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Sandy Inspires My Team

by george

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I lay back in my business class seat on the way to Mexico City knowing my life was about to undergo a significant change. I was about to start as assignment as an expat executive I had worked at a large packaged goods company for about 10 years now and had done very well. Until now I had done mostly strategy roles, but my boss had made it clear that to move ahead further in the organization I needed to run a business and get some international experience. To make this happen, I would become the General Manager of our Mexican affiliate. This was a big role for a 34 year old and I appreciated the opportunity despite the fact that it was in a country and culture I knew almost nothing about. My boss assured me I would do great in the role, and reminded me that he was priming me for bigger things.

"You just need to prove you can inspire and lead a team," he said seriously.

I looked down at the notes I had made when he gave me his parting advice.

- management team very strong

- Gustavo can act as your consigliere. You need him on your side

- just give general direction and let them do their thing

- do great, enjoy expat life, then come back after two years to a bigger role

I had appreciated my boss' support and promised I would do great, but I was still anxious. I didn't know anybody in Mexico, couldn't speak the language, and it was an awfully big city.

I shook the negative thoughts from my head. The company had made sure I would be very comfortable in the assignment with a big gated house, a swimming pool and a driver. My wife Sandy was actually excited to start this new adventure and had even started to learn Spanish.

In many ways Sandy is the classic opposite that I am very attracted to. While I have always been cerebral, thoughtful and perhaps a little cold, Sandy is simpler, impulsive, assertive, full of life and very friendly. At 26 she is eight years younger than I am. Sandy was tall and slim, with long auburn hair, full lips and cat eyes that can make a man melt. She has an easy smile that makes you feel good just to be around her. She is the kind of girl that gets noticed wherever she goes, with firm small tits, a pert ass and smooth unblemished white skin. Despite her beauty she has always been very approachable, even flirty with men.

On the day I became the youngest Vice President at my company, Sandy surprised me with a cake and balloons, and then proposed to me. Well, not exactly, but she excitedly talked about a home we could buy and a possible date to marry, and I let her make all the arrangements. Four months later she was my bride.

I looked over at Sandy and smiled while I took her hand. When I first met her I didn't like public displays of affection, but Sandy is a toucher and over time she had made me comfortable holding hands in public and even kissing on occasion.

When we started our new life, I was rather overwhelmed with all the differences. The city itself was intense. People walked in front of cars that were jammed constantly in traffic. The smells of smoke from cooking managed to overwhelm the constant smog that settled over the city. I would often find myself sitting in the backseat behind my driver, stopped in the street waiting to move, shaking my head at the fact the city managed to function at all.

Our house was an oasis from the insanity. Sandy loved it, decorating it with colonial antiques from the local market. With no work to go to, Sandy worked out once a day and took long swims in our pool. She started to take art classes and continued to study Spanish.

Sandy tried to immerse me into Mexican culture, telling me about things she had learned about the country when I returned from work, but I was too caught up in learning the business to really hear her. She did take me out to some nice restaurants, always looking beautiful on my arm. Sandy had always been the leader in our two person family unit, and in Mexico this seemed to be even more true.

Sandy made strong advances with the Spanish language, helped by his regular conversations with Camelita, our live-in maid. Carmelita was physically very different than my wife. She was short and dark, with dark brown eyes. She had a few extra pounds but a matter of fact sultriness to her, with big tits that bounced under her bra and a much bigger ass than Sandy's. Sandy got along wonderfully with Carmelita, learning strange new local specialties to cook. I found myself almost a little intimidated by our maid. Carmelita was a very warm person. If I came back from a night away after a business trip, she would give me a hug when I returned. I would feel my cock stir and my face flush as I felt her tits press against me, and become tongue tied as she took my bag so she could do my laundry.

Work was very different than back home. I was not used to being the man in charge. It quickly became apparent that the Mexican affiliate was an old boys club, perhaps my senior management team most of all.

Gustavo is my COO and VP of Operations and the leader of the group. He is even keeled and confident in himself. Gustavo is older than I, but he is tall and slim, and he exudes an easy-going charm. The first time I met him, he put his hand on my shoulder and echoed my boss' sentiments, telling me I should use him as an adviser as I learned the business in Mexico.

My CFO is named Pedro, but most people called him Gomez. He was older still, perhaps nearly 60. He is shaped like an ex football player, with a full head of white hair. He spoke little English but could be rather animated in Spanish.

Carlos is my VP of Sales and Marketing, He is a little younger than I am. Tanned and handsome, he comes across as a rather cocky. He speaks English well but with a strong accent. He also speaks rather quickly, as if impatient for others to catch up to his thinking. I had a vague sense that he resented me taking the GM role.

When I first arrived, the team was generally polite to me, but they clearly saw me an an outsider...a 'gringo' interloper. Unless we were in a meeting I generally ate lunch alone. I was having a hard time understanding the business, but an even more difficult time understanding how to relate to my team.

One of the first big meetings we had was regarding a new product launch that was struggling. Gustavo challenged Carlos for reasons why the volume was not coming in as planned. Carlos, clearly used to being the alpha in life, shrugged off the challenge, saying it would take time for consumers to adapt to the innovation. When I asked why the time wasn't taken in to consideration when the forecast was built, Carlos gave a convoluted answer, but the look he gave me made it clear he did not believe I was adding any value to the discussion. The meeting dragged on and when Pedro and Carlos had a prolonged sidebar in Spanish, I finally left the meeting to give myself a break.

My administrative assistant Linda helped to make things easier for me as I adjusted. In some ways Linda looked like a classic secretary with her hair back and large glasses. She was pretty in a classy sort of way, with big eyes, high cheekbones and white teeth. She had a quiet confidence about her and seemed to anticipate my needs, sometimes before I ever knew I had them. I would realize I needed to read about a project for an afternoon meeting and find Linda had placed the file on my desk with a note. Or I might find a sandwich on my desk after a long meeting and realize I was hungry.

One time I felt a little defeated after attending a meeting where I understood little about the issues being discussed. I went back to my office and wondered if I had made a mistake in coming. I reflected that I had always been more of a thinker than a doer, but now I had to run the business, not just advise. I knew what I felt was needed but somehow I had to inspire this team to make it happen. Suddenly I noticed Linda had walked in behind me. She started to rub my shoulders. It was very innocent and reassuring, but I did feel my cock shift as her breasts brushed against me and I could smell her perfume. When she rubbed my scalp and ears for some reason I became fully aroused. I shifted in my chair and hoped she didn't notice. When I went home that night I had rare weekday sexy with Sandy, but I admit I was thinking of my secretary at least some of the time.

Sandy and I had a nice sex life. Truth be told I had not been with many other women and tended to be rather...vanilla in the bedroom. I certainly found Sandy very sexy though, and enjoyed making love to her. Sandy would sometimes introduce something new to our lovemaking and it would remind me that she must have had more sexual experience than I. In fact a college friend of hers had once let slip that Sandy had been 'a bit of a slut' back at school. The idea shocked me a bit at the time, but it didn't make me jealous. It actually turned me on to imagine that Sandy had experienced many men before settling on me. I had even fantasized about what she must have been like then.

