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A Big Mistake Ch. 05

by cuckolder

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Note from author: Like all the previous chapters, this story contains Female domination, humiliation and bad behavior. If you don't like that, please go read something else. Thanks to all who have sent me feedback. It is great to hear from the readers.



Missy got off the phone and called Larry to her room. She didn't want him around when her mom came home, so she told him that he needed to leave for the evening. She ordered him to go get some dinner and catch a movie. Larry did as Missy instructed, and left the house.

When Claire got home shortly after, she was a mess. She obviously had been crying and she began again almost instantly after Missy asked what was going on. Claire explained how she had gone back to work and was very frustrated with Larry's performance at lunch. She explained that she and Drew had been flirting for a while and how when she had seen him, she had lost control and pulled him into a conference room. He had had his way with her. She told Missy how he had taken control and fucked her better than she had been fucked in a long time. She told her how he had made her feel alive again and made her cum more than once. How he made her feel sexy when he talked dirty to her. Then came the quote that made Missy realize that something was wrong.

Between all the sobbing, Claire said, "He made me feel the way Larry used to."

Missy gasped, then felt a bit ashamed. "You mean you like it when Larry treats you like that?"

"What do you mean 'like that'?" Claire asked.

Missy chose her words carefully. "Well, like, you know, when he treats you with no respect." She stammered, trying not to offend her mother. What she wanted to say was, "when he treats you like a whore."

"Without respect?" Claire snapped. "Larry treats me very well. He loves me and does many things for me, and treats me just fine. What are you talking about?"

"I saw you two one day in the bedroom, you know, having sex. He called you 'slut' and talked really nasty to you. He was mean to you. He treated you like a total whore."

Claire corrected Missy, "What he does in the bedroom is make me feel desirable. That has nothing to do with not respecting me. He makes me feel sexy and naughty and excited and wanted. I love all that stuff he does and says. It turns me on." Then she paused and said, "Well, he used to. Now all he wants to do is eat my pussy. It is nice, but I want him to fuck me like he used to."

Missy got a lump in her throat. "Well, mom, that might be my fault."

Claire was puzzled. "What are you talking about?"

Missy explained how she didn't like the way Larry was treating her, and she decided to teach him a lesson. Missy explained how Larry used to look at her and she knew he would do anything to get her in bed, and it gave her an idea. Then she explained how she turned Larry into her slave.

Claire was confused and hurt all at the same time. Hurt because he was cheating on her. What did she mean "slave"? She had so many questions. Then, Missy figured the best way to explain, was to show Claire the DVDs she had made of Larry.

"Let me show you what I mean mom." Then she went to her room and got the videos.

Claire sat in the living room in a daze as Missy repeatedly put videos in the player. Her whole world had been turned upside down. She was mad, hurt and confused. However, one thing she was not anymore, was feeling guilty. She now knew Larry had been cheating on her with her own daughter. Her fling with Drew was nothing compared to what he had done. Then the weirdest thing happened. She was watching Larry as he watched Missy get fucked by her friend Jeremy while she humiliated Larry, and she became turned on. She watched as he ate his cum from Missy's used pussy, and Claire's pussy began to tingle. Her nipples became hard and she felt a need to touch herself. She felt her pussy and it was wet. She rubbed it a bit and enjoyed the sensation.

Missy noticed and said something to her mom. "Are you turned on?"

Claire was started and pulled her hand from between her legs. "I guess I am." She answered. "He really gets off on being dominated huh?"

"Oh yea." Missy answered. "He was reluctant at first, but now he is totally obedient."

Claire got a devilish smile on her face, and told Missy she had an idea.

Later that night.....

Larry entered the house and it seemed no one was home. He called out for anyone. There was no answer. He walked into his room and there was Missy lying on his bed. She was wearing a deep green one piece silk teddy with black lace trim, black thigh high stockings and her five inch "come fuck me" pumps.

Larry's cock immediately sprung to life.

"Come lick my pussy. I want you to eat me on my mom's bed." Missy told him.

"Where's you mom? Larry asked.

She had a dinner meeting. She won't be home for some time. Now get over here and service my cunt slave." She ordered.

Larry unsnapped the crotch of her teddy and dove in. He licked her pussy hard and fast. His cock swelled in his pants and he dry humped the bed trying to get release.

Missy grabbed his head and mashed it into her sweltering pussy. "That's a good boy, lick my pussy. Make me cum like a good slave."

Larry relished the encouragement and licked harder and faster.

"You love my pussy don't you?" Missy asked.

Larry just moaned affirmatively as he continued his assault.

"Do you love it more than my mom's?" she asked.

Larry again moaned a yes.

"Tell me, I want to hear it. Tell me how much you love my pussy more than your girl friend's"

Larry lifted his face from her cunt, "Yes, yes, I love your pussy more than your mom's"

Missy held his head and stared in his eyes, "Why?" she asked.

