Cuckold club

December to May

by hana

08/05/2016 01:00 in humiliation

This story could have been in 'Loving Wives' or 'BDSM'


I can't wait to hear how this one goes' Marcia told Jeanette on the phone.

'Who've we got?'

'Tim and Kat.'

'Oh, don't tell me we're babysitting. They shouldn't have been let in.'

'They're young, but I've heard they have some interesting ideas, and they will have the stamina to keep up with you and Joe. Are you willing to give them a go?'

'I'll have to check with Joe before I let you know. I'm not sure how he feels about paedophilia.'

'Honey, she's twenty-two years old, not eight. All legal, and he's twenty-one. Perhaps he'll have the energy to keep up with you all weekend.'

'We'll see.' Jeanette chuckled. 'I'll phone you back tonight.'

Marcia put down the phone and prepared herself to tackle the second phone call.

The Swingers club rung by Marcia was a small group. The members all lived locally, but Marcia preferred her clients to meet in pairs of couples in local hotels rather than having too many social gatherings, although she held a Christmas function once a year so they could get to know each other. Marcia insisted on having all the details of the meeting so that they could put them on her computer system. More importantly, it gave Marcia access to what was, basically, a plentiful supply of porn. According to Marcia's publicity, the club 'matched its clients up using the most sophisticated computer programming and an extensive database' and then booked them up to meet at 'exclusive, specially chosen hotels in the local area.' The publicity never mentioned that all the hotels were owned by Marcia's husband and the bookings were at the times of the month when it was difficult to fill them without offering substantial discounts. Members paid for their own accommodation, and they paid full price. The 'computer system' was actually a bowl in Marcia's front room. Couple's names were written on slips of paper. Once a quarter Marcia and her husband sat down and pulled the names out of the bowl to form matches. Marcia didn't believe a carefully drawn up computer program and a long questionnaire could do any better than luck in finding the perfect match. Sometimes the most unlikely pairings worked. The draw this time had paired up the youngest of her couples with the oldest. She was sure the couples would teach the other something.

'But they can't be up to much. Surely they're too old for adventurous sex.'

'Rubbish! They just have more experience at it.' Being only a few years younger than Jeanette herself, Marcia did not take kindly to this argument. 'They may surprise you, Jeanette and Joe have been having kinky sex since before you were born. Don't write them off until you've tried them out.'

Tim's sigh was not encouraging, but on Kat's signal he agreed to the meeting.


The hotel was close to halfway between the two couple's houses, and Marcia had booked two rooms with connecting doors, as usual for the club 'assignments.'

Kat and Tim arrived first.

'Cheer up, Tim' Kat pleaded. 'Jeanette's not bad looking. And you like big breasts.'

Kat looked down at her own frontage, which was not small.

'Yeah, but hers dangle, and have you seen the stomach on her? It's alright for you; Joe's grey hair makes him look distinguished. Jeanette looks like the grandmother she is. I can't see her as a sex partner.'

'She has a really cheeky smile; I bet she's wonderful in bed.'

Tim waved her to silence as he heard a keycard swipe the other room's door.

'Hi! Brought wine.' Jeanette breezed into the room carrying a holdall and a shiny bottle-wrap bag. Joe followed her with another holdall and the fingers of his other large hand wound around four glasses. Kat noted the size of his hands and looked forward to seeing whether the old saying about the size of the hands matching the size of the cock was true. Tim noticed her glance towards Joe's crotch and groaned. He decided he was going to have to bed Jeanette so as not to hamper Kat's chances with Joe. Otherwise he would never hear the end of it.

Later Tim drained the last of his glass of wine. Joe hadn't bought cheap plonk, the wine screamed quality. It had also relaxed him. He was a bit more receptive to the thought of fucking Jeanette now.

'D'you want to?' he pointed to the other room.

'That's what I love, romance.' Jeanette's warm grin belied the sarcasm of her words. She took his offered arm and they headed towards the bed, leaving the door between the two rooms open.

