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Kelly's Fuck Date

by hana

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Kelly closed her eyes and slid deeper into the warm, scented water. The soft, frothy bubbles encased her entire body from the neck down and she let out a deeply contented sigh. She raised her hands to lightly pat warm water on her face, before pulling them tightly back over her head and through her long, soaked hair. It had been another mind-numbingly dull week at work and this was a wonderful start to her Friday evening. Kelly loved taking hot baths. All life's stresses, aches, pains and banalities could be put temporarily to one side. The lighting in the modern, marble-white bathroom was set low, the small ceiling lights dulled like half a dozen cloud-obscured moons. Three cappuccino-scented candles strategically placed around the room flickered intensely, adding another pleasing aroma to her very personal paradise.

Kelly continued to enjoy the exquisite relaxation a long deep bath can bring a busy woman. As the minutes ticked by however, she became acutely aware the temperature of the water was cooling. She gave a little frustrated tut.

"Slave, I need more hot water."

From the corner of the bathroom, near the door and just beside the hot towel rack, Jon raised his head. For the last thirty minutes or so, he'd been instructed to remain silently in the corner on his hands and knees, ready to serve obediently and without fail. He hastily crawled to the bathtub on his hands and knees, his naked body making soft thuds on the tiled floor. He looked across at his Mistress - she didn't even bother opening her eyes to acknowledge him. Instead she just spat out an insult, at odds with the previous tranquillity and ambience of the room.

"Well don't take all day slut! I said I needed more hot water."

"Yes Mistress Kelly, I'm sorry," he responded quickly.

He pulled the bath plug to start draining the water whilst simultaneously running the hot tap. It wasn't a good idea to keep Kelly waiting - or unhappy - on nights like these. He was there to submit to her every desire, request and whim, no matter how mean, outrageous, degrading, humiliating or nasty. That was his sole purpose as her cuckold that evening.

Jon had met Kelly in a downtown cocktail bar just over two years ago. It was one of those badly themed bars where people go for only two reasons - to get drunk and to get laid. And not necessarily in that order. They'd hit it off immediately, a mutual physical attraction strongly complemented by three hours hard drinking. Like every cliché in the book, she went back to his cold apartment and they fucked. It was forgettable, drunken sex and they completed the cliché by saying as little as possible the next morning in a haze of mutual embarrassment. The classic one-night stand.

Neither gave each other much thought until they bumped into one another several weeks later in a Starbucks queue. After the initial embarrassment they got talking - finding common ground in an unintentionally hilarious dispute between an irate Polish customer and an overworked and underpaid Starbucks cashier. They swapped numbers and spent the next few months steadily dating. The relationship went from there. It turned out they had a lot in common, especially when it came to their sexual desires. When they finally discovered their deviant, kinky interests were shared (you don't just casually disclose to your partner over breakfast you'd like to watch them get fucked in all their holes by another man), it was like the fireworks show on the Fourth of July.

Tonight was their most thrilling roleplay yet - and the riskiest. Kelly shivered in excitement at the thought of what lay ahead, the bathwater once more turning piping hot.

"Thank you slave. Now return to your corner until I need you again."

Preparation and anticipation were huge turn-ons for both Kelly and Jon. They were just as important as the activities that were to follow. Nothing was to be rushed. Everything had to be savoured and built up. As her cuckold for the evening, Jon was tasked with preparing Kelly thoroughly. He was to follow her every command as part of her pre-date ritual - from her make-up and fetish clothing to her choice of toenail polish jewellery. She held complete power and dominance. Jon's intended feelings of worthlessness and helplessness preparing his sexy girlfriend was compounded by the fact he wasn't even the date this evening. He was preparing his girlfriend for someone else. A bull.

"Slut, I'm ready to be dried off now."

Kelly draped her soapy right arm over the bathtub. Jon once again crawled over on his hands and knees on her command.

"You may stand up now," said Kelly in a firm voice.

