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Cheating and Rivals Pt. 16

by george

07/27/2016 19:17 in hotwife

[This chapter continues Book 2: Rivals]

"Oh god," Jen silently lamented the next day when she saw Biff. The young college sophomore had a silly grin on his face and followed her around like a lovesick puppy. He was majorly crushing on her!

Jen knew rumors would soon spread about last night. She didn't mind the rumors; with her reputation, probably a lot of people in the office already figured she was sleeping with her cute 19 year old intern. She actually was more concerned about Biff. It was flattering he had a crush on her (she was 10 years older after all), but she didn't want his internship to end with a broken heart.

Jen had a plan though. It only took one phone call. As she suspected, it was easy.

With that done, Jen gazed out her window and reflected on her life. Here she was, less than six months from 30. Married, a mother, professionally successful. And, she had a big reputation for sleeping around. Biff had proved it last night when he asked about her affair with Scott. If he knew (a college intern) then everyone in her office knew. It wasn't just the office either. She had a reputation at Penn State, at home in Belmont, even around the neighborhood where she lived with Mike and Anna.

To her surprise, her slutty reputation didn't bother her. Or at least, it didn't bother her much. All she cared about was what Mike thought of her. And he thought she was sensual, he encouraged her affairs, he liked when she lost control.

She remembered reading in college, something a President said (she couldn't remember which one). Something like "To people who don't matter it matters, to people who matter it doesn't matter." That's how it was. For Jen, the only person that mattered was Mike and to him she was a goddess.

Later that day Biff came into her office. Jen knew it was trouble when he closed and locked the door behind him.

He moved close and hesitantly said "Last night was incredible."

Jen's heart melted a little hearing the hesitancy in his voice. His love sick puppy dog eyes charmed her. God he looked young. And vulnerable. She didn't want to hurt him.

"Yeah, last night was awesome," Jen said giving him a smile. She gently added "But Biff, you know it was a one time thing right? I'm married, I have a baby."

"Oh," Biff said looking disappointed. He asked hopefully "We can't still see each other?"

Jen smiled weakly. Yeah, Biff had definitely heard the rumors about her affairs with Scott and Tom. Those relationships had lasted months.

"No honey," Jen said gently. She ran her hand down his cheek consolingly. As she did her wedding ring sparkled in the sunlight as if to emphasize what she said next. "I'm married. Sometimes I fool around, but I love my husband."

"Oh," Biff said, looking down. He looked crushed.

Jen felt sorry for him, and guilty. She put her plan into effect. "I've set something up for you. For the last part of your internship. You'll intern for Google as Keri O'Reilly's assistant."

Biff's eyes lit up with surprise and excitement. But it was mixed with sadness and resignation. "You're getting rid of me right?"

"No, I'm rewarding you for being such a great intern. And a great guy," Jen said with another consoling stroke of his cheek. She added encouragingly "Biff honey, go to Silicon Valley. It's all paid for. Have fun, meet pretty Stanford girls. Then, when you go back to school, forget all about me."

"That'll be hard," Biff said with a crooked grin.

"I'm already taken Biff," Jen said giving him a kind smile.

Biff left for San Francisco later that week. Jen knew Keri might seduce Biff. He was, after all, a real cutie (and what an ass!). And Keri was a bigger slut than her!

Keri might even keep Biff as a sometimes lover. She had them sprinkled throughout the world. But Keri would make sure it didn't get emotional with Biff. She was able to keep her distance that way with her lovers, whereas for Jen emotions seemed to be always part of it.

Why was that? Was it her? Or was it because Mike liked it that way? Probably both, Jen thought to herself. That was why their game was so exciting, and dangerous too.

Later that day Jen saw Scott eyeing her, like he wanted to talk. Jen grimaced. She didn't feel like dealing with Scott. She finished a few things and left work early. She had to pack, she had the fund raiser trip with Frank the next day.

"You'll be with Frank?" Mike asked later as he watched Jen pack.

"I won't be with him," Jen corrected. "We're doing events together."

"You'll be together," Mike pointed out.

"I guess," Jen said with a laugh as she carefully placed dresses in her suitcase. "Don't get ideas Mike. I told you, I don't feel comfortable doing anything with Frank."

"But you're hot for him right?" Mike said pressing. He definitely liked the idea. He got turned on by the taboo kinkiness of his wife having an affair with an older man from her childhood, the father of one of her school girl friends. Also given the age different, Mike wouldn't feel threatened by Frank. From his point of view, Frank Tower would be perfect as Jen's next lover.

"Mike ...." Jen said with an exasperated sigh. He was pushing so hard. She did think Frank was hot and the kinkiness of it all turned her on too. But something about Frank scared her. She couldn't put her finger on it, but her instincts were telling her not to start something with him.

"Should I give you another care package?" Mike said with a grin, referring to the time he slipped a package of stockings and condoms in his wife's suitcase before she hooked up with Carrington (when she was pitching for Universal Mortgage and Life).

"No I'm fine Mike," Jen said with an exasperated laugh.

"You have condoms, just in case?" he asked.

"I used to be a girl scout, I'm always prepared," Jen joked through a tight smile. She was getting annoyed at her husband.

Mike sensed her irritation. He put his arms around her waist and gently stroked her back. "I'm sorry I'm being pushy," he said looking into her eyes. "I'm just saying, I'm good if you want to do something on your trip. With whoever. It doesn't have to be Frank." He grinned and joked "I'm happy your nympho button is back on."

Jen frowned. The truth was, she WAS horny all the time now. But ....

"You're kinda making me feel like a slut," she said softly.

Mike immediately said "That's not –."

"I know you don't mean to," Jen said giving him a weak smile. "It's just ... I don't know ... I like the game. But it's got to work for me emotionally. Biff was fun. But now I have to deal with Scott, and Keri will give me shit for dumping him on her. It's not always easy to find people to play with."

