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Reunion with Annie

by Ginger

07/20/2016 18:33 in humiliation

My phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but I picked up just the same. It was my old girlfriend Annie, who I had not talked to in years. I've written a few other stories about her. We dated for a couple of intense years when we were in our early twenties right out of school. It was one of the most remarkable periods in my life, and especially my sex life. We dated for an intense period, then parted over fundamental issues in our day to day relationship, then dated on-and-off, and somehow managed to salvage fond memories of each other. Since we truly parted ways we had had only infrequent friendly contact over the years.

I realized that I had not even spoken to her since she and her husband Steve had moved to a new place out in the country about an hour away from where I live. She's never been a hard one to talk to; we chatted a bit, and I was starting to wonder whether there was a reason for the call. Finally she said,

"This is a little embarrassing. I know we've hardly even talked in years... So, the reason I'm calling is this. Steve and I made a bet. I lost. Big. He gets to "spit roast" me. I am allowed to choose the other guy... and... well... You were the last person I was with before Steve and I met... and... you and he have met a few times and seemed to get on well... and... You know he's seen all those pictures we took back then. To be honest, he really enjoys seeing some of the things we did back then... Geez... So... uh... Are you doing anything Friday evening? Howbout a spit-roast?"

My mind was reeling, but I tried to play it cool. I didn't know she and her husband Steve had opened their marriage, but knowing her, I can't say I was shocked. Still, Annie was really having trouble with this, and I didn't really feel like making it easy for her. Somehow she usually ended up as the one in command, and this time, I was going to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"So he's seen the pictures, Huh?" I asked.

"Oh my God. He loves them. I don't know if you remember, but there's one that was on this night when you must've been traveling for the week beforehand, because, my God, in the "after" picture in that set? My face looks like friggin' glazed donut. The first time I showed him that those pictures, he said he wanted to 'Hi-five' you. It's weird. Nothing seems to get him hot faster than hearing stories about his darling wife being some other guy's fucktoy before he met me. And seeing pictures of it? Hoo-boy. It puts him over the edge."

How could I have forgotten a night like that? It was definitely one of the best sets of photos we did.

"This is so awesome," I teased. "Sure. I'd love to. But I need to hear you say it. Why would you like me to come by Friday, Annie?"

"... I was... wondering... if you would like to come over so you and my husband can fuck me from both ends."

"Which end do I get?" I asked, smirking on my end of the phone line.

There was a long pause. "Uh... Both? I guess?" Then she regained her composure, and said after a pause, "And when it's time, I will swallow every... last... drop. I still remember what you like."

My cock was already starting to swell in my shorts.

"Well, that sounds delightful," I politely replied. "See you Friday?"


When I knocked at their door, an ordinary suburban door in an ordinary Northern Virginia suburb, Annie answered the door, dressed casually. She had a big smile on her face. When I went in, Steve greeted me with a big handshake, and thanked me for coming by. It was totally weird. I was starting to wonder if I had misread something, but things couldn't have been more clear with the invitation Annie gave me only a few days before.

We sat on the deck for a while and enjoyed the afternoon, drank a glass of wine, and then Annie said, "So... Haven't really ever had to do this before with my husband and my ex-boyfriend, but... would you like to join me inside?

Once we were inside, she asked me to take a seat on the couch. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take off my clothes or what, no having been in this kind of situation before. It's the little details like that that felt the weirdest. Annie kind of took the lead, as the ordinarily does in weird situations.

She said, "We've got plenty of time... Sweetie, why don't you keep your clothes on for now, and just... watch for a while." She looked right at me as she started to unbutton her shirt. It was just me and her, her husband hadn't come back yet. She let her shirt fall. She was wearing a chocolate colored, lacy bra. She started to unzip her shorts, and then she turned around, and pushed them down over her round ass, revealing a skimpy, matching lacy thong. I could feel my cock swelling quickly, and I shifted in my seat. This was actually happening! Annie bent down much farther than she had to in order to let her shorts drop and then stood up facing away from me. She unclasped her bra, and let it fall too, and then, pushed her panties down, leaving her standing nude before me, only about 8 feet away.