Larry looked at her, "It is the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted. I love licking it and making it cum all over my face. Your mom's pussy is nasty compared to your luscious pussy."

Missy just giggled and pushed his face between her legs again. Larry devoured her cunt until she began to cry out with pleasure as her orgasm overtook her. Larry just lapped up all her cum. When she was finished, she ordered him off the bed and told him to strip. Then she walked up to him, turned around and bent over in front of him, then she spread her ass cheeks.

"Lick mistress' ass slave." She barked.

Larry dove in, plunging his tongue into her dark hole. He furiously did as he was told. Missy rubbed her clit as she reveled in the power and the pleasure. Larry stroked his rock hard cock, trying to release his climax.

Claire stood at the door to the room and watched as her daughter dominated and humiliated her boyfriend. The scene was really turning her on. She rubbed her hot pussy through her damp panties.

Missy looked up and saw her mother. "See mom, he loves to stroke his little penis as he licks my ass."

Larry heard Missy and froze. Looking up he saw Claire. She looked hotter than he had ever seen her look before. She was wearing a red leather bustier that held her big round boobs magnificently. Her matching silk panties were pulled up over the garters that dangled from the bustier. They held up the black fishnet stockings, and of course the spiked red heels finished off the outfit.

Claire strolled into the room and walked toward Larry. "Don't stop on account of me." She quipped.

Larry began to apologize profusely.

"Shut up and keep licking her ass you fucking bastard!" Claire snapped. "After you finish that job, you are going to lick my, what did you call it, 'nasty pussy'.

Larry just knelt there with his softening cock in his hand and stared at Claire.

"Did you here me you pathetic wimp, lick my daughters ass that you like so much."

Larry was stunned, Claire had never been so demanding with him. He found it exciting. He did as he was told. Wedging his nose between Missy's perfect firm ass, he again plunged his tongue deep into her ass. Claire placed her hand on the back of his head and pushed it harder into her daughter's ass.

"Get in there nice and deep. Lick it good."

Missy was diddling her clit and her second orgasm was coming fast.

Claire sat on the bed and spread her legs. Pushing her panties aside, she inserted a couple of fingers into her now very wet pussy. She watched as Larry brought Missy to her climax.

She pulled her fingers from her pussy and ordered Larry to come to her.

"Clean them." She hissed as she stuck her fingers toward his mouth.

Larry opened his mouth and sucked her fingers clean. Claire took her panties off and spread her legs.

"Eat my nasty cunt you wimp." She commanded.

Larry dove in as enthusiastically as with Missy. He was so turned on. Being dominated by two women was even better than one. He licked and sucked Claire's pussy like a rabid dog. She squeezed her tits and pinched her nipple as he sucked and licked her pussy.

Missy joined the fun too. She pushed Larry's face into her mom's snatch and encouraged him, "That's a good boy, lick mommy's dripping cunt. Yank that little pee pee of yours."

Larry was about to cum. All the orders and humiliating talk had him extremely hot.

Claire heard Missy and ordered Larry to stop stroking his cock. "I have plans for your cum." She told him. Then she continued to massage her big fat tits as Larry brought on her orgasm. "That's it you cheating bastard, it sure doesn't look like you think my cunt is nasty now. Eat me you fuckin' ass licking pussy. Make me cum."

Larry sped up his pace. He nibbled and sucked and licked every inch of Claire's drenched snatch.

"YES! I'm cumming!" She declared. "Eat me, eat me. Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!" She bucked her hips and squeezed her tits as the overwhelming sensation of it all consumed her. She was really enjoying this domination thing.

She finally recovered from her orgasm and pushed Larry to the ground. She stood up and looked at his swollen cock. You look like you enjoyed that. You like licking ass so much, how about licking my big fat ass." She said as she bent over and displayed it to him. Larry just smiled and began to move toward her big round cheeks.

"No!" Claire snapped. "Not yet. If you want to lick my ass, you have to cum all over it first. Stand up and wank that little pecker of yours until you cum all over my ass Then you can Lick my big fat ass."

Larry stood up and frantically pulled on his throbbing unit. Moments later he groaned and deposited his warm sticky load all over Claire's big round ass. He stood there after and looked at Claire.

"What are you waiting for? Clean my ass. I can't have your cum all over me." Claire barked at him.

Larry didn't hesitate. He quickly licked his load all up. Claire was on a domination high. Her whole being tingled as she stroked her clit while Larry lapped up his cum from her ass. When he was done cleaning her ass, Claire had not cum yet. She ordered him to lick her ass hole. "Lick my asshole wimp. Make me cum. Use that tongue of yours to clean my dark place,"

Larry did exactly that. The moment consumed her and soon Claire was again cumming. She couldn't believe how hot she had been. She had to do this again. Originally she was going to kick Larry out after all this, but decided as she came down from her high, that she could have the best of both worlds, Drew to take care of her one way and Larry to take care of her other needs.

