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My name is Jason and I am 31 years old and my "job" for the past 3 years is to satisfy the sexual needs and wants of women, specifically married women whose husbands can't, and I am paid by the husbands to do it. Most are happily married apart from sex and rather than find out their wives are having affairs they pay me to fuck them in their own homes or in my flat. I have a roster of 19 women who I see on average once a month. Sometimes the men like to be cuckolded and watch and others like their wives to have a degree of privacy.

I am a good looking lad apparently a bit like Rob Lowe looked in the 80's with a 6ft tall muscular figure which I work out to maintain as I probably wouldn't have so many clients if I didn't. Nature also smiled kindly on me and gave me a 9 inch cock that was quite thick and so far never failed to make a woman come.

My clients varied from petite and slim to larger ladies, the ages ranged from 47 to 72 and basically all most of them wanted was affection, I didn't always sleep with them as some just wanted a hug or company for the evening but the vast majority wanted my cock inside them, some I met during the day and others were an overnighter.

I make a good living and so can afford a luxury flat on the riverside and drive a BMW 5 series so not flashy just nice. Most of clients are referrals through word of mouth so I don't advertise and one of the ladies is the wife of the county's police chief constable, knowing that one day I won't be able to continue this work I also managed to smuggle away a nest egg for the future which included financial investments and had a share portfolio now worth nearly £250K due the advice I received from a client whose husband was a city broker.


Tonight I was due to meet Sarah for an overnighter, Sarah was 56 years old and shy timid lady, she is very attractive for her age, actually any age and is very petite and slim, A UK size 6 and only just over 5ft tall, she looks a bit like a shorter version of Germaine Greer with similar facial features and hair colouring. She was a member of the WI and attended church every Sunday; she dresses in a very cultured way normally a baggy black dress of which she seemed to have several in slightly different designs with a different colour cardigan on top. Her husband was a man who spent a lot of time away in America working for a large construction firm and was also impotent so paid me to make sure Sarah didn't stray with any other men. We first met when her husband heard from a friend of a man who kept his wife off his back so I was asked to meet them at their house; I met him first before she got home from the WI and explained my services and charges, when she got home I then explained to her what I was there for. She admitted that she felt lonely sometimes but was appalled at the suggestion that I sleep with her for money.

I left them to discuss it and the next day she rang me and asked me to come and see her, I arrived just before lunch and we ate at local restaurant where she admitted she was lonely a lot and would like the company, I drove her home and stayed the afternoon before leaving about early evening with a promise to return and take her out for a meal.

We met at her house a couple of weeks later and this time when we were having coffee she admitted that she missed sex, "My husband has a hormone problem which means he can no longer get an erection, Viagra didn't help so I felt doomed to a life of celibacy," she explained in her very formal upper class tones.

"It is up to you I can be here as company or I can leave you alone, but I must say a beautiful lady such as yourself should not be alone," I replied making no mention of sex as I assumed that would be off the agenda and she would be a hold hand sort of lady.

"You know just know when to say the right thing," she said and dabbed a tear with a tissue from her eye.

"Let's go to lunch my treat," I offered.

"Good lord I have plenty of food in the house," she said "Let me make you something, Cheese sandwiches OK?"

"Perfect, let me help." I replied and followed her into the kitchen.

We stood next to each other buttering bread and grating cheese, I put a little piece of butter on the end of her nose and she looked at me like I was an alien, she then laughed when I licked it off and kissed her on the cheek, she sighed and stroked my face so I kissed the other cheek, I then leant in and kissed her gently on the mouth for less than a second, "Naughty," she said and giggled and nudged her hip into mine.

I nudged back and she leaned her head onto my chest as I turned and wrapped my arm around her, she carried on grating cheese but I could feel her trying to melt herself into me. I rubbed my hand up and down her side and she sighed and stopped grating and looked at me, "you really are a lovely young man," she said she turned fully into me and put everything she had in her hands on the kitchen counter, she reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down and gave me a kiss on the lips, it started as quite chaste and then I opened my mouth and poked my tongue through, she opened her mouth accept it and slowly pushed her tongue into my mouth, my hands had moved to her waist and then down and held her close to me, my cock had now started to grow and she must of felt it as she stiffened in my grasp, she broke the kiss and said "thank you for flattering an old woman," and then continued grating the cheese.

"No flattery needed you really are very attractive and dare I say it very sexy," I replied.

She blushed and put the sandwiches together and then said "Let's eat," and picked up the tray with the plates on.

"Allow me," I said and carried the tray through to the lounge where we sat eating them.

"Delicious," I said "that filled a hole," and carried the tray back into the kitchen.

Sarah followed me and as I put the tray down and walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around and leant her head into my back.

"Thank you for making an old lady feel good about her self," she said.

I turned around in her arms and kissed the top of her head and said "you are a sexy beautiful lady Sarah and don't forget it, now I'm sorry but I must leave as I have to meet my aunt this afternoon."

She looked disappointed and said "Can you come back soon?"

As I hadn't long started my client list was quite small so I said "tomorrow evening I'm free."

She smiled and kissed me on the lips and then said "Bring an overnight bag," whilst looking at the floor.

I leaned down and gave her an opened mouth kiss which she returned with gusto and so I felt brave enough to tweak a nipple through her dress, she gasped and returned the kiss even harder until I broke the kiss and said "see you tomorrow gorgeous."

She showed me to the door and said "see you tomorrow."

I arrived at her house at 7PM the next evening and noted her husband's car was there was well. He answered the door and shook my hand and said "she seems to have perked up since she met you again, thank you," and then showed me into the kitchen where she was cooking dinner, she had a on a slinky black dress that fitted her like a glove and I suspect a push up bra as her breasts looked larger than yesterday. The dress was knee length and had a slit that went half way up the thigh where you could see the top of her black holdups.

"Very nice," I said as I saw her and she heard me come in and kissed me on the cheek in front of her husband.

She did a twirl and said "Do you like the dress then I bought it for you."

"Yes but I like who is in it much much more," I replied.

She smiled and wrapped an arm around me before saying "Jason do you mind helping me with draining the vegetables?"

"Not at all," I replied and slipped an arm around her as well.

Her husband walked back into the lounge and closed the door so I leant over and kissed her on the lips, this time she instigated the French kissing whilst I stroked her back and she cautiously placed a hand on my bum.

"The veg won't do itself," she said and we let each other go.

5 minutes later the 3 of us were sat in the dining room, me next to Sarah and her husband the other side of the table, the food was lovely and when we finished eating he said "I'm going to watch TV in my room, have a good evening you two," and walked off. I picked up the plates and carried them into the kitchen whilst she got us a glass of wine each, she started to head to the lounge and then said "do you mind if we drink these upstairs in my bedroom?"

"Not at all," I replied and carried my bag up stairs as I followed her into her bedroom.

"My husband sleeps in a room at the other end of the hall as he snores very loudly and I don't get much sleep," she said as she put the drinks down on the bedside cabinets.

"How much sleep do you want tonight?" I asked with grin.

"Not a lot," she answered and kissed me full on the lips.

