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A Cuckold Marriage Evolves Ch. 02

by Ginger

08/06/2016 17:47 in wife

This story involves a female led marriage and a reluctant cuckold husband. If that is not your thing, please skip this story. It is the second segment of the story. Please start with segment one.


The next morning I was up before Sabrina getting her breakfast and coffee ready. I kissed her goodbye and she left for work, her car filled to the brim with gas. I went to my office and worked furiously trying to get caught up after having been distracted the day before with cleaning the basement. It was about 11:00 when my phone rang. It was Kim, upstairs in her room, ordering me to bring her a cup of coffee. Of course I complied. She was sitting up in bed watching TV when I came in her room.

"So, things seem to be going according to my plan, aren't they?"

"It seems."

"So she told me that I'm officially in on the secret. You do understand, however, that she is not in our little secret at all. As far as she understands, we don't speak at all about this and we are maintaining the same friendly relationship that we always have. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good. Now there's a massage school on the west side of town. Look them up on the internet. Go by there today and get a table and some supplies. Her one hour, nightly massages begin tonight."

Just then we were interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

"Oh, that's Clark. He's a friend of mine. Go invite him in and bring him up here."

I opened the door and standing in front of me was a brick wall of a black man. He was at least six four, with huge muscles busting out of his tight fitting t-shirt.

"You must be Mark," he smiled. "I'm here to see Kim."

"She's expecting you," I said. I had to fight the impulse not to stare at him. He was just in such incredibly good shape. I could not help but admire his physique. We walked up the stairs and I showed him into Kim's room.

He walked over to the bed and leaned down to kiss her. She responded by climbing up to her knees and wrapping her arms around his neck. I stood staring as their mouths locked together. I started to leave, but Kim stopped me when she noticed.

"Don't go anywhere, Mark. Clark is a very, very special friend. I've known him for a long time. I think he can be a special friend to you also."

"Ok," I said.

Clark laughed, and he and Kim exchanged a wry smile.

"For now," started Kim. "I want you to strip down. Strip down and stand right beside the bed. I want you to watch this."

"I'm not sure I feel comfortable with..."

"Shut up and strip down," she barked. I took my clothes off and stood silently beside the bed, my cock cage exposed for all to see.

"You recognize that little thing on his dick?" Kim asked Clark.

"Oh, I definitely recognize it," laughed Clark. He lifted off his own shirt revealing muscles and abs that were ripped like something out of a magazine. Kim reached to his waist and unbuttoned his jeans. She pulled down the zipper and let planted soft kisses on his belly as she started pushing down Clark's pants. He stepped out of the jeans first, before pushing down the striped boxers that he was wearing.

I blinked my eyes in disbelief. There between this man's legs was a cock that twelve inches long without an erection. Kim turned her neck for only a minute to catch my reaction and then quickly giving Clark a knowing smile. She put her mouth on his cock and it began to come to life in front of me. It grew larger around, almost the size of Kim's wrist, but its length stayed roughly in the neighborhood of twelve inches. Still, he humbled me.

I watched as she struggled to put the entire length of his cock into her mouth. I was shocked to see her holding off the gag reflect as his entire shaft pushed down her throat. He stroked her hair. "There you go," he said, "Just like I taught you."

I felt a throbbing pain between my own legs as my cock struggled to get erect within the confines of my cage. Clark reached down and pulled at Kim's tight-fitting t-shirt, removing it in a single motion which only caused Kim to take a break from sucking his cock long enough to catch her breath. He reached his hand around behind her and pushed her thong to one side of her pussy. This revealed Kim's shaved pussy and tight asshole to me, causing the throbbing between my legs to intensify. Clark worked his large middle finger inside of Kim while his thumb pressed against her asshole.

Kim wiggled her ass in apparent delight at the presence of his warm hand.

"White boy, take her panties off for me," he commanded. I leaned into the bed and pulled off Kim's panties. He pulled his finger out of her and held his hand out to me. "Put your mouth on my finger." I hesitated. "Go ahead. Do it." I opened my mouth and he stuck his middle finger aggressively inside. I sucked, tasting Kim.

