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A Perilous Journey Ch. 03

by Ginger

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Two weeks later Anita met Niki for lunch at Copeland's. When she arrived Niki was not there so she got a quite table in the corner. When Niki walked in Anita waved and stood up giving her a hug. "How are you sweetie?" Niki asked.

"Doing good. How about you?"

"Great. A little sore. You have got to take some pressure off of me girl," she said laughing. "You left Frank with blue balls the other night and I had to take care of him. Not that I really minded."

"You seemed to be enjoying the attention when I left," Anita replied smiling. "Is Frank over it?"

"If not he will get over it. He really was not that upset. A little disappointed but he understands the lifestyle. He is still hoping though."

"I just don't think he is the right guy." Anita paused before continuing, "Tell me about Al. He gave me his number and asked me to call him."

"Al is a nice guy. He is very chivalrous outside of sexual play but sexually he tends to be a bit dominant. I have never played with him but I know a couple of ladies who have. If you are more of a submissive he might be your guy."

"I was considering having dinner with him. I have never been out with a black man. What do you think?" Anita asked.

"No harm in that. He is a nice guy and you would probably enjoy his company even if it did not progress to the bedroom. Frank will be disappointed but that is just part of the game. He will adjust."

"What do you mean dominant? I wouldn't want to see someone who would beat me," she said laughing nervously.

"No no. He is not into that as far as I know. Just very take charge. He likes to push your limits and see what he can get you to do. Asking you to wear certain things in public. Little things like that."

"I think I would like someone that took charge. I am not that aggressive which may be what's wrong with Paul and me. Neither of us is that aggressive or take charge when it comes to sex."

"Then maybe Al is your guy. It never hurts to see where it leads. Remember you are always in charge when it comes right down to it. If you do something it should be because you want to. No one can make you do anything you do not want to," Niki replied.

They finished their lunch and when Anita got back to her car she sat there for a few minutes before pulling out her phone and texting Al. "Hey. I thought I would take you up on your offer. Still interested?"

Putting her phone on the seat she started her car and headed down Southside Blvd towards Queens Harbor. As she was pulling into the driveway her phone beeped and she glanced at it as she parked and noticed it was Al.

"Ok. I know this is not good but who is this?"

Laughing she remembered that she had not given him her cell number so he had no idea who had texted him. Picking up her phone she typed back. "Do you ask so many ladies to dinner that you cannot keep track? I will give you one chance. Who have you recently asked to dinner? Wrong answer and you will never know who this is? Is that unfair?"

There was a long pause before he responded. "Unfair? All is fair in love and war. Of course I would love to take you to dinner Anita. What evening is good for you?"

"How about Friday night? You pick the place and time. I will have to clear it with Paul first though."

Another long pause. "The University Club downtown. I am a member and it has great views over the St. John's. Eight?"

The University Club was a private club downtown. The original owner of the Jaguars had closed the deal for the team there.

"Eight it is. I will let you know as soon as I speak to Paul."

Now for the really tough part which was telling Paul.


That night when Paul got home Anita was sitting by the pool getting the last of the afternoon sun. Paul grabbed a ginger ale and went out to sit with her. "Hey beautiful, how was your day?" he asked as he sat down. He was in a great mood and beginning to think his concerns about the open marriage were unfounded. Anita was not going out every weekend and getting crazy. She barely went out once a month and even then it did not appear that she was doing anything more than having drinks and smoking a little pot. He went out with friends on those nights and enjoyed himself. The best thing was that when they were together things seemed to better.

"It was good. Been kind of a lazy day."

She did not mention lunch with Niki because she did not want Paul to think the bomb she was about to drop had anything to do with her. "I did get a text asking me to dinner Friday night. I have not accepted yet. I wanted to speak to you first."

Paul's good mood vanished in an instant but he tried to hide the fact from Anita. "Really? With who?"

"One of the guys we sometimes hang out with. Someone was asking him about the University Club downtown and I mentioned I would love to go there sometime. He apparently is a member and texted saying he had reservations Friday but his date had bailed on him and he thought about me," she said feeling a little guilty about the white lies.

"I see. I have heard of it. I did not realize you were interested or I would have checked it out."

"It has never been a big deal. I really was just making conversation more than anything else. What do you think?"

"Your call. We agreed to a weekend a month alone. I guess I can find something to keep me occupied. Does this friend have a name?" Paul asked trying to sound positive.