Anyway, it was my secretary Linda who suggested I might want to host a get-together for the Leadership Team at my house. I realized immediately that this was a grand idea. My house was big and the large patio with the pool made it especially good for entertaining. I invited them over for an American barbecue that Saturday and the entire team agreed to come with their wives.

Sandy was excited to meet my colleagues. She worked with Carmelita to make sure there was plenty of burgers, hot dogs and Budweiser, as well as cocktail mixers. She actually seemed a bit nervous and had a couple of glasses of wine to relax before the guests started to arrive.

Pedro and his wife arrived first, right on time. I thought this would be a good chance to get to know him better, since we had talked very little since I had arrived. Pedro thanked Sandy and I for having them. He shook my hand warmly, then gave Sandy a tight squeeze, kissing her on each cheek. It was a little starnge to see my wife in a stranger's arms like this, but Sandy, more experienced with the culture than I, kissed his cheeks back and took the bottle of tequila he proffered as a gift. I realized Pedro's wife was right in front of me, expecting kisses as well. She was a handsome women, clearly a beauty in her day. I reached down and kissed each cheek uncertainly.

Pedro found the shot glasses and poured one for each of us and we toasted my arrival and our beautiful home. Pedro and I got beers and he joined me in starting up the barbecue while Sandy chatted with his wife on the patio. Pedro and I were talking about the financial risk to the year when I saw Carmelita bringing back Gustavo and his wife Maria. Sandy greeted them and I heard Gustavo telling Sandy how lucky I was to have such a beautiful bride. He stroked her bare shoulders warmly as he kissed each cheek. They spoke a few words in Spanish to each other. I went over and kissed his attractive younger wife on each cheek, a bit more confident than I had been with Pedro's. More shots were poured and I felt myself already a little buzzed.

By the time Carlos arrived the party was already going, and I was relaxed from the drinks. My head turned when I saw his date though. Carlos was single and rumored to be quite a ladies' man. His date certainly reinforced this image. She looked more like a German model than a typical Mexican. She had long blonde hair and bright red lipstick. She stood as tall as I, but as I looked at her long legs I saw she was wearing very high heels. The outfit she wore was simple, a flowing white sundress, but she looked like she was walking down a runway. I caught myself staring and realized I had to greet them. Sandy got there first and like the other Carlos embraced her and gave her a kiss on each cheek. Unlike the others I noticed his hand on her ass as he did this. Not a full grope, but unambiguously resting on the top of her ass cheek. Sandy did not seem concerned at all offering him a big smile which he returned, looking happier than I had ever seen him. Sandy then hugged Carlos' girlfriend who introduced herself as Sarita, and I felt a little aroused watching. I shook Carlos' hand, and then, inspired by him hugged his girlfriend as I kissed her cheeks. I didn't have the nerve to put my hand on Sarita's ass, but felt myself get harder when I felt her small tits and slim body pressed against me.

Soon we were all sitting, eating the burgers and hot dogs, drinking beer. I was happy everyone was having a good time, and felt pretty comfortable, even when on occasion there would be discussions in Spanish that everyone but I could understand. Sandy got a lot of attention as the men teased her in Spanish. I heard them compliment her often, telling her she was an American beauty, how pretty her eyes were. She was a little buzzed and at one point dropped a little mustard on her cleavage. Gustavo was quick to suggest that he might offer to help her with that if his wife wasn't there. Everyone cheered and laughed as she wiped it off with a finger and suggestively licked it off while looking at Gustavo.

After we ate, Pedro and his wife left but the others stayed to enjoy the pool. I am not much of a swimmer but Sandy took off her beach wrap and joined them. I was a little surprised to see that she was wearing a bikini that left her ass cheeks rather exposed but it made me happy to see her having a good time. While the others swam I sat by the pool with Sarita. She spoke English rather well but I was a little intimidated by her beauty and found myself drinking little quicker than I normally would.

I heard Sandy squeal and jerked my head with alarm, but it was only Carlos was splashing her. She laughed and splashed back and the two of them played like children. Sarita looked on with no emotion, sipping at her wine. Gustavo wanted to play 'chicken fight'. I was not sure what this was but it turned out to be where each team has one person on piggyback and they try to knock each other down. Gustavo's wife Maria got on his shoulders, and Sandy climbed on to Carlos. I noticed at this point how muscular Carlos was. I am pretty fit, but not at all muscular and as I looked down at my body I felt very conscious of this.

I watched Carlos easily carry my wife. His hands were on her knees to keep her in place, and the thought entered my mind that her pussy was pushed up against the back of his head with just a tiny bit of fabric between. The two of them started to smack talk Gustavo and Maria but when they started to push it was clear that Gustavo and his wife had played before. Sandy quickly started to lose balance and fall, but Carlos used his strength to pull her back up and back away. They were all laughing as they went at each other again. Sandy was a little desperate and grabbed at Maria's chest, tugging at her top and exposing a nipple. Everyone was cheering now, but Maria became more determined and pulled Sandy by the neck. Carlos refused to let go, but Maria continued to pull until Sandy was twisted around him. Sandy's pussy was now pushed into the side of Carlos' face. Gustavo joked that Carlos must have planned this and Sandy giggled. Maria, knowing she was in a position to clinch victory, decided to play with Sandy first, smacking her ass and making her squeal. Finally Maria gave the final push and sent Sandy into the water.

I was a little relieved the game had ended. Gustavo and Maria high fived each other and started to get out of the water. Carlos hugged my wife and promised they would win next time. He followed behind her on the ladder and I was aware that her ass was inches from his face as she climbed out of the pool. She came to get a towel and I saw that one side of her bikini bottoms had ridden up so one ass cheek was fully exposed.

Everyone left soon after, but I noticed that both Gustavo and Carlos lingered on their hugs with Sandy, apparently happy to have my wife's wet, nearly naked body pushed against them. Carlos' hand once again found its' way to my Sandy's bottom, but this time he was able to palm her bare ass cheek, giving it a gentle squeeze. Sandy promised we would have them back again soon. Both Gustavo and Carlos were in great spirits as I walked them to their cars. Gustavo even embraced me and thanked me for the evening. It might have been the first man I had hugged as an adult other than my father.

When they drove away, Sandy and I lay down on patio chairs as Carmelita cleaned up. I tentatively brought up that my team may have got a bit carried away but Sandy dismissed the idea. "It's just a more open attitude here." she explained as if to a three year old. "I was proud of you hugging everyone like that, it's important to adapt to the culture here."

Exhausted, I went up to our bedroom and quickly fell asleep. When Sandy came in she woke me up, and then, quite unusually, pushed herself against me until I was hard. She slipped me into her easily, then rode on top of me until she came. When she was done, she rolled over and quickly fell asleep. I was left hard but was drunk enough that I fell asleep while stroking myself under the sheets.