"That's good pussy; isn't it, boy?" I did not respond, and Clark only laughed at me. He lifted Kim's head off of his cock by pulling up on her hair. He turned her around facing me so that her hips were aligned with his own. "Ever seen a black man fuck a white girl, boy?"

"No," I confessed.

He locked his gaze on me as his cock pushed aside the tight lips of Kim's pussy. He smiled at me as he thrust half the length of his cock inside of her. Kim's eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth formed a circle. He started a rhythm of slow, steady thrusts that still kept half his cock outside of her body.

"Fuck me," she moaned. "Please, fuck me, Clark."

She let out a loud cry when Clark pushed the rest of his cock into her. She started breaking into a sweat and the hair fell in front of her face. He rocked his hips against her ass for five full minutes before pulling out and laying his back flat against the bed. She climbed on top of him slid her pussy down the length of his cock. This afforded me a much better view of the true sexual intensity that was taking place between these two. That huge black cock had conquered this beautiful, tight pussy and she just could not get enough of it.

Carl lifted himself straight up so that he was sitting up and Kim had her legs wrapped around his wait. He slung his legs off my side of the bed, and then stood so that he was immediately next to me. Holding her against his waist, he lifted her body effortlessly to rock her up and down on his cock. Then I noticed his face start to grimace. He put Kim down on the bed and kept pushing his cock in and out of her body. She was practically in tears as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her tiny body. With a final thrust, his balls tightened and he himself exploded. He pulled his cock out and a thick flow of white cum began to ooze from Kim's pussy.

"You ever tasted cum, boy?"

"I know for a fact that he tasted his own last night," said Kim.

He took three fingers and scooped up the gobs of thick, warm cum from Kim's swollen opening. He put his free hand behind my head and pushed his dripping fingers up to my face. "Open, boy. You can tell me if a black man's cum tastes any different from a white boy's." I felt compelled to obey. It was humiliating, but I opened my mouth to receive his offer. I licked his fingers until there was not a drop remaining.

Kim stood positioned herself directly in front of me. She put her face close to mine and spoke so that I could feel her breath with every word. "You know," she began. "You know what will really make that black cum taste good? It's when you are sucking it from your own wife's pussy. I bet you'd like that. Do you think your precious little Sabrina has it in her to be a black cock slut?"

"No, I don't," I answered. I felt suddenly weak in my legs. I dropped to my knees.

Kim stuck her own middle finger into her pussy. She pulled it out dripping with Clark's seed. She traced it around the perimeter of my lips and then smeared it under my nose. "We're going to work on that," she said. "It will take some time, but we'll get your lovely wife fucking Clark's beautiful cock before long. Trust me."

We all got dressed and walked downstairs together, me alone and Clark and Kim with their arms around each other. Once downstairs, Clark noticed a picture of Sabrina and I that had been taken at the beach. It was sitting out on a small side table at the base of the stairs. "This her?" he asked.

"Yes, I answered."

"I'm going to enjoy this," he smiled. He kissed Kim goodbye. She whispered something in his ear and they both laughed. He smiled at me again, and turned to open the door and leave.


I stood silently as I listened to Clark's car starting up and pulling out of the driveway. This all seemed insane. A part of me had to admit that I was sexually excited by the idea of him together with my wife, but for the most part, it sickened me. I knew it was wrong, I knew I really didn't want it to happen... despite the sexual fascination, and I also knew that she would never go for it. Kim spoke and interrupted my thoughts.

"You'll have to leave soon to go pick up that massage table."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"First, however, we have to talk. Sit down." She pointed to the kitchen table and we both took a seat.

"So, what did you think?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, did it turn you on, did it excite you to watch Carl and me together?"

"Yes... ummm...I guess it did."

"You guess?"

"No, Ma'am. It definitely did."

"And do you think it would excite you to watch Carl with Sabrina?"

"Well, sort of, but it's not something I would want."

"That's another question entirely. Let me first just hear whether or not it would excite you? If that was Sabrina up in that bed today, would it have turned you on?"

"I'm afraid to answer that question."