Claire stood and went to the restroom to clean up. When she returned, she looked at Larry and spoke, "You have two choices. You can stay here and continue to get a free ride, but from now on you will do as Missy and I demand, and I mean no matter what we command. Or you can pack your shit and leave. You can tell me in the morning, now get up and go sleep on the couch. You no longer are allowed in my bed unless I let you."

Larry stood up, grabbed his clothes and slinked out of the room. After he had gone, Claire turned to Missy, "I should be so mad at you young lady, but oh my gawd, I can't believe how hot it is to treat him like that, and he really gets off on it. You must be pretty unbelievable in bed to be able to turn a strong man like that into what he is now. I hope he decides to stay, we could have so much fun."

Missy grinned at her mom, "Don't worry, he'll stay. I'll make sure of it." She kissed her mom and left the room.

Larry lay on the couch in a bit of a funk. He was contemplating Claire's proposition. He wasn't sure what he would do if he left, but he was not sure he could stay and be what Claire wanted him to be. As he drifted off to sleep, the events of the evening flashed in his mind until he was fast asleep.

Several hours later he awoke to find Missy sucking his rock hard cock. He had cum twice that day already, but Missy's expert mouth had little trouble arousing his manhood. The feeling was unbelievable. It has been so long since he had felt that. He grabbed her head and began to guide her rhythm. Missy stroked his cock with her hand and sucked it with her mouth. She deep throated it a couple of times and Larry just grunted his appreciation. When he was about to cum, Missy stopped and stood in front of him. She lifted her night gown over her head and started to play with her tits. Larry just watched as she teased him with he fabulous breasts. His cock ached with desire. She massaged them and pinched her nipples, making them hard. When she felt his orgasm had retreated enough, she straddled his body and impaled her luscious body with his rigid shaft. Slowly she rose up until his unit was almost out of her, then she would drop down hard, driving it deep inside her.

Larry grunted with each impalement. He watched as Missy fucked herself with his ever stiffening pole. Soon she was moving with a tempo that gave them both extreme pleasure, but would not let him cum.

Missy had him right on the edge when she dropped down once more and stopped. She just sat there grinding her ass into his pelvis as she gripped his cock with her pussy muscles, all the while she fodled her huge mounds and pinched her stiff nipples. Larry pushed up against her trying to relieve his pending climax.

"My good little boy isn't going to leave me is he?" Missy asked.

Larry didn't answer.

Massaging his cock with her pussy she continued, "You know you can't live without my pussy."

Larry again tried to get relief.

"You would miss eating my sweet pussy and licking my luscious ass wouldn't you?" She teased again.

Larry just looked at her.

"Answer me!" she demanded.

"I guess..." He answered. "...but I don't know if I can stay after what happened tonight."

"Sure you can, the only difference from before, is that now you have to service mom just like me. You know you would love that. Sucking her pussy and licking her big fat ass, sucking her big round boobs and licking your cum off her voluptuous body." Missy taunted him as she brought him close to climax and then stopped several times. She leaned forward and let him suck her tits. Then she sat back up and continued to tease him.

Larry imagined what she was describing. It sounded so good, but he wanted to get laid too. "What about me, I want to fuck you two also." He told her.

Missy thought about it. Then she answered, "I don't know about mom, but I promise to let you use my body to get off once a month if you stay."

Larry became very excited.

Missy saw it and told him, "Tell me you will stay, and you can cum in my beautiful pussy."

"OK, I'll stay! He gasped.

Missy very quickly rose up and fell on his cock twice. That was all he needed. He groaned and grunted and what was left in his balls emptied into Missy's cunt. It only took a couple of pumps to finish him off.

Larry lay there with a big grin on his face. He kept thinking of how he would get to fuck Missy once a month and it made him happy. Missy slowly removed herself from his cock and moved her pussy directly over Larry's face. Then she lowered her pussy lips to his mouth and ordered him to clean her. Larry licked her pussy as she pushed all his spunk from her dripping cunt. Soon Missy was cumming. Larry licked and sucked until she was clean.

Missy rose up and stood next to him.. Bending over, she kissed him on the cheek and said, "That's a good boy, you did a good job, see you in the morning."

Morning came and Larry woke up to the sounds of Claire in the kitchen. He dreaded facing her and laid there feigning sleep. Suddenly he was startled by Claire kicking the cushion on the couch where he was lying.

"Wake up you cheating bastard." Claire snapped.

Larry sat up and faced her.

"Well, what's your decision? You staying or going?" She snarled.

"I'm staying." He replied sheepishly.