"That's why Frank is perfect," Mike said encouragingly. "I get how you are baby, you need a relationship, not just a hookup. It's more exciting for me too when you have a boyfriend. Frank's perfect. He's single, you're attracted to him, there's chemistry."

"I don't know," Jen said uncertainly, feeling again her concerns about starting something with Frank. She was also worried about her husband. "You really want me to have a boyfriend again?"

"We both want to keep playing the game, right?" Mike said, brushing a loose strand of Jen's blonde hair from her pretty face. "It's easier when you have a steady boyfriend. More exciting too."

"Dangerous though," Jen said doubtfully.

"You know, it worked with Alex and Jamie," Mike pointed out. "It worked with Drums too. If Sapphire hadn't blown up in my face ...."

"Yeah," Jen said, pressing her cheek into Mike's chest and hugging him.

Mike kissed the top of her head, smelling the strawberry vanilla of her shampoo. "It did work," he said softly. "You broke up with Drums before Colin's party. I know there were lingering feelings. But we would've worked through them."

"Yeah we would have," Jen assured her husband. Whenever she broke up with a lover (a "boyfriend") she had feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness. But that was just being human right? Those feelings eventually went away. Well, maybe not completely. It was impossible to have such an intimate relationship with a guy without him becoming a part of you, if just a little. That was human too.

"Maybe we need to find you a new boyfriend," Mike suggested.

Jen was silent for a moment. Then she said softly "Yeah, maybe."


"Ever done one of these?" Frank asked Jen the next day in Chicago as they approached the ballroom in the Monaco hotel where the fundraiser was taking place.

"No," Jen said with a nervous laugh. "I have no idea what to do."

"Here's my advice," Frank said. "Just smile and be charming."

"What?" Jen said surprised, put off by his statement. Was that his opinion of her, that all she was, was eye candy?

"I guess Leo didn't tell you," Frank said with a chuckle.

"Tell me what?" Jen said warily.

"You're here because you run Jasmine's image campaign," Frank said. "But that's just part of it. The fact is, Jasmine wants you here because it shows she's reasonable and forgiving."

"What?" Jen said not understanding.

"Mike and Jas split up. He went back to you," Frank explained. "Then Jas hires you. What does that say? It says she can work both sides of the aisle. She doesn't hold grudges, she's reasonable."

Jen stopped in her tracks, looking shocked. "So she's using me," she said angrily.

"Jasmine Kelly uses everyone," Frank said. He grinned. "She's good at it too."

"Mike broke up with Jasmine, did you know that?" Jen said. "It wasn't like her press release. It wasn't a mutual agreement." She did air quotes around "mutual." "Mike dump her. For me."

"Oh," Frank said. He was clearly surprised. "I didn't know that." Frank's eyes drifted to Jen's chest.

Jen's cheeks reddened. She'd always been insecure about her breasts. Mike said they were perfect, but they were small. Jasmine's were huge (and probably perfect too, she begrudgingly had to admit). Jen glared at Frank as his eyes lingered on her small bust. It was like he was thinking "What, Mike picked these tiny tits over Jasmine's?"

"What?" Jen growled.

"Nothing," Frank said, finally looking from her chest back to her face. He chuckled as if amused by Jen's reaction. "Listen, I told you Jas isn't one of my favorite people. I'd chose you over Jasmine too. Not even close."

"Whatever," Jen said, only partially mollified. "I don't know what I'm doing here. I can't believe I'm helping Jasmine Kelly."

"I thought you liked her politics," Frank said.

Jen shrugged. She was in no mood to say anything nice about Jasmine Kelly. Which was a bad thing since she was about to co-host a fundraiser for the bottle blonde bitch's campaign.

"I heard Jas did you and Mike a favor?" Frank continued.

"Yeah," Jen said, then she realized she didn't get a chance to ask Mike how the CATF meeting went. She felt guilty about that. She rationalized it was because they spent so much time talking about their game. But she knew that was a lame excuse because Mike always made the effort to ask how her job was going.

Jen knew she was selfish. She'd always been that way. All her life, because of her striking good looks, she usually got what she wanted, especially from men. Especially from Mike. That didn't mean she loved him any less. She loved her husband with all her heart. But she guiltily knew she sometimes took Mike for granted. The fact was, though, Mike enabled her by always putting her on a pedestal.

"What was the favor?" Frank asked, intrigued.

Jen gave him an evasive shrug, not wanting to give Jasmine credit for anything. "So I'm supposed to just smile and look pretty?" she asked.

"You do that really well," Frank said with a smile, looking at her beautiful face. "Look, I'm just saying there's no pressure on you. I do these all the time. I can handle it."

"Okay, whatever," Jen said, feeling deflated. She felt like Frank was dismissing her, treating her like a little girl. That sparked something in her. She decided to show Frank she could carry her own weight.

For the next 3 hours Jen worked the room. She didn't know anyone there but that didn't matter to her. She poured on the charm and went into full-court turbo social butterfly mode. She told everyone who would listen how wonderful Jasmine Kelly was and how they should open their wallets and contribute tons of money to her campaign. She had to grit her teeth at first, but then it came easy because Jasmine's political and social views did mesh closely with Jen's. Before long Jen found herself talking passionately about Jasmine's positions and views.

Frank and Jen sat in the hotel bar after the fundraiser. His eyes were wide as he looked at the report. "We hit over 2 times our goal," he said amazed. "Almost 3 times."

"Good," Jen said simply as she sipped her white wine.

"It was you," Frank said giving Jen an admiringly look. "I watched you work the room. You were incredible."

"Thanks," Jen said, modestly looking down at her drink. Inside she was beaming! Hearing Frank's praise made her feel so good!