"Mark, listen. I know it seems like I've been a real bitch to you, and I know it seems like I'm callous and I don't care. The truth is, I do care. I care about Sabrina, I care about you, and I want your marriage to be everything that it can be. I recognized in you your latent submission, and I've helped you develop it. I'm doing the same with Sabrina's dominance. Your desire to submit is ultimately an expression of love, affection and adoration for her. It is no secret that men have trouble expressing their emotions. Your submission to Sabrina's authority is an expression of very strong emotions. Sabrina knows this and appreciates it. The more deeply and intensely you submit, the more she feels loved."

"But what does that have to do with Carl? What's that got to do with love?"

"Mark, your submission will evolve and grow, and her authority will as well. Right now you are both getting comfortable with your new roles and how to relate to each other. She'll get increasingly comfortable with the freedom she has in the relationship. There will be milestones. These may be things she doesn't even enjoy at first, but she'll do them just to test you. Tell me, have you ever thought about what it would be like if she peed on you... or used a strap-on dildo on you?"

"No," I answered.

"I think you're lying. I want you to be honest with me, ok?"

"I guess I have thought about it."

"Of course you have. You are submissive. These are both ritualistic expression of female authority and male submission. You could not help but have fantasized about these things. Cuckolding is the same. There is nothing more symbolic of her complete freedom and control and of your complete, uninhibited submission than to be with another man with your blessing. Understand that when she does this, it will be for you... it will be for both of you. She will know that it touches your soul in a way that nothing else can."

"You talk about this as if she has already decided to do it."

"Well she hasn't. As far as I know, she doesn't even know what cuckolding is yet. It will take a while to work up to this."

"I don't think she would ever go for this."

"Mark, please. I've known your wife longer than you have. Did you know she fucked a black guy in college? In fact, she thought she was pregnant for almost a week."

I said nothing.

"You didn't know... did you? It's ok. I didn't think she would have shared that with you."

"But we're married now. I know her values."

"But Mark, she's going to be doing this for you. It's going to be with your blessing. You don't sound like you want this either, but eventually you will. I'll wait until you are ready for this. I'll wait until you come to me and ask me to help you become her cuckold before I put the idea into her head. But once you ask, that's it. There will be no turning back. Is that fair?"

"I guess it is," I replied.

"Oh, it is fair. But you will ask. I know you better than you do yourself. Mark, kneel down in front of me."

I took a position at her feet. She looked down at me and smiled. I bowed my head, but she put her hand on my chin and lifted my eyes to her. "I saw the way you watched Carl and I today. I saw the way you sucked the cum off his fingers. You are going to ask me to help cuckold you. You are going to ask Carl to fuck your wife. I'm going to need your cooperation. I'm going to need you to remain open to learning more about this. You may have to watch Carl and me again. You may have to read some things on the internet. But I'll keep my end of the deal. I won't let it happen until you ask me to do it."

"Thank you," I said.

"Now go buy that massage table." I stood and started to leave.

"You will ask me," said Kim.

I said nothing. I was deathly afraid that she was right.


It had been fully a month since I had purchased the massage table. About five or six nights a week I was giving Sabrina a massage. She was definitely becoming used to the idea of being pampered, and she was growing more bold in her confidence that I would obey her no matter what she asked me to do.

She had also become increasingly comfortable exercising her authority over me in front of Kim. Neither woman had any reservations about telling me to do any domestic chore or errand in front of the other. Sabrina would have me kneel to rub her feet in front of Kim, and Sabrina had me refer to both of them as Ma'am in the house. The two also took to spending time together outside the house without me, sometimes at night when they would go to restaurants and maybe bars together.

On one such night I had gone to bed and was awakened by Sabrina at 1:30 in the morning. She stood there looking very sexy in a short dress. I could tell she had been drinking. She pushed me onto my back and fumbled with the key to unlock my chastity device. She removed the device, not taking the care I would have to do it gently. "Go in the shower," she told me. "Get the water going."

I got out of bed, and still groggy, did as I was told. I came back and found her leaning against the bed taking off her clothes. "Go get in the shower and wait on your knees," she shouted at me.