Jeanette was well aware that a man such as Tim was unlikely to find her appearance sexy, so she had learned to rely on other actions when swinging with other couples, such as taking the lead quickly. She pulled Tim lightly against her and kissed him, deeply. It wasn't long before she felt his cock pushing on her stomach. Without breaking the kiss she struggled to undo his zip. She felt her age at moments like this. Why did young men these days insist on wearing jeans which showed every inch of their erections but made it difficult to release them from the tight zip? His eyes crinkled as he undid it for her and ran his hands up her front undoing the buttons of her blouse. She let him run his hands over her breasts for a few minutes before she dropped to her knees, taking his boxers down as she went and took him into her mouth. His cock wasn't as long as Joe's, but it made up for it in thickness. It was quite difficult to get it deeply into her throat, but after one false start which made her come up for air, she succeeded, and felt him grow even more within her as she felt his hands brushing through her hair, encouraging her.

He pulled back with a hiss.

'I can't hold out much longer' Tim whispered. 'Let's get into bed.'

Jeanette smiled, and let him pull her up. After a short wrestle she had him where she wanted him -- on his back. She considered the missionary position uncomfortable, and preferred to go down on a rigid cock, and Tim was providing that in spades. As she leant over him Tim could see the real heft of the breasts now dangling in front of him. He stroked them, twisting the nipples which dangled in front of him. They hardened and he took one in his mouth, sucking on it.


Tim looked at her in surprise before gently fixing his teeth on the nipples, keeping his eyes on hers to see if she meant it.

'Harder!' She clearly did. Tim increased the strength of his bite until he thought he was going to bite her nipple off. Instead of the expected howl of pain, Jeanette gave a strong groan of arousal and shifted her hips so her pussy engulfed his cock. Tim switched breasts, and bit hard into the other. Jeanette bounced in excitement. She felt Tim's cock bounce in harmony and he arched his back as he came, accidentally biting her even harder as he pulled backwards, and causing her to lose control too. As she sank onto his chest, her nipple still in his mouth, they both heard a woman's cry and a men's groan from the other room, and laughed.

At this point Joe would have been resting, if not asleep, even when he was Tim's age, so Jeanette was surprised to feel Tim's tongue licking her nipple again, and then biting quite savagely, pulling her towards him again. She pushed her hands towards his groin and found him already swelling again. There was a lot to be said for stamina.

She allowed him to use his teeth on both breasts before she put a hand on his chest to hold him still and slid down to kneel on the floor, taking him into her mouth again.

The door behind her opened and she could feel her husband's hands on her head, pushing her towards Tim signalling her to carry on. Then she caught sight of the strap on Kat was wearing, and knew her husband had been plotting in the other room. She took Tim's balls into her hands and kneaded them softly while running her tongue under his shaft. Jeanette parted her legs as she felt Kat's tongue lick the top of one thigh. Kat may be young, but she knew what she was doing soon Jeanette was alternating between thrusting against the tongue and against Tim's cock. This was too much for Tim, and he groaned arching his back as he shot his cum into her mouth.

As Tim came down from the orgasm he felt a tongue enter his mouth. It felt good, and for a moment he returned the kiss eagerly. Then his brain came back on-line and his eyes opened.

'W-w-what the ...' he stuttered. 'I'm not gay.'

Joe put his hands on the back of Tim's head.

'Nor am I, although I occasionally bi-. It felt like you were enjoying it until you realised who was kissing you.'

Without another word he lifted Tim's head to meet his and continued the kiss. He smiled as he felt Tim's mouth open to accept his tongue, and respond vigorously to his movements. Joe was a big man and strong with it. Without breaking the kiss he manoeuvred Tim on top of him. Tim didn't know how to feel. He wasn't totally comfortable about feeling stubble on against his cheeks, but what the large, calloused hands were doing to his body was amazing. He could feel the strength in the arms holding him, and the chest against him was like a fur blanket it had so much hair. He felt softer hands on his buttocks, knowing it was Kat, which was a relief. He had worried she might be offended, but instead she was silently encouraging him. He tensed as he felt her fingers, greasy now, pushing against his asshole.