"I apologize for being so dismissive earlier," Frank said giving her an apologetic, lopsided grin. "I guess I still see you as Sophie's high school friend. I know how successful you've become. People say you're a marketing genius. It's just getting my head around that. I need to get passed seeing you as a teenager."

"That's okay," Jen said with a laugh, her head spinning from all the compliments. From Frank Tower no less!

"It doesn't help you still look like a teenager," Frank said, grinning as he gave Jen an up and down look.

"I'm almost 30," Jen pointed out, smiling back at Frank.

"You look like a college girl," Frank said. He eyed her, a curious look on his face. "Does that help or hurt?"

"In business?" Jen said. "It hurts sometimes. But helps too."

"Especially with men, right?" Frank said grinning. He looked down at Jen's lovely legs. "I saw you flashing some leg today."

"Men are so easy," Jen said with a laugh.

Frank gave Jen a look. So she wasn't opposed to using her body to get what she wanted?

Jen read his mind. "Hey, it was only a little leg," she said with a laugh. To emphasize her point, she playfully poked his calf with the stiletto of her high heel.

Frank practically jumped in his chair. A flash of sexual excitement crossed his face. It was only a moment but Jen noticed. It was her turn to give Frank a look. Poking him with her high heel really got to him. She'd have to remember that.

Frank was still looking at Jen's legs. He was about to say something but then stopped.

"What?" Jen said looking curiously at him.

"Just something Sophie used to say," Frank said. "You always wear hose. Sophie said that wasn't the style. Of course she said that a few years ago."

"It's still not stylish, not really," Jen said. "Look at movie stars, they never wear hose even in the winter."

Frank looked curiously at Jen, as if waiting for her to explain more.

"I used to hate wearing hose," Jen explain. "But Mike likes it."

"So you do it for him?"

"I wear my hair long, I use pink lipstick, I always wear high heels," Jen bemoaned. "Do you have any idea what it's like to wear 4 inch heels all day long?"

"I guess not," Frank said with a laugh. "So, if not for Mike, what would you do different?"

Jen thought a moment and then shrugged. "Wear my hair shorter I guess. Get a belly button ring. I don't know," she said with a laugh. "When you've been together so long, sometimes the line between me and us is fuzzy." She quickly added "That's a good thing."

"Yeah," Frank agreed with a chuckle. With a raised eyebrow he asked "Mike doesn't want you to get a belly button right?"

"I've never asked," Jen admitted. "He doesn't like body art or jewelry."

"So no tattoos?" Frank asked.

"I have a tattoo, on my back," Jen said. "I'd like another, behind my neck."

"But Mike won't let you," Frank said.

"It's not he won't let me," Jen said. "If he doesn't want it, I don't want it."

"But you said you do want it," Frank pointed out.

"See, that's what I mean," Jen said with a laugh. "The fuzzy line between me and us."

"Yes, I see," Frank said with a laugh back. After a moment's hesitation he said "Sophie has a belly button ring. At least I think she still has it. I haven't seen her in a while."

"You don't talk to Sophie?" Jen asked.

"Not often," Frank said with a shrug, suddenly looking melancholy.

Jen felt bad for bringing his daughter up. Were they estranged? She was curious but didn't want to pry.

But Frank offered "We used to be close. All 3 of us. But when Sally died ... it was hard."

"God I'm sorry," Jen said reaching over and squeezing Frank's hand.

"I wasn't the best husband," Frank admitted through a forced grin. He hesitated. Then, as if making a decision, he said "I cheated on Sally. We never talked about it, but I think she knew. I stopped when she got sick. But it was too late."

For some reason, Jen wasn't surprised to hear Frank cheated on his wife. While he and his wife always seemed loving and close, Frank was always around pretty girls. But from her own experience, she knew that cheating didn't mean he didn't love her. "I'm sure Mrs. Tower knew you loved her," she said trying to make him feel better.

Frank gave Jen an appreciative smile, but his eyes said "how would you know?"

Jen saw his doubt. As if making her own decision, she admitted "I cheated on Mike. But he knows I love him. He forgave me."

Frank raised an eyebrow at Jen. Actually, her confession wasn't a surprise. He'd heard rumors about Jenny Johnson. Also he knew how the world worked. Jen was sexy and beautiful, incredibly so. He had no doubt she got hit on all the time, notwithstanding the wedding band around her finger. Frank knew all too well how easy it was to slip up. And once you had a taste of that forbidden nectar it was hard to go back.

"I appreciate that Jenny," Frank said.

"I'm just saying, I'm sure if Mrs. Tower didn't say anything, she knew you loved her and she forgave you," Jen said earnestly.

"Thank you Jenny," Frank said giving her a tight smile. "Honestly I'm more worried about Sophie."

After a moment's hesitation, Jen offered, "I'll talk to Sophie, if you think that might help."

"You've lost touch too?" Frank asked.

"Yeah," Jen admitted. They exchanged Christmas greetings and spoke on Facebook sometimes, but otherwise she hadn't talked to Sophie in years.

"Thanks but I think no," Frank said. Forcing a grin he said "Things will work out eventually."

They decided to go to dinner after finishing their drinks. Jen was about to order another white wine when Frank said "How about a tequila?" He motioned to the drink menu. "They have an impressive selection here."

"Sure," Jen said, remembering how she enjoyed the tequila the other time with Frank.

Frank didn't order just two shots, he ordered a whole bottle of tequila. Jen noticed the bottle was over $1000! Well, whatever. Jasmine could afford it, especially after today.

Frank insisted they drink the tequila neat. He said ice would dilute the flavor and reduce the intensity and nuances of the blue agave.

Jen found the tequila strong but delicious. By the time their entrees arrived they'd gone through over half the bottle. Jen was definitely feeling tipsy. Even Frank who drank tequila all the time was feeling the effects of the 90+ proof alcohol.