She slowly turned around, and stood before me, nude, except for her little choker necklace. She was shaved completely smooth and hairless.

"Do you like my necklace?" She said to me. "Honey..." she said to her husband. He came out from the next room, naked, and fully erect. We tried not to make eye contact. It was a bit awkward; I was sitting on their couch, and my ex-girlfriend and her husband were naked in front of me. She was really serving as the glue holding this whole thing together - we tried to focus on her, rather than on each other.

As her husband approached her, she looked at him, and then me, and said, "I know this is a bit weird. I'd like you to just relax for now, and watch a little. She sunk to her knees in front of him, took his cock in both hands, and looked up at him. I imagined what he was seeing, and remembered what it was like to look down at her on her knees, with those big brown eyes looking up at me. She began to tease his cock a little, just the way she used to with me. As she was doing it, she glanced over at me. I was seeing now that part of this was Annie liking to have an audience.

I'd never actually been in the room with another male having sex. It was a strange feeling. It was much more intimate than all the zillion times I'd watched it in pornography.

Before I realized what had happened, she was on all fours, facing away from me, and I was looking at her heart shaped ass. She leaned over and spread herself wide open for me and her husband. I was glued to the couch for the time being, and I watched, rather helplessly, and he guided his cock into her pussy from behind. I didn't feel like I belonged, but then Annie looked over her shoulder at me. She was looking at me as he slid his cock all the way into her. It just felt... dirty.

Annie was exactly where she wanted to be; one person fucking her, and one person watching her get fucked. She pushed her round ass back at him. He wasn't wasting any time. From the way he was fucking her, she must have been sopping wet from the start. From slightly underneath, I could watch his thick veiny cock, already shiny and slick with her come, pistoning in and out of her smooth snatch. My cock used to do the same thing, way back when we were dating.

They weren't at it for long before I could see her husband's balls begin to tighten. He must have really been into this. He groaned quietly, tensed and thrust his cock in, one last thrust deeply into her, and I could see his balls contracting, pumping his semen deep inside her. From the amount of time he was coming, and the number of contractions, I remember thinking it must have been quite a load. It was very hot to watch, even without seeing it all. I was imagining how full Annie's pussy must have been.

After a moment of stillness, he slowly began to pull his cock out of her and began to stand upright, still straddling her. There was a thick layer of slimy semen coating his cock as he withdrew, and when the head of his cock popped out, strings of ooze connected the end of his cock to her swollen pussy lips. As soon as he had pulled out of her, she quickly flipped over onto her back, still between his legs. His slick, still rigid cock was right above her.

She looked over at me, winked, and then looked up at him with a grin. She said to him, "Steve, honey, come down here and let me clean you off."

He knelt down a bit, and she took his thick cock into her hands, and began to lick her own come off of his cock. She knew I was watching her, transfixed. She slowly began to spread her legs wide open, obviously to give me even more of a show than she already was, letting me see the sticky mess he had left of her pussy. After she finished gently cleaning him off, and gave him a playful peck on the end of his cock, she said, "Steve, can you give us a couple of minutes, sweetie? "

He leaned down to kiss her on the lips, and then glanced back at me. "I'm sure you two have some more catching up to do..." he said. "I'm going to get something to drink."

She was leaning back on her elbows. She looked at me and smiled sweetly. "Well. Here we are again!" She said, "It's been a long time. It's nice to see you. Why don't you get undressed for me?"

"Nice to see you too," I answered, my hands trembling a bit as I undressed in front of her. She watched me undress in front of her, and smirked a bit when my fully erect cock sprang out of my boxer briefs.

As I was undressing, she began to spread her legs wider and wider, until she was almost doing the splits, her pussy was completely bare, swollen snatch open wide to me. She cocked her head to the side, and said offhandedly, "You know I was always flexible, but I've taken up yoga in the last few years."

