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A Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 03

by Ginger

06/05/2016 03:45 in blowjob

This story is purely fictional and the product of my imagination. Please do not re-copy it with out attribution. It is not intended to be part of any pay sites and I would object to this story being used in that fashion. You can contact me at the address in my profile.


Jon pulled his mouth away from mine. I could feel his manhood pressed into my belly and I quickly started stroking it. "Up! Undress me slut." Jon ordered. As I began to unbutton his shirt Jon turned to Alan and said "You can hang my clothes while your wife services me. Next time I may have you wash and iron them." Alan jumped up to take Jon's clothes from me.

When he was naked Jon lay down on the bed, propping himself up on some pillows, so that he could watch me more easily. "Come over here pet. You know how much I like oral servitude. Extended oral servitude. I know it can be difficult, especially without help." Jon paused, pointedly glancing at Alan before returning his eyes to mine. "I want your lips on my cock now. And keep your ass up. I want Alan to see your cunt leaking down your legs."

I did as I was told. I began lightly stroking his cock near the head while kissing and licking the shaft, just above his balls. Each time I felt the shaft throb I would grip tight for a moment and stroke. In very little time Jon was rock hard again, his cock head slick with pre-come. When I could resist no longer I kissed my way up his thick shaft and swirled my tongue slowly around his crown, licking up his salty come and anticipating the feel of this monster inside me. I moaned when I felt Jon throb in my mouth and I wanted nothing more than for him to erupt into my greedy little mouth.

Jon had shaved his cock and balls, as he had at our first meeting. I slowly pushed my face down onto his cock until I felt him press against the back of my throat. I stretched out my tongue attempting to reach his balls but also stimulating Jon's cock head in the back of my throat. I pressed further down for a moment more before pulling back. I knew I had plenty of time to suck Jon's cock. He had been waiting a long time, and he was not going to rush this.

I repeated the motions, each time I would try to take Jon deeper, while suppressing my gag reflex. I wanted so badly to be a good little cock-whore for my Master. His cock was slick from my attention and I stroked it while taking one of Jon's balls into my mouth, rolling it gently on my tongue. Jon moaned and I felt a jolt of excitement from my clit to my nipples.

Bolder now, I began to stroke the shaft hard at the base, as my tongue trailed from Jon's balls, downward, massaging the flesh vigorously. I was rewarded by another low moan, but this time it sounded more like a growl. Jon shifted his leg to give me better access and I stroked his sensitive skin and asshole with my relentless tongue. Jon gave a low satisfied chuckle.

"That's it slut, use your tongue. Good. Now, back to my cock girl. Deeper!" Jon placed his hand on the back of my head and began to force me down. As hard as I struggled I couldn't keep myself from gagging as Jon shoved his cock deeper into my throat. I was seeing stars when he withdrew. Over the next 10 minutes Jon steadily forced my head down as deeply as I could go. I had never taken a cock so deeply, and Jon was the biggest guy I had ever been with.

"You're ready." Jon said Finally. He had me sit facing Alan, as I was before. He attached my right leg to the footboard and attached my left leg to the headboard. Again I found my pussy forced open in front of my husband. Jon locked my wrists together behind my back. He then laid me down and pulled me towards the opposite edge until my head dropped back, unsupported. I knew what was coming and I knew my Master liked his slaves enthusiastic.

"Please, fuck my face Master!" I panted, still winded from the last attempt. "Please train the worthless slut to accommodate your huge cock." As I talked Jon moved so he could shove his cock into my mouth, deep into my throat. I noticed him lean over and pick something up from the nightstand. He placed his cock heavily onto my face and rubbed forward until his balls, large and smooth, hung before my mouth.

I took the cue and brought them into my mouth one by one. As I released the second one I strained to lift my tongue up to his ass. CRACK! I screamed at the unexpected pain, centered on my pussy. Jon was whipping my cunt which was defenseless and spread open. CRACK! This time I sensed the motion in his shoulders and braced for the pain.

"Aaugh!" I screamed. My brain swam, my lust reluctantly transforming into a mixture of fear and pain. My swollen clit had taken part of that blow, and I was reeling. Suddenly my head was forced back and Jon moved his cock to my lips.

"Open." he commanded, and I did. My lips accepted his cock and I spread my legs as wide as I could. Jon slowly pushed his cock into my mouth, to the back of my throat. I struggled not to retch, but could only hold out for so long. As I convulsed": CRACK! Another hit to my exposed clit. I yelped into Jon's cock and he pushed in another inch before slowly pulling back. I gasped for air.