"Thanks babe. His name is Al and I think I would enjoy it. I need a little break from the bar scene. I will tell him you said I could go," she said a bit relieved. Paul seemed to be ok with it.

Picking up her phone she typed out a quick text to Al. "All clear. Paul said no problem. See you at eight."

"I guess I had better get dinner on," she said leaning over and giving Paul a kiss.

Paul sat on the deck a long time thinking about things. Eventually Anita called him in for dinner and he threw the empty soda can into the trash as he walked back in.


Anita was ready to leave at seven on Friday in a new red dress that was pretty tight. It was very sexy but was not slutty. Paul had not made it home yet and she hated to leave before he got home. He had not said anything about being late. She finally text him and asked what time he would be home. She was surprised when he texted back and said he was with Steve and they were having a drink. He could have at least called or text to let her know. Grabbing her purse she hurried out the door so she would not be late.

When she arrived the Valet opened her door and offered his hand to help her out. She quickly went inside and pushed the button on the elevator for the twenty third floor. When the elevator door opened Al was waiting for her. "How did you know I was on my way up?" she asked.

"I told the Valet to call me when the prettiest lady he would see tonight arrived," he said making Anita smile.

The evening was lovely. Al had a table by the window overlooking the St. Johns river and the atmosphere was fantastic. The wine flowed and he was extremely charming. Several people spoke and he introduced her as a friend so she would not feel awkward. They walked out on the deck and he held her hand but did not act aggressive. Anita appreciated that he was not pushing her. He was a total gentleman.

"Sooooo," she said slowly. "We know what this is all about. Tell me what you are wanting."

"Ladies first," he said smiling at her.

"Honestly I am not sure. I want to be totally honest with you. I love Paul very much. We are not looking to break up but we both have just gotten a little bored. We are looking for something to spice things up. We had never considered something like this until I met Niki and she told me about her situation. Paul was open to trying it. I am still unsure how far I want to take it. I have enjoyed this evening but I can't promise you I want to do more. On the other hand I am very interested. Do I sound confused?"

Al thought for a long moment before responding very deliberately. "I find you extremely attractive but I am looking for a very special relationship. Ideally I would like to meet a married woman who only wants a friend and physical relationship. I am not interested in having a wife nor in breaking up a marriage. I think you fit those qualities but I am not sure you fit the last. I want a lady who is submissive which does not mean I want her to just lay there when we have sex. I like control in and out of the bedroom. When she is with me I like seeing how far she will go to please me. To push all of her inhibitions to the point of discomfort but never so far that she does not want to come back for more."

Anita did not respond for a long time and Al was content to enjoy the evening. Finally she broke the silence asking, "What if you want her to do something and she refuses?"

"She always has that right. I will not force anything but I reserve the right to end the relationship if she refuses. A refusal does not mean the relationship is over but I reserve that right. Don't get me wrong. I am not into beating or pain. Of course the lady can walk away at anytime. No hard feelings and we are still friends."

Another long pause before Anita said, "I am not sure. I have never been in that type of relationship and although I like the idea of the guy taking charge I am not sure how far I would be willing to go. Of course there is Paul also. I think he sees the lifestyle as something that he and I do together and not independently. I think he would be resistant to me seeing too much of one guy without him."

"I understand. I am not pushing you. I have enjoyed our night a lot and would love see you again regardless of what you decide. I am not opposed to Paul joining us from time to time but he would need to understand that you would be with me and not him. He could watch and even join if invited but that would be up to me. I would expect that you do as I ask when you are with me regardless of what I ask or who is there. The excitement for me is the control," Al responded.

They had another drink on the deck and Anita leaned into Al and he wrapped his arm around her. When they finished their drink Anita pulled away and said, "I guess I had better get home. I have really enjoyed the evening. I would love to see you again."

Taking her hand Al led her back through the restaurant and out to the elevator. When it arrived they both got in. During the long ride down he leaned in and kissed her. Taking his time and making sure his hands did not stray. When they arrived at the first floor Anita's car was waiting and the Valet held the door open. She kissed Al and quickly got in her car.

She thought about their conversation and the kiss all the way home. When she got there she was surprised Paul was already home since it was not even eleven. Walking in she saw him through the sliding glass doors sitting out on the deck. She was pouring a glass of wine intending to head upstairs to shower when Paul came in.

"You are home earlier than I expected," he said.

Laughing she replied, "What did you expect? Did you think I was going to spend the night with the guy?"