They laughed over shared memories of their hometown of Belmont, as well as silly "Jasmine-isms," like when Jasmine ordered a vegan week in the office to protest cruelty of farm animals. (While Jen laughed along with Frank, she actually agreed with Jasmine's position; it was just, Jasmine used a hammer when a light touch would be more effective.)

When they were both well lubricated, Frank (with a gleam in his eye) asked "Do you still cheat on Mike?"
Jen's smile disappeared. "No, I don't cheat on my husband," she said coldly.

"Sorry," Frank said, suddenly sobered by Jen's glare.

"Why would you ask me that?" Jen said tersely.

"Forget I said anything."

"No, tell me," Jen insisted, sensing he was holding back something.

Frank hesitated. Then he said with a shrug "I've heard rumors."

Jen was silent as she stewed over that. She knew she had a reputation and it was a small world. Colin probably talked. Jasmine probably talked too. Things got around. It was hard to deny. Jen didn't want Frank to think she was cheating on Mike. Mike wanted her to start something with Frank. She still had concerns about that. But if she did start something with Frank, it was important Frank knew she was doing this for Mike, it was the game they played together.

"Sometimes I mess around," Jen admitted with a shrug. "But Mike knows about it. I'm not cheating."

Frank raised an eyebrow at that. "You have an open marriage?" he asked.

Jen thought of Jasmine and the bare legged interns at her office. The last thing she wanted was people thinking Mike had a free hall pass. "No, just me," she said. She added "That's the way Mike wants it."

Frank thought about it. He was definitely intrigued by this (who wouldn't be?). "Mike's into sharing you?"

"Something like that," Jen said.

"Does he watch?"

"I'm uncomfortable talking about this," Jen said.

"You brought it up," Frank pointed out.

Jen looked incredulously at him. "No, you did," she said an edge in her voice. To emphasize her point, she dug her high heel into his ankle.

Frank jerked like last time. "Please don't do that again," he said with an unsteady voice.

Jen shrugged and looked away. She knew she was pushing his buttons but didn't care. Frank was annoying her.

Frank took a long look at Jen. She was definitely gorgeous. He preferred brunettes (his wife Sally had auburn hair) but Jen with her long blonde hair, beautiful face and blue eyes looked like a glamour magazine model. And those long legs were to die for.

He definitely wanted to get Jen in bed. He'd wanted her for a long time. He remembered his affair with Paige back when she was in high school with Jen and Sophie. Paige had been fun, but Jenny Johnson was the real prize.

Frank's reverie was interrupted when Jen abruptly got up and said "I'm going to my room."

Frank got up too and they went up the elevator together. When they arrived at Jen's floor, she stepped out of the elevator. Frank stepped out too and grabbed Jen's hand. He asked "Can I come to your room?"

Jen gave Frank a long look. She was still irritated with him, but ....

Impulsively, Jen reached up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around Frank's neck. She pressed her body against his and kissed him.

Frank was momentarily startled but he quickly got over it. He wrapped his arms around Jen and kissed her back.

As they kissed, Jen ran her high heel up Frank's calf. Frank groaned into Jen's mouth as he felt the stiletto run up his leg.

Then Jen abruptly pulled away from Frank. Panting, Jen looked Frank in the eyes and said "No." She turned and went to her room.


Mike had free time between his morning and afternoon summer school classes. He took out his laptop and worked on the latest problem from Colonel Banks. Banks emailed him about 1 task each week. They were difficult but not impossible. It really all boiled down to logic and math. Sometimes it was hard to find the thread. But Mike was pretty good at discerning patterns. Once he found the thread – the starting point -- things usually fell into place. It was just math, and math was logical. One led to two, and two lead to three.

Mike had been working on the current problem for a couple days. He was having a hard time finding the thread, and he was getting frustrated. His thoughts drifted to Jen. Last night she told him she kissed Frank. They had phone sex as she told him the story. God his wife was such a tease! He wished she would just do it with Frank. To Mike it seemed inevitable. They were both hot for each other, and Jen certainly had his okay. He knew his wife loved to tease, but she wasn't just giving Frank blue balls, she was denying him too!

Mike's thoughts drifted to Jim. They were meeting later tonight for drinks. He wondered if Stacy was pregnant yet. The thought made him lightheaded with lust.

Mike glanced back at the computer screen. Out of nowhere he saw it. The thread. He felt triumphant! Sometimes it was like that, it just came to him. It all fell into place after that. He sent Banks the solution in an encrypted email, then closed his computer.

Mike still had some time before his next class. He looked out the window, thinking about his life. He had a beautiful wife, a wonderful daughter. His marriage and family were strong. Mike was lucky to have Jen in so many ways. He knew he had unconventional desires. What if Jen wasn't willing to go along with his fantasies? Would he be as happy and content? Yeah, sometimes –often – their game led to tension and angst. But that was part of the thrill. A big part.

Mike didn't understand his desires, why he was the way he was. Maybe it was his insecurities. Did he have a need to offer Jen to other men to see if she would come back to him? So far she always had. How dangerous was that? The "so far" part? And how was it his brain & heart (and dick) sexualized it?

Jen's fantasies were easier to understand, but they were still complex. She was attracted to men who weren't good for her. Some might think that a mystifying conundrum, yet it was true of so many people (men and women).

More and more, Jen got off making him do things he didn't like. DID he like those things? No, not if considered in isolation. But in the context of their game? The fact was, humiliation was part of the cuckold fantasy. His fantasies went so far as to desire another man to impregnate her. How fucked up was that? He knew it, Jen knew it. Yet that aspect was part of their game. And it'd happened twice (once a miscarriage – and a bum leg -- once Anna).