We started to make out like a pair of teenagers and then she started to undo the buttons on my shirt and pulled it out from my trousers and off my shoulders, she then worked on my trousers and undid the button and zip and pulled them down holding my hand whilst I stepped of them, she stroked my cock through my boxers as she kissed me again, I reached behind her and pulled the zip of the dress down until it reached the waist and then removed it from her shoulders so it bunched at her waist, I the resumed kissing her and removing the thin lacy bra she had on, it seems that her normal dresses hid the fact that she had a fine pair of D cup breasts on her petite frame. I then pushed the dress down and over hips so it fell to the floor and pulled back from her holding her hand. "You look fantastic" I said and pulled her newly bought black thong down and held her hand as she stepped out of it.

I lay her gently on the bed and lay on top of her and kissed her thoroughly and then moved down her body kissing her neck, then her breasts and her stomach before finally kissing down the outside of each leg before kissing up the inside of her legs until she felt my breath on her lower lips, "No one has ever ..." she never finished the sentence as my lips touched her pussy lips and she screamed in ecstasy. Her hands held my head as I really went to work, by the time I had finished she had 4 orgasms and was laying in a pool of her own pussy juice. She just kept repeating "Oh my god," over and over again. I stood up and pulled my boxers down; she looked at my cock and said "That will never fit."

"You won't know until we try, you go on top and that way you have control," I said as I pulled a packet of condoms from bag and then flopped down on the bed on my back. She straddled me and I played with her breasts whilst she got a condom and placed it over my cock and then moved her hips up so her entrance was over my cock and then started to move down, she grunted as the head passed her lips and kept pushing down, 20 seconds later we were locked totally together.

Sarah looked some please with herself and leaned forward so her breasts were on my chest and kissed me hard on the lips and I wrapped my arms around her and pulled out until only the head was left in her and then slowly pushed back in again, she kissed me harder so I did it again and again, we slowly fucked like this for a couple of minutes until she said "Faster," and soon she pushing back in time to my thrusts, "I ... have ... never ...been ... so ...full," she whispered between thrusts as my cock sawed in and out of her. She pushed up so she was on her knees with a straight back and I grabbed her one breast and stroked her nylon covered leg as she started to grind her clit on my pubic bone and soon I was ready to come.

"I'm going to come," I told her loudly. This caused her to grind faster.

"Wait for me, I'm nearly there," she said so I thought of rugby until she said "Yes now come in me," and so I did.

The feeling of a mutual orgasm is special even for a male prostitute and we both experienced a sexual high as I held let go of her leg and squeezed both her breasts at the same time. She held my hands to her breasts as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she shook for a long time.

After a minutes she collapsed forward onto me and kissed me on the lips and just repeated herself "thank you, thank you, thank you,"

"No thank you," I replied "that was amazing."

We disconnected and I removed the condom putting it in a tissue and then a bin in the room whilst she went to the toilet wearing just her hold ups. I lay back on the bed and when she returned she said "You can stay the night, can't you?"

I kissed her hard on the lips and rolled on top of her and said "I would like nothing more," and kissed her again, she moved her hand down and felt my cock which was now recovering, she reached over and grabbed a new condom and kept stroking me until it was rock hard and then placed the condom on my cock and then lined it up with her entrance and I pushed forward so we were once again locked at the hip.

As I hit bottom she wrapped her arms and legs around me and just said "love me again please."

We spent until the early hours exploring each other and I introduced her to a few positions she had never tried before, the next morning at breakfast she was wearing only my shirt as we ate some cereal at the dining table when her husband appeared, "Morning," she announced cheerfully and made him some coffee.

We chatted for a little while until he said "Jason, thank you she seems a lot happier, I don't want to know the details but can this be a regular thing say once a week?"

"Sure no problem," and Sarah was now my regular client and her husband paid me £500 a week to keep his wife sweet.

Nearly 3 years down the line I normally meet Sarah at her place but today she was running late so I arranged to pick her up from the WI meeting, I waited outside the hall and she saw me and waved whilst she spoke to a couple of ladies. She said her goodbyes and run to the car and got in the passenger seat, she stroked my hand and said "take me home."

As soon as we were out of sight she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and started rubbing my leg and then my cock, she had been to see her mother the previous week so was by now horny as hell. It was only a 10 minute drive to her house and she was stroking my leg all the way there, she had on one of her baggy black dresses and almost run to the front door when we arrived at her house, she opened the door as I locked the car and she had a look of sheer desperation on her face as she dragged me inside and locked the door and pinned back against it as she kissed me, I released myself from her grasp and lifted the dress of her skirt up and grabbed her arse, she wasn't wearing any knickers and "I took them off in the WI toilets," she said undid my trousers and pulled my cock out of the boxers, I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me and kept kissing me, I lifted her over my cock and gently lowered her down on it and pushed her back against the wall, she was now resting against the wall whilst I started to fuck her in the hallway. "I missed you," she said as she started to pant as the yearning for my cock to spit it's juices inside her made her take leave of her senses, at this point her husband poked his head from out of lounge door and just said "oh sorry," as he saw his wife with her legs wrapped around her younger lover's back whilst being banged unceremoniously against the wall.

"I'm coming," she said in my ear as my cock was at the right handle to rub her clit on each pass and then started to shake. Even though she is light it was an effort to hold her up so I lay her down on the hall carpet, she released her leg grip and so I grabbed her dress and pulled it open, buttons went everywhere and her naked breasts came into view, "I took that off as well," she panted as I lay on top of her and started to pound into her. She then started to come again, we had stopped using condoms after the first few visits and she was one of two of my ladies who I did that for, I had grown really fond of Sarah and looked forward to our weekly meetings.

"So am I," I said and we came together with a roar and a scream. Her husband had stood there watching us and just said ""No wonder she is so happy now, by the way there is some quiche in the oven if you want some," and then went back into the lounge.

We looked at each other and kissed before detaching and she ran upstairs with her tits on display in her ruined dress and my come dripping down her thigh. I put myself together and sorted out the quiche and some salad when Sarah came downstairs wearing one of my old shirts she now slept in when I wasn't with her, she kissed me and said "Makes me come and sorts out my dinner, if you are not careful I will have to kill all your other clients and keep you for myself."

"If there is to be only one then it would be you, "I replied.

"I bet you say that to all the girls," she said.

I kissed her and said "Nope, just you."

She gave me a big wide smile and I said "Now eat, you need to get your strength up as I've got plans for you tonight."

She giggled and we sat in the lounge eating our dinners off trays whilst we talked to her husband.

We sat there holding hands after we ate until he said he was going to bed and she said "Shall we?"

We turned the lights off and went upstairs together to her bedroom where she pulled the shirt off as I undressed and joined her in bed naked and we made slow love after I had eaten her to a couple of climaxes.

Lucy and Simone

Lucy was one of my less regular clients; she was a tall lady nearly 6ft with naturally grey hair and lived in a big house with her daughter Simone and her daughter's husband. She was also my oldest client at 72 years of age and it was her daughter's husband who paid me to attend to Lucy's needs and Simone's. Simone's husband was a long distance lorry driver and often would not be home for 2 weeks at a time, Simone was the same stature as her mother but had naturally blond hair and for a 46 year old a fine body as she went to the same gym as me which was where we first got talking.

Lucy though tall looked frail and looked like a strong breath of wind would snap her in half but the frailty belied a natural fitness and strength that allowed her to bang like a belt fed mortar though it was only once during the early evening before she went to sleep in her granny annex and then I would spend the rest of the night with Simone who had strange kink that I will let you in on later.

