answering as she wrapped her moist lips around John's prick and stared at her husband, cheeks drawn in dramatically as she lustily sucked their neighbor's meat as hard as she could. "How do I look with another man's cock in my mouth?" she asked her husband.

"Beautiful, as always," he admitted as he tugged furiously on his own stiff phallus.

"Suck my balls," demanded John, pushing Lisa's head down forcefully.

She just giggled and Sheldon looked numbly at the back of his wife's head as she descended deeper into John's crotch. He could her the sounds of her slurping noisily on Mathers' testicles and looked with disgust at the broad grin on satisfaction on the big idiot's face. He hated John deeply at that moment, his gut was tied in knots of jealousy.

"I mean, do you have to be so, uh, eager about it?" asked Sheldon plaintively.

"He's got such big hairy balls," said Lisa cheerfully, lifting her head and regarding her husband with a twinkle in her eyes. Her chin was glistening with saliva. "Can't I suck his penis just a little bit more?" she begged her husband. "His dick is really fat and hard. It's making me so horny," she said, then she started sucking ardently on John's penis without waiting for her husband's response.

"What can we do? She can't get enough of my cock?" John told Sheldon with a shrug. "She sure loves oaf-cock I guess."

"You're a douchebag, you know that?" sniffed Sheldon.

"Oh, yeah? Watch this," said John with a wicked smile as he yanked Lisa off his dick by her hair and threw her forcefully back on the couch. She gave a yelp of surprise but immediately spread her legs wide for him when she realized what was happening. "I'm a douchebag, huh?" asked John, climbing up onto Lisa, between her legs and pushing his dick down between her legs.

"Oh, god, he's parting my labia with the head of his penis, Sheldon," gasped Lisa excitedly. "Can you see?"

"Yes, I can see," croaked Sheldon, dry mouthed, as John gripped the shaft of his sizable member and prodded Sheldon's wife's vagina with the red swollen head of his prick.

"You want that in you?" asked John.

"Oh yes, please," begged Lisa, her breast jiggling fetchingly as she wriggled in anticipation.

"Beg your husband to let me," said John smugly.

"Oh, god," groaned Sheldon.

"Honey, please, can John fuck me now?" asked Lisa urgently. "These games have been fun, but I need to get fucked now. I need release."

"Ok, ok," said Sheldon, fighting to hold back his own climax.

"Ask me nicely," said John primly as he continued to tease Lisa's twat with the tip of his massive dong.

"Will you dick my wife now please and stop fucking around?" snapped Sheldon irritably.

"Not very nice, but close enough," laughed John as he lowered his body down onto Lisa's penetrating her with his penis as he went.

"Oh jesus, you are big," cried Lisa. "Go slow, go slow," she begged.

John complied and turned to Sheldon as he eased himself into his wife. "You heard that, Sheldon, she said I was too big for her."

"Yeah, well, I am sure there are any number of animals with bigger penises than mine," said Sheldon. "Donkeys and jackasses come to mind."

"Ha, ha, you're funny," said John distractedly. "Jesus, your wife snatch is hot and tight."

"Just fuck me, you brute," demanded Lisa as she wrapped her legs around John's back and bucking her hips up against him.

"Oh yeah," sang John excitedly as he drilled Sheldon's wife on the couch.

Sheldon looked on in sick fascination as Mathers' ass pistoned up and down as he pumped his dick in and out of Lisa while she moaned softly in pleasure. John's dick penetrated her over and over, In and out and in and out and in and out, rhythmically violating Sheldon's wife over and over. His shaft visibly slick with her juices as it emerged and descended over and over and over in and out of her womb.

"Oh God, I'm coming," she cried out suddenly.

"Jeez that was fast," Sheldon said. He was annoyed by how rapidly she came. It usually took him much longer to cum with him.

"Honey, don't be jealous. This is just really kinky. It's why we are doing this, to spice up our love life," Lisa peered over at her husband with concern, her cheeks flushed and eyes bright with arousal while John continued to hump away. "Uh John, can we take a break for a minute? I'm a little sensitive after I come."

"Yeah, sure," said John, drawing his long prick out of Sheldon's wife and then climbing up to straddle her chest and thrust his cock into her mouth. "Just suck this for me a little more," he said.

"I like how forceful you are," purred Lisa as she obediently sucked John's dick. Sheldon could feel himself reaching climax himself at the sight of this big rough lout cramming his dick into his nerdy wife's face. But just then there was a sharp rap on the side window and Sheldon was surprised to see John's wife Celia's face in the window. She was watching John sticking his dick in Lisa's mouth and her own face was lividly angry.