After the party I found that my team seemed to treat me more as part of the group. There were a few references to how hot my wife was, but nothing inappropriate. On Friday Gustavo asked if I wanted to enjoy happy hour with them. I said it sounded good and he explained that every Friday at about 4pm, the team would gather in Pedro's office for drinks to wind down from the week.

When 4pm rolled around, it was my turn to be first to the party. Pedro seemed surprised to see me, perhaps Gustavo had not passed on the news of my invite, but he greeted me warmly and poured me a tequila without asking me. We toasted a hard work week and I followed his lead in downing it. He poured another and with his limited English, we made some awkward small talk.

Nobody else showed up for half an hour, but then there was a steady stream. Not only Gustavo and Carlos but several other senior managers. I was surprised to also see a number of secretaries join, including Linda who looked more casual this day, and very pretty. The drinks were poured freely and I felt more a part of the team than I ever had. I talked for a long while with Gustavo about my impressions of Mexico City and he had several suggestions for activities Sandy and I could enjoy. He said Mexico City had some of the best restaurants and women in the world and with that he called over two secretaries I had not met. The two girls were both quite pretty. They had darker skin, and looked like they were in their early twenties. To my surprise one of them came to each of us and sat down in our laps. Carlos came by with more shots and the five of us toasted merrily.

We continued to drink, but with my arm around the girl, and my eyes looking down her cleavage, I became aroused. The girl had to notice, but she stayed seated and in fact seemed to wriggle against my cock to make sure it stayed hard and pushed into her ass. I became so distracted that I was barely following the conversation. Gustavo was saying something but my mind couldn't work hard enough to decipher his accent. I noticed I was pushing myself against her, just a little to increase the sensation. The girl asked me something, then giggled and nuzzled into me.

I felt like I might cum in my pants. Fearing losing control, I jerked up suddenly, then asked her to get off while I went to the bathroom. She giggled and put on a pouty face as she stood up. I left Pedro's office, went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I had never cheated on Sandy, and even though this girl was hot I wanted to remain faithful and professional. I decided to go back to the party, but stay standing and make sure I was well behaved. I took a deep breath and left the bathroom only to find my secretary Linda there.
Linda smiled at me and without a word held out her hand. When I took it she led me to my office, shut the door and brought me to my chair. I felt very much at ease with her and when I lay back, she reinforced this with a relaxing shoulder rub. She spoke softly in Spanish and I smiled, understanding nothing. She bent forward and started to rub my ears and as had happened the first time, I grew hard as I felt her against me. Linda kissed my ear, then softly kissed my neck. I moaned ever so softly, and made no effort to stop her. It felt so good, so comforting. Finally she turned my head slightly and kissed my lips. I had not kissed another girl like this since marrying Sandy and my heart raced. We made out for a minute, then Linda swiveled my chair slightly and stood between my legs. She smiled down at me, then got on her knees.

My brain was working slowly after all the drinks and it was only when she reached to unzip my trousers that I realized what she intended to do. I wanted to tell her to stop, but I couldn't bring myself to stay the words. She pulled out my hard cock and it felt so good in her soft hands. She looked up at me then suddenly it was in her mouth. I knew this was and dangerous wrong but it felt too good to tell her to stop. I looked down at her I was amazed to see my sophisticated secretary like this...on the floor with my cock filling her mouth. I started to tell her to stop, or I am sure I would have if the door hadn't suddenly swung open.

I jerked my head up to see Gustavo and Carlos at the door, as well as the two lap sitters. Linda released me from her mouth and stood up, brushing her skirt smooth. I pulled my cock back into my pants awkwardly and tried to stammer an explanation. Gustavo said something in Spanish to the three girls and they all walked away. I felt like a little boy who had been caught stealing. I started again to try to explain, but Gustavo cut me off.

"Jefe, relax. You're a man. You are human."

Carlos smirked and added, "And as humans we are animals. Try as we might, the animal will come out." I wasn't sure about that, but I nodded since both seemed to be at ease.

Gustavo turned to Carlos and said, "'s time we moved our Friday get-togethers." Carlos nodded as if he was thinking the same thing.

Gustavo turned to me and started tentatively, "Perhaps Jefe...your house would give us a little retreat after each week?"

I stared blankly at him for a moment, my heart still beating from being caught. I looked at Carlos who was nodding confidently.

"For Happy Hour? Errr...yes...I suppose...I'll have to check with Sandy."

Carlos cut in, "Ah, Sandy will love it! She is an animal too, of course she will like having men around the house from time to time."

I remembered Carlos touching my wife and felt my cock stir. I told him Sandy had had a few drinks at the party but was normally more reserved. Carlos laughed and again said that, like all of us, my wife is an 'animal' and it's natural to enjoy the opposite sex.

He added, sounding concerned, "I assume you are ok with us flirting with your wife? It's all in good fun."

I wasn't sure how to respond. After all, they had just seen another girl sucking my cock. In the worst case I could lose my job and have to go home. How would I explain that to Sandy? I nodded, despite being a little unsure why he had asked.

"It's settled then." Gustavo declared. "Starting next week we will move the Friday party to Jefe's beautiful home."

When I told Sandy of the plan she expressed enthusiasm, as Carlos had predicted. She said it would be a great opportunity to get to know the team better and having Carmelita could make it easy to host. I had a strange mix of feelings about this, but decided Sandy was right. We would be here for a long time and it was important to bond with my inspire them.

The next week went by rather quickly. Work seemed to be going a bit better. Our new product launch was showing some promise. I could now follow the discussions in most of the meetings. My secretary Linda was back to being a very efficient administrative assistant. I missed the shoulder rubs, but was too nervous with her to even look her in the eye. On Thursday I saw the girl who had been sitting on my lap come out of Gustavo's office. She saw me looking, smiled and giggled then walked on. I remembered I was rather vulnerable, since at least a few people (perhaps many) knew my secretary had been sucking my cock in my office.

On Friday, I left work early to make sure everything was ready for the get-together. When I got to our home I found there were already drinks and glasses set up by the pool with snacks laid out. There was even music playing. Carmelita came out, looking rather pretty. I had never seen her in a skirt, but now she wore one with floral prints, and a white sleeveless blouse. She also wore attention grabbing bright red lipstick. When I mentioned she looked nice Carmelita giggled and said that my wife had told her the handsome men from the party were returning.

I went inside and found Sandy in our bedroom looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a bathing suit I had never seen before. It featured a camisole peach top with lace, and and aqua blue bottoms that was as close to a thong as I had ever seen her wear other than as lingerie. In fact the outfit looked like it was lingerie and I intended to tell her it was a bit much before she looked at me and cut me off.

"Oh, don't worry about this, I won't be swimming today and I'll be wearing my cover." She looked at herself again and turned back to me, "Isn't it sexy though? I bought it today. It's Brazilian."

I nodded, still looking at how beautiful she looked in it.

"Good." she smiled as she turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror. Can you fetch my cover from the closet? They'll be here soon."