As I knelt in the shower, soaked with the rushing warm water, I wondered what was coming. She had been out all night with Kim. She hadn't possibly been with another man? Kim hadn't broken her promise and pushed her to cuckold me without my blessing... had she?

My eyes were closed as I waited for my wife to join me in the shower. Suddenly I sensed her presence and I felt her hand on my hair. She pushed my head back so that I was staring up at her pussy. It was hard to keep my eyes open as the water rushed down. She leaned down and kissed me then spoke into my ear. "I've got something for you. I think you'll like this," she said. She took her free hand and pushed the shower nozzle over to one side, so that the water no longer beat down on my face. "Now look up at me and open your mouth."

As I did I saw and then felt my wife's warm pee shoot onto my face. It was a strange sensation, stranger still for the intense sense of humiliation that swept over me. There was an initial stream which hit above my mouth and only trickled in. She then pushed her body against me, and the next stream shot into my mouth with a certain force, hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth with the warm, salty liquid. There was a natural reflex not to swallow, and as the piss kept coming it was spilling out of the front of my mouth. She squeezed her thighs around my face and pushed my head backwards. I opened my throat and a rush of pee went down to my stomach. It was at once unpleasant but intensely erotic. I wanted more. She pulled away slightly for her final stream and it covered my face from my hairline to my chin. My cock, free from its cage and excited by this new experience, was rock hard.

In an instant the showerhead was focused back on me and Sabrina was dousing my hair with shampoo. I remained kneeling while she cleaned me up, going from the shampoo to a warm, soapy washcloth on my face. She followed her intense reminder of my submission with this affectionate reminder of my love. When she was done she leaned against the back of the shower, spreading her legs and ass and inviting me to enter her. I lasted only a couple of minutes, after which I went down on her and brought her to the orgasm she deserved.

Afterwards, she sat by the tub and I dried and brushed her hair. She said that she and Kim had gone out for a light dinner and drinks when they had run into some friends of Kim. She said that they had ended up hanging out, and she admitted that she had a few more drinks than might have been wise. She herself had been surprised at her boldness in coming home and initiating the golden shower that just took place, but she was glad that she did. She said it must have been a combination of the alcohol and the fact that she was feeling particularly horny that night.

This last comment made me curious. I let the conversation go in a couple of other very tame directions after sharing that I had also enjoyed the shower in the shower so to speak. Then I brought it back to her night out with Kim. "So," I asked, "who were Kim's friends? Anybody you had met before."

"Well, one guy," she said, still a bit tipsy. "Carl is his name. We've run into him a couple times. He's a nice guy. He's a personal trainer that both she and Daryl used to work out with."

I thought this was an interesting coincidence. Kim might not have been pulling the trigger, but she was loading the gun. I wondered if I could stop it now even if I wanted to do so.


Kim had gotten up early as she had some errands to run. As such, she was at the table when Sabrina was there and I served the two of them coffee and some cinnamon rolls. Sabrina kissed me on the cheek as she headed off to work, leaving only Kim and I sitting there together.

"So Valentines Day is coming up in two weeks, have you thought about what you're going to buy your wife?"

"Not really," I answered.

"Good. Because I've already bought the present you're going to give her. It's in a bag under my bed. Go up and get it."

I scrambled up the stairs and leaned down to look under the bed. Underneath there was a large paper bag. I shouldn't say that I was shocked at what I saw inside. It was a black strap-on dildo. The harness was some sort of vinyl that had a belt for wrapping around the woman's waist and thighs. Inside the harness fit a relatively small-sized dildo. Small as it was, it was sure as hell larger than anything that had ever gone up my ass. The largest thing to date was a thermometer or maybe a doctor's finger, but it looked like that was destined to change. Also in the bag was what I now know to be called a butt plug, a bottle of lubricant, and a pack of disposable enema bags.

I walked downstairs with the bag and presented myself to Kim.