Jon gingerly stood up, his elbows and knees a little stiff from his subservient position. He clasped Kelly's hand and gently helped her out the bath. The bubbles streaked down her glistening body. He noticed her nipples were erect. Taking a large, fluffy white towel, he began carefully patting down her body, taking care to pat and not to rub. He desperately wanted to please his Mistress during the preparation ritual. Kelly smiled inwardly as she watched her boyfriend take great care softly drying her body. She had to restrain a moan when the towel reached her inner thighs and then very quickly and lightly pressed against her shaved pussy.

"Make sure you dry my pretty feet properly slave," she said pointedly, sitting down on the edge of the tub so she could place her feet in his hands.

"They need to be completely dry before you apply the toenail polish."

Jon took Kelly's right foot in his hand and began gently drying it, making sure he worked in between her toes. He dried them slowly and carefully, before repeating the process with her left foot.

"Now, make sure you apply my toenail polish slave. I think I'll have my toes painted a nice whorish red tonight. Do you like whorish red slave?"

"I think red is perfect for you Mistress," Jon replied earnestly. His cock was already hard. This hadn't escaped Kelly's attention. She knew any talk around her feet was an instant cock-builder for him.

Over the next ten minutes Jon methodically applied Kelly's bright red toenail polish, his hands as steady as the most experienced engraver. He blew softly on each toe and looked up at his mistress once finished for approval. Kelly lifted up her feet one for close inspection.

"Yes, excellent work slave."

Then she sighed.

"If only you were as talented when it came to worshipping other parts of my body. You're simply not adequate enough to fulfil my sexual needs. I need a real cock fucking my holes. Not this worthless thing."

With that she pressed her left foot into Jon' throbbing cock and held it there. He couldn't help but let out a groan as her soft fleshy foot teased him mercilessly.

Following the toenail painting ritual, Jon then blow-dried her long brunette hair before helping apply her make-up; ruby-red lipstick, mascara and blusher to complete the sultry and sexual look. Kelly made sure she looked perfect before she allowed the next part of the routine to unfold.

"Now dress me."

"I'll need some clothes for my date this evening - even if they will all be coming off again." Kelly said mischievously.

Jon made his way over to the little wooden stool by the bath where her pre-selected outfit had been neatly prepared. Kelly followed him and perched on top of the bath. The pile was extremely small - only two items and contained no underwear. His heart was beating fast as he picked up the first item - a tight pink latex dress. He turned to face his mistress who had already stood up. Jon carefully slid the figure-hugging material up and over her slender figure. It fit like a glove. Her breasts were practically bursting out while the bottom of the dress only reached as far as the top of her thighs. When she sat back down on the bathtub he had a perfect view of her exposed cunt. He could see it was already dribbling. His heart was beating fast. He reached over for her shoes to complete the outfit - open-toed white stilettos with a five inch heel. Jon slid each heel on like a glass slipper. He was pleased with himself until he saw the look of scorn on his Mistresses' face.

"You silly cuckold, what have you forgotten?" she said with mock disdain.

Jon panicked. What had he forgotten? Ah yes, the toe ring and ankle bracelet! He looked back to the wooden stool to see the two pieces of jewellery waiting to be reunited with their owner. He attached the ankle bracelet first to her right ankle, lightly stroking her supple calf at the same time. And then he slid the toe ring on the middle toe of her left foot. Kelly stood up and assessed herself in the long mirror. The look was complete. She looked like a complete slut. Perfect!

She turned to look down at her cuckold, attaching a collar and leash around his neck as she spoke to him.

"A first class job slave. You may not be able to satisfy me sexually these days, but you do have talent in thoroughly preparing your Mistress for a real man. He won't be able to contain himself thanks to you! We could make this your new profession!"

And with that she led him out their bathroom on the leash like a dog, chaining him to a metal rail across from their double bed. She bent down as if to kiss him, but stopped a few inches short. In a low husky breath she simply whispered to him, "Looks like you'll have a ringside seat."