'Shh, this won't hurt if you relax.' Jeanette assured him, whispering into his ear. Joe's hands were now on Tim's back and Jeanette's were on his head. He felt empty as Joe pulled his face away. Katherine moved into his eye-line and he realised she was wearing a strap-on.

'You okay with this?'

'Uh, huh.'

Tim's voice was full of agreement, but he was incapable of speaking English for a while. Kat chuckled her understanding and moved behind him. He felt her hands on his buttocks, meaning three pairs of hands were focussing on his body.

Joe's tongue went back into Tim's mouth as Kat's strap on entered his ass. He didn't know whether to protest at her action, or groan in need at Joe's. As she pushed in further need grew in both areas.

Joe's kiss grew demanding, rough almost. Tim's brain was grossed out, but his tongue wasn't listening and continued to wrestle with Joe's until the strap-on hit his prostrate and he cried out his need as his spunk pulsed onto his belly, and onto Joe's, so close where their bodies. Strong hairy hands held him against the furry chest as he sank into a deep sleep.

When he woke he was still held tightly in Joe's arms, but Joe's attention was on the kiss he was giving Kat, and Tim could feel Jeanette's soft breasts resting on his back. Joe realised he was awake and kissed his eyelids. It was a gesture of gentle protection from the big man, and Joe felt safe, comfortable and very sleepy. He was asleep again before Kat's hands reached to stroke his back.


'Kat tells me you like to be the submissive partner sometimes?' Joe asked Tim as they dressed for breakfast.

'Yeah, occasionally.'

'Can we play with that a little?'


'Good. I like to dominate. I hope Kat know your limits.'

He smiled as the women came through from the other room. Kat was wearing a very short skirt and a low cut blouse. He had never seen it before, and Tim's eyes opened wide; normally she preferred jeans and sloppy T shirts. He moved towards her, but Joe had moved first and had his arms around her kissing her softly. Now Tim knew why Joe had asked about his submissive side as Kat totally ignored her husband and cuddled against Joe, who now had his hands on her breasts.

'Mornin' handsome.' She greeted Joe, breathily. Tim held back. He had played this game before and knew his place. Joe turned Kat until her back was towards Tim and returned her kiss with interest. Tim could only stand helpless as Joe staked his claim on Tim's wife. Jeanette came into the room and Tim looked her with horror. The outfit she was wearing was a florid print dress with a tight waist which did not suit her figure. She had on thick stockings with flat mannish shoes. Jeanette saw Tim's puzzled look and motioned him to silence.

'We're off to breakfast. We don't to be seen with you two, you follow in five minutes. Sit where you can see us, but not too close.' Joe picked up both the hotel card keys and put his arm around Kat. 'Take your wife's wedding ring off, Tim. Today she is mine, not yours.'

Without turning to face Tim, Kat held her hand out enabling him to pull off her rings and place them in Joe's waiting hand. Joe looked at Tim's cock, which was by now tenting his jeans. He grinned at Tim and led Kat out, his hand on her butt. Stunned, Tim watched them go.

'Ever been cuckolded before?' Jeanette asked conversationally.

'Yeah, but only after a discussion.'

'I just love Joe when he's in a forceful mood, domination suits him.'

'What's with the get-up?' Tim moved his hand to indicate her clothing.

'More domination. I get powerfully turned on when he forces me into unflattering clothing like this.'

Tim smiled and took her hand.

'I think he is trying to humiliate both of us by having me take you to breakfast.' He winked. 'I'll just ignore him and enjoy your company.'

Arm in arm they headed for breakfast, ignoring the strange glances from other guests seeing such a mismatched couple.

Their other halves were well into their buffet breakfast by the time Tim and Jeanette arrived. As expected they were totally ignored. Tim had to hold the tray carefully to hide his erection. In spite of his efforts not to look at the pair sitting close together his eyes kept straying to watch them.