I pulled up at 6PM and made my way to the granny annex, Simone was standing at the kitchen sink looking out of the window and saw me arrive, she blew me a kiss and then undid the zip up sweatshirt she had on and flashed me her pert 34B breasts, I blew her a kiss back and rubbed my crotch and pointed at her. She mouthed "See you soon," and zipped herself back up.

I knocked on the door of the granny annex and Lucy answered, she was wearing the dress she knew I liked, it was long sleeved and red with black mesh side panels and had a large v for a neck so showed lots of cleavage. It ended just below her arse cheeks and was totally inappropriate for a woman her age but she did look good in it and it wouldn't be on for that long anyway. Lucy was an all business sort of woman and kissed me on the lips as soon as the door was shut and dragged me to her bedroom, "I missed you," she said as we entered the bedroom and kissed me again, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug which she returned and then we kissed again as I undid the zip front of her dress went from the bottom of the V to the bottom of the dress, underneath she was wearing nothing, not a stitch, now the 72 years had been reasonably kind but her breasts hung down and looked like spaniels ears. I fondled them in the way I knew she liked and then she pushed me back on the bed and straddled me as she worked on undoing my trousers, the dress was bunched around her waist as she pulled my trousers and boxes off and then helped me undo my shirt. She pulled a condom and a bottle of lube from her bedside cabinet and flopped on her back whilst playing with my cock.
I knelt between her legs and started to lick her lips, after a few minutes she started to come and came with a loud scream and but only a little bit of liquid came out of her, I got the lube and spread some over her pussy hole and inside her using my finger, I also spread some over her arsehole, I pulled the condom on and moved forward between her legs whilst she held my cock over her entrance and I slowly moved forward, despite the lube it took a few seconds before my cock passed her lips but then it sank all the way in. She gasped as the intruder felt that it was trying to fill her body and then we started to rock together, despite the lack of liquid she still came with a scream as my cock sawed in and out of her until she stopped me and asked me to pull out, she then tipped her legs right over head and lined my cock up with her arsehole and I pushed in, for some reason her arse was always more receptive than her pussy and we were soon fucking whilst she was stroking her clit, I pulled out and flipped her onto her front and entered her arse from behind, she liked this as I could rub her clit while fucking her, she started to come and so did I and filled the condom whilst buried deep inside her arsehole.

"Thank you Jason see you soon I hope" she said and rolled over to sleep, it was now nearly 7PM so I removed the condom and left it in a bin and got dressed and grabbed the dress she was wearing and went out through another door into the main house, Simone was sitting in the lounge watching TV and saw me walk in.

"Hi sexy," I said and passed her the dress, she left the room and kissed me as she passed and then 2 minutes later I got a call from her bedroom upstairs, she was now wearing the same dress, she always liked our first fuck of the night to be whilst she wearing her mothers dress, it seems that she had a rivalry with her mother going back years after her mum had drunkenly slept with one of her boyfriends.

I kissed her on the lips and she responded whilst I unzipped the dress and peeled it open leaving her arms in it, I quickly removed all my clothes and she made a mewing noise as I kissed down her body and sucked a nipple into my mouth, I felt her cloth covered arm touch my shoulder as her hand grabbed my head and held me in place.

I managed to get out of the grip and did the same thing to the other one and she was by now panting, though that may have had something to do with the fact that I was fingering her clit at the same time, her juices started to flow so I slipped one finger in whilst chewing her nipple, this caused her to come and hold me to her chest whilst she shivered through her orgasm, she released me and I quickly got a condom from a pile she had left on a drawer unit and then replaced my finger with my cock. She flung her arms out to the side and gripped the sheets with until her knuckles went white as she felt my cock penetrate her pussy. "I fucking love your cock," she hissed through her teeth as I started to move in and out of her slowly.

I started to really fuck her with long deep hard strokes and she kept saying "Yes," as each one each one reached rock bottom and then she started to really scrunch up the bed sheets and I knew she close to coming again, I wasn't far away so started to really speed up until I felt my cock head burst open and sprayed inside the condom. "I'm coming," she said as she gripped the sheets and wrapped her legs around my butt to hold me deep inside until she finished her orgasm.

She released me from her grip and removed the dress from her arms and flung it onto the floor and then crawled under the covers while I removed the condom and then crawled in next to her. She kissed me on the lips and rested her head on my shoulder, "Am I a better shag than her?" she asked, and I could truthfully say "Yes," though I kept the fact I thought Sarah was better in bed to myself.

She got up and got us a drink and when she came back up we hugged and kissed until she rolled on to her front and wanted to me to plunder her arse which I did until she started to wail and then I finished off in her pussy.

We fell asleep and I left at 6 in the morning feeling used and abused.

Sarah Part 2

The week came round and again it was my night with Sarah and her husband announced he was being made redundant and would therefore take early retirement so they didn't have as much money coming in and he said they would have to economise, she was in tears when I arrived that evening and she said in between sniffles "I may not be able to see you anymore."

I lifted her chin and made her look at me and said "We will find a way," and kissed her on the lips gently and with feeling.

She looked at me and just said "I think I have fallen in love with you, I know you only do it for the money but I need you in my life for the one day a week when all reality is suspended and I can dream of a place where all that matters is my own carnal desires that I want to share with you and you alone. If the ladies at the WI and the church knew that I had a man who my husband pays to take me to sexual ecstasy because he can't and to be totally fair never did, not in the same way you do."

I almost felt teary at this point and kissed her again and wiped a tear from her eye, I noticed today she had a blue polka dot dress that had a lower neck than normal and was see through if the light was right.

I led her into the lounge where her husband was looking through a bowls magazine and sat down next to her on the sofa, she looked at me as I stroked her leg through her dress, I then leant over and kissed on the lips and she responded and we were soon making out like loved up teenagers. I found the top button and pulled that open as put a hand inside and cupped her breast through the thin lacy bra she had on. She then undid the next 2 buttons and she then pulled the dress off her shoulders, and I kissed her now bare shoulders and neck and found the front catch of her bra and undid it. She removed the bra and pulled me head to her breast and moved my mouth so it was over her nipple and sighed "Yes," when I sucked the nipple into my mouth. I stopped what I was doing so I could remove my shirt and then quickly started sucking her nipple again, she was by now making "mmm" and ahh" noises and they became louder when she felt my fingers move her under the skirt of the dress and stroked her mound though the thin silk panties she had on, she lifted my head and started kissed my squarely on the lips an her tongue invaded my mouth as she started to come from the fingers touching her lips and clit. "Yes, yes, yes£ came from her mouth as she shook herself through a little orgasm. I stood up and pulled my trousers and boxers down and stepped out of them and then helped her stand up and pulled her dress down with her panties, I sat her down on the sofa and pulled her bum to the edge and knelt in front of the sofa, my cock was now level with her opening and pushed forward as her pussy swallowed my cock, she pulled me close and wrapped her legs around me as my cock entered her wet and welcoming pussy, her husband had stopped reading and was now watching with great interest his naked wife getting pounded on the sofa. She was now very vocal "God, yes, you are making come every time you move in me," she screamed as my cock moved in and out of her, I pulled out and flipped her onto to her front with her bum in the air as I re entered her from behind. Her husband could now see my cock in all its glory fucking his wife, she was crying and saying "Yes, Yes, that's it I'm coming again."

