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Elizabeth: Weekend at the Lake Pt. 01

by cuckolder

06/04/2016 12:54 in hotwife

I was busy working away in my home office, which was in the basement of our home. My wife hadn't returned yet from her first day at the new Bank she was manager of. My thoughts had drifted all day, from the incredible weekend we just had. To the text message informing me that Jonathan was coming over for dinner Friday, to working on my sales calls. I quite frankly lost track of time when I heard the door to my office creep open.

Standing in the doorway was my smoking hot wife, Elizabeth. She had this glow about her, the type of look that she was truly happy.

"Hi Baby." She said in an energetic way.

"Oh hi sexy, how was your first day?" I inquired.

"It was great, the new location is awesome. Everyone is so friendly and excited to have a younger manager for the first time. And Babe the office, my god it's huge." She said while walking towards my desk.

"I'm so happy for you, you deserved the promotion and you're going be an awesome bank manager there." I said.

"Well I definitely deserved the promotion from all the hard work I've done over the years. And especially from all the hard work I did for it this weekend!" She said while giggling.

"You naughty, slutty bank manager." I replied.

With that she walked around my desk, pulled my chair back and sat on my lap. She bent in for a kiss and I passionately returned her gesture.

"You mean, your naughty slutty bank manager," she whispered while nibbling my ear.

Hearing this, my penis automatically grew and stiffened underneath her bum. She wiggled her butt hard down onto my shaft as we started to kiss.

"God you turn me on babes." I said as she moved her hand underneath her bum and grabbed my stiffing cock.

"I can tell my love! Does the thoughts of last weekend turn you?" Are you excited to see how slutty I can be, for your enjoyment this weekend?" She said in between kissing me and stroking my shaft.

"I can't wait." I replied pulling her closer to me and applying more pressure onto my dick.

"Why wait, fuck me over your desk right now. Enjoy you slutty bank manager of a wife." Was her reply as she lifts her butt from my crotch and slipped down between my legs.

I watched in amazement as my wife, who rarely starts anything sexual was making the first move. Jonathan had kicked started her sex drive and I was going to be benefitting from her new sexual side.

She slowly unzipped my jeans, while looking me dead in the eyes. She looked so sexy in-between my legs; she had gotten my hard cock fully erect. Elizabeth reached into my boxers and the first touch when she got ahold of the bare flesh of my shaft was electric. She quickly pulled it out and wrapped her hand around it, before winking at me and lowering her head to kiss it. Elizabeth didn't waste anytime as she managed to engulf my cock in one deep throat and started to jerk it with her lips into her mouth. My god this felt amazing was all I thought.

After a couple of minutes of watching my wife going at my cock like a porn star, I wanted more. I wanted to fuck her like she said, over my desk. This hadn't happened since we moved to the house a few years ago and she knew I always wanted to do it since.

I stood and pushed the chair back. Elizabeth hadn't let go of my cock but I pulled her to her feet, hearing a pop as my dick left her mouth. I gave her a passionate kiss before I spun her around and bent her over my desk. She pushed the keyboard to one side, as I push her skirt higher. I could see the sexy panties she was wearing and they were a thong. As she tried to lift to kiss me, I pushed her back onto the desk. As I pulled her panties to one side, I brought my now swollen cock towards her pussy lips. As I stroked my tip to the lips I could feel more and more moisture building. My tip was now fully lubed and I buried my dick into my wife.

I started to pump into my wife hard and fast. Not to make love but aggressive powerful sex just like her body was telling me she liked. As my orgasm built I knew I couldn't last long. I heard her moaning louder and louder, I could sense she was close to.

"I'm going cum babe!!" she screamed.

"Me to, where do you want it?" I shouted back.

"I want it all in me." Was her simple reply.

I carried on pumping away, as I felt a warm wet feeling on my shaft and balls. She was now screaming and squirting all over my desk and me. I couldn't hold on and I grunted loudly as I came inside my wife.

I collapsed on top of her as we both tried to catch our breath. Eventually she pushed me back up and my shrinking cock plopped out of her used vagina.

"That was amazing David" She exhaustingly said.

"It sure was, my love!" I replied

"I'll go make some dinner, come up when you clean your office." She giggled while replying.

As she left the room, I looked down at my desk and all the paper work I was working on was soaked. I would have to spend many hours fixing this but my god was it worth it.

That night we made love after dinner, followed by Lizzie giving me a morning blowjob. This went on for the rest of the week. She would come down to my office every day when she came home. I would fuck her there and then one more time in bed followed by a morning blowjob.