John looked up and saw his wife in the window and blanched. "Oh shit, I'm screwed," he cried. But Lisa had no idea what was happening and just sucked as hard as she could on John's big dick. He tried to yank it free, but she clung to it, sucking for all her worth and once John got it free, he couldn't help himself and started spurting loads of hot cum all over her face, looking at his wife guiltily through the window as he hosed Lisa down with cum, coating her spectacles with spurt after spurt after spurt of his jizzum. Celia's expression flicked between horror and disgust. Meanwhile Lisa licked greedily at his dick and clung to John as he tried to climb off her. The obvious intensity of her lust and her unwillingness to release John's dick finally twisted Sheldon's gut too far and he sent his own seed fountaining up into the air.

"Oh, good, you liked it," laughed Lisa happily as she watched her husband cum.

"Lisa, Celia has been at the window, watching this whole thing," said Sheldon nervously as Celia suddenly disappeared from view.

"Holy shit," gasped Lisa.

"Yeah, that's why I'm trying to get off you, but you just won't let go of that dick," said John.

"It's such a wonderful, meaty dick," growled Lisa taking off her glasses and contemplating the semen on them. She licked some off glancing up at John seductively.

"Honey, come on!" squawked Sheldon.

"Ha, you are a dirty slut, I like you," said John. "But I am going to be up shit's creek when I get home."

Just then the kitchen door slammed open and Sheldon jumped in his seat.

"You are going to be in trouble sooner than that I think," said Sheldon as Celia came storming into the room.

"What the holy fuck is going on here?" screamed Celia, spit flying from her enraged lips. She looked down at Sheldon, with his limp penis in his hands all covered in cum. "Sheldon you fucking pervert, did you just fucking sit there and jerk it while my husband was fucking your whore wife?"

"She's not a whore," complained Sheldon. Celia just stood there glaring at him angrily. "I mean he never paid her anything." Still Celia stared. "But uh, yeah, I sort of masturbated while I watched." He face was burning with shame.

"Honey, look, I can explain," said John, pulling on his shorts awkwardly while Lisa lay spread luxuriously on the couch, her pale, naked body glowing from the exertion of sex.

"What makes you think I'm going to swallow your excuses?" demanded Celia coldly. "I knew you were trouble when I first saw you, Lisa, you little fucking minx."

"How can you say that?" cried Lisa, sitting up on one elbow.

"I've seen the way you look at my husband," snapped Celia. "Jiggling those big floppy boobs of yours and shaking that fat ass to get his attention."

"Well she's not fat, really," objected Sheldon.

"Shut up, Sheldon. How can you defend her?" cried Celia. "She clamped her mouth on John's dick like a goddamn lamprey."

"Now honey," said John soothingly. "Come on, let's go home and talk this over. I was just doing Lisa and Sheldon a favor and things got out of hand."

"Oh no, I'm not listening to any of your bullshit," said Celia, choking up as a tear came to her eye. Sheldon's heart melted at the sight of Celia struggling to hold back tears. "And you aren't coming into my house. You can stay here from now on. If you try to enter that house, I will get a restraining order, so help me God."

"But he can't stay here, Celia, that's ridiculous," said Lisa.

"Lisa, I will slap your face if you ever say another word to me," said Celia tightly. "You like his cock so much, you can tuck him right into bed between you and your goddamn, uh, goddamn cuckold of a husband." Then Celia broke down crying and fled from the room. "You people are sick!" she screamed finally before slamming the door.

"Oh man, I really fucked up," said John. "Jeez, Sheldon, I know this is weird, but uh, can you go over there and get my wallet? I'm gonna need to go get a hotel room tonight I guess."

"I'm not going over there," said Sheldon with a laugh, zipping up his fly.

"Look, maybe you should just stay here tonight," said Lisa.

"NO!" shouted John and Sheldon simultaneously. Then they looked at each other in surprise.

"It's just going to make things worse for me, can you see that?" said John. "She already thinks, well, uh, she basically saw me fucking you. And Sheldon fapping away while he watched. So uh, you know, if I stayed here, she would think that we were doing it all night."

"Rawr," said Lisa, making a cat claw of her hand, and thrusting her chest out to make her breasts jut forward.

"Cut it out, Lisa," said Sheldon. "This is serious. Celia is really mad at John now."

"But you aren't mad at me, are you dear?" asked Lisa, suddenly seeming vulnerable.

"Uh, a little," admitted Sheldon. "I'm not going to get a restraining order, but jeez, you were a little more enthusiastic about all this than I imagined you would be."

"Sorry, dear," said Lisa, casting her eyes downward.

"Well, just loan me some money for a hotel room, then," said John reasonably.

Sheldon looked at him with disgust and gritted his teeth but agreed that this was the best course of action.

"Bring me another beer before you go, I'm feeling too languid to get up," called Lisa stretching nakedly on the couch.

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