He was buttering his last piece of toast when Joe and Kat moved close. Kat rested her butt on Tim's table and made a great show of kissing Joe passionately.

'Come on, or you won't be able to get into the room.' Tim and Jeanette scrambled to their feet, leaving the remains of their breakfast untouched and followed Joe and Kat towards the door.

'Put your thick coat on and lay on the bed.' Joe ordered Jeanette.

'Yes dear.' She said, with as much emotion as if he'd asked her to pass the paper.

'Oh and turn up the heating.'

'Yes dear.'

Jeanette knew what was coming and tried to hide a shiver of anticipation. They had done this many times before. By the time Joe and Kat had finished she would be covered in sweat from the cheap nylon dress she was wearing. She lay back on the bed waiting for the humiliation of hearing Joe fuck a younger woman. Kat's youth and beauty had fuelled his libido, and Jeanette genuine enjoyed the humiliation he was pouring on her. After this weekend Joe would be proud of her for accepting it, and would feel the need to apologise to her with a great deal of sex over the next few weeks. It was a win-win situation for both of them.


'Yes, sir.' Tim stammered, accepting the role.

'Take off your clothes and get my woman ready for me. Remember the lady is mine. No kissing, no talking.'

'Yes sir.' Tim's cock had already hardened and it stood out as he removed his clothes.

'You're not putting that anywhere for a while,' Joe sneered, looking at it, pointedly.

Tim wasn't sure about what was happening. Submission to Kat was a regular part of his sex life. Allowing himself to submit to Joe was a whole new step. His man-brain protested as he readied himself to rouse Kat for another man. His cock, however, was like steel and showed no sign of flagging, so something in his brain was accepting the situation.

Tim pulled off Kat's top, undid her bra and licked her nipples. As he licked he also undid her skirt. He wasn't surprised when he found nothing underneath, and had to restrain himself from kissing her. When he had roused her nipples as hard as they would go, he knelt to trail his tongue down her front, and between her legs, causing her to gasp with desire.


Tim drew back on Joe's command.

'Yes Sir.'

Joe looked at him, sternly.


'Sorry Master, yes Master.'

Tim acknowledged the relationship eagerly.

'Now undress me for your woman. When you've finished beg me to take her.'

Tim glanced at Kat as he helped Joe out of his clothes, but she deliberately stuck her nose in the air as if he were below her regard. Tim dropped his head. He guessed, for the moment, he was. Gingerly he unzipped Joe's trousers and pulled down his boxers. There was a pause while Tim screwed up his courage to perform the required act of submission.

'Please sir, take my woman. Satisfy her better than I can. She is yours not mine.'

'Okay, Kat?'

'Ooh, yes please, Joe.' Kat tried to make the plea sound sincere. All three of them knew this was an act, but Joe's commands were exciting her as much as Tim.

'On your knees slave and get me hard for your woman.'

Tim looked at him angry.

'No way! I'm not sucking you.'

Joe hit him, hard on his left cheek. Kat put on an obviously false scream. For a fraction of a second Tim thought she was going to defend him.

'Ohh, do it again, do it again, Joe. Hit the slave again.'

Tim felt she was enjoying this far too much as he was hit on the right cheek, this time even harder.

Without further prompting he knelt down and took Joe's cock into his mouth.

'That's better. See what you can do with a little encouragement.'

Joe's domination was usually limited to Jeanette. This couple were responding exactly as he hoped. He wasn't usually given to slapping people, and he had been surprised as much as Tim. Kat's encouragement had astounded him.

He tapped Tim's head.

'You can get up now slave, I feel ready to take your woman.'

'Yes Master, thank you Master.'

'Do you want to watch?'

Tim genuinely wasn't sure. Kat had boasted about cuckolding him before, and once let him meet the man before it happened. Tim had both relished the humiliation and hated it. This was worse. He didn't know what he wanted to do.

'Only if you both want me to, Master.' Tim avoided making the decision gracefully.