They did indeed arrive soon. In fact, unlike the previous party, they started to arrive to our happy hour right after the scheduled start of 3pm. Gustavo and Pedro arrived together, sharing Gustavo's driver. I opened the door for them and before I knew it Gustavo was embracing me, thanking me again for having this at my place. Pedro gave me a warm handshake, with his other hand on my shoulder. Sandy came down and the two men watched her descend the stairs. With the three of us looking up at her, admiring her beauty it felt like she was coming down to meet her prom date.

She greeted Pedro first and I watched Sandy's small frame get enveloped in his burly body. His kissed he on the cheek, with a third time for 'luck'. He kept his hand on her back, but I noticed her wrap rose with the embrace, exposing the bottom of both ass cheeks. This was going to be an interesting evening, I thought.

Gustavo was next and he said something to her in Spanish that made her giggle before he took my wife in his arms. He kissed her once on each cheek, then on the kiss for luck, kissed her on the lips, laughing and saying he was indeed lucky. He did not grope Sandy, but he did allow his hands to rest on her bottom throughout their extended hug.

We took them out back where Carmelita as waiting with welcome drinks for everyone. Pedro let out a whistle when he saw her and spoke to her enthusiastically in Spanish. I watched my maid blush as she poured him a drink.

We toasted another week's work and drank the tequila shots, then took sips of the micheladas Carlmelita had prepared. They were refreshing and easy to drink. Gustavo talked merrily about what parts of Mexico we should visit while we lived in the country, but I noticed his eyes almost never left Sandy. Pedro, on the other hand, seemed to be distracted by Carmelita, and didn't try to hide it as he studied her body with a faint smile.

Carmelita suddenly went into the house, and when she returned she had Carlos with her. I walked over and he cooly thanked me for hosting while giving me a firm handshake. When he saw Sandy approaching he spoke her name with excitement, and if at a college reunion. He turned from me to greet her in Spanish, then kissed her on the lips while grabbing her bottom through her wrap. Sandy smiled but seemed a little taken aback and playfully slapped him with a giggle, "Carlos, my husband is right there!"

Carlos laughed a booming laugh and turned to me to say, "Aww, he won't mind sharing a little. Will you Jefe?" Carlos then pushed his tongue against the inside of his cheek three times, making the universal pantomime for a blow job. I blushed and stammered something indicating that it would be fine. Carlos turned back to my wife, his hand returning to he bottom as he guided her back to where Gustavo and Pedro were seated, "See, he is a very generous boss!"

Sandy looked over her shoulder at me with a smile and a shrug. I made sure to sit beside Sandy on a love seat, a little concerned with the liberties that were being taken. Carmelita arrived with more shots.

The next hour and a half seemed to go by quite quickly. The drinks were flowing freely and everyone was having a grand time.

Curious and trying to make conversation, I asked about their tradition of kissing each other when they meet. Gustavo explained that the tradition in Mexico was on two cheeks, but in Brazil it was three times. Dumbly I asked if you should 'air' kiss of really kiss the cheek. Carlos chuckled and said he would demonstrate. He motioned for Sandy to come over. When she did he stayed seated and turned her around. I watched as he flipped up her wrap to reveal her ass, covered by the small bikini. He then smirked, bent forward and lightly kissed each ass cheek. Sandy giggled but did not move.

"That is for someone you have just been introduced to." he lectured.

He then planted longer kisses on each of her ass cheeks. I felt myself get hard watching my wife stand there and allow another man to kiss her bottom.

"That is for someone you are friends with."

Carlos then pulled my wife on to his lap. I could see she was surprised, but she allowed him to do so and he kissed her on the lips.

"And that is for a very good friend." he laughed.

I thanked him for the lesson and everyone laughed. Pedro poured us another round of shots.

Sandy stayed seated beside Carlos. I watched him place his hand on her knee while telling a story, and it almost never left her leg after that. I watched the contrast of his dark, muscular forearm against her white leg. I stared with a mix of jealousy and arousal as his hand slowly stroked her bare skin, his fingers sometimes grazing her thighs, but never seeming to risk more dangerous territory. I could see Sandy's face flush, but could not tell if it was from the sun, the drinks, or the excitement of having a stranger's hands on her. Gustavo was more of a gentleman, but also showered my wife with attention. At one point I saw Pedro come back from a trip to the bathroom, engaging Carmelita in an intense discussion in Spanish.

It was actually Carlos who broke away from the coziness with my wife. He suggested it was time for a swim and invited Sandy to join him. I was pleased when she refused but saw her checking out his impressive body when he rose and stripped off his shirt and shorts to reveal a rather small bathing suit. It was not clear if he was fully erect, but I could see he was impressively endowed, and was sure Sandy, sitting much closer, took note as well.

Carlos dove into the pool and showed off an impressive stroke as he started to do laps. I suspect he wanted to impress Sandy, but she excused herself and went inside. She walked back to the patio just after Carlos got out of the pool. He was expecting her to join him, but instead she walked over to my chair and sat in my lap, giving me an extended kiss. I would normally have been rather mortified to be making out in front of my reports, but between the drinks and my adaptation to the local customs, I found myself gratefully kissing her back, very aware than she must feel my erection under her.

Gustavo clinked his glass with a spoon and cried, "No fair. We are all alone here."

Carlos, thinking quickly, jumped in, "Jefe, you did promise to share your bride." I tried to remember the words I had used, but he continued. "Why don't we have a contest amongst the three of us. Winner gets the next kiss?"

Gustavo and Pedro both enthusiastically endorsed the idea, with nobody looking to me for confirmation. Sandy giggled and snuggled into my erection, saying nothing. Pedro suggested an arm wrestling contest, Carlos a race across the pool, but they agreed on Gustavo's suggestion, first one to drink three shots. They agreed I would be the judge, and Pedro instructed Carmelita in Spanish how to prepare the drinks. As she poured I watched Pedro's hand stroke the back of her leg, and saw my maid give a wicked smile.

After the drinks were poured Carmelita surprised me with a 'Vamos!" and the three men started a lightning round of shots, downing one after the other, and leaving each shot glass turned over on the table to prove they had finished. It was a very close finish and when I saw them all looking at me claiming victory I was unsure what to say. Then at once I realized I did not want Carlos to win, so I pointed jovially at Gustavo and said one of perhaps five words I knew in Spanish "Capmeon!"

Gustavo let out a cheer, then everyone laughed as he used his index finger to motion for Sandy to come to him. My wife got up from my lap, stumbling a little from the drinks she had had, and walked over to Gustavo. I saw her look down at him with a sexy smile. She started to move towards him when Carlos told her to wait, then gently pulled away her wrap. The men all cheered and whistled as my wife was now dressed only in her tiny bikini. Gustavo took her hand and pulled her into his lap, then put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her towards him.

I had never seen my wife make out with another man. My heart beat fast and felt heavy, but a new erection was now pushing against my shorts. Gustavo kissed her more aggressively than I do, pulling her hair a little. Sandy let him lead and certainly made no objection as his other hand explored her leg and outside of her ass. When he finally broke the kiss Pedro and Carlos cheered again. Sandy looked flushed and breathless as she stared into Gustavo's eyes.