The doorbell rang. She kept her gaze on him before smiling.

"Sounds like my bull is here. I'll go and make him comfortable". Kelly spun around and sexily walked towards the door, her ass wiggling in the pink latex dress as she disappeared from view. Jon knew what was coming next. They both did.

Kelly's heart was fluttering as she made her way to the door. She felt so filthy in the revealing latex dress and 'fuck-me' heels - the red toenail and fingernail polish completing the slutty look. With a big grin on her face she opened the door to her special guest for the evening.

"Wow babe, you look fucking incredible!" was the greeting she received in a thick Aussie accent as she swung back the door and stood there in full view.

"Thank you handsome," she replied, kissing him on the cheek before taking his arm and leading him through to the bedroom.

Kelly had known Andrei for about seven years now. He was a good friend of a former ex and they'd dated and fucked a few times back in Sydney (behind her ex's back). She couldn't forget a cock like that and had always been incredibly attracted to him physically. He had a boxer's body, with big broad shoulders and chunky thighs. His arms were huge and covered in tattoos; the kind of arms that made her pussy leak uncontrollably. Even in her five-inch heels, the burly Australian towered over her. He was dressed casually; a bright yellow t-shirt that hugged his ripped physique, faded blue cut-off jeans and a pair of flip flops. He wasn't the most articulate or graceful of men, but he wasn't there for his conversational skills.

Andrei had been an easy choice for the evening. He'd moved to the city around a year ago and Kelly hadn't wasted any time connecting with him again on Facebook. She resisted all his less-than-subtle offers of 'hooking-up' and instead gave just enough to keep him interested; the odd flirty message and beach photo in her bikini. So when the opportunity to bring a bull into their life was suggested by Jon, Kel had just the guy. She knew Andrei was a kinky fucker and very sexually dominant and aggressive. Andrei told her about a couple of guys he'd cuckolded before back in Australia. That sealed the deal. He was perfect and had no quandaries about what he was going to do to Kelly and Jon tonight.

With Jon's consent, Kelly had met Andrei the week before over a drink to sound him out. He was game. They'd gotten pretty wasted together over drinks and she had to use all her willpower not to let him take her back to his place and fuck her brains out.

"Next week" she moaned as she half-heartedly pushed him off her outside the bar at closing time. He had his tongue lodged in her ear, his towering frame engulfing her.

"Next week, next week you can do anything you want to me. Anything..."

"You'd better fucking believe it" he replied as he relinquished his grip and let the pretty woman go.

"I hope your boyfriend has a strong stomach, he's gonna need it!"

"Oh believe me, he wants this just as much as I do", Kel replied with a grin.

When she returned home that night, Jon wanted to know all the details of their conversation and Kelly gave him that exquisite pleasure. He came hard in her hand as she jerked him off whilst recalling every part of their earlier encounter - including her desire to let Andrei fuck her there and then. Neither could wait until the following Friday.

When Kelly led Andrei to the bedroom they faced a naked and chained Jon. His dick was rock hard and his eyes widened as he viewed Andrei in the flesh for the first time. The realisation suddenly hit home that this brute of a man was about to do all manner of despicable things to his beautiful girlfriend. That incredible feeling of powerful sexual lust, tinged with green-eyed jealousy, coursed throughout his body. It was intoxicating.

Right on cue, Andrei took over affairs for the evening.

"Fuck me, what have we got here? Is this snivelling runt your boyfriend Kel? Tell me it ain't so?"

His gruff and abrupt tone shook Jon.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so," said Kel, maintaining her role.

She stepped forward sexily, moving towards her cuckolded boyfriend.

"Obviously he can't provide any of my sexual needs these days, but he is very good at preparing me for my bulls. Aren't you dear? I mean just look at the lovely job you did painting my toes for our guest this evening"

Kelly extended her foot and Jon nodded meekly.

Kelly grinned and turned back to Andrei.