The two looked at each other. No words were spoken, but Kat nodded. For the first time since before breakfast she looked him in the eye with a mocking grin which bordered on evil. She moved to Tim, who was still kneeling on the floor and took hold of his hand. He wasn't sure what she was doing. Her other hand was still in Joe's and it was clear she hadn't changed her mind about bedding him. She continued to hold Tim's eye and he stared back at her, completely submissive as she slid his wedding ring off his finger. This had started as play, now Tim wasn't so sure. In dominant mood Kat was quite capable of this level of cruelty. Still looking into his eye, but showing no motion, Kat wiped off the tear which ran down Tim's cheek. The she moved to Joe and whispered to him. At her nod she again looked at Tim and slid the ring onto Joe's little finger. Together they grinned at him.

'Sit there, slave.' Joe pointed.

'Yes Master.'

Tim sat on the cheap plastic chair which was next to the bed, feeling its clamminess on his buttocks.

Joe placed them so Kat's back was to her husband. This had two purposes: this way she would concentrate on what Joe was doing, not Tim and it allowed Joe to make Tim's torment worse by looking at him over the naked shoulders of his wife and grinning as he watched Tim trying (unsuccessfully) not to cry at his wife's groans of pleasure. Joe noticed Tim's erection was still pointing to the sky in spite of his distress.

'Oh, God! Joe! Don't stop.'

Joe felt his hand wet with Kat's first orgasm. He looked up to see Tim rubbing his eyes, and motioned to him to stop. It was delicious fun to watch the tears falling down his cheeks. He couldn't believe how subservient Tim was being.

Joe brought Kat to three more orgasms before he allowed himself to orgasm. Tim watched the whole time, tears running down his face and falling onto his cock.
'How was that, Doll?'

'Oh Joe, I've never felt anything like that before. You were marvellous.'

Kat was a superb actor. Tim was not sure if her reaction was honest or not. Joe appeared to believe her as he hugged Kat and kissed her again. He looked at the tears running down Tim's face, and took pity on him. He hugged Kat tightly to his chest, preventing her from seeing her husband's distress.

'Slave, go and fuck my frump of a wife.'

Tim fled.

Jim laughed out loud then returned to kissing Kat.


Seeing how upset Tim was, Jeanette gathered him into her arms before realising his cock was digging into her leg.

'How long have you had that?' It was plain she referred to his erection.

'Too long.'

She struggled to hold him and pull down the thick knickers that Joe had insisted she wore.

She had now been in the hot room for over half an hour wearing thick clothes and a coat.

'Can you stand my smell?'

Tim nodded, and allowed her to guide him. He struggled not to come as he lifted her dress to reach her breast.

'Never mind rousing me. Just use me. Hold your breath though' she added with feeling. She was dry, but having three children had widened her, and she knew she could take him, although it would cause them both some discomfort.

It didn't matter, Tim exploded before he was fully in her.

She held him as he sobbed into her bosom for some minutes.

'They're bastards' she whispered, unwilling to have her voice heard from the other room.

Tim sat up, shaking his head.

'No, I'm the bastard -- I was upset, hurt, and still as turned on as it is possible to be.'

'Mm. It's a strange thing humiliation and domination. I feel horrible lying here sweating. I know Joe wouldn't hurt me, even if I got up, put on my normal clothes and turned down the heating. I wasn't even turned on like you were, but I did it while listening to him fucking somebody much younger and much more beautiful than I am. But I know he loves me, and in my own way I love what he makes me do.'

'Yeah. I know they were doing things to humiliate me, and most of it was an act put on for my benefit, but at the time I feel emotionally washed up.'

He twisted in Jeanette's arms and kissed her.

'His last instruction was for me to fuck you. I don't think what I just did counts as a fuck.'

'No, probably not. You don't have to do it you know. I know I smell horrid. He didn't say I couldn't take a shower first, did he?'

Tim laughed.

'No, he didn't. But I still want to keep in the spirit of the thing.'