He then took his cock out and started wanking but it would not go erect but he seemed to enjoy watching, I then roared "I'm going to come," and stuck it in as far as it would go, she quivered and shook and screamed as she felt my hot come coat her insides.

I pulled out and he watched with great interest as my come dripped out of her, she grabbed her dress and used it to wipe herself clean and then took my hand and led me to the lounge door, she turned to her husband and said "I am not economising on him," and led me upstairs where we had an equally noisy round 2 on her bed.

The next morning while she was again wearing one of my old shirts and was sitting on my lap when her husband came down he said "I'll only play golf twice a week rather than 4 times, we can afford it all then," before he disappeared out for the day. I then fucked her on the dining table and over the kitchen worktop before leaving lunchtime.

The following week I turned up as normal and made what was the biggest gesture of my life and I announced I was taking her to Venice for a mid week break the following week, she told her husband that he would have to fend for himself and when he asked "How much is this going to cost me?"

I replied "Nothing I'm paying, it's what your beautiful wife deserves and the biggest issue is that you can't see it."

We spent the whole evening in her bed talking about the sites we would see and where we could eat and of course me taking her to sexual ecstasy on multiple occasions.

I picked her up at 6PM the next week and she carried her bag with her and I put it in the boot of her car, her next door neighbour asked where she was going and she was told to mind her own business, Sarah had on a blue blouse and a brown floaty skirt, "what time is the flight?" she asked.

"9AM tomorrow morning, I thought you might like to stay in a luxury room of the airport hotel tonight," I replied.

Her smile made her look the happiest person in the world and she said "You had better get me there ASAP or I'm going to shag you right here right now."

We drove to the hotel and checked in and there we impatiently skipped the part where the receptionist tried to sell us the extras and made our way quickly to the room, as soon as the door was closed she removed her blouse and skirt and they were on the floor quickly followed by her underwear. I was pulling my clothes off at the same time and she collapsed on the bed and beckoned me over where I buried my head between her thighs and licked and kissed her to a crashing orgasm before mounting her and sending her to sexual heaven before depositing a large amount of come inside her.

We got up early and made it to the flight on time and we sat for the whole flight hand in hand like lovers on a romantic trip away. During our 3 days and 2 nights away we saw all the sites of Rome and made love 10 times, we made love before breakfast, between returning to the room and going out for dinner and then after dinner.

Our return flight was at 3PM and we managed to sneak a quickie in the toilets at Rome airport but it was too risky to join the mile high club on the plane. Before I took her home she spent the night in my flat where we had sex on the balcony over looking the river whilst the sun set.

Sarah is still one of my favourite clients ever though her husband like to watch his wife come on my cock every now and then.

Janine is my very first client - 3 years earlier.

Janine Evans was being screwed by her husband but she could only feel every now and then his dick touching something inside her and now only did it with him as she felt it was in her duties as his wife to do this, she is a 53 year old former beauty queen who still had the looks, 5 ft 8 inches tall with a slim figure and a beautiful face with long brown hair she could easily pass for 15 years younger, her husband was MD of the largest mill company and in the country, after he came inside her she had to ask if he had come yet and at this point he realised he couldn't perform well enough to satisfy her.

I was 27 nearly 28 years old at the time and was a self employed odd job man hired to work on remodelling their kitchen, her husband was a good man and asked me to do whatever work was needed and to not worry about the cost; if it would make it look better then the cost was irrelevant.

I visited the first time and Janine was wearing a pair of ankle length brown slacks and a white blouse and she noticed that I kept looking at her and smiled when she caught me looking at her pert bottom when she bent over, I promised to return in a week with some plans and costs.

Janine told her husband that she noticed me looking at her and rather than get all jealous he surprised her by suggesting that she try it on with me and see how far she got, he also suggested videoing her exploits as he always fancied watching her get pleasured in a way that he never could. Initially she was offended but her husband reassured her if she could get what she wanted which was a good seeing to and he would get off watching.

He wouldn't be at home when I arrived with drawings and quotes so Janine felt a bit more comfortable, what she didn't know was that her husband had hidden wifi connected cameras in the lounge and their bed room so he see what was going on from an Ipad in his office.

I arrived a 2 in the afternoon with a folder that contained different drawings and costs and also brought some door and worktop samples. I immediately noticed that she was more touchy feely and sat so close next to me on the sofa that we were touching knees, as I was presenting the quotes she kept gently touching my leg and knee with her soft hand which gave me a stiffy inside my tight jeans. Today she was wearing another blouse but this had a few more buttons open so I could see the top of the swell of her breasts and a hint of the lace of her bra.

My stiffy was by now getting uncomfortable and so I had to try and discretely move it which I thought I had got away with but Janine had most definitely noticed, she saw it and smiled to herself and realised that I found her attractive but didn't feel comfortable with letting me know that she was available as it were.

She got up and then I noticed that she was wearing a very tight skirt that made her bum look even more fabulous than before and then I noticed that her calves were still firm with no hint of age or cellulite.

Janine stood in the kitchen and decided to take the bull by the horns and undid another button on her blouse and pulled her skirt up slightly so her stocking tops were showing.

She walked back into the lounge and I gasped when I saw some of her lacy bra and more of her cleavage. She smiled and asked "What's wrong sweetie?"

I smiled as I looked at her face and just said "I hope I look as good at your age as you do?" and shut myself up before I told her what I wanted to do to her.

She leant over and kissed me on the lips and said "thank you, now can I tell you something?"

"Of course," I replied.

"I love my husband but he had an incredibly small penis and doesn't make me come, I've noticed that you don't have this problem and wonder if you would like to err sort me out?" she asked whilst stroking a finger nail gently up and down my leg.

I stood up and said "What about your husband?"

"He'll pay you to keep me happy, I think he might even like to watch," she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and I placed my hands on her hips as we started to sway as if we were dancing to some imaginary music.

Our lips met in light kiss which soon turned into a passionately tongue duelling session as my hands slipped down and rested on her bum cheeks pulling her close to me. She grunted and said "Take me here and now," as she pulled away and started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

"Let me," I said and undid the buttons to reveal a lacy see through bra. She kissed me again as she felt my hands wander over her bare skin and then cup her lace covered breasts, and then kissed me even harder when she realised my hands had slipped around her back and undid the bra. I pulled the blouse and bra off her shoulders and then pulled her close again as she undid the poppers and pulled my check shirt off so we now topless rubbing against each other, we both fell on the sofa where she undid the button and zip on my trousers and stuck a hand inside and groped my cock though my boxer shorts and just said "Wow."

I pulled away and pulled my trousers and boxers down whilst she removed her skirt and knickers leaving her lying on the sofa wearing only a pair of black hold ups, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and she started to play with my cock, I moved down her body and she asked "what are you doing?" as she felt me kiss down her arms then her leg and then she felt her breath on her lower lips, "That's dirty," she said and then she felt my lips touch her lower lips and immediately all thoughts of unseemliness went out of the window as a thousand explosions went off in her groin and head.

She came immediately on feeling my lips kiss her cunt lips and then again when my tongue pierced inside her cunt, she draped her nylon covered legs over my shoulders and used them to keep me in place until she could take no more, which in the end only seemed to take 5 or so minutes as she came so hard and so often, as soon as she removed her legs I moved up and kissed her on the lips and she screamed the house down as my cock penetrated her inner sanctum, she had got so wet that I slid right in until I hit the bottom, her legs now wrapped themselves around my waist as I started to slowly move in and out of her, I had angled my attack so that my cock was rubbing her clit on each inwards stroke which caused her to come again almost immediately.