As I finished undressing, she could see I was conflicted about whether I should be looking at her face, or her swollen, oozing, freshly fucked pussy, which she was opening brazenly to me.

"It's okay sweetie..." She encouraged, "It's okay to look. I know it's been a long time since you've seen this little snatch. And if I was the one on my hands and knees between a girl's open legs, you know very well where I would be looking. Why don't you come a bit closer? My goodness, you're hard aren't you? I still love looking at that cock of yours."

"It's okay... why don't you get a little closer? I shaved special for this, you know. Betcha you can't find a single hair."

I took her invitation, and got down on my hands and knees, hypnotized by her pink folds, and the trail of thick, pearly semen starting to ooze from her slot.

"How do I look? Pretty?" she asked.


"Enticing? " she asked.

My mouth was dry. "Yes," I whispered.

"Goddess, he fucked me good. Boy, he made a real mess of me, didn't he?"

I couldn't answer.

"A penny for your thoughts..." she said. "You're wondering now what it would taste like, aren't you?" she asked. "You haven't tasted another man since your 'birthday surprise' have you?"

"No," I whispered, thinking back to the evening when she blindfolded me, and coerced me into sucking off one of her friends while she looked on and encouraged me. I still don't know who I sucked off that evening, but I will never forget the sensation of hot, thick semen pulsating into my mouth as he finished. I had thought about that evening and what she got me to do a thousand times, but never had any desire to repeat the experience. She had a power over me that made me want to do things in her presence to please her, and made me unafraid of judgment. When she was not there, it was not the same.

"But you've thought about it, haven't you?" she said.

"I can see it in your face, you know. That night, I gave you a gift. I gave you an experience that you didn't have the courage to ask for yourself. Once I got you into that position, blindfolded... on your knees... waiting with your mouth open... listening for me to tell you what to do... the sucking and swallowing seemed to come very naturally, didn't it?" She continued. "I know you've thought about what you did that night ever since. When you watch that amateur porn, and see that beautiful girl on her knees in front of that huge cock, you know what it feels like. You can either tell me or not tell me, but I know that you can't look a girl with a cock in her mouth without thinking about the night you had your turn. And now here I am. In front of you again, about to offer you another experience you couldn't ask for."

"This kind of opportunity doesn't present itself that often, you know. Your favorite ex-girlfriend, wide open right in front of you, with a pussy full of fresh semen. C'mon... you've always wondered, haven't you?"

"If you want to, now is the time, sweetie, while you have the courage. I know how boys are. As soon as you come, you'll feel a little differently, but right now, you're having trouble resisting, aren't you? You know what my advice is, sweetie? I think you should stop thinking, man up, and taste my freshly fucked pussy."

I leaned down very near to her. Steve's semen was splattered all over her lips. I could smell the slightly bleachy smell of his come. She was right. I closed my eyes, and breathed deeply, and paused for a moment, and then pressed my face into her hot pussy, greeting her lips in a deep, open mouth kiss. My mouth suddenly full of the taste of her pussy, and the salty, bitter taste of Steve's cum. It was disgusting, but I was so aroused I didn't care. I gulped it down, and continued kiss, lick, and suck her slimy, oozing pussy.

"Yess... "she sighed, as she leaned back. "Oh, Goddess, yes..." She was apparently quite a bit more aroused than I'd thought. Is seemed like no time before she was grinding her pelvis up at me, and throwing her head back.

"Taste us, sweetie, yesss... that's right, suck. Suck his come out of my little pussy." She whispered, "Taste it... that's right... Taste our marriage." With that, she started to orgasm.

I didn't stop. She knew exactly what she was doing. I was so aroused I would do anything for her. I kissed, licked and sucked her open, slimy, cum-filled pussy. Her come and his come were smeared all over my face, and the powerful, alkaline taste of the come I had swallowed made my throat tingle. I began to kiss and lap at her pink anus. When we had started dating, she was a bit squeamish about being kissed there, but she realized how much it turned me on to kiss her there, and she learned to love attention there.