"Thank you Master!" I managed to say before his cock pushed it's way back into my mouth. He gave me a minute to catch my breath before beginning again. As before he was slow and relentless, breaking my bodies resolve to resist him. Jon continued until I was able to take his entire cock and hold it for a 'three count'.

"Clean her up." Jon said to Alan, who jumped and hurried to the bathroom. A minute later he emerged with soft wet towels soaked in hot water. Jon sat to the side as Alan cleaned my face and hair of the bands of spittle I had produced during Jon's prolonged oral session. I was glad it was over, but also immensely proud that I had managed to take that beast of a cock. Alan was quite tender with me, which was sweet, given the situation.

"That was very good. In time you will be able to take my cock without all this preparation." Jon pointed at Alan. "You, back in your chair!" Jon moved over to the dresser and selected a few of my floggers. He tossed my deerskin flogger and the cane next to the riding crop, which was already on the bed.

"You have one last ordeal slut, before you are allowed to take your Masters cock. It's been too long since you've received a proper whipping, a situation that will be rectified this evening." As he spoke he released my ankle cuffs and repositioned me so that I was lying down on my stomach, spread eagle with a limb attached to each bed post. I trembled with excitement and fear. Could I handle this? It had been ages since I had received any sort of regular whipping. This was the part of the evening I had been most nervous about.

Jon picked up the flogger. This would be the easiest for me to handle, because it was first, and the softest. "I'll start with 20 from the flogger" Jon said, swishing the tails through the air so that they whistled. I often read stories about sluts getting whipped, they get me off. But it is hard to put this experience into words. Jon was so controlled and intense, that I wanted more than anything to please him. I was terrified of the whipping I was going to get, but I knew that once it was over I would be dripping wet. I steeled myself for an intense session.

And it was. Jon started with the flogger and each strike felt like a lash of fire. I tried to keep myself from crying out but Jon yelled "I want to hear you cunt!" as he picked up the pace. I screamed, and I bucked my restraints in vain as he whipped me. I was again in deep sub space.

After the initial 20 lashes Jon repositioned me so that I was on my back, my legs spread lewdly as far as they could go. I could feel my pussy juices coating my ass. I had hoped it was time for my cunt to finally feel my Masters cock. I was going to have to wait for that though, for Jon gave me 20 more hard crisp strokes to my inner thighs, this time from a long thin riding crop. The pain was much more intense than the first round. I could see angry red welts rise where I had been struck. I realized I was weeping.

Immediately when he was done Jon released me and again set me up so my ass was in the air. He placed a few pillows under my pelvis to ensure it was raised, and then he drew out the cane. I immediately began to beg him not to use it. The rest was a blur, but at some point in the haze I used my safeword. "Very good slave." Jon let my ankles go and then my wrists. For the next few minutes he held me in his arms while I cried. It was an odd feeling, since my previous sessions were never this intense, but at that moment I felt sublime, and it added an emotional context to the session that I didn't expect. I slowly got control of myself, and looked over at Alan. I noticed he looked distraught, so I gave him smile.

"Kneel down in front of me." Jon commanded. I moved gingerly. The welts on my backside shot sharp slivers of pain as I knelt down. For the next minute nothing was said as I gently kissed my Masters feet. More than anything I wanted to know that I had pleased him. I was proud of myself for taking the whipping he had given. Kissing his feet tenderly kept me in that delicious, submissive state of mind. Finally Jon broke the silence.

"I came here tonight to test your mettle. To see if you had the desire to serve me, and the potential to push your limits with me as your Master. I have decided that you possess these qualities. Would you like to progress as my slave Beth?"

"Yes Master! I desire nothing more than to be your slave." My body was already preparing for what I knew was to come. I felt my nipples begin to harden, and that familiar tingling in my belly, that told me I was going to be really wet.

"As my slave, you will put my pleasure first when in my presence. Above your own pleasure, and your husbands?"

"Yes Master!"

"Your body will belong to me. You will not come without my permission. You will have sex with only those I allow. Your husband may fuck you in the ass only. Your pussy is for my cock, do you understand?" My pussy was aching for my Master.

"Good. If your husband joins us, of course, he will be further limited. I will punish you in our sessions. Often it will have a purpose, but sometimes it will just be for my pleasure. If he agrees to be our cuckold, I may require you to punish him at times." Jon paused and looked towards Alan. I continued to kiss Jon's feet tenderly, slowly starting to move upwards towards his cock.