After sex Thursday night just before bed I started to talk to her about how she had changed,

"Babe, since last weekend it feels different with you. You feel so sexual and liberated, it's truly amazing." I said while looking into Elizabeth's eyes.

"I know what you mean David. Ever since last weekend I can't get enough of you. I want you every second of everyday. I'm so horny its crazy." She replied

"I guess I'll have to thank Jonathan then." I laughed while saying.

"You can do it tomorrow night when he comes over." She said in a slutty voice.

"Oh I'm sure I will, now lets get some sleep as we have a big day tomorrow." I replied.

That morning I watched my wife spend more time than usual in the bathroom, getting ready. I watched as she took a razor to her crotch and neatly trimmed that area up. As she left the shower I could now see a nice landing strip pointing directly to her clitoris. This was my favorite type of shaving she does and I was excited she did that for me. I kissed her good bye, and prepared myself to see my wife fucked right in front of me less than 10 hours away.

Obviously work that day was far from my main thoughts and I prepared the house for our evening guest. I picked up a few good bottles of wine and a 24 pack of beer and started dinner.

At around 6pm I heard the front door open and Elizabeth walked in. She said hello to me and walked right into the bedroom. I could feel a cold shoulder and was worried that something was wrong. I gave her a couple of minutes and then entered the bedroom. She was laying on our bed wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.

"What's wrong?" I inquired.

"Jonathan had to cancel, the bank sent him to Asia for a month." She said in an upset manner.

"Oh that's no good, I know you were excited for tonight." Was my reply.

"I was David, I really was. But I was really excited to share it with you and show you my wild side that Jonathan has only seen." Again she said in an upset manner.

That night we only cuddled. There wasn't any sex just typical husband and wife watching Netflix and an early Friday night. Over the next couple of weeks things started to return to the way they were. We would have sex but only every few days and nothing crazy like in my office. Don't get me wrong sex is awesome anytime you can get it but the passion from her was taken down a notch.

About 6 weeks later Elizabeth sent me an email around lunchtime. It was a forward of an email she had gotten from Jonathan without anything mentioned from her.

My heart started to pump faster as I started to red this forwarded email. It said.

"Hello Elizabeth,

I hope you and David are doing well. I'm sorry I had to cancel our dinner plans last month, as I'm sure it would have been a delightful evening.

The reason I'm emailing to you is to see your level of interest in visiting my Cabin in 2 weeks. I have plenty of space for all 3 of us and can fully make up for my absence last time"

I sent Elizabeth a simple response.

'I'm up for it."

That night we spoke about the email and Jonathan's invite. We decided that we had nothing to lose and it would be a nice weekend away at the lake. They emailed over the next week or so and set up the plans for the weekend. Luckily it would be the first long weekend of summer and we all got the Monday off. There was even a round of golf planned for the Sunday, which made me happy.

The Friday of our trip Elizabeth managed to get the afternoon off work and come home early to pack. As Jonathan only had his sports car, we were going to take my Escalade as it had more space. At around 5pm he pulled up to the house as I was loading my golf clubs and Elizabeth's bags. We greeted each other and made small talk as I explained she would be down in a second. I honked the horn to help speed up this process.

5 Minutes later I heard the door slam and Elizabeth walk around the corner. There was my wife looking even more sexy than normal. Her hair was curled and she was wearing a denim mini skirt and tank top that you could clearly see her bra straps.

"Wow you look amazing." I said to my wife.

"Well thank you kind sir," She said back.

"What do you think Jonathan, do you think she'll do this weekend?" I joking said to her.

"Oh she'll do just fine." He replied to me while walking up to my wife and giving her a long kiss on the lips.

"Ok you two lovebirds, we got to get going." I shouted towards them. Not wanting the neighbors to see my wife kissing another man right in the driveway.

We all hopped into my suv and headed towards the mountains. Jonathan's cabin was situated on a lake that was a big summer tourist spot, and only 3 hours' drive. As I was driving and Jonathan was in the passenger seat, Elizabeth took her seat in the middle of the first row of seats in the back. We all started to make small talk and Jonathan spoke about his time in Asia. Eventually the talk turned to sports and Elizabeth gave up and put her ear buds in and started to doze off. As our conversation went on I noticed she was fast asleep and had moved her legs up on to the middle consol. I started to massage one of her feet and Jonathan followed suit and massaged the other.

"You have an amazing wife David!" Jonathan said.

"I know, she's the best thing that ever happened to me." I nervously replied.

"I want you to know David, I don't want to take Elizabeth away from you. She's an amazing woman but she's your wife and I wouldn't want to ruin such a great marriage. It takes a great guy to let his wife explore her sexuality. And I'm not going to lie to you, I'm very excited to enjoy her again this weekend." Jonathan spoke in a serious tone.