She let me kiss and licked her pink little asshole for a long time. When I finally began to slow down, she relaxed, and then pushed my head slowly away from her. She sat up, leaned over, and brought her face close to mine. "C'mere..." she said. I was positive she was coming in for a kiss, but instead, she began to purposefully lick the wetness off my face. It felt wonderfully kinky, knowing she was tasting her husband's come, and her own come licking it off my face. When she had finished licking me clean, she glanced over to the doorway, when she saw that Steve was not back, she closed her eyes, and kissed me deeply and passionately for a few moments, then stopped. When she pulled away, she winked, and said "I'm glad you're here."


Before that afternoon, I'd never had sex with another man in the room, but I found it wasn't too hard to get used to. The main thing that made it okay was that there wasn't much competition between Steve and me. I mean, Annie was clearly in love with him. As she always referred to herself, she was his darling wife. He clearly was not jealous or possessive of her. Basically, he wasn't jealous or jerky at all about it, and his ease made it easy for me to be at ease. Both of us could really relax, and pretty much just focus on Annie, our own pleasure, and getting Annie into as many memorable sexual predicaments as we could think of.

I hate to admit it, but it was actually pretty helpful that afternoon to thinking about the porn I like best. I particularly like amateur porn where a woman is having sex with more than one man at a time. That afternoon I thought to myself the only reason I've gotten to enjoy all those photos is that the men were comfortable enough to take some initiative and make it happen.

There was one thing that was a bit curious to me. My cock and Steve's cock were almost exactly the same size, and looked remarkably similar. I'd meant to ask Annie about that some time.

I had finished cleaning up Steve's creampie, and Steve had just come not too long before, so I wasn't sure how this was going to work.

"Don't worry" said Annie. "I've totally got this."

"Steve honey, would you mind taking a seat? I have something I've always wanted to show you."

He came back in, and took a seat on the couch.

"Steve, honey, I thought you might like to see this." She led me right in front of the couch, and got on her knees in front of me. My cock was staring her right in the face. I had a flood of memories of exactly this, one of my favorite experiences ever. She looked up at me and winked. She knew I was loving this. Then she glanced over at her husband, and said, "Honey, would you like to watch how I used to my suck my ex-boyfriend's cock?"

My cock was already incredibly hard. She took me into both her hands gently, and kissed the very tip. Then she looked over at her husband.

"Honey, you know those pictures you love so much? This cock - this cock right here - was the one that did all of that. We have a bit of history." It was a little weird being reduced to just a cock, but I was able to deal.

She looked up at me, winked, glanced back at her husband to make sure she had the audience she desired, and then concentrated again on my cock. She knelt down lower, and started with her tongue, at the very base of my shaved balls, and dragged her tongue slowly all the way up my balls and up the shaft of my cock, to the very tip. Then she wrapped her mouth around me, and took me deeply into her mouth, gently stroking with both hands wrapped around the base of my cock. After so long, I was certain I would never feel her mouth again, and here I was, in front of her, on her knees again, except this time, she was doing this with me to show off for her husband. I had to will myself to keep from getting too far too quickly. I didn't want this to end.

It wasn't too long watching his beloved Annie, on her knees, bobbing up and down on my cock before Steve was completely aroused again.

He stood up from the couch slowly, and walked over to us. Annie sensed him when he got close, and opened her eyes, seeing another cock in front of her. She pulled her mouth off my cock, looked up at both of us. She wrapped her hand around her husband's cock, so that she had one in each hand. "She looked at both of them together, and said to herself, "Woof. Oh my God, I love cock. This is where I want to be. On my knees. Doing my best to give these beautiful cocks... these beautiful men... pleasure." I'm pretty sure both of our cocks twitched when we heard her talking like that.