Mike had limits though. He didn't want Jen to lose respect for him. He worried about that, because he often lost control in the heat of the moment. Their game was only part of their lives. Most of the time they were just a normal American family. Mike didn't want their game to taint the other parts of their lives.

Mike thought about his financial situation. Well, it sucked. Even with both his teaching and government gigs, he made way less than his job on Wall Street (not even counting the huge Sapphire bonuses he used to get). Jen made a lot more than him which hurt his pride. Also, it bothered him he was no longer able to give Jen things like before – nice jewelry, designer clothes, expensive vacations. Jen didn't seem to mind, but it seriously bothered him.

The thing was though, Mike liked teaching a lot more than Wall Street. He got a lot more out of it, the whole "guiding young minds thing." And, to his amazement, he was pretty good at it. He wasn't surprised by the teaching part, he'd been pretty confident about that part of it from his TA days. But the kids thought of him as one of the "cool teachers." He had to laugh about that one. All his life, he'd been intimidated by the "Populars." Now though, HE was a "Popular." How ironic life was sometimes. He imagined God looking down at them and chuckling.

Mike's thoughts turned to his work for CATF. He enjoyed the mental challenges. The money was decent (it more than doubled his income). He had the satisfaction of protecting our country. But that part worried him. Was he really protecting the country? Or just hurting people in other countries? He didn't trust Banks and his bosses. Those spy masters were all about "the results justify the means." Mike didn't believe in that credo. Yeah, we couldn't let another 9-11 happen. But what was the point if we destroyed our country in the process?

The quantum computer project bothered Mike. What were the government's intentions? The technology (if ever fully developed) should be open but it seemed like the government intended to keep tight control over it.

Mike had learned his lesson though. He wasn't going to be a hero again. No, he'd never risk going to jail again, his family was too important to him. But that didn't mean he had to help on the quantum computer project. Since that trip to CATF, he'd avoided any involvement with the "brain trust." He intended to keep it that way.

Later that night Mike met up with Jim at a bar. They chatted about meaningless things for a few minutes. Then Mike asked "How's Stacy? Is she still with DeShawn?"

"Yeah, but she's not pregnant yet," Jim said looking bothered.

"What's wrong Jim?" Mike asked.

"She's not pregnant yet," Jim repeated.

"That's a problem?" Mike asked not understanding. "I mean ... isn't the process part of it?"

Jim couldn't help laughing. But it wasn't a ha-ha laugh. It was more like a "yeah we get each other" laugh. "Yeah, I love seeing Stacy with DeShawn. But she's really worried. They've tried twice now."

"Sometimes it takes longer," Mike said. He knew better than anyone. Over the years they'd been more than a few times when Mike came inside Jen. Sometimes it'd happened when she was ovulating (or close to it). Not once did she get pregnant.

"Stacy's worried she won't be able to hold onto DeShawn," Jim said. He lowered his voice and said "They keep score. The hardcore black bulls. They keep score."

"Seriously?" Mike said surprised.

Jim nodded. "How many impregnations. How many babies. It's like fucking fantasy football. You get more points if she's white. If she's married. Bonus points if she's a newlywed. Baby girls get more points than boys."

Mike looked alarmed at the last point. "Jim, they're not ...."

"What?" Jim said seeing the alarm on Mike's face and not understanding. Then he got it. "No Mike, shit, that's disgusting!" he said vehemently.

"That's good," Mike said relieved. That was definitely NOT part of his fantasy. Freaks into that needed their dicks cut off! "Then, why more points for baby girls?"

"I didn't get it either," Jim said. "Then DeShawn explained it to me. You gotta remember, these bulls are uber competitive. It's almost like black supremacy. Screwing a white guy's wife isn't enough. Getting her pregnant isn't enough. Think about how it is with baby girls. She's 'daddy's little girl,' 'the apple of her father's eye.' It's the ultimate fuck you to the white husband. Even more than impregnating his wife."

Mike's expression darkened. Anna WAS "daddy's little girl." She WAS "the apple of Mike's eye." It didn't matter where the sperm came from.

Jim realized his mistake. "Sorry," he said sheepishly. After a moment he hesitantly asked "Have you seen Drums?"

Mike was definitely in a dark mood. He said "If he tries to start something with Jen. If he tries to take Anna from me. I'll kill him."

Jim eyed Mike nervously. "Yeah right," he said with an awkward laugh. He joked "What, you have a gun?"

"I don't need a gun," Mike said simply, his face completely serious.

"What?" Jim said not understanding.

"You're at a stop light," Mike said. "It turns green and you go. But the other light malfunctions and you get hit head on by a tracker trailer."


"You go to the pharmacy," Mike continued. "The computer screws up so the pharmacist gives you the wrong medicine."

"Mike ...."

"The elevator you're in plunges 50 floors," Mike said. "The furnace explodes." He gave Jim a hard determined look. "You don't need a gun to kill Jim. You just need a computer."

"Yeah right," Jim said with an awkward laugh. Getting into the game, he offered "What about a runaway train?"

"No, don't want to hurt innocent people," Mike said immediately.

Jim stared at Mike. He realized these weren't off-the-cuff ideas. Mike had thought it through, had put serious thought into it. How to kill a person. A chill ran down his spine. "Mike, you're joking right?" Jim said with another awkward laugh.

For long moments the hard dark look stayed on Mike's face. Then he broke into a smile. "Sure Jim, I'm joking," he said. The smile was forced, and then it was gone, replaced by the hard look again. He said "Anna is mine."

"Yeah, I mean, I get that," Jim sputtered. "The point system doesn't always work. I'll tell DeShawn that."

Mike shrugged, not caring if Jim told DeShawn or not.

"Shit, I think we need another round mate," Jim joked. He looked at Mike warily and added, "Major buzz kill." Mike smiled. They ordered another round and were silent as they sipped their new drinks.