Somewhat to my surprise it was Gustavo who actually stopped it there, telling Sandy and the rest of us that they didn't want to take advantage of our hospitality. Carlos helped Sandy up, and she looked at me tentatively with a smile. Each man took the goodbyes as an opportunity to get a kiss from my wife. Every man allowed himself a feel of her nearly naked ass, and Carlos in particular groped her openly. I could barely believe this was happening, and was confused at being aroused by it all. Pedro also gave Carmelita a long kiss goodbye, and then they were gone.

When we were alone, I slumped in a chair in our living room, feeling the effects of all the drinks. Sandy walked over and rubbed my shoulders tenderly, making me think of Linda's back rubs...and how she sucked my cock.

"Sorry, honey." she said. "I think we got carried away there. I know this is a more touchy culture, but they may have enjoyed touching me a little too much."

She came around and sat in my lap, then jumped a little. "Ohhhh...", she squeezed my erection through my shorts. "It looks like somebody enjoyed seeing all those men grab my ass."

Sandy sometimes enjoyed teasing me since I tended to be stuffier than her, but I had never heard her talk quite like this. I couldn't tell her that I had been thinking of Linda giving me a blow job. Besides, it was true that part of me had enjoyed seeing all the guys touching my wife...kissing her. My erection throbbed more and she giggled. "Mmmm...I think they enjoyed as well. Gustavo may have been even harder than you."

My mind scrambled to think of a response, but instead I watched as Sandy took my cock out of my shorts and started to stroke it. "Were you excited to watch me make out with him? He's a good kisser." She stroked faster. "Did you think it was hot to see me in his lap? I was just wearing this tiny bathing suit...barely dressed. His cock was pushed between my ass cheeks"

I knew I would cum soon and started to tense. "Mmm...that's it baby, cum for me." my wife coaxed. She pointed my cock away from her so I sprayed on to the floor and my leg.

Exhausted from the drinks, the mixed emotions and ejaculating, I may have fallen asleep right there after cumming, but we heard Carmelita cleaning up in the kitchen and a giggling Sandy took me by the hand and led me upstairs. It occurred to me for a moment that I had better go back down and clean my cum off the floor before Carmelita found it.

When we got to the bedroom, Sandy nearly threw me on to the bed. "Well", she smiled pointing at my softening cock, "I'm guessing that won't be much use to me, but I need a release so you'll have to use your tongue." Without further ceremony Sandy stripped off her bathing suit. I noticed she was freshly shaven. Sandy climbed on to the bed and almost immediately straddled my face. I started to lick her as I normally do, noting how wet she was, but she was somehow hungrier tonight. "Do it right, like you mean it." she commanded, pulling the back of my head deeper into her. My face was covered in her juices, and I licked deeper and faster. She moaned a little and started to ride my face, pushing her pussy up and down my tongue and nose. I held her ass while she did most of the work, and finally felt her tense, and become quiet. She purred slightly and I felt her lower back perspiring. With she finally rolled over and fell asleep, nude and uncovered. I admired how beautiful she looked. I wondered if our relationship would ever be the same.

The weeks to follow included some established patterns, and some interesting developments.

At work, things went well. I felt more capable, understanding more and more and feeling very much a part of the team. Gustavo, Pedro and even Carlos seemed to take my lead when I felt strong enough about an issue. They were working hard and getting things done. The business results were improving and the new product was now considered a success. My boss, the Latin America Regional President Jorge Rodriguez, called me to tell me how impressed he was. Linda continued to be a very efficient secretary, and did offer shoulder rubs on occasion, but there was a hint of pity in her eyes when she looked at me.

The weekly happy hours at my place continued of course. Sandy put effort into making sure everything was ready for the boys each week, with Carmelita doing most of the work. Sandy also made sure she looked great as hostess. She would spend much of each Friday grooming, rubbing lotion on herself, getting a pedicure and choosing her outfit.

If there was any question regarding the tone these parties would have, they were put to rest quickly when the three amigos arrived together for our next event, right on time. Each man, told my wife how beautiful she looked, sometimes punching it up with 'sexy' or 'hot'. They each took the opportunity to kiss her on the lips while I stood there. Carlos and Gustavo in particular were sure to feel her bum. It startled me a little to see other hands groping my wife, but we all knew it was nothing I hadn't seen before. Like the previous week, just watching made me hard. I remembered my wife teasing me after everyone had left last week.

Gustavo suggested that Sandy looked so hot it would be nice to get a picture with her. Carlos and Pedro both wanted one as well and they gave me their phones to take a group shot. At this point, Carlos established a new tradition for the weekly parties. Before I took the first picture he told Sandy she looked like a gift that needed to be unwrapped, and proceeded to take her beach wrap off of her. This left Sandy in just the tiny bikini she had bought earlier that day. She did a twirl for the group and they cheered as if they had never seen such a show before. The three men surrounded my wife for a picture, their arms around her and on her. Each of them then wanted pictures alone with her, and I took them one after the other. Carlos asked for a few, including one when he kissed my wife on the lips again.
It was clear that Sandy was the star of the happy hours, and that she enjoyed the attention. Sandy did not mind me seeing her tease and flirt with the boys, in fact she believed I found it hot. Perhaps the guys thought the same thing, or perhaps they didn't even care.

As the drinks flowed each week, any inhibitions were lowered still. There seemed to be a hand on my wife's leg or ass pretty much at all times, and it was seldom mine. In fact, the main time I got to touch Sandy was as a prelude to what had become a weekly contest. At one point, Sandy would come to me, sit on my lap and start to make out with me. I was still a little uncomfortable doing this in front of everyone, but my cock had been trained to harden and Sandy would make sure to wriggle against me. Gustavo would then proclaim that this was not fair, and there should be an opportunity for someone else to enjoy Sandy. Everyone would cheer ascent and they would have a contest, usually a drinking game. When one of the guys won, Sandy would giggle and dutifully move to the winner's lap. Every week, Sandy would make out a little longer with the winner, and the champion's hands would be just a little more aggressive. When Pedro won he was so excited he motorboated my wife's small breasts with his big face. Carlos as always pushed things just a little further, making sure everyone could see his hand slip under the back of my wife's small bikini bottoms as he groped her ass or rocking her on what I imagined must be his hard cock.

Gustavo would call an end to the party, usually shortly after the contest. Goodbyes became another opportunity for each man to enjoy my wife. Pedro would normally go first. Drunk by this time he would be a little more aggressive than at the start of the night, palming my wife's ass and giving her a long kiss. Carlos would go next. He would tell Sandy how she will be in his dreams, then place one hand on each ass cheek and pull her in for a long kiss. When he was finished Sandy's ass would be even more on display, perhaps pulled down enough to show her ass crack, or swallowed in her crack to show off both cheeks to everyone. Gustavo would be last, kissing her longest. He would also feel her ass, but he was gentler than Carlos. I noticed Sandy always closed her eyes when kissing Gustavo.

Finally they would leave and Sandy would turn her teasing on to me. I was always hard from watching my wife and every week she would make note of that and tell me how naughty I was for enjoying watching my wife with other men.