He wasn't so sure as he slowly unbuttoned her coat, trying not to gag. Her dress was soaked through, the cheap material clinging to her body. Jeanette rolled onto her front to let him get to the zip at the back and then undo the horribly huge 'natural' beige coloured bra she wore underneath so that he could remove it. The door opened and they knew they were being watched but ignored the spectators. In a fit of pride Tim decided to do everything he had been ordered to do and more. He bit into her breast, being rewarded by a lifting of her hips. Roughly he lifted an arm, taking her by surprise and after a quick breath buried his nose into her armpit, and licked it. He grinned cheekily at Joe before doing the same to the other armpit, bravely conquering his desire to cough.

'Tell me if you want me to stop.' He whispered before biting her other breast hard. Jeanette gasped and lifted with the pain, but didn't tell him to stop. The movement of her hips against his leg showed what she was feeling about it. He swapped breasts and again bit hard before trailing his nose down her sweaty body until he reached her pussy. The smell there was even worse. Rather than smelling a woman's arousal all he could smell was the results of wearing double-thick knickers under a coat in a hot room. If he wasn't going to embarrass himself he needed to breathe first, so he took his time undoing her unladylike shoes and pulling down the thick hold-ups she wore. As a show of desperate bravado he looked Joe straight in the eye and licked the damp reek from the soles of both of Jeanette's feet, and to his surprise got a smile and a round of applause for his action.

By now he felt acclimatised to the smell and pushed his nose between Jeanette's legs. She raised her legs as he drove his tongue in deeply and sucked her clit into his mouth. Seconds later he was drenched as she came onto his face with a deep apologetic groan.

If this was Kat, he would have washed before continuing, but in view of Jeanette's condition he felt it unnecessary and rapidly moved up her body to kiss her mouth. He had started out trying to prove himself to Joe, but now the passion was genuine as their mouths intertwined, their audience forgotten. He took his mouth from hers and put it back to her breast. His cock, hard again, rested on her pussy as he put his mouth on her breast again. He put his lips around her nipple and pushed down, taking her areola and some of the skin around it into his mouth and sucking in more. Jeanette ran her hands through his hair in encouragement and he sucked deeply, immune to the smell now, and bit. Jeanette gave a groan which was partly pain but mostly desire and bucked herself absorb him. She held his head in place as he plunged deeply into her. He was unable to stop himself biting harder as he came, but he felt her orgasm quickly follow his before he fell onto her chest, deeply asleep.

'You know that was supposed to be horrid for him?' Joe snorted, having moved to stand next to his wife.

'What about me?'

'I didn't think it needed saying.'

'I think they call it "hoisted with your own petard" in some circles.'

Joe laughed.

'After what I did to him he deserves the last laugh.'

'It wasn't a laugh!' Jeanette was indignant.

'The last fuck then.'

'Do you know how upset he was when he came in here?'

'Mm. I let it get a bit out of hand.'

Kat looked puzzled.

'He was crying all the time we were playing at lovers on the bed.' Joe explained.

'Ooh.' There were tears in Kat's eyes. 'I should have stopped it, I knew he was upset. I just get carried away when humiliating him. The wedding ring thing was too much.'

Without being asked Joe slid Tim's ring from his finger and handed it Kat, who put it back on Tim, who grunted, but did not wake.

'Do you need something for that?' Joe tapped just above the bite mark on his wife's breast.

'It's a war wound I shall carry with pride.'

Joe gathered up Jeanette's discarded clothing.

'I'll go find a bin for these.'

'As far away as you can please. I don't want anyone knowing they were anywhere near me.'

She heard Joe laughing as he headed for the door, leaving Kat with Jeanette and the sleeping Tim.

'Is it going to wake him up if we chat?'

'Nah. He'll sleep through world war three.'

'You need to talk to your man about what his limits are. It's okay to tease him, even to indulge in being cruel or hurting him physically, but don't overdo it. Joe knows how far he can take me, but he has never hit me. I heard him hit Tim, and you encouraging him. The wedding ring thing was bad, but from here I heard you telling Joe how marvellous his lovemaking was, and yelling his name as you orgasmed. Was it fake?'