At this point her husband was sitting in his office watching mesmerised as his wife was obviously coming repeatedly whilst being screwed by a fuck stick twice as big as his. He was so turned on he had pulled his cock out and was furiously wanking as fast as he could and then came when he heard Jason roar that he was coming and Janine's mouth opened and screamed louder than she had ever done with him.

He watched as we kissed and when he removed himself he watched as so much come poured out of her cunt onto the leather sofa and then felt a twinge of jealousy as we shared a tender kiss, this was so replaced by lust as he watched us walk hand in hand out of the lounge and so he switched to the bedroom camera. He watched as he could see inside the en suite as well as we showered together and then dried each other before falling onto his bed that he shared with his wife and then got all excited again as he watched her straddle and ride me whilst I slowly mauled her breasts, he then watched agog as I rolled us over and fucked her again to multiple orgasms for at least 15 minutes before depositing a 2nd load of come inside his wife's clutching pussy.

Janine and I kissed until my cock plopped out of her cunt and then we went and found our clothes that were strewn down stairs; I spotted the red flashing light on the camera in the bedroom and said to Janine "You could have just asked about recording us?"

She looked at where I was pointing and said "It must be my husband as I didn't know anything about it, he did say it was OK for me to do this but I didn't know he set the cameras up I'm so sorry."

"No harm done but if wants to watch next time he can sit in chair or at least tell us," I replied and Janine watched as I got dressed, "You know, he'll pay you to screw me," she said.

"Really, I enjoyed it but I never say no to earning some extra cash," I replied and kissed her on the lips again before leaving the house.

I didn't hear anything from them for 2 weeks until she rang me "Hi Jason, its Janine Evans how are you?" she enquired.

"Very good Janine and how is your sexy self?" I replied.

She giggled and said "My husband wants to sit in the wardrobe and watch as you screw me silly, he will pay you £500."

"Really, I would do it for free but you are on so the next question is when?" I replied.

"Be here at 7 oh and don't wear a lot, he will want us to pretend that we are screwing behind his back and that we don't know he's watching," she responded.
I arrived at her house at 7 wearing a pair of sweat shorts with a zip up hoody and a pair of slip on trainers, she answered the door wearing a green and blue long cotton dress button up that reached her ankles, the top 4 buttons were undone revealing some appealing cleavage and the bottom few were also undone to reveal some thigh as she walked, I walked in and just said "Hi," as she closed the door and locked it.

I leant in and kissed her gently on the lips and she responded and then the kissing got more and more intense until we were full on snogging in the hallway, I lay her down on the stairs and lay on top of her, she wrapped her arms around me as she felt me kiss her neck and felt my hand cup her breast through the dress, she didn't stop me as I pulled myself free and unbuttoned her dress fully to reveal that she was naked underneath. She also didn't stop me when I licked her cunt and clit to a large orgasm and then didn't stop me again when I pulled down my shorts and entered her with my now fully erect cock. I got a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of her husband wanking at the site of being wife being humped on the stairs, this was not loving this was pure animal screwing. "I'm Coming," she screamed as she arched her back to try and take me in deeper, as soon as she calmed down I picked her up and carried her upstairs, she wrapped her legs around me and kept whispering in my ear, "stay in me, don't pull out, I fucking love your cock."

We collapsed onto her bed and with her arms still her dress and my cock in her cunt, where we resumed fucking, I rolled us over so she was on top and she ground herself against me whilst pulling the dress off, I reached up and pulled her nipples and she then held my hands on her breast whilst grinding herself harder against me until she started to come she let go off my hands as the orgasm rattled her inner being, as she as she stopped coming I pulled her down to me and started to bang into her from below, she put her head the side of the wardrobe and looked at it whilst saying "Your cock really fills me up and makes me come, when you come I'm going to juice all over your hot love stick, now fuck me like my useless husband can't with his small insignificant dick, yours is at least twice the size of his and stretches me like his can't, you are my only lover other than my limp dicked husband in 35 years, now make up for the lost time I have had by making come aggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn" she screamed as my come painted her insides triggering her to come again.

She kissed me tenderly on the lips as the waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. We kissed until she got of me and my come fell out all over my leg, she got a sponge from the en suite and washed me off as I lay on the bed. I watched as when she walked back her 34D breasts wobbled nicely.

I could see her husband moving in the wardrobe and imagined he had his dick in his hand so playing along asked Janine, "what time will your sexually inadequate husband be home?"

She guessed what I was up and said "Not for another 2 hours," as she straddled me again and started stroking my cock until it was fully erect, I nudged her off my and laid her on her front and then lifted her bum in the air and started to kiss her bum cheeks she moaned appreciably when I rimmed her arsehole, "That is so naughty," she said but didn't stop me nor did she stop me when I spat on it and worked a finger inside her bum hole, "You dick is too big but your finger feels so nice inside my arse," she said loudly which caused a loud groan from the wardrobe, I removed my finger which prompted a moan of disappointment from Janine and flung open the wardrobe door, her husband was sitting on a chair looking all flustered with is cock in his hand.

I grabbed him by his pyjama top and made him sit on the floor and told him "If you are going to watch your wife get fucked then watch clearly." His eyes lit up and grabbed his dick harder, "The only thing is you can't touch yourself while you watch," I said. I turned to Janine and said "do you have an old pair of tights or something?" she got a pair out of the bed side cabinet and I tied his hands to the wardrobe handle so he could watch but couldn't wank. He kept looking at my cock as it bobbed in front of him but I slapped him and said "This is for your wife only you dirty little fucker."

I crawled onto the bed just as Janine got off and slapped him as well and said "you can watch a real big man fuck me now you little cunt," before falling backwards on the bed and looked at me, "Fuck me with your big dick, your dick is bigger floppy than his is fully erect."

All this talk seemed to get her so turned on that I moved between her legs and then lifted her legs onto my shoulders I entered her so easily, she grabbed the bed sheets as my cock pounded her pussy relentlessly, she came once very loudly and then again a few minutes later, I pulled out and turned her over on to her front where I fucked her doggy style, my cock slipped out as I pulled out too far and when I went to push back in my cock slipped into her arsehole, her head rocked backwards as she felt my cock pass the sphincter, "Slowly please," she pleaded as my cock aided by all the wetness coming from her cunt slowly filled her arsehole until my balls were resting on her arse cheeks.

She looked at her husband and said "He is so good that I even let him into my arse, it is so big it feels wonderful," at this point I reached underneath her and diddled her clit which made her come violently and then I started to slowly fuck her arse, "Look at his cock going in and out of my arse," she told her husband and when he didn't look straight away she shouted at him "I said look you pussy."

I really started to go for it and held onto her hips as she diddled her own clit and I came quickly inside her arsehole, she wasn't far behind me and came with a scream and prayer to a copulating deity.

Her husband had also come even though he couldn't touch himself and once we had all calmed down he thanked me profusely and paid me £1000, he went to bed as he was tired but he wanted to sleep in the soiled sheets, Janine pulled on a dressing gown and I recovered my shorts and hoody from the stairs. "That was fun," she said, "I really enjoyed humiliating him but next time, can just you and I get together?"