"Anyway, I'm just saying," Jim said wanting to change back to the original subject. "The whole point system. All the half black babies. If this was a movie it'd be a comedy."

"More like a tragedy," Mike whispered thinking about all the mixed color kids. There was still a lot of prejudice in the world. Half white / half black kids might not be accepted by either group. Those kids were starting life at a disadvantage. Yeah, he and Jen might eventually have challenges with Anna. But at least outwardly they looked like her biological parents.

"What?" Jim asked, not hearing Mike's comment.

"Nothing," Mike said. He had no right to judge Jim. From what he could tell, Jim and Sally were great parents. Who knew? Maybe kids like Dannika will change the world.

Mike's thoughts turned back to the immediate problem. He said "So, if Stacy doesn't get pregnant soon ...."

"Then DeShawn will move to another girl," Jim said. "It's not like he doesn't have his choice of white wives. You have no idea how many couples are into this. I mean, look around New York or any big city. There are a lot of mixed up kids. You ask the parents, they say they adopted. But they didn't Mike. A lot of times they're just like me and Stacy."

Mike nodded slowly, taking this all in. "So what are you going to do?"

"I'm doing what I have to," Jim said grimly. "You know how the fantasy is Mike. I want it to happen. So does Stacy. Yeah I started it. She was reluctant at first. But now she's like me. Obsessed with it. Obsessed with black men, having their babies."

It seemed like Jim was being defensive. Mike asked again "So ... what are you doing about it?"

"You know Stacy got me to wear a cage?" Jim said. "It was actually my idea. When Stacy gets into a black man like DeShawn, I'm not much use to her anyway. I mean, sexually. Wearing the cage takes the pressure off. She can concentrate on DeShawn without feeling guilty about me. And I can stop thinking about sex with her."

"Okay," Mike said, not knowing where Jim was going. "But you're out of the cage now?"

"Yeah, because Stacy doesn't want me to suffer," Jim said. "She lets me have fuck buddies." Jim paused, as if waiting for Mike to give an update on Jen. When he didn't Jim looked disappointed – or frustrated – but he continued. "But DeShawn doesn't like me uncaged. It's not enough he's the alpha dick. He wants to be the only dick around Stacy. He doesn't want to take the chance of my white seed mixing with his black seed in Stacy."

"So?" Mike prompted.

Jim looked down, as if embarrassed to say the next part. Finally he said "DeShawn doesn't want Stacy to see me as a sexual object. He doesn't want Stacy to have any desire for me."

"But ... how is that possible?" Mike asked. Stacy might be in lust with DeShawn's body and cock. But Jim was still her husband. There would always be some desire there. It was inevitable between a married couple who loved each other.

Jim paused again, this time longer. His cheeks reddened with embarrassment. He whispered in a hoarse voice "I'm wearing panties Mike. That's what DeShawn wants. He put me in panties. He says, if Stacy sees my cock in panties, there's no way she'll have any desire for me."

"Oh," Mike said shocked. "You agreed to that?"

"I told you, I'm trying to make it work," Jim replied. He gave a lopsided grin and admitted "It's actually a turn on. You know, the humiliation and all. It feels kind of sexy with a string up my ass."

"Okay, too much information," Mike said with a laugh. Jim laughed back. Mike hesitantly asked "So is it working with Stacy?"

"Yeah I guess," Jim said. "She's not interested in me at all. Sexually I mean." He added nervously, "It's like, DeShawn took away my manhood."


"That part's a turn on too," Jim admitted. As if worried Mike was judging him harshly, Jim hesitantly asked "Do you get what I'm saying?"

With everything Jim was telling him, Mike felt like he had to open up too. "A couple times Jen got me to suck off guys. She started it, but those guys got into it. It was like they were trying to make me look bad in front of Jen. One of the guys came on my face. I didn't think Jen would ever want me again. She wouldn't think of me as a man."

"Like she doesn't see you as a man anymore," Jim said.

Mike nodded.

"Yeah," Jim said, smiling appreciatively as if finding a kindred spirit. "Can I ask you something?" he asked. "Was it a turn on, at some level?"

Mike shrugged and gave a weak smile. "It's what you said, humiliation is a big part of the fantasy."

"But Jen didn't lose respect for you?"

"No, I don't think so," Mike said. "She gets off on it. Pushing my boundaries."

"You push hers too, right?" Jim said with a grin.

"Yeah," Mike agreed, grinning back.

"I worry though," Jim said. "After we're passed DeShawn and just us again. Whether Stacy will see me as a man again."

"I'm sure she will," Mike assured his friend, although frankly he wasn't sure. Panties, really? On top of everything else? But wanting to make Jim feel better, he said "It's all fantasy Jim. She's infatuated with DeShawn but she'll get over it. Then it'll be you and her again, like before."

"I hope so," Jim said looking uncertain.

Their glasses were empty. Mike needed to get home. Maggie was babysitting but she couldn't stay forever.

"Jim, I wanted to tell you," Mike said. "I've thought about it. I don't want you with Jen." Mike had already been leaning in that direction. But there was no doubt after hearing about Jim in panties. Jim was not good enough for Jen. Jen was a goddess. Only real men would have her. Certainly not a sissy cuck like Jim.

"Oh," Jim said looking disappointed. He was about to argue then remembered their talk about Drums. Mike Andrews was not a guy you wanted pissed at you. He forced a smile and said "Well, thanks for thinking about it. And thanks for listening. You're a real mate Mike."


The next day, Jen had free time until that afternoon's fundraiser. She decided to go to the hotel pool. As she slipped on flip flops, she realized she might see Frank at the pool. She took off the flip flops and stepped into high heels. Then she brushed her hair a little more, and put on lipstick.