"The strap-on, that's the gift," she said. "The enema kits...those are for you to give yourself early evening on Valentines Day. The butt plug is for you to wear leading up to then and all day long on Valentines Day. You need to get yourself stretched out so that it's easy for you and her to make this work. Go put it in right now. Oh, and she doesn't need to know about either the enema or the butt plug."
I went into the bathroom and went through the uncomfortable act of inserting the butt plug. I used plenty of the lube, but it was still uncomfortable. I returned to Kim for inspection. She told me that I had gotten it right. She explained that the strap-on would be an important step in Sabrina's continued growing control over me. "It's a great role reversal metaphor... really emasculating. I think you'll like it, but I think she's really going to get off on it. Her getting comfortable with it is an important step."

I thanked her and started to leave the room. She stopped me. "There's one other thing. Come here and kneel down in front of me." Naked, chastity device on my cock, butt plug in my ass, I obeyed. "I put a list of web addresses on a piece of paper on your desk. I want you to look at those web addresses on the computer you share with Sabrina. I want those to be the only web addresses you look at on that computer, and I don't want you following any other links from those page... just those pages. Got it?"

"Yes, Ma'am. What are they?"

"You'll see soon enough. I want you to look at two of them a day. That means you'll have to look at some of them more than once, but between now and the end of the month, I want you to have looked at all of them."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Oh, and one other thing. Do not... under any circumstances... erase your web history. I'll be checking to make sure you've visited those sites."


It had been a month since Valentines Day. A year ago she might have stormed out of the house at the idea that I would give her a strap-on dildo as a present, but this year had been an entirely different matter. When she had opened the gift, she smiled, shook her and head and laughed.

"So you really want to be my bitch, huh?" she had asked.

"It kind of fits in with everything else that's been going on, doesn't it?" She chuckled again and disappeared into the bathroom.

I had cleaned myself with the enema, stretched myself with the butt plug, and now I was as ready as I would ever be to be taken by my wife. She returned with the rubber phallus standing erect at her wait. "Get under the covers," she commanded. "And lay on your stomach."

My wife pulled out the sheets from the back and edges of the bed. This allowed her to lift the sheets off me from my feet to the base of my ass and position the dildo against my asshole without her ever really having to watch herself penetrate me. I suspect that she enjoyed the power exchange, but found the act itself a little distasteful, at least at first.

I gritted my teeth, grimacing in discomfort and arching my back as she pushed inside of me. I felt her hand grab my hair, and she began rocking back and forth with very slow, measured strokes as if she was being careful not to hurt me. At least that was her approach at first. On subsequent night, she became increasingly comfortable with the act of sodomizing me. It really seemed as if she was beginning to enjoy it.

For my own part, enjoying it probably was not the right way to describe how I felt about the experience. It was physically unpleasant. I was getting used to it, but the physical experience was not something I found gratifying. It was also humiliating. It made me feel used, and cheap, and less than her wife. Therein, however, lay the wonder of it. When she pressed fully inside of me, when she leaned forward and I felt her breath on my neck, I knew my place with perfect and absolute certainty. This was a good thing, and it made me look forward to these sessions.


It didn't take me long to realize that the websites Kim had asked me to check out were all related to cuckolding. There were video sites and story sites, bulletin boards and personal ads. I had to confess that I was really becoming fascinated with the topic. I wasn't just clicking on the links she had given me, I was really studying the content. I didn't understand it, I didn't know where the fascination was sourced, but I knew that I couldn't turn away. I was utterly fascinated with the idea of my wife fucking another man.

I found myself fantasizing about Carl walking in the door with Sabrina late one night, Sabrina's breath heavy with alcohol. I would see the two of them standing in dim light in the foyer. Sabrina would strip and drop to her knees. She would remove Carl's cock as I stood peering, unnoticed from down the hall. In the dance of taking off Carl's clothes, the two turn so that Carl blocks the view of my wife. I only see Sabrina's hands wrap around the back of Carl's ass. I knows my wife is sucking - worshipping - the manhood between his legs, worshipping that enormous black cock that I had witnessed first-hand plunging in and out of Kim's pussy.

"Damn this chastity device." I wished I could jack off and be done with it, but the thoughts just continued to haunt me. I shut down the browser, but I left the website history in place as Kim had instructed. Of course she would be checking that I was looking at the sites, but no doubt she would plan on showing it to Sabrina as mocked up evidence that I really wanted her to do this. At least I still had the ace in the hole, Kim's promise that nothing would happen until I came to her and asked for it to happen. As far as I was concerned, this would never happen.