"I keep expecting it to happen at some point. It is not something I look forward to.

"I am surprised. Most married guys would love to have a free pass to play around," she said jokingly.

"Not me. I am a one woman man. I know you feel otherwise." Paul said.

Anita did not reply immediately. How should she respond to that? "You deserve the truth Paul. I am not sure. I have not been with another man yet but I could see enjoying some time with a couple of the guys I have met. I do not want to mislead you. Emotionally I love only you but physically I could see things changing. I am enjoying myself and at some point I may take it further although I have not yet."

"I see," Paul replied. "And you are intent on having some time independent of me?"

Anita avoided the question, "How about you? Are you enjoying going out. Having some freedom? You cannot tell me that there are not a few ladies that you would be interested in having some fun with. I am not holding you back. This is not tit for tat and keeping score of who plays the most. There is no pressure on either of us to do anything except what we want to do. It is just fun for both of us."

"I guess I just have not thought you would take it much further. You have always been so conservative and this is a new side of you. I don't dislike it but I just don't know if I do like it either. Sound confusing?"

She smiled remembering she had used almost the same words earlier in the evening. "Let things take their course for the next six months and let's see what happens. Now take me upstairs and take advantage of me."


Anita and Paul spent Saturday together getting a head start on their Christmas shopping. It was only September but they always got theirs done early so they did not feel stressed during the holidays. Both of the girls would be spending the holidays with them but John would not be making it home. Laura was their oldest daughter and was in her third year of college. She was the responsible one who never gave them trouble. Cynthia, everyone called her Cyn was the wild one. She never found a rule she did not break and was not ashamed to tell you about it. John was in the military and was stationed in Germany and could not make it back.

They were at the mall having lunch when Anita got a text from Al. She saw who it was from and was hesitant to pick it up but after a moment could not resist.

"I enjoyed last night. I hope we can do it again very soon. I will leave the ball in your court. Thought anymore about our discussion?"

She read it quickly and then put her phone down looking guiltily at Paul. He was looking at her and she could tell he knew who the text was from. Anita finally broke the silence. "I think we have the girls taken care of but what about John. What do you think we should send him?"

Deciding to ignore the text Paul replied, "I have not given it much thought. Why don't you start looking for your mother and I will go down to the electronics store and see if I can find him the latest gadget."

He did not wait on her reply but got up hastily and headed for the other end of the mall. As he walked away he had a thought and as soon as he was out of Anita's site he circled back. As he thought he could see her replying back to the person that had text her. Shaking his head he turned and headed to the electronics store.

As soon as Paul was out of site Anita picked up her phone. Smiling she started typing back. "The night was wonderful and I look forward to seeing you again. Yes I have been thinking a lot about our conversation."

Less than a minute later she got a response, "I am glad you had a good time. I hope your thoughts have been favorable. I look forward to seeing you again. When is a good time?"

"Lunch on Wednesday?" she texted back.

"Perfect. Let me know where when you decide. I will let you get back to your weekend."


The rest of the weekend was uneventful and Paul kept waiting for the shoe to drop. He was positive Anita would be telling him about plans to meet Al the next weekend but the conversation never materialized. By Sunday night he had almost forgotten about the text.

Anita tried to hide her excitement but Paul was pretty observant and on Tuesday night he asked, "You seem antsy. Everything ok?"

"Yes," Anita replied. "Just starting to get excited about the holidays and the girls coming in."

She headed up stairs to shower and try to go to bed. She was hoping she could get to sleep and wake up after Paul had left for work in the morning. She turned on the shower and stripped off her clothes. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought about what Al would think of her body. She was in good shape and worked hard to stay that way. She got in the shower and without thinking reached for the razor to trim her pussy. Halfway through the job it occurred to her what she was doing and she stopped. Had she subconsciously decided what she was going to do with Al? Was she wanting to give herself to him and allow him to take control of her? The thought got her excited and she decided at that moment that she was going to do it.

She quickly finished and got into bed. She was not asleep when Paul came to bed but she acted like she was to avoid any talking. Paul slid in and picked up a book. Anita fell asleep and did not wake until she heard the shower come on the next morning. She did not get up to see Paul off and acted like she was still dozing in bed. Paul walked over and kissed her on the head before heading out.