"You see. Pretty pathetic really. I need a real man to take care of me. To fuck me into next week. To make me cum on tap. I'm a horny bitch and quite frankly this situation just won't do."

She moved over to Andrei and pressed herself into his chest, running her delicate fingers over his strong, muscled frame. She did it slowly and sensually. She knew exactly what she was doing.

"I need a big strong man with a cock like a racehorse." she whispered, but loud enough for Jon to hear.

She brought her face up to Andrei's and moved in to kiss him. They began a long, passionate French kiss right in front of Jon. A part of him wanted to turn away - it was heartbreakingly hurtful but also unbelievably arousing. He strained hard at his wrist cuffs as Kel continued to swap fluids with Andrei, their tongues alternating between darting in and out and then submerging deep into each other's mouths. Jon saw Kelly's pretty red toes curl in the heels as Andrei ran his huge hands down her exposed back and grip her latex-covered ass like a vice. She moaned, ramming her tongue further down his throat. Jon then watched Andrei play with Kel's beautiful long brunette hair before cupping her face and smiling at her.

"You're such a babe Kel" the big Australian enthused.

"But you know what else I love about you?" he asked earnestly

Kelly smiled and shook her head.

Andrei timed his delivery to perfection, allowing a few tender moments to pass before responding.

"You're such a dirty, nasty, filthy fucking cunt!"

He pulled her back and slapped the right side of her face hard, almost knocking her off her feet. He had her left arm in his left hand though, ensuring she didn't fall to the floor. Jon instinctively tried to leap out of his chained predicament to protect Kelly, but he was too well secured. Kelly's head was spinning at the shock of the brutal slap. She uttered the safe word they'd agreed last week.

"Sunglasses!" she yelped, "sunglasses!"

Andrei just laughed.

"Slut, I don't use safewords, never have, never will."

"And you better be still over there," hissing at Jon, "unless you want the same treatment your bitch is going to get."

He threw Kelly to the bed like a rag doll and began removing his clothes in a controlled, deliberate manner, never once taking his eyes off Kelly's splayed body on the bed.

Kelly was in a state of panic as a flood of emotions pulsed through her body. She was scared yes, she was angry, fuck yes, but Christ, she was also hugely turned-on. She enjoyed light physical abuse but she'd never been hit like that before. It hurt like hell and yet, yet, something stirred deep inside her. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and all her sensations were heightened. Watching Jon try and defend her - and fail - also seemed to push another button inside her. She moved herself up the bed on her elbows as she watched the stud remove his last layer of clothing to reveal what she desired most again. There it was in all its full fucking glory. Solid, thick and veiny. Eight inches of prime Australian beef. She couldn't tear her eyes off it. And neither could Jon.

A now naked Andrei was a frightening sight. He was nearly six and a half feet and his muscles bulged over a slightly flabby stomach. His cropped hair and tattoos made him look like some kind of x-rated lifesize GI Joe. His cock was already hard and he gripped it hard in his left hand with a big smile on his face. He turned to Jon, his shit-eating grin at odds with the look of fear and panic on the cuckold's face.

"I hope your slut is hungry," he said menacingly.

"Actually what am I saying, my slut."

The words thrilled and tore Jon to pieces simultaneously. He prepared himself as best he could for what was about to follow. He knew Kel could deep throat but the sheer size and girth of that thing made him shudder.

Andrei grabbed Kelly's leg and pulled her effortlessly to the end of the bed. She fell almost apologetically into him.

"Knees," he simply commanded.

She complied without question, the timid figure of Jon in the corner of her eye.

Without any further warning, Andrei grabbed her head and rammed his cock down her throat. She gagged and spluttered immediately.

"No, no,'s too big," she genuinely pleaded.

"Bitch, you can suck cock like a pro so don't gimme this shit," Andre shot back.

Still, he did take it a little easier as he stuffed his dick back in her mouth, reducing both the intensity and depth. He watched Kelly begin to adjust to the huge cock pumping in her mouth. She placed her hands on his strapping thighs and tried to relax her throat. But it was still way bigger than she'd ever deep throated. It wasn't long before a heavy stream of her saliva began to coat Andrei's cock and run down her chin. She was also gagging every ten seconds or so.