The crowd at the pool was sparse (it was a weekday in Chicago after all). A couple families and a group of guys. The guys immediately eyed Jen in her string bikini and high heels. Not wanting to get hit on, Jen picked a lounge chair on the opposite side of the pool from the men.

Jen sat in the chair and read a magazine. She kept her high heels on. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the men checking her out.

Eventually one of the guys walked over. "Mind if I sit here?" the man asked motioning to the chair next to Jen.

"It's a free pool," Jen said with a shrug.

The man grinned. He liked feisty chicks, especially gorgeous ones like this blonde. "I'm Cap by the way," he said.

"Cap?" Jen asked.

"I'm a Marine," Cap said. "Captain."

Jen nodded, looking at him for the first time. He was older, maybe late 30s. He still kept in good shape through. His muscular physique made it pretty clear he didn't have a desk job in the Marines.
"Are you alone?" Cap said.

"Waiting for someone," Jen said.

"Your husband?" Cap asked, looking at the wedding ring around Jen's finger.


Cap nodded. He'd been around the block a few times. A married girl did not go to a pool alone, in a skimpy string bikini, in high heels, and have innocent intentions. "What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't," Jen said.

Cap laughed. "Come on, I help protect your freedom. You can tell me your name."

Jen couldn't help smiling. "Jen," she said.

"Mind if I hang a while?" Cap asked. If Jen's friend didn't show he'd make his move.

"It's a free pool," Jen repeated, this time with a smile.

"Yeah, and I help keep it free," Cap joked.

"I guess you do," Jen said with another smile.

"What are you doing here?" Cap asked.

"Business," Jen said.

"I'm on business too," Cap said. "Meeting with recruits."


"Do you always use 1 word sentences?" Cap asked with a smile.

Jen paused dramatically. Then she said "No." They both laughed.

Cap picked up the suntan lotion next to Jen's bag. "Want me to do your back?" he asked with a grin.

"No thanks," Jen said with another laugh.

"Two words this time," Cap joked.

Jen paused again, then said "Yep." They both laughed again.

At that moment Frank stepped onto the pool deck. He looked angry and frustrated as he scanned the pool. When he saw Jen he marched over.

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you," Frank said angrily.

"You found me," Jen said, barely glancing at him as she pretended to read the magazine.

"We need to prep for today's fundraiser," Frank said.

"You said I just need to smile and look pretty," Jen said. "I don't need prep for that." She casually kicked off her high heels so they fell next to Frank. By luck and design, the pointy toe of one shoe poked Frank's calf as it bounced off the concrete pool deck. A momentary flash of sexual excitement dashed over Frank's face.

"You're a bitch," Frank hissed at her in a low dangerous voice.

Jen gave him a dismissive, "you have no idea" look. She turned onto her stomach and handed the suntan lotion to Cap. "Frank, this is my new friend Cap. Be a good Marine Cap."

Cap chuckled, amused by the dynamic between Jen and Frank. Whatever, he didn't care. He poured lotion on his hand and rubbed it on Jen's sexy toned back.

Frank looked at Jen's long legs, her tight ass. His eyes focused on the tat right above her ass. His gazed lingered there for long moments. Then he scowled and stormed off.

"Is he still there?" Jen whispered to Cap a few moments later.

"He's at the bar" Cap whispered back. "He looks pissed."

"Whatever," Jen said. But she was happy Frank was still there. She reached back and pulled the strings of her bikini top. "Don't miss anything Cap."

Cap grinned and rubbed more lotion onto Jen's back. Then he moved to her long legs. Cap had a nice touch. Jen's pussy began tingling.

"Is Frank your lover?" Cap asked as he caressed up and down her legs.

"No," Jen said.

"Is he gonna be your lover?" Cap joked. Now he was stroking her sides, caressing the sides of her breasts. Jen was finding it hard to concentrate. Teasing Frank last night, then today. Cap's strong hands on her. The phone sex last night with Mike hadn't come close to satisfying her desires. She could only do so much with her hand.

"Maybe," Jen admitted. She didn't know why she was being such a bitch to Frank, last night and today. Maybe because he compared her tits to Jasmine's. Maybe because Jasmine was using her. Maybe because she had the hots for him and wanted to drive him crazy with desire for her. Maybe because she still had concerns over starting anything with Frank and wanted to drive him away. Maybe because she was just in a bitchy mood. She honestly didn't know.

"Want me to do your front?" Cap offered.

"Yeah right," Jen said with a laugh. "I better get going." Holding the untied bikini top across her breasts, she got up and turned her back to Cap and the rest of the pool. With no one able to see, Jen dropped the top and quickly put on her cover up. Then she stepped back in her high heels. "Thanks for the back rub Cap," she said.

Cap's eyes were on Jen's breasts, naked under the cover up. The thin floral cover up molded itself around her breasts and just barely hid her nipples. "How about a drink tonight?" Cap said, finally peeling his eyes away from Jen's chest and looking at her pretty face.

"I have a function tonight," Jen said.

"After that," Cap offered.

"I don't think so Cap," Jen said.

"You're incredibly beautiful," Cap gushed.

Jen gave him an appreciative smile.

"Here, in case you change your mind," Cap said handing Jen his card.

"Nice meeting you Cap," Jen said, carelessly dropping the card in her bag.

"Yeah," Cap said as he watched Jen walk away. God she was so hot! He jumped in the pool to get rid of his hard-on.

Jen was super horny as she walked to her room. As she turned the corner she was abruptly pulled into the fire escape stairwell.

Her scream was cut off by a big hand over her mouth. A big strong body pushed her hard against the concrete wall.

It was Frank. Crazed fury and lust were in his eyes. He looked irrational, out of control, a maniac.

"Do you have any idea who you're fucking with?!" Frank hissed, his hand around Jen's neck. "I'm not a boy Jenny! You don't fuck with me!"