As soon as she heard the car back out Anita sat up in bed. She fought the urge to start getting ready. It was only nine and she had three hours before she needed to be there. Walking downstairs she poured herself a cup of coffee. She kept thinking she should feel guilty but she didn't. She was excited and all she could think about was Al and what might happen today and in the days to come. Finally about ten she started getting ready.

She decided to wear a dress, nothing tight but one she knew Paul thought she looked good in. She was just putting the final touches on when she got a text from Al. "Make sure you wear a sexy pair of panties. I may convince you to show them to me."

Smiling to herself she let him know she got the message and she finished getting ready. At eleven forty five she pulled into the parking lot hoping to sit in the car and watch him walk in before going in herself. At little after twelve she still had not seen him so she got out and walked into the restaurant. Looking around she did not see Al and was disappointed. Had he ran into some issue that was preventing him from coming? She decided not to get a table but to wait for him before being seated. Just as she was about to text him he walked in the door.

"Sorry I am late," he said as he walked in. "The traffic was heavier than I thought." The hostess walked them to their table which was against the wall but somewhat in the center. Al pulled the chair out for her and invited her to sit before taking his seat.

"You look amazing. I hope you have not been waiting long?"

"I just pulled in," Anita lied. "You look pretty good yourself. Busy day?"

They continued their small talk until after they had ordered their meal and had their drinks in front of them. "I hope you have been thinking about our conversation. Do you have any concerns or questions? I want to make sure you have all the information you want before you decide," Al said.

"Yes. I have thought about it a lot. I also talked to Niki. I have not spoken with Paul. Niki advised there was no harm in trying things out. That I am always in control and any control you have is because I choose to give it to you.

"She is right to a large extent. The only thing I can hold over you is to make it so exciting that you will not want to walk away from me."

Their food came and they continued their conversation. When they finished Al asked for coffee and leaned back in his seat. "Anita are you ready to make the decision?"

"Yes. I have decided yes with two conditions. One is that you do not require me to break any of the rules that Paul and I have already agreed to between us and two we try to accommodate Paul's desires to be involved. He does not have to be with us all the time but I am still not sure what he wants and is expecting. I will not do anything to jeopardize my marriage."

Al did not like the way the conversation was going, "And what are those rules?"

"Only two that you need to be concerned with. Any special days that Paul and I normally spend together we will continue to spend together. That means you cannot ask me to be with you on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc. Those are family days and I must be allowed to continue spending them with Paul, the children and the rest of our family. Second Paul only wants me to play alone once a month. At least initially. The other weekends we would play together. That does not mean you would not be involved but he would be there."
She looked at Al nervously. She had not realized until this moment how badly she wanted to move forward with a sexual relationship with him. He did not answer for a long time until he finally said, "I can live with that. I have no desire to cause an issue in your marriage."

"Then I am looking forward to our new adventure," she replied faking confidence she did not feel. "When do we start?"

"Now," Al replied. "Remember my request today about sexy panties?"

"Yes. I did as I was asked."

"Good. Go to the bathroom and take them off and bring them back to me."

Anita was confused by the request. "Here, in the middle of the restaurant?"

He shook his head yes. Thinking for a moment Anita finally stood and went to the bathroom. Five minutes later she returned and tried to discreetly hand the panties to Al. He shook his head. "Just lay them on the table." Anita looked around nervously and then put the panties on the table in a place where she hoped they would not be noticed.

Al made no move to pick them up but left them sitting on the table. "I have to go out of town the next two weeks but the Friday after I return I would like to go to Tango's. I will make sure all of your other friends are there," he said casually as the waitress began clearing the table. Her stopped as she was about to pick up the panties by mistake and she looked first at Anita and then at Al.

"I assume you want to keep your souvenir?" she asked Al.

"Yes. I think I will," he replied with a smile. The waitress looked at Anita and gave a weak smile as she finished clearing the table and left. Anita's face flushed with embarrassment but also with excitement. Looking back at Anita he continued, "Wear the red dress. Panties optional."

"Ok," Anita replied quietly. Al paid the bill and then walked Anita to the car. They kissed briefly and then he turned and walked away.


Anita called Niki the when she got home to let her know the latest details. "Sounds like it might work for you two. What about Paul? Have you discussed it with him?"

"Not yet but I have been thinking and was hoping you could do me a big favor."

"Sure. Ask away," Niki said.