"Thanks Jonathan, I'm very interested to see what happens this weekend. As long as she's happy I want to see where this can go. I find it very hot she can love me and enjoy someone else without things being messy. Especially as we use to use you as her fantasy lover back in the day. The idea you're her boss makes this even more risky and sexual." I replied.

As I finished what I was saying, Elizabeth started to move her legs apart. I looked into the rear view mirror and could see her hot red panties. I looked over at Jonathan and he hadn't missed any of this and was watching her crotch. He looked up at me with a guilty look. My brain went into over drive and a sexy thought came to mind.

"Why don't you hop back there and get reacquainted" I said while keeping my eyes on the road.

Jonathan didn't reply and didn't need a second invitation. He unbuckled his seat belt and turn and crawled to between her legs. Looking in the rear view mirror I watched with a burning erection as I Jonathan partied her legs wider and placed them on his shoulders. My wife's eyes open and I caught her looking at me, while biting her lip. I was about to witness another man enjoy my wife in person, and was loving every seconds of it.

Jonathan's head lowered and he made his way to her crotch. I watched as he pulled her panties to the side and started to eat my wife out. I had to pay attention to the road and heard Elizabeth moaning. I glimpsed back as he started to finger fuck her slowly. Her moans got louder and louder until I heard her scream I'm coming after a few minutes of enjoying her lover between her legs.

Seconds later Jonathan was back in the passenger seat, whipping her pussy juices from his lips, and then buckling himself back in. I was now sitting next to a man that had just made my wife cum, and it wasn't awkward at all. She was now passed out and we went back to chatting about anything and everything.

About an hour later we pulled off the highway and Jonathan guided me to his cabin. As we pulled up, his house was not your typical cabin. It was a bloody mansion on the lake. It had a motorized gate and we slowly pulled around the paved driveway to see the full size of his property. Elizabeth and myself were amazed at what we were seeing. We got out of the car and started to unload everything into the cabin.

As we entered the cabin it looked massive. A giant living room with soft couches and a big kitchen with a bathroom were on the ground level. Jonathan led us up stairs towards the bedrooms.

"This is your guys room, it has fresh towels in the closet and an the shower is just across the hall. My bedroom is right down the hallway and you're welcome in there anytime Elizabeth. Oh and you to David." He said jokingly.

We put down our bags in the guest room. I went up to Elizabeth and kissed her while pulling her tight.

"Babe that was very hot to see. How was your orgasm?" I asked

"It was so hot, the thought of you watching made it even hotter." She said while kissing.

"Hi guys, I'm going get the boat ready as were going to use it to get to the bar tonight." Jonathan said from the hallway.

"I'm going help him. Why don't you unpack and come down in a couple of minutes." I said looking at my wife.

As I followed Jonathan downstairs towards the boathouse I was in heaven his property overlooked the lake and had a giant mountain in the background. He led me inside and I saw his brand new master craft boat. This guy clearly enjoyed spending his money on the fun things in life. As we dropped the boat down the launch he turned it on and it sounded like a monster. Elizabeth came up behind me and hugged me

"Are you boys having fun?" she shouted over the engine noise.

"We are, I was thinking we head across the lake and go to the local bar tonight. We can dock right by it and its got great food and live music every Friday." Jonathan replied.

"Sounds great, if there's music Elizabeth loves to dance. Isn't that right babes?" I said.

"I sure do, and if you boys play your cards rights I may even dance with you both." She replied as we all laughed.

We all got onto the boat and raced across the lake. This boat was fast and we were all enjoying the ride. After ten minutes we arrived, moored the boat and headed inside this log cabin styled bar. It was clearly the place to be and was packed inside. It had a couple of levels of tables and chairs which all looked over the dance floor and stage. As the hostess was taking our names, the manager walked over and shook Jonathan's hand. They were old friends by the looks of it and he escorted us to a quiet booth at the side of the stage overlooking the dance floor. They chatted for a few minutes before we sat in the booth with Elizabeth in the middle of us.

The server arrived quickly and we all ordered a road of drinks. We all looked through the menu until the server returned with our drinks and placed a bottle of champagne in the middle, probably from Jonathan's friend I thought. The waitress took our food orders and left.

"To a great weekend, with an amazing couple." Jonathan raised his glass to cheers us.

We all cheers and took a good sip of our drinks. Over the next few hours we ate and drank. We laughed at each other's jokes and we were all getting along great. Not a thought came up that this was weird. Jonathan was a great guy and it was like hanging out with an old friend. The only difference is this guy fucks my wife. As the band started to play I could tell Elizabeth wanted to dance. She was swaying to the country music they were playing. I looked over to her and put out my hand inviting her to dance. I led her to the dance floor and started to enjoy the music with her. We 2 stepped, as my hand got lower on the small of her back. We were out there for ten minutes when a song we didn't like came on and returned to the table.