"Please Frank you're scaring me," Jen said her eyes wide with alarm and fear.

"You fucking SHOULD be scared!" Frank growled. He looked at Jen's chest, her barely covered tits. He was inflamed with desire! He violent ripped off her cover-up. "You think you can tease me? With these little tits?" Frank roughly grabbed one of her breasts and pinched the nipple hard.

"Ouch! Frank that hurts," Jen whined, tears coming to her eyes.

"You think you can tease me with these little girl tits?" Frank hissed, roughly groping her breasts and twisting her nipples. Jen cried out in pain.

"You've got a bitchy mouth," Frank said glaring at her. "You think you can get away with it because of your looks." Frank slapped Jen's pretty face hard enough to sting. "Not with me bitch! You pay me respect, you understand Jenny?"

"Frank, stop, please," Jen pleaded, reaching up to cover her breasts.

"Don't do that!" Frank yelled pushing her hands away. "This is what your bitchy mouth is good for." He roughly forced Jen down onto her knees. Holding her down, he pulled out his cock. He shoved his meat into her mouth. "Suck it bitch!" he hissed.

Frank was big. Not the biggest, but way big enough. He gripped the back of Jen's head as he roughly shoved his cock into her mouth. Jen gagged. To keep breathing she wrapped her hands around the base of his cock. He was thick enough she needed both hands to hold him.

Frank pulled out and then pushed back in. He moaned at the feel of Jen's mouth and soft hands. "Fuck," Frank groaned as he moved in and out, fucking Jen's pretty face.

Jen felt flush as Frank moved his manhood in and out of her mouth. Frank's grip on the back of her head gradually lessened as he rolled his head back, his eyes closed. Jen took the opportunity to pull away. "Frank –," she objected.

Frank pushed his cock back into Jen's mouth. He put his hand on her head again, but this time it was gentle, like he was caressing the back of her head. "I'm almost there Jenny," he moaned with a hoarse excited voice. With his other hand he reached down and cupped and caressed her breasts. This time his touch was gentle and experienced, meant for pleasure not pain.

Jen moaned around Frank's cock as she felt his fingers rub her sensitive nipples. She didn't try to pull away again. His hand holding her head, his other hand rubbing her nipples, the whole situation of going down on Frank in a hotel fire escape stairway. Her body had already been sexed up before any of this started. It was too much. Jen reached into her bikini bottoms and fingered herself as Frank fucked her face.

Moments later Frank's body tensed. He moved his hands to the back of Jen's head, again gripping her tightly so she couldn't move or pulled away. He furiously pumped his cock in and out of Jen's mouth. Then his back arched as he forced his cock deep down Jen's throat. He moaned and his head rolled back as he came. As he ejaculated he held Jen's head tight so she couldn't pull away as he flooded her mouth and throat with his sperm.

Jen almost gagged as Frank abused her mouth and face. But she'd done this before of course, with other well hung guys. She forced herself to relax and just take it. When his cock jerked and shot off in her mouth and down her throat, her own body shuddered as she had a massive orgasm.

When Frank was done, he staggered away from Jen. With his crazed lust sated he looked guilty, regretful. He turned and left, leaving Jen alone in the stairway.

Jen staggered to her feet. She felt dazed. She picked up her ruined cover up and held it to her bare breasts. Her heels had fallen off. She picked them up with her other hand. Then she staggered to her room. Luckily she didn't run into anyone.

Jen took off her bikini bottoms and got into a hot shower. She still felt dazed, her head spinning. After the shower she dried off and got into bed. Her first instinct was to call Mike to tell him what happened.

But she found herself still panting. Her nipples were still hard and her pussy throbbed.

Jen reached for her bag. She found his card. She called his number.

"Cap, it's me Jen," she said. "I'm in room 1507." She hung up and impatiently waited for the Marine.


Later that evening, Jen went downstairs to the big ballroom for the fundraiser. She didn't outwardly show the effects of Frank's rough treatment. Somehow her face wasn't bruised, although her knees were scraped up a little from the concrete floor of the hotel fire escape stairwell (but her stockings hid signs of it).

There was evidence underneath her clothes though. Cap had enjoyed Jen's body, and she'd enjoyed his. The Marine did not disappoint. She felt bad though. The sluttiness of anonymous one-time hookups always made her feel bad. Mike would make her feel better – he always did -- but she hadn't had a chance to talk to him yet.

Frank eyed her from across the room. Jen glared at him. Frank gave her an uncaring shrug. His earlier show of guilt and regret were gone.

As the fundraiser ended, Frank walked over to Jen. "You did a great job again," he said. Again they more than doubled their fundraising goal for the evening.

"That's what you say to me?" Jen said disbelievingly. "No apology?"

"You got what you deserved," Frank said simply.

Jen gawked at Frank incredulously.

"You've always been a tease Jenny," Frank said, remembering that party at his house when she was in high school. "You can't do that to some men. You should know that by now."

"That gives you permission?" Jen asked still shocked.

Frank moved closer and whispered, "Don't give me that. You might still look like a teenager but you're not some innocent girl. You fuck around on your husband. And you got off on it. I saw you fingering yourself."

Jen's cheeks flushed. She whispered back defensively "I don't cheat on Mike. I have his permission."

"If that's the case," Frank said stroking Jen's arm.

"You must be freaking crazy," Jen hissed, stepping away.

Frank shrugged. "Next weekend I'm having a party at the Belmont house. Like old times. I'd like you to come." Like an after-thought, he added "And your husband too of course."

"I don't think so," Jen said stubbornly.

"Come on Jenny stop playing hard to get," Frank said. "You know how this is going to end, right?"


"You're going to end up in my bed," Frank said confidently.

Jen stared at Frank, not knowing how to respond but her heart pounding in her chest.

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