'Yes. Of course it was. I love Tim.'

'Spend time showing him. You may need to build up his confidence again. Don't humiliate him again this weekend; I don't think he could stand it.'

'No I won't. Can I humiliate you though?' Kat asked with a cheeky smile.

'Any time you like.' Jeanette smiled. 'Do you mind if I borrow him later so I can get a matching pair?' she pointed at the bite mark on her breast.

'Yeah, why not. You both deserve it. Thanks for helping him when I hurt him.'


When Tim woke he was staring at a line of red. As he blinked sleep from his eyes he found it was a red line on a breast. It wasn't Kat's breast. Memory forced itself to the surface and he sat up.

'Afternoon, Tim.'

'Oh god! How long did I sleep?'

'As long as you needed.'

'You smell!' he wrinkled his nose and laughed.

'I was waiting until you woke up. Shower together?'

'Why not? Where are they off to?' Tim asked as the door shut behind Kat and Joe.

'They promised they'd get something for lunch when you woke up. None of us felt like getting dressed enough to eat out. They probably thought we might value some privacy to make up for last night.'

Tim's eyes twinkled, and he ran his hands down her flanks.

'And do we?'

'Well I do. It's much nicer when nobody's watching.'

When Kat and Joe returned with a box of sandwiches, cakes and coffee, Tim and Jeanette were sitting, fully dressed on the sofa, looking happily rested, their hair damp at the edges.

'Clean now?' Joe stepped across to kiss his wife, then Tim.

To his surprise Tim returned the kiss.

As he turned back Joe noticed an uncomfortable look on Kat's face and a plan popped into his head, fully formed.

When the two couples each retired to their rooms after lunch, Joe held Kat back for a minute and whispered to her. They all agreed to meet up later, Joe and Jeanette needed recovery time, and the younger pair didn't object. Tim was lying on the bed, arms behind his head and legs crossed. He was still feeling tired, but after making love to Jeanette it was a warm and contented tiredness. Kat was on one of the chairs looking less happy. In fact, Tim realised, she was looking distinctly worried.

She cleared her throat, nervously. Tim looked towards her.

'Joe and Jeanette feel you need some revenge.'

'It's not necessary. I knew it wasn't real, but I got caught up with your great acting.'

'I think I need to feel punished. What they have in mind is ideal, and I don't think you'll object.'

Tim was intrigued.

'Explain all.'

Kat did.

They met up again for dinner in the hotel. Dinner was short. Even Kat, a great chocolate lover, didn't want to stop for dessert. They were too keen to start on Joe's plan.

'Are you sure you're okay with this?' Joe asked when they reached the hotel room.

Kat nodded her head sadly, and started removing her clothes.

While she was doing so, watched by Joe, Tim was busy removing Jeanette's kissing her body with each garment he removed. When his wife was naked Joe tapped on Tim's shoulder, an agreed signal. Tim turned and the two men kissed barely heeding the two women pulling at their clothes, each undressing their husbands. Kat sat in the chair Tim had occupied earlier. In an unplanned alteration to Joe's plan, Tim broke of the kiss briefly and removed his wedding ring. Looking Kat steadily in the eye he pulled Joe's hand around and slipped the ring where Kat had put it earlier. Joe looked at him, surprised then pulled him back into the kiss, passionately moving his hands over Tim's bare chest. Picking up on Tim's intent, Joe shuffled his feet, turning them so Kat was aware Tim wasn't deliberately ignoring her. He was too engrossed in the kiss to pay his wife any attention. The choice was Tim's not Joe's. Kat was not looking happy, but then the whole idea was to punish her, so it wasn't surprising. It was long minutes before Joe realised his wife's impatience and pushed Tim towards her.

Joining her on the bed, Tim sucked at Jeanette's unmarked breast, consciously trying to match the mark on her left breast. His hard cock slid easily into her soaking pussy and he felt her orgasm.