Andrei threw his head back and groaned.

"Fuck...yeah...mmm...suck that cock baby."

Kelly could feel his pre-cum line her throat and she hoped he'd soon blow his load. Her jaw was in agony and the gagging had almost led to her throwing up at least twice. But just as she thought he was close to cumming, she suddenly felt his meaty hands grip her head.

"I'm going to skull-fuck your girlfriend now," she heard him aggressively announce to Jon.

She tried to pull back but his grip was too strong and he proceeded to ram his cock further down her throat, thrusting her head back and forth in unison. To her amazement she didn't gag. Somehow the intensity and hearing those words from her bull put her into another state. She felt like a dirty whore and her whole body buzzed. If anything she sucked and slurped even harder, digging her nails into Andrei's thighs as he proceeded to fuck her throat in front of Jon. For his part, Jon's cock was leaking pre-cum too. The sight in front of him was almost too much. He watched Kelly's spit and drool continue to fall from her pretty lipstick-smeared mouth as the grunts and moans from Andrei intensified; his earlier meticulous preparation of her make-up unravelling in front of him.
Kelly could tell from Andrei's grunts and shallow breathing that he was close to cumming. Fuck, now she craved his hot, thick load in her mouth. She remembered the cum load the guy could deliver. It was almost alarming. A huge roar filled the room as the towering bull sprayed a vast amount of salty cum into Kelly's hungry, ravaged mouth. He was pumping so furiously there was more than enough to coat her face as well. Long strands shot across her face, into her left eye and nostril and also her hair. She had her eyes scrunched shut as she felt the warm seed splatter on her. She daren't swallow any of it either.

Andrei addressed her a few seconds after he regained his composure after the mighty orgasm.

"Slut, don't you dare swallow any of that," he barked.

Kelly simply shook her head in acknowledgement, grateful for her good judgement a few moments earlier.

"That's the cum from a first-class bull," Andrei boasted. "I don't like any of it going to waste."

He picked her up by the arm and marched her over to her lover.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" he mocked.

"This pathetic runt has just watched his supposed girlfriend deep-throat an eight inch Aussie cock like a fuckin' pro! The least you can do is give him a little taste of what you've just enjoyed."

Kelly felt like she'd just done a line of the purest Columbian cocaine. Despite the savage nature of the throat-fucking and Andre's more than expected aggressive manner, she felt wonderfully filthy and knew Jon was feeling the same; one look at his dribbling cock and look of jealous lust in his eye told her everything. With the cum still streaking her face and a considerable load still in her mouth she bent down and cupped his face. He opened his mouth without any further invitation. A potent mix of Andrei's cum and her saliva fell steadily from her mouth into his. He moaned as he felt the salty taste hit the back of his throat. The transfer process must have taken a good thirty seconds such was the cum deposit in Kel's mouth. When she was done Kelly pulled back and looked in his eye.

"Did you enjoy the taste of my new bull's cum?"

Jon simply nodded his head like a little lost puppy.

Andrei smirked.

"There's the dirty whore I know you are Kel."

He took her by the hand and kissed her hard on the lips, the cum quickly drying on her face. Jon noticed Andrei's cock was already hard again. Jesus, this guy was a machine. How could he get so hard again so quickly? The terrible jealously and lust ripped through his body again as he watched Andrei lead his girlfriend back over to their bed. He watched him strip the pink latex dress off Kelly, so she was now fully naked, except for the white heels. He squeezed her rock hard nipples with his thumb and forefinger, causing her to squeal.

"Fuck me, look at the state of your cunt," bellowed the man.

He looked down in mock horror at her shaved pussy which was glistening; her puffy lips ripe and juicy.

"What do you expect" she replied. "It hasn't seen a worthwhile cock in at least a week," looking over at Jon again.