"Sorry Jonathan that was rude of us we should have been right back." I said looking at our host.

"Oh not to worry, I enjoyed watching your beautiful wife move her hips to the songs. She's beautiful out there." He shouted across the table.

Elizabeth blushed as she slipped back into the booth between us. We carried on drinking an enjoying each other's company.

Eventually the band started to play songs Elizabeth clearly liked. This time Jonathan held out his hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. I watched for fifteen minutes as another man danced with my wife. It was very erotic watching them slowly dance close to each other. Their hands roamed each other's bodies and I even witnessed a passionate kiss. The band ended there set and all the couples on the dance floor headed off. They returned to the booth and I could see Elizabeth was now tipsy holding Jonathan's hand. He was the first to sit down on the edge of the booth, as Elizabeth sat on his lap with her left arm around him. Before I had chance to say anything a couple approached the table. They were in there late 40's and clearly knew Jonathan.

From what I could hear over the noise of the bar was they were Jonathan's neighbors. He introduced me as one of his golf buddies as I shook their hands. As he was trying to introduce Elizabeth, Katie the neighbor stopped him.

"This must be your better half Jonathan, my god she's beautiful." Kate said.

"Hello I'm Elizabeth." My wife introduced herself.

My heart skipped a beat as she just had agreed that she was Jonathan's girlfriend. The couple stayed with us for a few extra minutes until they said they were off back to their cabin.

As this music started up again Elizabeth stood.

"Are you gentlemen ready to take this party to back to our cabin?' She boldly said.

We both looked at each other and quickly left the booth. I followed as Elizabeth walked hand in hand with Jonathan, back to the boat. We were soon zipping across the lake and back inside the cabin.

Jonathan went to the kitchen and returned with 2 beers and a glass of wine. Handing us the drinks we again cheers and took a sip. Elizabeth pulled back and started to walk upstairs.

"Are you boys going come upstairs and fuck me or what?" She shouted from the landing.

We raced up stairs and were met by Elizabeth.

"Now go into Jonathan's room I'll be there shortly, I just need to change into something more comfortable." She directed us.

As Jonathan walked passed her. She pulled him in and kissed him before letting him go. I followed suit and she kissed me and grabbed my crotch.

"Are you sure you want to see how slutty I can be?" She asked.

"I am, I can't wait." As my cock pulsed in her hand.

She turned and walked into our guest room and I followed Jonathan into his room. He turned the lights to dim and we both sat on the bed waiting for tonight's entertainment.

My wife soon entered the room in a housecoat holding her iPhone. She walked over to his iPod dock and started to play some music. As she started to dance for us I handed her the glass of wine and she took a sip before placing it on the table. She started to sway back and forth and I could tell she was trying to be sexy. As she turned away from us she started to untie the silky housecoat. My wife was going to strip for us and I was so turned on.
As the housecoat hit the floor she spun and showed us her assets. She was wearing sexy black lacy panties and a matching nightie. A new set up she must of recently bought. My thoughts raced as I thought about what she was going to be doing in these clothes and how much cum may land on it.

After a few minutes of dancing for us she walked up to me and kissed me firmly on the lips. My hands roamed her tight bottom and firm tits. She then broke off the kiss and walked over to the other edge of the bed were Jonathans was sitting. She engaged in a kiss with him and just like me his hands roamed her body. I witnessed his hand going towards her crotch as she let out a moan.

She slipped down onto her knees grabbing one of our legs each, she directed us closer.

"Strip boys, it's going be hard sucking and fucking you both if your still wearing clothes." She said looking up at us.

We both rushed to get naked and I dropped my boxers and my hard cock sprang out before sitting back down on the edge of the bed. Jonathan did the same and again we were about 4 feet from each other with my wife eagerly between us.

Her hands started to tickle up one of ours legs until she grabbed both of our hard shafts. The touch was simply amazing as her thumb circled my crown. I looked over and Jonathans was fully enjoying her touch and I couldn't believe she had 2 dicks in her hand. She started to jerk both of us soon moving her lips over to my dick. She started to lick the shaft, up and down until it was moist. She pulled away and moved over to his hard cock to do the same. Returning to my dick she engulfed it and started to give me one of her amazing blowjobs. Before I could fully enjoy it she pulled off and started to suck my new friends cock. She went back and forth, alternating between our cocks for a couple of minutes until she stood.

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