The next morning, when Sabrina was out of the house, Kim came into my office in a robe. She had some papers in her hand, and perhaps some other things wrapped up in the bundle of papers. "Is this a good time for us to have a talk?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered. "I was just doing some email."

"Good then. Go ahead and stand up and come around to the other side of the desk and strip for me."

I did exactly as I was told, and Kim walked around the desk and sat herself down in his chair. She fumbled with the pile of papers, revealing that they had masked a small, egg-shaped vibrator in their folds. She pushed open her robe, revealing that she wore a sheer and very sexy bra over her firm breasts, but nothing else at all.

"You don't mind if I pleasure myself as we chat, do you?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Good, because I want to review our progress I have made in manipulating your marriage, and truth be told, it gets me really hot. If you weren't married to my best friend, I'd have you lick my pussy as I talked, but as you are her property, I want to make sure I respect her property rights. This little toy of mine will be just fine."

"Yes, Ma'am, understood."

"So let's review. When I moved in, you and Sabrina were equal partners in the marriage. It was sweet, but not really satisfying for either of you, was it?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Luckily, in scratching a little below the surface, I discovered you were a closet submissive, and Sabrina... well, I've always suspected she was meant to lead you."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"So, flash forward... you wear a chastity device and she holds the key... check. She makes the rules, and you obey... check." She was reading off of her little list, but she was checking nothing, her other hand being occupied with pleasuring herself.

"Let's see, what else... oh yes, she's fucking you with a strap-on cock. You are her emasculated bitch... check. " This amused her enough that she laughed out loud at her own list. Then she closed her eyes and focused on the vibrator rubbing against her pussy. "Like I said, it turns me on to think of everything that has happened with you two."

For my part, I was staring at her pussy, my own cock was bulging inside the confines of the CB3000 device.

"Oh, and I just learned she pissed in your mouth. How humiliating. What wouldn't you do for her, huh Mark?"

"Anything," I answered.

"Now Mark, if you'd do anything, I suspect you'd be more interested in her pleasure and less in your own ego. Do you know what I'm talking about, Mark?"

"I'm not sure, Ma'am."

"Don't fuck with me, Mark. I think you know exactly what I'm talking about. I've been checking your history, and you've been reading those cuckolding story sites that I sent you; you've been watching the movies, looking at the message boards. What's your favorite?"

"Just following your orders and looking at the links you gave me, Ma'am."

"Stop fucking with me, Mark. Stop kidding yourself. What's your favorite of the stuff I sent you?"

"I suppose the story sites, Ma'am."

"Me too, Mark. There's a common theme in all the stories I sent you. Did you pick up on it?"


"No, of course they are all cuckolding stories. I'm immersing you in the subject so that you'll think of nothing else. I mean a particular theme beyond just cuckolding."

"Not sure that I've picked it up, Ma'am."

"Mark, come around to the other side of this desk. Kneel down so you can see my pussy better." She spread her legs as she worked the vibrator against her clit.

Kneeling in front of her, I was completely hypnotized by her. I wanted to badly to lean forward and put my mouth against her wetness.

"In all the stories I sent you, Mark, the wives all start out so innocent and conservative. They don't realize the depths to which their sexuality can take them. They are seduced by the strong, powerful lovers in the stories. Their defenses weaken slowly, but always they give in. Ultimately, Mark, you know what happens?" Kim slides her finger into her pussy pulls it out to draw a moist and fragrant line above Mark's lips.

I inhale deeply.

Kim leans down so that she will be certain that he can feel her breath against his face as she speaks to him. "They are corrupted, every one of them. These beautiful women who walked down the aisle on their wedding day in perfect white dresses and vow fidelity in front of their entire families... these women who go on to have babies and volunteer to help at their children's school... these women who tote their kids to soccer practice and smile and wave to the other mom's... these women... just like your wife... they are all corruptible."

I was breathing hard, I could not have been more charged sexually.