"Not since my Yoga instructor fucked me last week after class. He had a lovely big dick like yours." These words tumbled out her mouth without even thinking.

"Filthy slut" Andrei remarked, pushing her on her back and lifting her long shapely legs in the air so her feet were by his shoulders.

"Well you're about to get another cock injection into that slutty cunt of yours."

They'd already agreed beforehand on Andrei not needing to wear a condom. He'd assured Kel he was clean and she of course was on the pill. Jon was uneasy but Kel really needed to feel his cock for real. She was prepared to take the risk and a part of her was also turned on by it - although she kept that from Jon.

His throbbing cock easily slipped into Kelly's slippery pussy as he began fucking her with long, slow strokes. It wasn't long before the familiar grunts, groans and moans of an intense fucking session between a man and a woman filled the room. Jon couldn't look away. It was car-crash viewing, watching his Kel get nailed by a stud. He almost came on the spot when Andrei pulled off her white heels and stuck her toes in his mouth, one foot at a time. He watched Kelly squirm in ecstasy as her polished toes disappeared in his rugged mouth, his cock still deep in her pussy.

"Fuck, I love these feet," Andrei announced to no-one in particular.

"That piece of trash in the corner isn't to go anywhere near your feet again. They're mine now. You can show them off but he can't touch them. Understand?"

"Yes stud" breathed Kelly as she approached orgasm, her eyes half-closed. The intense fucking was all too much and she came noisily with her toes in Andrei's mouth and his cock buried deep between her thighs. Andrei kept drilling her though, manoeuvring her around the bed and spitting out insult after crude insult.

"You're a nasty little whore Kel."

"Fuck me, your cunt is soooooo loose."

"Tell me you love my big thick Aussie cock bitch."

Kelly's eyes continued to roll in the back of her head and all she could do was throatily agree with everything he said. Demeaning herself and Jon every time.

She came hard again with Andrei's hands around her throat, coating his prick with even more of her juices as she let out a powerful and orgasmic groan. Her face was flushed and body covered in sweat but her bull showed no let up. She remembered he'd been great in bed, but this was another level completely. This was almost supernatural! She barely even remembered Jon was in the room. Her cunt was now like a broken tap and on her third orgasm she did something she'd never done before. She squirted. She was actually in tears as she did so, tears from being fucked so thoroughly. Clear liquid from her pussy spewed over his cock and all over the sheets and floor.

"That's right slut, squirt those juices for your big bull" encouraged the frenetic Andrei.

Jon was almost at bursting point. He couldn't believe Kelly had just squirted. She'd never even come close to it before. He felt pathetic and inadequate. And the sounds she was making. Their sex life had been great but he'd never heard her moan like that before. Andrei was doing things to his girlfriend he simply couldn't do. And his own cock had never been harder. He felt disgusted with himself.

Kelly was exhausted as the wave of her third orgasm finally subsided. She felt highly emotional. Andrei pulled out her soaking cunt and mercifully gave her a few moments to recover. They must have been fucking for the best part of thirty or forty minutes in god knows how many positions, maybe seven or eight. Her body ached. Her pussy was stretched open, yawning at her. She still couldn't believe she'd squirted - a feat she'd always wanted to do. It was incredible. This man was an animal. She craved more from this beast.

"On your feel slut" came the familiar voice once more.

Kelly did as she was told.

"Put those trashy heels back on those pretty feet."

She bent down to slip her feet back into the heels. She felt like a complicit whore.

Andrei picked up a collar and leash from the couple's basket of BDSM toys lying near the ensuite bathroom. He put the collar around Kelly's slim neck with ease and then led her by the leash to a wicked set of stocks that he'd spent the last couple of minutes placing just in front of Jon. Kelly was then bent over and placed in the stocks so her clamped head was directly in front of Jon and her wrists clamped either side. Jon saw the dazed look of toxic lust in her eyes. Andrei kicked her feet apart so her legs were nicely spread.