"Mexico has brought out another side of you." she said sweetly one Friday. "I can't imagine you would have found it hot to see another man feel me up when we were back home."

She would pull my cock out, sometimes even as the car taking the guys home pulled out of our driveway.

Her taunts would just make me harder as she well knew.

"Did it make you excited when you saw my nipples get hard?" or "Mmm...when I was on Carlos' lap making out with him I through he was going to poke right through his bathing suit." Soon saying this was not enough for her, she would make me say it back to her. "Yes Sandy...I saw both of their hands on your ass while you stood beside them and it did make me hard."

As she teased me she would stroke my cock slowly. Sometimes she would let me rub it against her ass. I would not be able to last long before cumming, and then she would make me go down on her until she orgasmed. Well, it was more like she was riding my face to get what she needed from me. She was always very wet and eager, and she would sometimes use me to try and cum twice.

Sandy wouldn't even let me get her to the bedroom for these after party sessions. She would make me cum on the patio or in the living room and have me go down on her right there. I was a worried Carmelita might see us, but we both knew she was no angel.

Nobody talked about it, but over time is became clear that Pedro was using the parties as a weekly occasion to fuck my maid. Sometime after Carmelita had served the first round of drinks to everyone on the patio, Pedro would disappear inside the house. Carmelita would also be out of sight. After perhaps 20 minutes Pedro would emerge, looking very relaxed and mellow and suggest a round of shots for everyone. Carmelita would emerge shortly after looking flushed. The first couple of times she tried vague explanations around spilling something, but after that she did not seem to hide the fact that she was getting banged by my CFO. She was dressing more and more provocatively for the happy hours and Pedro would sometimes allow his hand to go up her skirt for an extended period while she served him a drink.

Anyway, more and more I associated the happy hours with these intense sexual encounters with Sandy. This meant, effectively, that I associated watching my colleagues take advantage of my wife with intense sex. I fantasized about it all week, and would be hard pretty much through the entire weekly get-togethers.

Things started to escalate when Sandy took some of the after party teasing into the party itself. The first time was during a make-out session with Carlos after he had won the week's contest. Carlos, sitting right beside me, seemed even hornier for my wife than normal, and after kissing her passionately for several minutes, with both hands exploring her ass, he kissed both of her tits. When Sandy didn't object Carlos pulled her top to the side and sucked a little on her hard nipple.

Gustavo laughed but then cautioned, "Carlos, take it easy there. Jefe may not feel comfortable with all that!"

I was about to tell Carlos that indeed that might be enough for the night when Sandy, who had downed a number of shots, cut me off, "Oh, I don't know Gustavo. I think he enjoys watching." With that she extended her foot out to my lap and grazed my erection through my shorts.

Gustavo and Carlos both laughed at this, and after waiting for an objection from me, Carlos went back to licking my wife's nipple. Gustavo said he had always wanted to do that and came over to pull the other side of my wife's top aside and suck her other nipple. My cock was throbbing as I watched the two men molest my wife. Both of their hands explored her legs, and I watched Carlos' hand finally brush her pussy through the thin fabric of her bathing suit. It might have gone even further but Pedro returned to the patio and exclaimed something in Spanish.

Gustavo stood up and said something back in Spanish, then remarked. "Carlos, perhaps we have taken advantage of Jefe's...hospitality enough for one night." He paused and smiled. :Always good to have something to look forward to next week."

Carlos allowed my wife off his lap and she fixed her top. Sexual tension filled the air as they said their goodbyes. There were long kisses for Sandy and pats on the shoulder for me.

For a better man this might have been a turning point. His wife might have apologized and told him they had clearly taken it too far and he would have agreed, forbidding more happy hour events. Alas I was not a better man and Sandy did not apologize. Instead she almost immediately taunted me,

"Wow, did you feel how much Carlos wanted me? Did you think it was hot seeing the two of them suck my nipples? I haven't had two guys do that since college"

Just hearing her say those words made me harder and she stroked my cock through my pants.

"Take this off for me, I want to see you." she commanded

I pulled down my trousers and stood before her with my hard cock bouncing.

"You love it don't you?" she teased. "Stroke it for me."

I stood there, stroking my cock as I looked at my wife in her little bikini. She lifted her top and I thought of how moments ago, two other men had been licking those nipples I knew so well. I saw her smirk at me and it only made me even more excited.

"That's take care of that then you can take care of me." she laughed. I started shooting on to the living room floor. I had barely finished when Sandy had me kneeling on the floor, licking her pussy while she pulled aside her bikini bottoms. She was already wet, but I tried hard to lick her the way she likes. I felt a little like I was competing with the other men and wanted to show her I could still please her.

"Mmmm...that's good. Maybe one day you can watch Gustavo do this to me. Would you like that?"

Sandy had never said anything quite like this before. I felt a pulse go through my soft cock. I said nothing, but kept going down on her.

"I bet you would. Who knew what a dirty boy you could be." Sandy mocked as she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me deeper into her.

That night I lay awake beside my sleeping wife, rock hard again. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened earlier that evening...and what Sandy had been fantasizing about while I pleased her. I stroked myself until I almost came, then forced myself to stop so I wouldn't push the situation even further. The idea of Sandy with other men was now taking over my fantasies, but I was not at all sure I was ready for the real thing.

I woke up late, and saw that Sandy had already left for her art class. I lay there, thinking again about the previous night, then finally got up. Even after pissing I felt turned on. I saw Sandy's bathing suit bottoms on the floor and remembered how Carlos hand had been under it, exploring my wife's ass. I grew erect as I thought of how exciting it was to watch her in his lap...watching his tongue circle her nipple. I picked it up, and without thinking pulled out my cock and started to stroke. I thought about how excited my wife was to please these be their party slut. I wondered how many men she had been with in college...and if she had ever had a threesome. I felt like I was going to cum and started to stroke harder. Finally, just at the time when I was about to shoot, I saw Carmelita, looking in the room, right at me from the hallway. It was too late to stop, and I looked at her curves as I shot on to the floor. I saw her smile a little and shake her head slowly as I came. When I finished she walked away without a word.

I was mortified that my maid had seen me like that, but her watching had made the orgasm more intense. It almost seemed as if she somehow knew what I was thinking about. I realized that Pedro had probably told her about what liberties had been taken with Sandy...and of course Carmelita had seen enough herself to know I had allowed the others to enjoy her. I started to think about who else knew. Linda? The other secretaries? I seemed to still have the respect of the others in the office. Even my leadership team was deferential to me when appropriate at the office, even though they certainly did not act that way when they visited my home.

I was lost in these thoughts when I received a text from my boss, the head of Latin America. I had only met him once but he had continued to assure me he was very impressed with my performance since arriving. The text told me he would be arriving to review the business Friday morning, then would be joining us for the football party that afternoon. I had forgotten that the soccer game that Sandy and I had invited the team over to watch was next week. Mexico was playing the USA, and there had been a lot of good-natured ribbing about it. Suddenly a shiver went down my body as I realized that my boss would meet Sandy...and see how my team helped themselves to her.