"Off course," I replied and we kissed passionately before I left whilst her husband was upstairs asleep in the sheets soaked in my come.

The next day I got a call from Janine and she said "you will be getting a call from a lady called Sarah shortly, my husband knows her husband, oh and are you free tomorrow evening my husband has left £1000 for you to make me come again."

That was the start of my career as a marriage recovery consultant, the ladies now seemed a lot happier and gave their husbands a lot less grief.

Back to now.

Janine rang me to say that a friend of hers had she only saw once in blue moon seemed to notice that she seemed happier and was shocked when Janine explained why. Her friend wasn't well off so Janine had arranged to pay to see if I could help her friend in the same way. I arranged to meet this friend at the bar of a Travelodge on the edge of the town at 2PM for an afternoon of debauchery and was told to wear a grey suit with a white shirt and blue tie, the lady in question would be wearing a blue trouser suit and white frilly blouse. We would both be wearing a red carnation in the button hole to further make identification easier. Janine had also booked a large room in the hotel just in case things went as she intended.

I waited in the bar and felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around and saw a lady standing there who looked a bit like Janine standing there wearing a blue trouser suit with a white frilly blouse and red carnation in the button hole. "Hi Jason, how are you?" she asked.

"Hi, can I get you a drink?" I responded as she sat on the bar stool next to me.

"White wine please," she replied.

We waited until the drink was presented and then went and sat in the corner where it was quiet. "My name is Fiona and I am Janine's younger sister," she asked without preamble.

"Good to meet you," I responded, "what would you like?" I asked.

"To be screwed, you know my sister is secretly in love with you but I just want to be fucked" she replied honestly.

Fiona explains that she is a single mum who also looks after 3 grandchildren so doesn't have time or the need for a relationship but would like to be screwed senseless for 1 night every now and then.

"So what happens now?" I asked.

Come to the room that Janine booked," Fiona replied.

We finished our drinks and headed for the room where she took her jacket off and hung it on the back of a chair and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a white lacy bra, she then undid her trousers and pushed them to the floor, she was wearing a white thong which she pushed down and off and the removed her bra, "I have been working out," she said .I removed all my clothing very quickly and stood there stark naked as Fiona walked over and we started kissing.

We fell onto the bed and I discretely found out what she liked and what she didn't whilst exploring her body, her breasts were smaller than her sisters but her figure was more toned and when I went down on her I discovered she tasted very similar when she came.

She had put a packet of condoms on the bed side cabinet and I entered her after she rolled one onto my cock. "Oh my god," she screamed as I started to pound into her, I had discovered she liked her sex rough and pinned her down by her arms to the bed and screwed her hard and fast until she came and then I filled the condom whilst buried inside her.

The 2nd time I screwed her she was so loud the hotel receptionist had to ask us to be quiet as other guests were complaining; she fell asleep after the 2nd time and the left about 6 after getting a phone call from her daughter. I kissed her as we went through reception and noticed the receptionist was looking at me, she was an attractive blonde lady in her mid 40's, she looked a bit chubby around the waist but that was made up by the fact that she had an enormous pair of breast that were struggling to be contained by her white uniform blouse that had gaps between the buttons so you could see the white bra underneath.

I said my goodbyes to Fiona and walked over to the receptionist and noticed her name tag said Helen. "I'm very sorry about earlier, what time do you finish so I can take you out for a drink to say sorry properly."

She started to play with her wedding ring and said "I'm married and old why would you want to have a drink with me?"

"Because you are very attractive and having a drink with me doesn't mean you'll be screaming in sexual delight does it?" I replied.

She looked shocked and then said "As it happens my husband is away and I am at a loose end, so yes I would be honoured to accept your invitation for a drink. I finish as soon as the cover arrives, but just a drink though."

I smiled at her and said "I'll wait in the room for you, can you ask someone to change the sheets though as they are bit messed up and dirty."

5 minutes later I was back in the room watching housekeeping change the bed sheets and soon everything was back to normal. I got a bottle of wine and 2 glasses from the bar and waiting for Helen to knock on the door.

I let her in and we sat and talked, I found out she was 51 years old with 2 grown up children that had moved away, her husband worked on oil rigs and was away for weeks at a time and she worked just so she had someone to talk to during the day. We finished one bottle of wine and I got another and by now her inhibitions was being worn down and she admitted that she was sexually frustrated and having to deal with someone in the throes of sexual ecstasy earlier didn't help matters.

"Well if you need some release, I can help?" I offered.

I'm fat and old," she said and I noticed that she didn't mention she was married.

I looked her in the eye and said "you are curvy and mature and that is a very attractive combination to my eyes," I moved so I was sat right next to her and kissed her on the cheek and placed a hand on her thigh. Helen looked at me and opened her legs as I started to stroke her thigh over the plain black uniform trousers she had on and then leaned in for a kiss, she gently kissed me on the lips and she didn't resist when I flicked open a couple of buttons on her blouse and gently placed my hand on her bra clad breast. Her kissing got more intense when I put my hand inside her bra cup and flicked her nipple.

She pulled away and looked at me and said "is this a one off?"

"Not if you don't want it to be," I replied and undid all the buttons on the blouse and pulled it off her shoulders and then undid the front clasp of her bra, I leaned in and kissed her now exposed breast, they had a big of sag but still looked superb and she gasped and held my head on her nipple when I sucked into my mouth, she pulled my head off and stood up and said "Fuck me now before I change my mind," and removed the rest of her clothes. I quickly removed mine and we fell on the bed with me on top kissing her passionately on the lips, her tongue was trying to see how far it would go down my throat and her legs went wide, I put a hand between her thighs and could feel the heat and moisture coming from her mound as my finger penetrated her lips.

"Oh my," she said and she felt my finger enter her and then my thumb start flicking her clit and she started to kiss me even harder until she started to shake uncontrollably as she had a little orgasm. I removed my hand and lined up my dick and penetrated her as far as my cock would go.

Her arms and legs enveloped me as we started to fuck; I forgot all about the condoms and started to pound into her with all my might. She was making grunting noises each time my cock pushed in and she was pushing back as hard as she could, my chest was pulled tight against her soft pillow breasts and her fingers were scratching my back as she suddenly came shaking all over, I kept pounding away during her orgasm and then she grabbed a pillow and bit into it hard to suppress the scream that she was about to let go, it came out as a strange muffled noise and then she said "that was awesome" as I slowly kept fucking her, I rolled us over so she was on top and this meant I got to play with her wonderfully soft large breast, she put a hand down either side of my head and started to fuck me, she was using my cock for her own pleasure and kept saying in my ear, "make me come, make me come."

I reached round and could hold onto her arse cheeks as she fucked me and felt that I was near, I sat up and that allowed me to reach a bit further and I shoved a finger into her arse hole; that seemed to do the trick just as I emptied my balls into her cunt. She went stiff and screamed so loudly that I thought the dead would wake up. I stuck a pillow in her mouth and she bit down on it.

After a few seconds I removed my finger and she let go of the pillow and it fell on top of me, she collapsed on top of me and said "I have never ever come like that before, can you come home with me? My daughter is going to call in a while and I need to be at home," and then kissed me really hard again.