"Perfect," he said.

"I've got one final treat for you slut" he grinned, "and that little runt in front of you is gonna enjoy it too!"

"I just know he's gonna love watching a serious ass-fucking!"

Kel snapped back into reality fast.

"Hey, wait...I don't think I can take that in my's too big." The panic was clear in her voice.

Andrei was incredulous.

"Slut you've had my meat down your throat and inside that sloppy cunt of yours all fucking night! Of course it's gonna go in your ass now. But don't worry babe, I'll be using some lube!"

He was already smearing a generous amount of lube on his prick and used the rest to roughly finger her asshole. It was moderately tight but he knew it had been fucked plenty of times before. He bent down and spat in her asshole to show for the final time who was in control.

"Hey pussy," he motioned to Jon.

Jon looked up at him looming over Kelly from behind the stocks.

"You've got a great view in front of you, but don't forget to look at the mirror over there so you can see my cock sliding in and out her dirty ass! I sure hope she's cleaned it for me."

Looking over to his right he was able to watch the bull slide his lubed cock a few inches into Kel's tight sphincter before he turned back to see the pain etched on her face.

"Ah...ah...fuck...ah," grimaced Kelly as she tried to relax and let her asshole accommodate his length. It wasn't easy. Andrei reached down and started fingering her clit.

"C'mon bitch, take it, fucking take it."

When he was satisfied, Andrei began to thrust, stretching her ass out. He felt her buck in the stocks but that was quickly stopped with a hard smack on her ass cheeks. Not a playful smack either. He put a lot of force in it and Kelly yelped in pain. Jon could only look on as he watched his girlfriend at the mercy of this cruel bull, alternating between fucking her ass and smacking her ass. Tears welled up again in Kelly's eyes as the pain took over, but it was also exquisitely enjoyable. Her mouth was hanging open as Andrei began his assault on her asshole, thrusting wildly. He didn't actually take long to announce he was going to cum deep in her ass.

Kelly still had her mouth wide open and her eyes tightly closed as her bull shot wave after wave of cum deep in her rectum. She pulled hard against the stocks as she felt the hot seed spill from his prick.

Andrei let out a huge roar as he filled Kel's ass. He kept thrusting and pumping throughout, his balls emptying. Jon could only watch open-mouthed as well, desperate to jerk his cock and release his own seed.

Hours seemed to pass until Andrei released Kelly from the stocks and paraded her in front of Jon. For the first time that night Andrei unfastened the cuffs from Jon' wrists so he was free.

"Your bitch has a shitload of cum up her ass!" he mocked.

He gripped his cock.

"You see, I love leaving with a slut's ass juices and cunt juices all over my cock. You know what it tells me?"

"No" Jon said timidly.

"It means she belongs to me now."

"Doesn't it Kel?" he said turning to Kelly.

Kelly had no idea if he was serious or still playing his game. She was still recovering from the brutal assault on her body but she answered instinctively.

"It does stud. I belong to you now." She felt a thrill she'd never felt before on uttering those words.

"Come here babe." requested Andre.

He scooped her up and laid her gently on the bed, kissing her intimately for the last time, wrapping his hands around her freshly-fucked body. She returned the kiss with interest, feeling both vulnerable and protected in his arms. He'd gotten into her head badly. She felt very mixed-up.

Andrei stood up and got dressed without a word.

Before he left he turned round and looked at Jon with one last mocking smile.

"Remember runt, you can't touch the goods any more", pointing at Kel's naked body on the bed.

"This girl belongs to me now. You can continue to prep her but no touching, no kissing and certainly no fucking! Besides, after my cock she won't get any pleasure from that little maggot! Oh and don't forget, the toes are off limit too!"

And with that the stud was gone. They heard the front door slam.

Neither said a word. Both tried to comprehend what had just taken place in the last hour and a half. Something permanent had now changed in their relationship. They both knew it was but neither was prepared there and then to admit it.

A true cuckold relationship had just begun.

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