"Yes Master, I will do as you require."

"As you know, your cunt, your ass and your mouth will be trained to accommodate my cock. In time, I will include others in our play. This will not happen in the short term, you are not ready. But I want to you to know that it WILL happen. These will be people I trust absolutely."

"Yes Master." Jon moved to his bag again pulling out some items, the largest of which was a long slender nylon rope. "I will do my best to please your friends. I will follow your directions exactly." As turned on as I was, I wanted him to take me now. Making me wait seemed almost cruel. But what my Master said next helped allay my frustration.

"Hands and knees on the bed, facing your husband." I hurried to comply and watched as Jon attached Alan's hands behind the chair so that he could not move. Then he attached a leather device to Alan's balls, which cinched his balls downward, and attached the nylon twine to this device. If Jon pulled the rope then Alan's balls would be pulled tight. To illustrate this point Jon tugged until Alan cried out in pain.

Jon turned his back to Alan and faced me. Jon pulled out a pair of butterfly clips that were attached by a fine chain and attached a clip to each nipple, drawing a gasp from me. Jon tied a weight to the thin nylon rope and then attached the rope to the chain that hung between the two clips. The end result was that the weight was borne by my two nipples and Alan's stretched balls, and even the slightest movement increased our discomfort by causing the weight to swing.

Jon knelt on the bed between Alan and I. He took a carefully measured look and straddled the rope that attached me to my husband. He faced me, his cock straining, and moved forward putting his cock to my lips. Without thought my lips parted and I began to lick and suck his Jon. He tasted like cum, and I knew he was as turned as I was.

Jon's idea was simple and ingenious at the same time. If I tried to move back, away from his cock my nipples would be pulled painfully, and Alan also found his testicles stretched. However, if I "set the pace" and moved up and down to fellate Jon the weight on the rope would swing wider, also causing pain to us both.

Not knowing what Jon wanted I did my best to read his signals. Again Jon took his time and shoving his thick cock into my mouth and throat. It was harder for me this time, because my throat was sore, and because my gag reflexes brought pain to Alan and myself. Luckily though, this was a short oral session. John wanted to fuck my pussy. I moaned loudly when he finally withdrew and positioned himself behind me.

Jon began to rub his cock head up and down my sopping wet slit. I ached for him and had to suppress the urge to push back onto his monstrous dick. Jon would have to give me permission first, and to push back onto his cock would mean more pain.

"Do you want my cock inside you slut?" Jon asked loudly his cock roughly rubbing my swollen clit.

"Yes Master! Please fuck my cunt. I want you so badly! I cried out. Consumed by lust I began to rock back and forth, rubbing my slick slit against his cock. The pain in my nipples was electric and the increasing volume of Alan's whimpering only excited me more! Jon slapped my cunt with his cock, teasing me.

"Look at your husband slave." Jon ordered and I complied immediately. Alan had moved himself as close to the vertical positioned as he could to relieve the tension on his balls. His balls were a fiery red and his cock lay limply to the side. No doubt the pain of the ball stretcher had deflated his earlier erection.

"Tell him what you want, and what he can expect." Jon barked.

I looked Alan in the eye. "I want my Master to control my body, and own my sexuality. I want to be trained by him, to be his slut." As I spoke I felt ever more committed. I was going to do this. "And I will love it Alan. I want you to come with me on this trip. This pussy belongs to my Master, and you will not fuck it again without his permission."

I felt Jon's cock finally pressing into my cunt. His cock was still slick with a mixture of saliva and my wet slit. His head began to push its way into me but stopped suddenly.

"Shut your eyes slut. I don't want any distractions the first time I fuck you. I want you to remember how good it felt, the first time a real man fucked you. You can come, but you will thank me while you are coming" I shut my eyes, my anticipation heightening. Slowly he pushed his cock into my quivering flesh and immediately I felt a powerful orgasm begin to swell deep within. He stopped again, with perhaps a third of his cock inside me. He pulled out completely for a second and then pushed back inside. I couldn't stop myself from slowly pushing back on him as he drove into me. I felt my nipples pull even more sorely and heard a small whimper from Alan.

The familiar tingle deep in my pussy was coming on strong. I tried to hold it back, but the feeling of my pussy stretching wide, yielding to Jon's massive cock made that impossible. I could feel him so deep, and felt him grind into me, his balls slapping my clit gently. It hit me that my Master was finally fucking me and there was no way to stop my impending orgasm.