"A strong hand brushes their cheek and pushes back their hair. A hand is on their thigh, and they allow it to stay. A second glass of wine, a whisper in their ears, and these women run from who they are supposed to be... the charade that they live. They want these men, they want to be held down, they want those cocks pushing inside them, they want to be the sluts they always dreamed they could be. And when they give in, when they become that slut, they savor every moment... his weight, his grip, his pulsating, rock hard cock... fucking her and giving her animal lust, a magic you cannot provide. Mark, you cannot make Sabrina feel like Carl can make her feel."

"No..." I moaned unconvincingly.

"Come up to my room with me, Mark. Crawl, on your hands and knees."

I obeyed. I struggled to keep up with her as Kim walked up first the basement steps and then the steps to her room upstairs. Waiting in her room was Carl, standing naked, arms crossed in the center of the room. His massive black cock hung low in front of him.

"Mark," said Kim," leaning down to speak to me. "I resisted at first. I had to be corrupted also, and Daryl, he resisted as well. My husband, your friend, he was scared to death of what this might mean for our relationship. He was afraid I would leave him for Carl. Are you afraid that Sabrina would leave you, Mark?"

"I, umm, I don't know... I think so, yes."

"Darling, she won't leave you. She loves you. She cherishes you, but look... look at that cock. Think how happy it will make her. Think how wonderful she will feel to be Carl's slut. Don't you want her to experience that?"

Kim dropped to her knees in front of Carl, and Carl placed his hands on her soft blonde hair. He looked directly into my eyes as Kim began to lovingly worship the length of his cock with her tongue. It was like this man was staring into my darkest secrets.

Kim pulled her mouth off of Carl and asked me what it would take to convince him.

"Mark, do you want to watch Carl fuck me?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Mark, I've let you peek into this world once before, but no more peeking. You either jump all the way in or you stay outside. Do you understand?"

"I think so."

"If you want to watch Carl fuck me - ever again - you'll have to do something for me in return. You'll have to ask me... give me permission... to invite your wife into this world."

Mark was staring blankly at Carl's cock. It was now erect and enormous, like something from the movies. It was dark and taboo.

"It will be this wonderful mix of jealousy and lust; your submission to her will be perfectly realized. Give me permission, tell me you want this for Sabrina."

I knelt in silence... my mouth started to form words, but nothing came out.

"Mark, what is in your heart?"

"I want this, please." Tears were coming from my eyes as I surrendered to this strange desire. My cock literally ached inside of the plastic cage that I wore.

"Good boy!" Kim was elated. She smiled wickedly and her eyes glowed with her victory. "Now watch him fuck me. Imagine it's your wife he's fucking. Imagine her being stretched for Carl's pleasure."

Carl lifted Kim's body effortlessly and she straddled his waist, wrapping her legs tightly around his mid-section. He lowered her pussy onto his cock and he impaled her with his huge shaft. She rocked up and down, her legs still wrapped around him and his hands holding her below her arms. His enormous cock was entering her faster than I imagined was possible. The large blue-brown head disappeared inside her fleshy labia, and then his entire length plunged afterwards. Kim grimaced with pain, but her expression soon gave way to something primal, a pleasure that was sourced from something deep in her evolutionary past. It was the face of someone falling from the sky, it looked like fear accompanied by an intense ecstasy of a physical sensation that nobody could know under anything but extraordinary circumstances.

Carl lifted her off of his cock and placed her on the floor in front of me. She faced directly into my eyes.

"You have given us all something so special, Mark. Carl's going to make her feel so good. I know you love her, but you can't make her feel like this; there's no way. He's so much more of a man than you. You know that, right?"

"I suppose I do. I don't understand why I feel this way."

I lost her attention as Carl's cock penetrated her from behind. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her spine arched, her neck curved. She again had that look of falling from the sky.

"You're doing the right thing, boy," said Carl. "When your bitch wife belongs to me, she'll be happier, you'll be happier, everyone will be happier."

"She'll always love you," said Kim, her attention returning to me. "But you are less than her. You are her servant. She needs you, Mark, to serve her, but she needs Carl to make her feel like a woman."