She went into the discussion she and Paul had a few weeks earlier and how he wanted to play together most of the time but had agreed to a weekend a month away from each other. "I was thinking it might be a good ice breaker if the four of us got together. Got his feet wet a little. Let him see me flirting with someone else and see how he reacts. I know it is asking a lot but I don't want to just spring the Al thing on him before he even gets a taste of things."

"A taste of things or a taste of me," Niki said laughing. "It is not a lot to ask. That is a hot husband you have."

They talked a while longer finishing the plans before hanging up. Anita felt good about their ideas and she and Niki had both agreed that Paul would be the focus for the evening. She knew she had two and a half weeks to get Paul enjoying the extra freedom before her Friday date with Al.

Anita did not bring up the plans to Paul that night deciding to spoil him for the evening and wait until Thursday after work to talk with him about it. They spent a quiet evening watching TV and snuggling on the couch. Paul had a nagging idea that something was up but could not put his finger on it. Anita seemed to be going out of her way to pamper him and avoid any discussion of her new interest. He decided to drop it and wait for her to drop the bombshell if it were coming.


"What is wrong with you today?" Eve asked Anita as they sat on the bench at the edge of the tennis court. Anita had just lost her second set 6-2 after losing the first 6-1. Her mind was not on tennis as she kept thinking and rethinking what she was going to say tonight.

"Niki and Greg want to get together with me and Paul Saturday night. I am not sure Paul is ready for it. He has seemed open to everything but this is a big step," she replied. Anita had kept Eve in the loop so this came as no surprise to her.

"I would be careful. It sounds exciting but it can be a slippery slope. I know Mike and I could never survive it. I like Niki but I can tell you that since they started this I rarely see her out with Greg and the same with him. Eventually it has got to catch up with them," cautioned Eve.

"That worries me too. I know I will keep things in perspective but what if he goes off the deep end if he sees me playing with someone. He only wants to play together to although he has agreed we can each have one weekend a month alone."

"I have to be in his camp on that. If we ever did something like that it would be together. I cannot imagine feeling ok with letting Mike go out with some lady," said Eve.

"I think it will be ok if you have rules like Niki and Greg. You just have to make sure you keep them enforced."

Eve smiled to herself and hesitantly replied, "That sounds good but I have been friends with Niki since before they got into this. Their rules seem to change whenever they are inconvenient."


"Niki called this morning and wanted to know if we wanted to get together Saturday night. I told her I would see if you had any plans with a girlfriend," she said smiling trying to break the ice as they ate dinner.

"What are the plans," Paul asked causally. He had decided he was going to play along. If they both enjoyed this lifestyle it would do no harm but if he decided it should stop he would insist on it.

"Dinner and maybe a few drinks afterwards. Maybe back to their place or maybe here," she said hesitantly.

"Sounds like a fun night."

"I can confirm then?"

"Sure. I am headed up to take a shower," he said as he got up and headed for the stairs.

Paul was up early on Saturday and heading to the golf course for his normal weekly round. He played well but his mind was on tonight. It had occurred to him last night that if he played along, meaning made a show of enjoying Niki's company tonight Anita may just change her views on this whole playing thing. He decided he was going to enjoy it as much as he could and even if it bothered him he would let her have her fun also. Maybe his casual attitude about it would make her rethink things.

When he got home Anita was out so he showered and stretched out on the couch to watch a little football. Two hours later Anita shook him awake.

"Wake up sleepy head. I have been back an hour and you have barely moved. You feeling ok?"

Paul stirred and rubbed his eyes. "I laid down about three or so. Must have been drained from the golf. It was hot out today."

"Do you want a sandwich before I go up and start getting ready?" she asked.

"No. I am fine. It is a little early to start getting ready isn't it?"

"It could be a big night. I want to make sure I look my best," she said smiling. "You should make sure you look your best too. Never know. You might get lucky."

"That is the goal," he said smiling back trying to make Anita a little uneasy.


At eight Anita came down the stairs in a tight black dress that showed a lot of cleavage. Her long black hair was beautiful and Paul could tell she had been working out. He was a little surprised at how provocative she was dressed but smiled and said "That should get you some attention."

"That is the goal," she said echoing what Paul had said earlier.

They had reservations at eight thirty in a cozy little restaurant on Atlantic Beach. Niki and Anita had picked it because it was close to some dance clubs so they had that option after dinner but more specifically because it had booths that allowed for privacy. When they arrived Greg and Niki were already seated at a booth and had ordered drinks. As they approached they both slid out to welcome Paul and Anita.