"Let's go before someone called the police, the scream you gave off was so loud," I replied and she hopped off me and found her clothes, she used her knickers to wipe the come from her pussy and we quickly got dressed and I drove her back to her house where I licked her to an orgasm before she spoke to her daughter whilst riding my cock slowly and deliberately, A few times she lost her train of thought as I squeezed her breasts, we arranged to meet the following week as this is for me and not anyone else but I still stayed the night and she was very grateful for the company.

The next evening I was meeting for the first time an American lady, her husband was a millionaire and had a fantasy of seeing his wife being screwed whilst he watched; he then wanted to eat the other man's come from her pussy.

I arranged to meet then at a large house on the outskirts of town; the door was opened by a very slim but tall lady who spoke with a mid west American accent, "Hi, come on in my name is Cindy and this I my husband Gerry." Cindy looked to be about 50 years old and she explained "Tomorrow is Gerry's 60th birthday and this is going to be his special birthday treat." Cindy had very short spiky copper coloured hair, she was as tall as me but as skinny as a rake, she was wearing a very sensible dress like my nana used to wear, there were 3 large buttons on the top half which showed no cleavage and the bottom of the dress flared out. The dress was knee length and she was wearing no nylons that I could tell. Gerry was a grey haired grey skinned tall man who seemed the total opposite of his wife, she did all the talking and he just stood there and watched and listened.

We sat in the lounge where we all had a drink and then she said "Well, shall we get to it then, I am quite nervous as I have only ever made love to my husband but I want to feel a big hard throbbing cock pulse as it sends it's seed deep inside my body, and then poor Gerry who can't get it up anymore can lick your seed from my dripping hole."

"I normally wear a condom," I said.

"Not today," she said and produced a doctor's certificate dated earlier this week which showed that she had no sexual diseases and was HIV clear.

I looked at it and nodded and then she sat on my lap and said "Screw me."

"My pleasure," I said and kissed her on the lips. Her lips were soft and warm and despite her not being the most experienced I can honestly say it was one of the most sensuous and erotic kissing sessions I ever had, I was so lost in the moment that I never noticed that she had pulled my shirt of my back and that I had undone the buttons on her dress and was now cupping her small breasts as we kissed.

I lay down on the sofa and pulled her on top of me and she straddled me as we continued kissing, we broke for the first time and I just said "You are an amazing kisser."

She had a dreamy look in her eyes and then she realised she was half naked with a man young enough to be her son whilst her husband watched silently from an arm chair. She smiled at me and stood up as I pulled the dress right off her and she stood there wearing only a pair of white cotton knickers, I then hooked a finger each side and pulled them down, her collars and cuffs didn't match and the hair around her mound was a dark grey colour, she asked me to stand and pulled my trousers and pants down as pushed me back onto the sofa and straddled me again, where we resumed kissing, her mound dragged across my erect cock and she gasped when she felt the tip of my cock pass her soaking lips, I lifted her up and lay her gently on her back and knelt between her thighs before kissing her stomach and legs before ravenously attacking her mound, her hips shot a feet in the air as she felt my tongue on her clit and she just kept saying "that's lovely, that's lovely," until she came spurting her juices over my face. I only ever had one squirter before and Cindy surprised me by being the second, I gulped as much down as I could and she said "I'm so sorry, I have never done that before, but no one has ever put their lips there before," and Gerry had found a packet of wipes and passed one to me so I could wipe my face, I declined it and licked and my lips clean.

I then kissed up her body and she kissed my chin and said "so that's what I taste like," before snogging me fully on the lips and then making a hissing noise when she felt my cock pass her lips and bury itself inside her wonderfully tight cunt. "He is so much bigger than your puny cock, you lied to me about it being large," she screamed at Gerry as I slowly worked my cock in and out of her cunt, "He is making me come again nooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww," she screamed as the orgasm racked her body. Gerry by now had walked over and had kissed his wife on the forehead whilst I was screwing her, I pulled out and turned her onto front and re entered her from behind, she hissed and looked at her husband and said "He is so deep in me; your puny cock will never be enough for me now."
She kept telling him what a useless lover he was as my cock sawed in and out of her pussy until I whispered in her ear that I was going to come, "He's going to come in me now," she whimpered at her husband as I grabbed her nipple and squeezed just as my cock burst open inside her welcoming cunt, "We are coming," she said and shook as she felt my come paint her insides.

I pulled out when I was finished and Gerry slid underneath her as my come dripped out her, it landed in his mouth and he swallowed hungrily and then made a face like a 2 year old being told to eat lettuce, I opened his mouth and made sure all the come that dripped from her ended up in is mouth.

He got up looked at me and said "I'm not sure I enjoyed you screwing my wife and I'm really not sure I enjoyed eating your come."

Cindy by now had recovered and had pulled her dress back on, "Well this was your idea and if you didn't like it then that is your fault, now pay him," she commanded.

He gave me the money and I put it in my trousers as I sat on their sofa still naked and my cock was still hard. Cindy noticed and just said "Oh seems a shame to waste it" and straddled me with her dress on but all 3 buttons still undone, she grabbed my cock and rose above it and sat down sharply so it all went in right up to the hilt, and she made an "ooooooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffff" noise and sighed.

"Cindy, leave him alone now," Gerry cried as he watched his wife started to grind herself on my cock and kissed me on the lips.

"You have created a monster Gerry, your cock will never satisfy me now got to bed if you don't want to watch," she hissed as she felt another orgasm building.

I lifted her by her arse cheeks and started to move my cock in and out of her and then Cindy came, her head rocked back and I let go of her arse cheeks and she crashed back down and my cock filled her up again, I leaned forward and sucked her whole breast into my mouth whilst tweaking the other one with my fingers, she shook and then soaked my groin with another squirt and then pulled my head up and kissed me open mouthed so we were exchanging tongues. Gerry looked shocked and appalled as he realised his wife was for the first time in her life being properly fucked and it wasn't by him.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me and I said "Bedroom?"

"Upstairs first on the left," she replied and he watched open mouthed as I carried his wife to their marital bed whilst still coupled together.

As we passed him she said "you know where the spare blankets are in the hall cupboard because tonight you are on the sofa."

I carried her upstairs and lay her on the bed where we spent the next 2 hours fucking each other's brains out before falling asleep. We were woken at 7 in the morning by Gerry coming up the stairs, we were making out like teenagers when he opened the door and looked horrified when Cindy asked him to leave as she needed me once more before I left.

We fucked in 4 different positions before she let me leave an hour later. She showed me out of the door and said she would call me again, I kissed her passionately before leaving, she had escorted me to the door stark naked which really pissed Gerry off.

When I got home I checked my messages and had urgent call from a hospital in Spain, I returned the call and found out that my mum and dad had been killed in a car crash on a motorway, I rang my customers for the next couple of weeks on the way to the airport to tell them that I wouldn't be around and the reason why.

I brought their body's home and the funeral was held 2 weeks later, my brother and I placed an advert in the local papers letting everyone know when and where it was and we got word to family and friends.

The day of the funeral arrived and my brother and I sat in the lead car along with my Dad's brother Fred. The 3 of us were coffin bearers along with some of my Dad's fishing friends and after we had brought both coffins in we sat through the service, I cried throughout the whole service and at the end stood outside and had a cigarette with my brother, his wife took him away and I realised that despite the fact I was sleeping with a number of women I was actually alone in the world. I had no real friends because of the work I did and all though I had a comfortable life I had no one to share it with.