It was building, and building when Jon pulled back, and again jammed his cock all the way into me. I wanted to look at my closet doors, which were full length mirrors, and watch my Master fuck me, but I was not allowed to open my eyes. Jon picked up the pace, having determined that his manhood was sufficiently lubricated and began to pound into my cunt. I realized that I was moaning loudly, with abandon.

"Thank you for your cock Master. Thank you for fucking your slave!" I cried. I felt him gather my hair with his hands so he could pull me back onto him. I knew the line must have been taut, and that the weight was swinging wildly but I didn't care. I loved it. I could hold back no longer.

"Thank you Master! Thank you for letting me cum!!" I screamed. I succumbed to the irresistible tide of my orgasm. The power of it shocked me, all over my body I felt waves of pleasure radiating like raindrops on water. Without meaning too my eyes snapped open, as I moaned in pleasure, fully ensconced in my orgasm. I locked eyes with Alan as I came, meeting Jon's powerful thrusts. Alan watching me only made me hotter.

Jon leaned forward and pushed my face into the mattress, though it was still cocked to side in order to watch my helpless husband. My whole body tingled in pleasure, in the fading afterglow of a powerful orgasm. I felt pliant, as if I could barely move. My nipples were quickly beginning to ache, now that the buildup to my orgasm was spent. My cunt still seemed to twitch and grip onto Jons cock.

Jon brought his hands around to my breasts and undid the right butterfly clip.

"Aaaauuuugggghhhh!" I shrieked. The pain was intense. I felt Jon's cock pulse with my cries. He was so turned on right now. I was so proud of myself. Jon fucked me slowly while I writhed for a few moments. And as soon as I had recovered from it Jon released my left nipple. I pressed down on his hard cock as much as I could while I twitched and moaned and I knew that my master was going to use me hard.

Jon turned me so I was on my back, in the missionary position. He pressed into my chest causing my sore nipples to twinge in pain, as well as pleasure. His weight on my hardening nipples was sweet and I was overcome with a desire for his cock. I spread my legs as wide as I could, whispering in his ear "I want to be your slut Master!"

And Jon made me his slut that night. For the next hour Jon took his time and fucked me. He completely set the pace, directing me to certain positions that he enjoyed. I was in ecstasy, having never been fucked so well for so long. I came many more times, though none quite as intense as the first orgasm. I knew I was going to be sore the next day. I reveled in being a slut for him, and I did everything I could to play to the kinks he liked. And as he built up to his first orgasm I knew what Jon wanted me to say.

"Please fill me Master! Fill my slut pussy!" My eyes as wide as they could be I ground my pussy into him desperately. He grabbed me behind my neck and began long strokes into my pussy. I knew he was building up. "I want you to fill my pussy with your cum Master. I implored hungrily, so that only he could hear.

"Louder!" he yelled.

"Please fill my pussy with your come Master!" I yelled.

"What is your pussy for?" Jon growled at me, tension building in his lower body.

"My pussy is for you to use!" I was so ready for him now. The talk was getting me hot too. Jon slammed his shaft into me fully, and I could feel his large cock pulse, and spew his come deep inside of me. He pressed into me as his cock twitched and emptied into my willing pussy. I whispered into his ear, thanking him for using me properly and stroked the back of neck as his spasms came slower and slower. Jon lay on top of me for a few moments catching his breath. I was so happy and content inside. The submissive part of me was overjoyed that I had brought my Master to orgasm."Thank you for your come Master." I whispered still tightening my pussy to milk every drop of my Masters come.

"You know my rules slut, and what I expect." Jon said to me in a loud voice. I did know, and I wouldn't disappoint. Jon slowly pulled his cock from me, and I felt an emptiness where he had been. I still wanted him inside me. I kept my legs in the air so that none of my Masters precious come would leak from my pussy. Jon moved to my face and had me lovingly clean our mixed juices from his cock with my mouth.
When he was satisfied he released Alan's arms from behind the chair and quickly pulled the strip of duct tape from his face. My soiled panties hung limply from within his mouth. "Remove those cuckyboy and kneel down by your wife's pussy." Alan complied but Jon pushed his head down so that his face was just inches from my sopping wet slit.

"Do you see Alan, what your wife's pussy looks like after it's been properly fucked?" Jon's voice was matter of fact, but still held a hint of menace.