I felt my heart beat faster. I had to explain to Sandy that we would need to tone it down a little. I worried whether my team could control themselves, but I would have to talk to them during the week. By the time Sandy got home I had worked up the nerve to address the issue head-on. I told Sandy I was concerned about the party, and thought it was important to look professional in front of my new boss. Sandy nodded seriously, then started giggling.

"Awww...have you been thinking all morning about what it would be like to see your boss with me?" she teased.

Sandy came closer to me, and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Have you been thinking about me sitting in his lap? His hands exploring me?"

She starter to stroke my cock through my pants. There was no hiding that I was hard.

" have been haven't you? Were you thinking about him licking my nipples while you watched?"

My wife took my cock out of my pants. I tried to object, but it was incoherent even to me.

"Oh, you like that don't you? Maybe you'd like to see him go even further? Would you like to see me grab his cock like this?"

I tried to hold on, but I couldn't. Sandy knew just how to stroke me, and it was exciting to have her touch me instead of jacking myself off. I shot all over the floor.

Sandy kissed my forehead and told me not to worry. She promised she would be a good girl with my boss as she went upstairs.

I snuck into the kitchen to get paper towels then bent over to clean my cum off the living room floor. I heard someone rustle and looked up to see Carmelita looking down at me from the hallway. She shook her head with a slight smile, and went back to her room.

That week at work I was very distracted, thinking about my boss' imminent arrival. I talked with Gustavo, hinting at my concern, and he assured me all would be fine.

"I have known Senor Rodriguez a long time." Gustavo said thoughtfully. "He is demanding but fair. The business is strong, and he will love Sandy."

I felt better. Gustavo had been a good advisor to me since arriving. I knew I needed someone like him to be effective, someone who could take a plan and make it happen.

When Friday came I was anxious once again. I paced my office when I arrived, knowing my boss would arrive soon for the review. I slumped back in my chair, feeling unsure and short of breath. I felt a little of the uncertainty I felt when I had first arrived in the country.

Linda knocked, and when she walked in I almost immediately felt a little calmer. I watched her legs move smoothly in her her as she locked the door then walked over to me in her high heels. She put a hand on my shoulder and told me I needed to relax. Linda handed me a pill and water, and I swallowed it without asking. She started to rub my shoulders, my temple. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. I felt her soft lips press against mine and my cock reacted. I kept my eyes closed as I felt her hands go down my body and unzip my pants. Linda stroked my cock faster than Sandy, but it took me a little longer to cum into the Kleenex she held in her other hand. I opened my eyes to see her carefully throw the soiled tissues in the garbage. My secretary kissed me on the forehead and left me there, I saw that she had left another pill on my desk. I placed it in my pocket.

When Jorge Rodriguez arrived I did indeed feel less tense. Whatever Linda had given me, done for me had worked very well. In fact I felt great. I had previously found my boss to be a large, physically intimidating man, but I felt none of this upon greeting him. Jorge was a very assertive man, used to getting what he wanted, but I felt ready to answer any of his questions and demands. I felt like I floated through the presentations, and Jorge was impressed with what the team and I had accomplished since my arrival. The meeting ended with my boss telling me that I seemed to have gelled very well with the Leadership team.

Gustavo spoke up and affirmed. "He has been such a good host to us, we all feel compelled to work hard for him." He paused, "You will see this afternoon."

After the business review, I left to go home and prepare while the team went out for lunch with my boss. Gustavo's worked echoed in my head. Were the liberties the team had taken with Sandy actually a key part of my success? It was pretty clear that she was a key reason I had been able to inspire them. I didn't feel too anxious about the idea, I almost felt more like an observer considering the situation.

When I got home, I was grateful to see that Sandy was wearing clothes rather than a swimming suit. She had chosen a sexy outfit though, a white blouse with a rather short red mini skirt. She kissed me on the cheek and asked Carmelita about some of the food she was preparing. Sandy poured herself a white wine. She said she felt nervous about meeting my boss and I offered her the pill Linda had given to me, suggesting it would relax her. She swallowed it gratefully and seemed to feel the effects almost immediately, smiling at me when I came back in the kitchen a few minutes later.

Sandy stood up and kissed me on the lips. " they should be her in 30 minutes?"

They did indeed arrive in 30 minutes, right on time. They came together in a limo from lunch. I noticed right away that they were all more subdued with Sandy. Gustavo, Pedro and Carlos all kissed her, but all on the cheeks, and only Gustavo allowed his hand to wander on to my wife's ass. My boss also kissed each of her cheeks, but I saw no sign of anything inappropriate. He did say she was just as sexy as he had heard.

We all settled into the living room where we were to watch the game. I felt as though all eyes were on Sandy, but everyone remained polite. Carmelita came in to bring us all drinks. Pedro stroked her arm affectionately, but again, nothing inappropriate. I leaned back into my chair, still feeling quite relaxed. I wondered what exactly was in the pill Linda had given me.

Jorge toasted Sandy and I for being 'generous hosts' and I recalled Gustavo's use of the term. I wondered again how much Jorge might know about how often the team had made out with my wife...felt her up.

Shortly before game time Carlos poured a round of shots and started to smack talk. He told Sandy and I that Mexico was by far the superior team and would easily beat the Americans. I argued that they had seemed evenly matched from all I had read, but this only egged him on. Sandy then said she was sure the Americans would find a way to win.

Gustavo jumped into the discussion, innocently suggesting that perhaps there should be a wager. I am not much of a gambler and shut up, but Carlos said that this was a great idea. Perhaps, Carlos suggested, Sandy should remove an piece of clothing for every goal the Mexicans scored. Instead of concern with this suggestion, my first thought was how many articles of clothing my wife was wearing. I looked at her and wondered if she was wearing a bra under her blouse. I noticed Jorge was looking at me, and realized he was curious what I might say.

Sandy punched Carlos playfully in the arm and said that wasn't even a bet. "What happens when we score?" she asked emphatically.

Carlos paused, as if thinking, then Pedro surprised me by jumping in with his halting English. "If the USA wins." he said slowly, "Carlos will become your maid for next four Happy Hours. Serve drinks and food, and clean up after." He paused and added, "...and I will eat my socks."

Everyone laughed at the idea of Pedro doing this, but quickly all eyes turned again to Sandy.

"Agreed." Carlos said. "The game will start soon Sandy, do we have a bet?"

Carlos reached out his hand. Sandy eyed him warily at first, then a smile came over her face. She turned to the rest of us.

"Is that what you all want? You want me to take off an article of clothing every time your team scores?" It was the same teasing voice she used when she taunted me about how much these men wanted her. The men unanimously and emphatically said that this was exactly what they wanted. Sandy made like she was hesitating, looked over at me with a bigger smile, then shook Carlos' hand heartily.