Steve and I had to get pretty close to each other to get our cocks close enough together to have them both sticking in his wife's face. I wasn't exactly sure how that was going to work out, but it wasn't as uncomfortable as I was expecting, because we weren't making any kind of eye contact; both of us had our attention focused downward on the performance Annie was putting on. When we did try to get closer together to see what Annie could do with two cocks at the same time, he just threw is arm around me in a very "bro" way. We looked at each other for a brief moment, acknowledging that this was a pretty weird situation, and I said, "Well, this is a thing..."

Annie has never been a woman to shy away from body fluids - really drooly, messy blowjobs have always been a specialty of hers. It didn't take long at all alternating between our cocks to get both of them practically dripping with her saliva, with both her hands wet, sliding up and down our shafts, and drool almost dripping down her chin. It's probably a good thing that she has never been a girl who was really into makeup, because if she was, she would have been a mess. She alternated back and forth the between the two of us. Sometimes, she was making eye contact with the one she was sucking. Even hotter, she started making eye contact with the one who was watching. It's hard to convey how hot it was to hear the things she was breathing up at us when her mouth wasn't full of dick. It was a lot of fun to watch her going back and forth.
At first, she seemed like she was being conscious of keeping our cocks separate and not touching, stroking one with her hand while she bobbed up and down on the other one, only occasionally letting one go so she could cup the lucky man's balls with her spare hand, or graze them with her fingernails. It wasn't too long, though before she started to get a little sloppier and impatient when she was going back and forth, her husband's cock just barely popping out of her mouth before she took me into her mouth, saliva dripping down her chin. Before long, she had one cock in each hand, and was just going back and forth between us, trying to bring us closer so she could switch faster. It was at that point that she pulled us together so close that our cocks actually touched and rubbed against each other, slick with her saliva. Once she had them both together, she started to rub us together gently, kissing, and licking and sucking both of us at the same time.

"I've fantasized about doing this since I was lying in my bed late at night in high school..." she said.

It was one of the weirder experiences I've ever had - I never thought I would be in this position. It was definitely a hetero-flexible kind of a thing, but once I was in the situation, it was not as uncomfortable as I would have thought. Then again, Annie had a way of pushing boundaries. After all, I thought, she had blindfolded me all those years ago, and then coerced me into sucking off one of her friends (an experience I have not ever repeated but will never forget). And I had just eaten her husband's semen out of her open pussy, but I still considered myself 'straight.' Was I going to get squicked-out over having my cock rubbing against another guy's if it was a byproduct of both of us getting blown at the same time by his wife? I think not.

As I mentioned earlier, now that they were together side by side, it was almost uncanny how similar our cocks were in length, thickness, and even in coloring and the shape of our cockheads. And Annie was clearly loving having two at a time.

I couldn't help but think about how awesome it would have been to see both of us come at the exact same moment, two cocks both spurting hot semen into her waiting mouth at the same time.

She was starting to get a bit carried away, and if things had gone on for more than a little while longer, I'm pretty sure that is what would have happened. But she got her wits about her again, and looked up at both of us, and said, "It's time for the main event. Sucking you both like this is making me want to finish you right now, so if I don't get spit roasted soon, I'm not going to be any farther getting myself out of this lost bet. She squeezed both of our cocks in her hands, and then she said, "I'm ready. Come on down here and stick it in me from both ends!"

Steve and I both got down on our knees on either side of her. She got on her hands and knees, and wiggled her ass just a bit as she pushed it back in my direction.

"You ready?" I asked, trying, for some reason, to be polite.

"Yes... Puh-leeeze just stick it in me already!" she pleaded.

My cock was shiny and wet with her saliva, and my balls felt slightly cool from all the spit that had run down my cock. She spread her thighs, and pushed her ass back into the air. Her pussy was slick, swollen, and wide open. She was so wet it was almost comical; clear come was oozing down her slot. Clearly, giving her first double-blowjob had had quite an effect on her. Her come was actually oozing down her open pink slot. When I put the tip of my cock to the entrance of her pussy, the head of my cock actually pushed some of it out of the way. As soon as she felt me there, she barely waited a moment before sliding back onto me.