'Yes!' she urged, and he bit hard as he reached climax. His ass was being greased but for the moment his sole attention was on the woman bucking beneath him as she screamed release and pain.

'Too hard?' he worried.

'No. I'm fine. Carry on.'

Tim relaxed and allowed Joe's hands to massage him and open up his ass cheeks.

If anyone had told Tim he would lie on a woman's stomach while her husband was getting ready to fuck him and Tim's wife was watching, they would not have been believed. It they had mentioned Tim's eagerness to be fucked, Tim would have been annoyed about the implied homosexuality. Yet here he was, waiting eagerly as Joe prepared him. Tim had affirmed to Joe earlier his willingness to try new things and this was certainly new. Joe's strong hands stroked him to calm him as he tensed.

'Relax, it'll be easier.'

It was easy for Joe to say, this was Tim's first time with a man.

He tried to allow Joe's entrance, but it wasn't easy. Joe pushed gently at first, then harder until Joe felt his ass stretch to make room. Jeanette's lips brushed against his, in comfort rather than passion, and her pussy throbbed as she reached to take him in. Then Joe thrust more deeply and Tim involuntarily thrust into Jeanette. Tim had no say in the resulting rhythm; he just went with the flow as Joe thrust into him in long hard movements and Jeanette's pussy flexed around him in the same rhythm.

Light exploded in Tim's brain and he thrust back hard against Joe.

Although he was never aware of the fact, the look on Tim's face as he passed out scrunched between Joe and Jeanette gave Kat a lot of insight into what she had done to Tim earlier in the day. The look on his face had nothing to do with acting; she was nothing to him at the moment. She was even more hurt when Joe turned Tim's face for a kiss and the wedding ring on his little finger caught the light and shone into her eyes.

Tim sank back onto Jeanette's breast after the kiss. Then he caught the look of dismayed horror on Kat's face, and pulled himself out of the huddle of bodies to hold her, calming her. He wondered if he had gone too far.

'Thank you' Kat said to Joe while looking up at Tim. 'I think I understand now.'

Joe started moving towards them, but Jeanette grabbed his ear and dragged him back to the other room, leaving the couple to sort out their differences. Both couples slept with their own partners, for the first time in the weekend.

Their bags were packed next morning, and the group gathered for a hug, with every combination of kisses indulged in.

'I hope we get drawn together again soon.' Kat said.

'We don't have to wait until then' Joe said. 'We can meet independently outside of the group.'

'Mm. That's a good idea. I can't think of any reason why not.' Tim said, looking at Kat, who nodded in agreement.

'Three weeks from now, here?' Jeanette added.

Tim looked through the diary on his smart phone.

'Yeah, we're okay then. Shall we book it on the way to breakfast?'

'No need, I booked it when I went for my early morning coffee.'

She looked at the three faces staring at her in shocked amazement.

'So sue me!' She grinned 'or spend the week thinking of ways to punish me.'

'Give me your numbers and we can plot something.' Joe grinned. 'Phone me, if you get any ideas.'

'It was your idea' Tim reminded Jeanette as they headed for the car park. He kissed her again then slid into his own car to kiss his wife.

'Really dear? Are you sure nothing else happened?' Marcia didn't tell Kat about the phone calls from Jeanette and Tim. If what they had told her was true, then Kat was hiding a few crucial details. Unlike the youngsters, Jeanette was always honest and detailed when she reported back. 'Sounds quite boring. Do you want me to find you any more matches, perhaps with younger people? Oh? That's funny. I am sure last time you were against matching with older people. You know best. I'll see what I can manage.'

Smiling to herself she put the couple's details back into the jar. She considered removing the card with 'Jeanette and Joe' on it. Jeanette didn't know about Marcia's husband owning the hotel. This was the third couple Jeanette and Joe had hooked up with outside the club. She shrugged. Jeanette always gave her such lovely juicy stories; perhaps she would give them another chance.

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