My wife had just agreed to strip...well at least to the possibility, in front of my new boss. And what must he think of me just sitting there and letting it happen? In my mind I knew this was not good, but I was somehow at peace with it. I actually felt excited to see how it would turn out.
Carmelita arrived just in time to bring another round of drinks, and Gustavo toasted to the friendly wager between two countries. Sandy stuck out her tongue at Carlos and he pulled her roughly onto her lap, where she stayed as the game began. Pedro followed suit, pulling my maid into her lap. The two of them enjoyed their drinks with one hand, while the other explored the bare legs that were presented to them. Carmelita saw me staring at her legs and smiled. I flushed as I thought of all she had seen...and now she saw my wife sitting in the lap of a man who works for me.

The game started slow and as I drank another scotch I assured myself with the thought that there was very little scoring in soccer. Then, just as that assurance flashed though my mind, I watched as a Mexican player passed to his teammate on the other side of the goal and the ball was shot past the stretching US goaltender.

Sandy's jeering was drowned out by four men cheering loudly. Gustavo came over to help my wife stand up and asked her what clothing she would remove. I saw Sandy seem genuinely concerned for just a moment, then it was like she decided to have fun with it.

"What do you boys think? Shirt or skirt?"

The men yelled out their choices and Sandy giggled. She turned to me, "Well, perhaps we should let the host decide?"

I felt myself blush as I saw everyone's eyes, including my boss' look at me.

"The...errr...your shirt Sandy."

The men cheered and Sandy quickly started to unbutton her shirt. When she exposed her white bra and the cleavage her small tits offered the men murmured their appreciation and Gustavo led a toast to her beauty. She sat back in Carlo's lap and we saw the US goalie being led off the field. Apparently he had stretched too far. I realized the US team was vulnerable now, and wondered if Sandy would be naked before the game was over.

The US came close before the half was over, but Mexico gained a penalty kick with a minute remaining and the goalie barely moved as the ball went past him. The men chanted for my wife to take off her skirt and she stood a little wobbly. She asked them if they really really wanted to see her take her skirt off. When they made it clear they did she turned to me again and said, "Honey, can you help me unzip this?"

I felt a strange mix of embarrassment and excitement. Part of me was a husband, humiliated to have his wife strip for his colleagues, but the other part was as excited as the men around me chanting...or more.

I crouched behind her and unzipped the back of her skirt. She made no move so I lowered it for her, careful to make sure her small panties stayed in place.

At the behest of the crowd Sandy turned so everyone could enjoy her from all angles. She was indeed a sexy sight, now showing off all of her legs and much of her pert bottom. She went to sit back in Carlos' lap, but Gustavo complained he should have some time and took her hand. I watched Gustavo kiss her shoulders and she snuggled into him, then took the drink that Carmelita offered as she brought in another round for half time. My eyes stayed with our maid as she sat back in Pedro's lap and he seemed to notice me admiring her. I watched him give her a long kiss as his hand went up her skirt, until her panties were exposed. Finally I saw his big fingers go under her panties and it was clear he was fingering her while she writhed in his lap.

My attention was pulled away by my boss exclaiming, "To our generous host. You know how to throw a party!"

We all finished our drinks and I saw Gustavo give my wife what seemed to be a celebratory kiss. Carmelita stumbled off of Pedro to fetch us another round. It was clear there was an excitement in the room that went far beyond the game. In fact when the game recommenced, more eyes seemed to be on my wife, sprawled over Gustavo's lap, then the tv. Sure enough, several minutes into the half, Mexico scored again on the hapless US substitute goaltender.

Gustavo helped my wife up again, and she looked at each man with a smile. She saved her last look for me. Saying nothing, she looked eyes with me as she unsnapped her bra and let it drop to the floor. Her pink nipples were jutting out from her small breasts and I felt the urge to suck them. I knew every man in the room was thinking the same thing.

"You may as well remove the bottoms now Sandy!" Carlos teased. Sandy stuck out her tongue at him. Jorge held out his hand gallantly, and Sandy took it and allowed herself to be led into his lap. There was now almost no pretense of watching the blowout game, especially for my boss who whispered to my wife in Spanish. I watched Sandy giggle and feel his cock through his pants. I shook my head and wondered if this was really happening. Was my sweet Sandy really stroking another man's cock in front of me? A man she had met only two hours ago? Of course I told myself I could not be outraged. After all, I had allowed my secretary to give me a handjob that same morning.

I felt my hard cock twitch. Even though I didn't like to see my wife with another man like this...I wanted to see it, I needed to see it. I saw how sexy she looked wearing just her panties in the big man's lap...giggling as she felt his manhood. His big hand tweaked her nipples as if she were a plaything.

A cheer suddenly burst out in the room, and I turned to see that Mexico had made it 4-0. Everyone knew this was the moment they had been hoping for, perhaps even Sandy. Jorge told her it was time to give us all a show and helped her stand. Sandy pretended to by shy, putting her hand to her mouth and asking if we all really wanted to see her completely nude. The response was immediate and affirmative, even I chanted for her to strip. Sandy put her fingers in the elastic of her panties but Jorge firmly instructed,

"Slowly, Bonita. Peel them down slowly for us."

Sandy seemed inspired by the direction and started to tease even more. She pulled down her panties a little, exposing the top of her ass crack, then pulled them back up. She pulled the front of her panties low enough that my team could confirm we was shaven, then turned and shook her ass for all of us. Finally she lowered the back of her panties so her ass was nearly completely exposed for my colleagues. My wife giggled when we all desperately cheered. She then lowered the front, inch by inch until her pussy was full exposed. She let the panties drop to the floor and my Sandy was now doing a dance completely nude.

"Good girl." Jorge complimented. "Now bend over for me."

Sandy froze for a moment, and I wasn't sure if she was hesitating or just thinking of how to fulfill the demand. Soon enough though I saw her turn her back to my boss, and slowly bend over for him. Carlos moved beside Jorge so he could also enjoy the view of my wife's ass.

"Further Bonita." Sandy obeyed, her face now near to ground as she pushed her ass up for him. "Spread those cheeks so I can see everything."

I felt a shiver go down my body. I couldn't believe this was happening. My wife was not only nude with my co-workers, she was now literally spreading herself at my boss' command so he could better see her asshole and pussy lips. And I was just sitting and watching it happen, hard as a rock while doing so.

"Such a good girl." Jorge spoke reassuringly as he stood.

At that moment I wondered if he were about to fuck my wife right there. Instead he ran his hand along the inside of her leg, and along her ass crack, perhaps just grazing her pussy lips. I watched my wife shiver now and bite her lip.

Jorge told Sandy to stand and turn, then looked her in the eyes. He then turned to me.

"My friend," he started. "You have a lovely wife and have been a great host. I hope you don't mind if I...indulge further?"

I said nothing, but felt my head nod slowly. As if in a movie I watched my boss direct my wife on to her knees. It may have been the hottest thing I have ever seen when I saw him take out his cock and watched my wife take it her her mouth. She was bobbing up and down on it with a slurping noise as my employees gathered around to watch.

"My friend" Jorge said to me, "I believe you will do very well here in Mexico."

I was in no hurry to leave.


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