"How are you guys tonight. We are so happy you were able to meet us," said Niki as she hugged them both. Paul and Greg shook hands and they sat back down. Greg had a natural ability to put people at ease and Anita noticed after a few minutes that he and Paul were getting along well. They ordered drinks and some appetizers and enjoyed each other's company. Once the food was cleared and a fresh round of drinks ordered Greg leaned back and asked. "So what has gotten you two interested in venturing out and seeing other people?"

Anita panicked and looked at Paul not quite sure what to expect but he seemed at ease. She could tell Paul liked Greg and she waited for him to respond. Paul took his time before replying.

"I am not sure I am interested. Anita has taken an interest and we talked but she is much more open to this than I am. I am satisfied with where we are but do agree it could be better. I am not sure this is a way to improve things."

"So this was Anita's idea. That is not unusual but it is unusual that she would be the one to suggest it. Many women are interested and open to the lifestyle but rarely act on it unless their husbands bring it up. Do you feel there is anything wrong with your marriage?"

Anita again panicked and looked at Paul. He was not the type to air family issues and certainly did not like anyone questioning him in this way. Paul paused again before answering.

"No. I would not say that. I think our marriage is fine," he replied looking at Anita. "I think it has just become a little...predictable.

Greg smiled, "I am glad you put it that way. We have been into this about three years or so and I think Niki would agree that the couples we have seen have issues are the ones who are trying to fix something that is missing in their marriage. We were pretty much where you are. Rock solid marriage but a little stale. We just wanted something to add back some spice that tends to diminish over time."

Anita sat listening trying to decide if she should add to the conversation. She was surprised at how easily Greg was able to talk with Paul and it occurred to her she might say something wrong. She glanced at Niki and noticed her nod her head slightly so she knew to stay out of the conversation.

"Did you two start out going out alone or did you slowly move to it. When Anita and I first started talking seriously about this my thought was always for us to do things together. I am not sure we would want to have the same arrangement that you and Niki have," Paul said.

"No we started out seeing people together and then got comfortable with each other seeing others alone. I think the key is being able to talk openly. If one of us wanted to stick with only playing together we would honor that. If something happens that the other is uncomfortable with we talk it out without getting mad. You have to expect that when you get into this that when you are in the middle of things you may not have time to stop and ask questions or have a conversation about things. If something happens when we are playing together or alone that the other has issues with we talk about it. The other person has to make the decision at the time and we do not judge that decision. We just talk about it and agree on what the decision should be in the future."

Paul reflected on what Greg had said and it made sense to him. "As long as we keep things in perspective and either of us can stop things if we feel it is getting out of hand I don't see any harm in venturing out a little." As Paul and Greg continued to talk Niki got up and motioned for Anita to follow her to the ladies room.

"That seemed to have gone well," Niki said as they entered the ladies room. She looked at Anita and smiled. "When we go back out I will sit next to Paul and you sit by Greg. I am sure he will slide out and let you on the inside so be ready for him to get out and do not sit down before he has a chance. You decide if you guys want to go back to our place or not. Greg and I will wait for you to decide. Sound OK?"

Anita took a big breath and shook her head. She knew that the first big step would be taken in the next few hours and she was scared she would mess things up. She thought it would be fun to play as a couple with Paul but she was hesitant about seeing him with another lady. Her big goal however was being able to spend time with Al. She was not sure why but the thought of being submissive to him got her excited and feeling slutty. It was not something she would have thought she was capable of a few weeks ago. They walked back to the table and Anita stayed a step or two behind so Greg would have time to get up.

When they got to the table Niki did not give Paul a chance to react before she slid in beside him. As she did Greg got up to allow Anita to slide into the booth. The new arrangement did not go unnoticed by Paul but he took it in stride and the evening continued with the ladies joining in the conversation.

As the evening progressed Niki began leaning into Paul and was almost in his lap with her hand slowly stroking the inside of his thigh. Despite himself his cock responded and in his now drunken state he allowed his hands to wander also. He barely noticed that Greg's hand was under the table and Anita had a strange smile on her face until he heard her gasp quietly.

Glancing at Anita, and away from Niki for the first time in ten minutes he knew instantly what was happening. Greg leaned into Anita and whispered something to her and after a minute she leaned across the table. "Greg is finger fucking me. Want to go to their place so you can watch while Niki takes care of you?"