"Yes, Sir." Alan said, his voice quavering. I knew my cunt was swimming in Jon's semen. I reached my hand down, rubbing my clit. Listening to the two of them was turning me on! I let out a low moan. Jon made sure Alan knew who was boss.

"Did your wife like being fucked?" Jon pressed. He had a smirk on his face, but Alan continued to look at my pussy as he had been ordered. "Did my cock make her come?"

"Yes Sir, your cock made her come." Alan said quietly. It was hard not to notice Alan's much smaller cock straining and leaking pre-come. Clearly Alan was excited too.

"You should be happy cuckyboy. Your Mistress finally got what she needed. Her needs will always come before yours. And I think you learned something today. Your wife needs big cocks."

"Yes Sir."

"Big cocks like mine."

"Yes Sir." Came Alan's low reply.

"Say it." Jon commanded.

"My wife likes to fuck big cocks like yours. She needs big cocks to come Sir. Thank you for fucking my wife with your big cock Sir." Alan was beet red, but I was excited beyond belief. John turned to look at me.

"The first time we met Slave, did I fuck you?" Jon asked loudly.

"No Master. We wanted to wait until tonight." My clit was so sensitive already, but I could not stop rubbing it.

"What did we do?"

"I sucked your cock in your car Master."

"That's right. You sucked my cock with your ass in the air. Any one could have seen you. You sucked my cock until I told you to stop. Did I come in your mouth slut? Jon asked.

"No Master. I was not allowed to, since you hadn't taken me as your slave." I could still taste his come in my mouth from cleaning his cock moments before. It drove home to me again that I was now collared.

You're my slave now. I want you to get every drop of my cum out of your pussy and lick it up." Jon commanded. I moaned loudly in excitement. Eagerly I began to push his cum from my pussy into my hands. I licked them clean quickly and began anew. As I licked it all up Jon went into the bathroom to shower.

Even though Jon was gone I whispered "Thank you Master! Thank you for letting me taste your cum!" loud enough for Alan to hear. I grabbed a pillow and sat up so I could look at Alan, who was still kneeling, his attention rapt on my swollen well-fucked pussy. I laughed loudly and self-indulgently. I couldn't remember a time where I had felt so deliciously used.

"So tell me cuckyboy, are you excited?" I purred, licking my fingers as I finished my Masters reward.

"Yes Mistress, I am very excited" Alan whispered loudly.

"Did you like watching me get fucked? Did you like seeing my Masters big cock plow into me? You did like it, didn't you?" It was more a statement than a question.

"Yes Mistress, I liked watching." Alan replied quietly.

"Good, because I liked it too. And you may doing it quite often. Now, you have some choices to make honey. You have week to think it over. Of course, I hope we can do this together."

"Yes Mistress, I think I'd like that." Alan was looking up at me wide eyed. I felt a rush of emotion for him. I wanted to kiss him, but instead I lay back, spreading my legs even wider.

"Why don't you make yourself useful cuckyboy." Alan seemed unsure. "Get your face into my cunt NOW!" I ordered and he moved to comply. I grabbed the back of his head and ground my sloppy pussy into his face. I felt Alan's tongue begin it's work on my swollen and sore clit. Mercifully he immediately drifted lower to caress me as deeply as he could reach.

"Masters cum is for Masters slaves. You just clean what I missed cucky boy!" I laughed and pressed his face into my cunt. Without breaking contact I rolled on top of him, so I was mounted on his face. I felt a slither of liquid pour from my sopping cunt into his mouth, and his tongue questing deeper inside of me.

"Deeper. Deeper." I urged him. I clenched my internal muscles and forced out what I could of Jon's seed. After a few more moments I shifted, rolling over onto Alan's face as he rolled onto his back. I felt the remaining mixture of juices in my cunt slither out into Alan's open mouth.

"Happy Birthday honey" I cooed. He was looking up at me, making eye contact. He moaned and thrust his tongue even deeper into me. His eyes rolled back as he closed them and I could see he was in deep subspace. "No, no toughing yourself I said reproachfully. "You won't be coming tonight sweetie, to properly set your expectations for our sessions. But tomorrow you can fuck my ass all day long if you like." With that I slumped to the side, basking in the afterglow of this amazing experience. "Why don't you get us all something to drink, something wet."

I lay back as Alan hurried out of the room. This was going to work out just fine. Despite my best attempts to stay awake my body was exhausted physically and emotionally. I awoke when Jon came and kissed me goodnight and again when Alan removed the cuffs and harness I was wearing. I slept soundly and contentedly.

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