"Unffffff. Yessss. Ohmygod - Yesss" she hissed, as I pushed against her, sliding my cock as deeply into her pussy as it would go. She was so wet there was barely any resistance, and in almost an instant, I was balls-deep insider her. I pulled her wide open and looked down at her pink asshole as I slid my cock slowly in and out of her. Feeling this feeling, I couldn't help but start to think about how I wanted to come. There was no lack of good options. The idea of filling her pussy with my own spunk was pretty enticing, but I also really wanted to make her wear it. As I was thinking about it, I started fucking her faster, knifing my slippery cock in and out of her pussy, and spreading her ass wide open so I could look down and watch myself going in and out her hole. She was so wet! I pulled her wide open, and put my thumb on her anus, tickling and teasing her there, just barely pushing into her ass, teasing her sphincter muscle, but not violating her.

Well, not violating her any more than I already was by slamming my cock into her while she was sucking her husband off.

My hands were roaming all over her body, and I was really enjoying the sight of my cock slipping in and out, her pink asshole, spread open for me. My cock sliding in and out of her and the lips of her pussy stretched around it where glistening wet. I looked up her round ass past her narrow waist, and up to her broad shoulders, watching her short brown hair as she bobbed up and down on her husband.

I could still faintly taste the tingle in my mouth from the come that I had willingly eaten out of her pussy only a few minutes before. I felt secretly both humiliated and aroused that I had submitted myself to her in that way. I thought about submitting like that, and the fact that my cock was buried deep in the same snatch that I had just sucked the sperm out of, and somehow, the thought made my cock even harder and thicker, as though fucking her more thoroughly would somehow change what I had done.

I was in my own little world when Steve said to his wife, "Hey, sweetie, how would you like to taste some pussy? Why don't you flip around for us?"

Annie looked up at him, and pulled her mouth off of his cock with an audible pop, for effect. Then she looked back at me and kneeled forward, until my cock slid out of her pussy. She collected herself for a moment, looking back and forth at the very rigid, slick, shiny cocks at each end of her body, and then turned around on her knees to switch positions.

As I've mentioned in the other stories I've written about Annie, she has an amazingly talented mouth. She spirited and inventive, and truly loves giving blowjobs. She looked up at me as her husband slid is cock up her channel where I had just been and started to fuck her just the same way. As awesome as that double-blowjob was, I was a little bit glad to be the sole focus of her attention again. She could only use one hand, because she needed to hold herself up and brace against her husband's thrusting with the other. Steve was fucking her with enough force that her face kept accidentally mashing into my abdomen. She braced herself better, and looked up at me again; if she hadn't had her mouth stretched lewdly around my cock, by expression on her face, I could have sworn she was going to say, "Ooops. Sorry about that, I'll be more careful next time."

I was in that terrible place; I didn't want this to end, but I wanted to come so much now, that I was starting to think seriously about how I wanted to finish.

She was moaning more and more insistently as he fucked her from behind, and it became clear that she was focused on her own orgasm. Just before she came, she pulled her mouth off of me, still holding me in her hand and gritted her teeth, grinding herself back into her husband.

Her entire body trembled, and she pulled her body forward, Steve's cock, in her body up to the hilt, slowly sliding all the way out. Annie tried to shake it off. "Whew!" she said, "This really takes it out of a girl. How would you boys like to finish?" "Can I interest you in, maybe, a 'double mirror.? Do you boys think you can come at the same time?"

She got on her knees, one hand between her legs, rubbing her sopping wet pussy. Steve and I sort of cornered her, with each of our cocks aimed straight at her pretty face. Just the vision of this happening... my seemingly long lost ex-girlfriend... the muse of my erotic imagination, on her knees in front of me (and her husband, of course!) waiting for a double facial. Just the thought of the perversity of that was almost enough to put me over the edge.

I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow, some way, the three of us managed to come at almost the same time. Annie from rubbing herself, and Steve and I - almost by some sort of subconscious signal - began to ejaculate, at almost the same moment.