My rather depressing thoughts were interrupted by a tap on the shoulder, I turned around and there stood Cindy, "Hi," she said.

"Hi Cindy, how are you?" I replied with a fake smile.

She immediately saw through it and said "you need to be with someone tonight, stay at mine we can talk and hug and I'll be there for you."

"What about Gerry?" I asked.

"Fuck him, you need a friend," she said.

"I'd rather fuck you but tonight I do just need someone to hold me," I replied

She smiled and for the first I noticed what she was wearing, she had on a black trouser suit with a grey blouse that had no buttons so guessed it was pull on, she looked fantastic and had dyed her hair blonde since the last time I had seen her. We held hands as we walked back to her car and she drove me first to my flat where I quickly packed a bag which at her insistence now carried a few days worth of clothes as she reckoned I couldn't be left on my own for a while.

We arrived at her house where Gerry was waiting for us; Cindy had phoned him on the way home and told him that I would be staying for a few nights as I needed a friend.

She showed me into her bedroom and just said "I don't share a bed with Gerry anymore," and then said "Give me 15 minutes before coming downstairs."

I heard raised voices with Gerry saying "Why does he have to stay here? You want to fuck him again don't you?"

"He needs a friend and there will be no fucking in this house tonight, he will share my bed and we will hug and that is it, anyway I thought you were going to see your new lady friend, the latest in a string of them that you admitted to and that is why I won't sleep with you anymore, not because he is so much bigger and better than you but because I stopped loving you since I found out about your numerous affairs." she shouted back.

"You slept with him," he shouted.

"Because you wanted me to so be careful what you wish for," she replied.

I had got changed into a tracksuit bottoms and t shirt by the time she came back up stairs, "I'm sorry I heard most of that," I said.

She kissed my cheek and just said "I'm sorry you had to hear it," as she pulled off her jacket, the blouse had a zip up the back and she tried to pull in down but it was stuck, "Can you help me please?" she asked so I lowered the zip and saw the straps of a black bra underneath. She kept her back to me and pulled the blouse and bra off and put on a dark red silky pyjama top, she then pulled her trousers down and off and replaced them with a matching long pair of pyjama bottoms. Once she had finished he turned round and said "Are you hungry?"

I realised that I hadn't eaten since last night and was now starving, I nodded and she took me by the hand led me to the kitchen where she made me some soup with crusty bread, I devoured it and as she put the bowl, pans and spoon in the dish washer said "let's watch TV in bed," we spent the whole evening talking, crying and hugging and I went to sleep laying on my side with her spooned behind me. I woke up the next morning to find her hand was now resting on my thigh. I tried to move without waking Cindy as I need a pee, I went into the en suite and did what I needed to do and Cindy was awake laying on her side looking at me.

"Morning," I said.

"Morning," she replied as I slid back into bed and she threw an arm and leg over me and kissed me on the cheek, she rested head on my shoulder as I lay on my back.

"Thank you for last night, it really meant something to have you holding me and just well being there," I said.

"You are very welcome and it was nice to have you here, what do you want to do today?" she asked.

"I've got to go to the solicitors at 11 o'clock for the will reading," I replied and started to cry again. She sat up and pulled me close and rested my head on her chest and just said "Let it all out my sweetheart."

I managed to pull myself together after a few minutes and kissed her gently on the lips and just said "Thank you."

She smiled and said "Let's get breakfast."

I was in the solicitor's office along with my brother and Fred, it went pretty much as expected, my brother and I got the house and Fred got my dad's collection of fishing stuff. We ended up in the pub and had a few drinks before I got a taxi back to Cindy's.

She greeted me at the door wearing a blue zip up blouse and black jeans, "Where's Gerry?" I asked.

"He's gone and moved in with his girlfriend whilst you are here," she said.

"I'm sorry I'll go," I replied.

"You will do no such thing, you need a friend and you can stay here as long as you need," she said and hugged me.

I spent a week there and Cindy noticed that I was becoming more my old self, "I take it you will be going to back to work shortly," she said.

"I've been thinking about that and no I won't, I want a normal life and I was wondering if you would like to share it with me?" I said, "I have money put aside and if I sell my flat then I can afford to down size and be mortgage free whilst I look for a job."

She looked at me and said "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?"

"I guess I am," I replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I love you," I replied.

She walked over and kissed me on the lips and said "I will be honoured, what about the other ladies?"

"What about them, they were customers and not one has called to see how I am, from the first time I met you there was something different or should I say special about you." I said.

Cindy wrapped her arms around my neck and said "I'm going to ring Gerry to tell him that I'm moving into your flat for now and when it's sold we can buy our own house together."

I kissed her on the lips and said "How about we buy my brother's share of my parent's house and live there?"

She thought about it and said "The house stays in family and I understand it was your grandparent's house and they passed it down to your dad, so that's wonderful idea to keep it in the family."

I packed all my stuff I had brought over and she packed all her clothes into 5 large suitcases and we moved into my flat. The first time we made love that night in the flat was special. It was the first time as a proper couple.

I had cooked dinner and we had drunk a bottle of wine to celebrate our new relationship. She was wearing a baggy pink shirt over a black pair of trousers and when I returned from the kitchen I held out my hand and she took it eagerly as I led her to the bedroom. We kissed as I slowly opened her shirt and she did the same to me, we pulled the shirts off each other as we kissed and broke the kiss while we pulled out our own trousers and underwear off, she also removed her bra and we fell onto the bed naked, she landed on top of me and said "I've always wanted to try this," and turned around, she then swung her leg over my head so her pussy lips were in my face and she grabbed my cock and then put her mouth over the end.

"Fuck," were the only words that came to mind.

She released my cock, looked over her shoulder and said "Lick me please."

I smiled and stuck my tongue into her folds just as she sucked my cock back into her mouth and we both went for it. She came quickly and then again soaking my face and I felt the tingle in my knob, "I'm going to come," I shouted but this seemed to spur her on and then just at the crucial moment she deep throated me, I came directly into her throat and she gagged but didn't move, I shouted "Yes," and stuck 2 fingers into her cunt which caused her to come again.

She released my cock and turned around and looked very flushed in the face and was out of breath, she said "give me a minute," and lay down next to me on the bed.

"That was fucking awesome," I said.

"Yes it was," she panted back and I rolled onto top of her where we exchanged deep French kisses which instantly brought my cock back to life and like a heat seeking missile pierced her pussy lips and I pushed all the way in,

"Oh my god," she yelled as she felt my cock fill her up and her legs wrapped around my waist, her hands gripped the sheets.

"I love you Jason," she said though gritted teeth as she felt my cock pounding inside her and as she came her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled my head down so we were kissing as we fucked.

"I love you Cindy," I said as she shook though an orgasm and released her grip on my neck.

I rolled us over so she was on top and she sat up and started to lift her hips up and down on top of me, I reached up and played with her small yet beautiful breasts and then her breathing got heavier again until she started to spasm, I pushed my cock in as far as it would go and exploded in side her as she was coming, she held my hands to he breasts as she rode the waves of her orgasm. She then collapsed on top of me and said "Thank you."

We fell asleep with her lying on top of me and that was the start of a new chapter in my life.

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