Again, Kim was lost in her lust. Her arching spine, wide mouthed screaming, pounding of her fists on the ground... all telltale signs of her intense physical and emotional high, all brought about by that towering black stud ravaging her like a hurricane. Then, suddenly, he withdrew his cock and Kim instinctively turned over on to her back. Instead of penetrating her again, he positioned his body over her stomach so that his stiff cock hovered above her breasts.

"He is giving you a great honor, Mark," explained Kim through heavy breathing. "He wants you to finish him. Wrap your hands around his cock and jerk him off. Make him cum on my chest, my face."

I hesitated. Carl ignored Mark, instead slapping Kim and telling her to get me to move.

"Do it!" screamed Kim. "Don't disobey him... ever!"

I moved as if possessed. I quickly positioned myself beside Carl and wrapped both hands around the circumference of his cock, my fingers amazingly not able to complete the distance and form a full circle.

"Hold the base firmly with one hand," explained Kim, "and with the other, jerk him just below the head."

"Good girl," remarked Carl. "You remembered exactly right."

"Quickly," Kim screamed.

I did exactly as told. Carl put one hand on my head, and the other he placed on his own cock, between my two hands. My top hand jerked rapidly, as if the world hung on making Carl cum as quickly as possible. Carl clenched his teeth, moaned audibly, and I guided the stream of warm cum that shot from his cock so that it just splashed Kim's face, with ample amounts of his semen pooled between her heaving breasts.

Kim grabbed the back of my head and thrust it to her chest. "Look what this gorgeous cock has left on my body, Mark. Have you ever seen so much cum?"

I shook my head. Truth be told, I was afraid of what Kim might ask me to do. Kim rubbed her fingers in the pool of warm cum and lifted her middle finger to paint her nipple with the milky fluid. "I used to wipe it all over my body, and Daryl would lick it all off me. It would get me so hot."

She dipped her middle finger again, but this time she held it out towards Mark. "You won't be licking anything off of me, but here... open your mouth." I obliged her, begrudgingly, and she stuck her cum-filled finger in my mouth.

Carl laughed. "He's hungry."

"Yes, he is. He's ready. He's wants to taste your cum out of his wife's pussy and not off of my finger, but he'll take it any way he can get it."

"Does he know I've already met her?" asked Carl. He spoke to Kim and ignored me, as if I wasn't in the room at all.

"Did you know that Mark? Did you know we've been out for drinks and just happened to run into Carl... not exactly coincidence, but it served the purpose just the same. Your wife paid him the most naughty compliments, she sounded like a slut." Kim laughed. " Now we just need to make sure she understands that she has your blessing, and we'll be on our way. That's what you want, isn't it, Mark?"

"I don't know, I'm not so sure..."

Kim interrupted him, sitting up and putting her finger up to shush him. "Too late. You've asked me to make a cuckold out of you. You have already given me your permission, and it cannot be taken back... it's going to happen."

I watched as the cum that had pooled on Kim's chest began to drizzle down her abdomen. Kim saw my eyes, and not one to let a moment pass, she scooped up a three fingers full and put it all in my mouth. She then explored her own face and found the cum that had marked her earlier. She wiped this up with her middle finger and tasted this herself.

"This is magic stuff," smiled Kim. "I'm not sure what effect it has on you, but when it gets in my pussy, or when I taste it...all I want is that black cock. I want to worship it, suck it, fuck it... I can think of nothing else. When it's inside Sabrina, when she tastes Carl's cum... it will be the same for her. She'll be my sister slut, doing anything she can to please Carl so she can keep getting it."

I was listening, staring at Kim with lust and desire, like only a man in subspace can understand.

"You've given me permission, and you want this... you need this. You've helped me seduce - corrupt - Sabrina already. I know you enjoyed learning about cuckolding on those sites that I had you look up, but the next step is to show your history files to Sabrina. She'll see what you've been looking at when nobody knows you are watching. She'll read the stories herself and learn about this wonderful world that I'm opening up to both of you. She'll understand how it interests you, how you obsess over it."

Carl leaned into Mark's face and spoke in slow, rhythmic phrases. "I... am going... to fuck...your wife."

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