As we all know, as a man when you're aroused for a very long time, or edging for a long time, the volume of your semen goes up quite a bit. Well, Annie had pretty much made it her mission to keep me edging for as long as possible before I actually came, so the amount of semen I produced was really pretty amazing for me. I'm ordinarily pretty proud of the amount of semen I can produce, but this was definitely one for the record books. I had been so aroused for so long that when it arrived, the relief of orgasm was almost painful. My come seemed like it was a bit thinner than usual, probably extra fluid from the seminal vesicles or whatever the hell in the plumbing down there, but the volume was ridiculous, and it really rocketed out for the first few spurts.

As my orgasm rippled through my body, my cock spurted these powerful, thick ropes of pearly, translucent come onto my ex-girlfriend's upturned face. The force of the first few was such that they actually ricocheted, instead of just splatting like usual. A couple of the first heavy squirts ricocheted off her teeth and into her mouth, and then the next few spurts sort of arced up, and splatting heavily across her cheek, the bridge of her nose, and her forehead, more like you would have seen in those amateur porn shots we made those years ago.

It was while I was in-mid spurt that Steve started to go. I certainly didn't need this to be a competition, but man, considering the amount of cum he had pumped into Annie's pussy not too long earlier (I would know) I was dumbfounded at the amount he produced. Squirt after squirt onto her face, his streams crossing mine, with several thick spurts right onto her tongue.

She closed her mouth, swallowed it down quickly, and with her eyes closed, she broke into a broad smile. For some reason, it was very satisfying to know that Annie was tasting his semen and my semen at the same time. When our orgasms had subsided, what we had done together was almost shocking to see. We were two guys, but I have to say, Annie's face looked like she had volunteered to be a cum target for about six guys. And that didn't count the spunk she had already eagerly swallowed.

As usually happens, the moment I flipped over from pre- to post- orgasm, I began to be filled with self-doubt, wondering what the hell I had just done. I could still vaguely taste the spicy sensation of having swallowed Steve's semen earlier. Looking down at Annie's upturned face, with my slippery cock still very swollen, but now starting to relax, I was looking at the most erotic thing I had probably ever seen, her pretty face, completely plastered with two incredible loads of semen. It looked simultaneously awe-inspiring and disgusting. The only thing that saved me from descending further into self-doubt about what I had just done was the smile on her face. She wanted this. She loved this. Despite the conflicted feelings I had, I know I'll remember that smile on her face for the rest of my life.

"Wowwww..." She whispered, in disbelief at the amount of come she could feel starting to ooze down her face. "iPhone. Photo. Now." She said. "I've gotta see what you two did to me, and I'm afraid to move." Steve dutifully grabbed his phone off the couch. "Say 'glazed donut' , sweetie!" he said, and started snapping away. She broke into a wide smile, first with her eyes closed, and then, once she brought her upturned face back down to a more normal position, and could tell the ropes of cockslop wouldn't be running into her eyes, she opened her eyes, and smiled even more brightly into the camera, as her husband took picture after picture of his wife's cum-covered face.

She glanced over at me, grinning, thick ropes of cum crisscrossing her face, and said to her husband, "Steve, honey... would you mind getting me... something for my face? Beach towel, maybe?"

As he left, I extended my hand to help her stand up. She got to her feet, nude save for her choker necklace, her breasts spattered with stray droplets of semen, and there we were, face to face. We were only inches apart. It was deeply erotic, seeing her so obviously happy. Due to my orgasm moments earlier, I was still racked with waves of guilt and self-doubt, thinking about what I had just done, an ex-boyfriend inserting myself into her happy marriage. I didn't want to ruin this moment. In a long instant of looking at her beautiful face and her bright, giggling smile, I consciously took those doubts and feelings, and I put them in a box. I let her obvious joy and satisfaction in this moment wash over me. I relaxed, and I began to smirk.

"You really are loving this, aren't you?" I asked, smirking.

"Are you kidding me? I am *loving* this."

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