It was surreal looking at his wife as another man enjoyed her while another woman was stroking his cock. For the first time it occurred to him this might be a lot of fun. Surprisingly he did not feel jealous and Anita was obviously having a good time.

"Lead the way," he said.

They decided to ride together and Niki pulled Paul into the back seat with her when they got to the car. Greg and Niki lived in an area called Coastal Oaks which was about a twenty minute drive south. Anita sat turned in her seat, her legs opened so Greg could continue to play with her as she watched Niki and Paul. Paul could see the lust in her eyes as she watched Niki unzip his pants and pull his cock out before lowering her mouth over the head.

Niki sucked and licked his cock for the twenty minute trip and was reluctant to stop when they pulled into the drive. They stumbled into the house and Greg led the way to the den.

"Drinks or if you like I think we have some 420 around. What is your pleasure?" he asked.

"Bring out the bong. I am ready to have some serious fun," said Niki.

Paul sat down and Anita walked over and sat in his lap. They looked at each other and she finally spoke. "Are you ready for this? Are you having fun?""

"More than I thought I would. I never realized how much fun it could be watching you have fun," Paul said smiling.

"Good. Me too. I think Greg's advice was right on. If something happens that either is uncomfortable with just go with the flow and we can discuss it when we get home. Deal? I don't want either of us worrying that the other is going to cause a scene. Agreed?"

"Ok. Just have fun. I will be fine."

She leaned in to kiss him and as she did Niki cleared her throat behind them. "Trying to steal my date for the night?" she asked.

She gave Paul a quick kiss before getting up and heading to the bar where Greg was making drinks and preparing the bong. "Your toy awaits you," she said smiling at Niki.

Greg and Anita walked back into the den and the bong was passed around. The initial passion subsided as everyone relaxed and got high. After a half hour Greg stood and reached for Anita's hand pulling her up. "Paul did you realize that Anita enjoys being submissive to dominant men?"

As he said it he moved behind Anita and began unzipping her dress. "In the right hands I think she would do just about anything," he said as he slipped the dress over her shoulders.

"Niki and Anita have talked a lot and I think I know exactly what Anita wants and needs but I am still not sure about you. There are all kinds of men in this lifestyle. Technically I guess any man that let's his wife fuck others is a cuckold but there are different kinds. Let's find out what kind you are."

By this time Anita was standing in her high heels, panties and bra as she looked dreamily at Paul. Niki walked to Paul and knelt between his legs pulling his cock out and lowering her mouth. Paul barely noticed as he watched Greg put his hands on Anita shoulders and guided her to a kneeling position in front of him. Looking down he told her, "Pull my cock out Anita and show Paul what you like to do."

Paul was confused by his feelings as he watched Anita unzip Greg's pants and pulled his cock out. As good as what Niki was doing felt seeing Anita submit to Greg was even more exciting. Greg began to slowly fuck Anita's mouth and Paul watched fascinated by the erotic scene before him. Niki glanced at Greg and he gave her a knowing smile and nodded his head. Niki got up stripped and walked to the couch. She sat and spread her legs and began playing with herself watching Paul's reaction.

Greg pulled his cock out of Anita's mouth and lifted her face so she was looking in his eyes. "Want to show Paul how submissive you are?" he asked.

Anita shook her head yes and Greg led her to Niki and pushed her face into her cunt. He then got behind Anita and pulled her panties to the side before sliding his cock into her pussy. Paul was slowly stroking his cock without even realizing it. The site of the couple using his wife for their pleasure was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Greg turned to Paul as he continued to slowly fuck Anita. "Do you enjoy watching or would you like to join in. Either way is fine but I am about to fill your wife full of cum."

Niki motioned for Paul to come to her. Paul walked over and she pulled his cock into her mouth. When she felt Paul's cock swell she knew he was about to cum. Wanting to prolong the evening she pushed him away and concentrated on grinding her pussy into Anita's face. Paul had never imagined Anita going down on another man much less a woman. As he sat and watched Anita being used he could not help but continue to jerk his cock. He finally could not contain himself any longer and shot his load all over his hands.

Niki smiled when she saw what had happened and pulled Anita's face up so she could see. "I think Paul is enjoying watching you," she said.

Anita was in a daze of lust and looked at Paul and smiled as Niki pulled her face back to her cunt. Greg was fucking her furiously and growled as he filled her pussy with a load of cum. Exhausted they all collapsed onto the couch breathing heavily and trying to catch their breath.

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