"OK, then here are the ground rules. You will do anything my daughter or I demand, or you can pack your shit and leave. When I say anything, I mean anything. I will, as I have been doing for a while now, provide a place to sleep and food for you. That's it. You no longer are my equal, you are my servant. If you don't like the way you are treated, you are always welcome to leave. You are by no mean a captive. If you accept my terms; you do so under your own free will. Do you understand?"

Larry shook his head. He did not have much of a choice. He really had no money, and had been living off of Claire for some time now. He accepted it, thinking he would do as told until he could find a job and leave.

"Answer me!" she commanded.

"Yes, I understand." He replied.

Wanting to test her new found power, Claire lifted her foot and placed her heel covered foot on his lap. "Kiss my foot."

Larry lifted her foot to his mouth and kissed her shoe.

"Higher." Claire demanded.

Larry began to kiss up her nylon covered calf and shin.

Claire placed her foot next to him on the couch. "Keep going."

Larry reached her knee.

"That's it, higher." She told him enjoying not only the kissing, but the power. Her pussy began to quiver. She hiked her skirt up as he approached her stocking top. Larry spotted her black lace panties and his cock stirred in his shorts.

"Mmmmm, yes, lick my panties." Claire moaned.

Larry licked the crotch of her panties, recognizing the smell of her arousal. Claire pressed his face into her now moist undergarment.

"Yes." She sighed.

Then realizing she would be late for work she ordered him to stop. Then as one last show of her dominance, she turned around and bent over.

"Kiss my ass good bye." She said as she snickered a bit.

Larry leaned forward and kissed her full round butt on each cheek.

"See you tonight." She quipped as she pulled her skirt back down and then walked out the door.

Larry sat there with a fully erect dick and pondered his situation. Soon after, Missy woke up and Larry performed his daily chores on her beautiful bald pussy as he jacked off and then licked up his mess.

Claire sat in her office hornier than a teenage boy. The entire ride to work was filled with sexual thoughts. She had gotten herself so worked up, that a couple of times she had actually reached down and briefly stroked her pussy through her panties.

She needed a good fuck and she knew right where to get it. She got up and walked out of her office and began to scour the building looking for Drew. Finally after about fifteen minutes of searching, she spotted him. She sneaked up behind him and whispered into his ear.

"I'm not wearing panties. Meet me in my office in five minutes and you can see."

It was a lie, she did have her panties on, but she would get them off before he saw. She turned and walked away, shaking her ass a bit more than usual. Drew watched as she walked away, then he ditched his mail cart into a storage closet and nonchalantly walked to Claire's office. When he got there, he noticed her secretary wasn't there. Wanting some privacy, Claire had sent her out of the office on an errand. He opened the door and walked in.
Claire was sitting at her desk waiting for him. She got up and walked to the front of her desk and leaned back against it.

"Show me." Drew told her.

Claire stood up, spread her legs a bit and slowly lifted the hem of her skirt until her pussy was in full view.

Remembering how she liked to be treated, Drew began to talk dirty to her. "You are a nasty old bitch aren't you?"

Claire just smiled devilishly.

"Get over here and suck my cock." He told her.

Claire hurried to him and dropped to her knees and pulled his hardening cock from his pants. Holding the base of it, she opened her mouth and devoured the entire thing. She sucked and stroked with abandon. Drew held her head and slid his cock in and out of her face as she moaned and sucked and stroked his rigid shaft.

"You nasty slut, suck my cock so I can fuck you from behind like a dog." Drew told her. "You want my big hard cock in your cunt don't you?"

Claire moaned a yes as she looked up from her task.

"Get up and go bend over your desk slut."

Claire loved being talked to like this, it really turned her on. She stood and walked over to her desk. She leaned across her desk and exposed her dripping pussy. Her big full tits mashed against her desk. Drew walked up behind her and placed his cock at her pussy.

"Beg me!" he told her. "Tell me you want my cock deep in your nasty snatch."

"Please, fuck my nasty snatch deep with your hard cock." She pleaded.

Drew grabbed her hips and instantly began to fuck her hard and deep. He plunged his cock in and then pulled it almost all the way out. Then back in hard.

Claire reached across her desk and gripped the other side of it for support. Her tits pressed hard against the desk and she took pleasure in the feeling of her nipples as they grinded against the desk in her blouse and bra.

Drew was pounding her hard and telling her what a naughty slut she was when the orgasm rocked her body. The waves of pleasure washed over her and she struggled to hold back the screams. Just as she was finishing her pleasure ride, Drew grunted and thrust his pelvis forward hard. He emptied his full balls deep into her pussy. Claire could feel his seed fill her. He thrust forward a couple more times and then pulled out.

"Clean me bitch." He told her.

Claire knelt down and licked their combined juices from his softening manhood.

When she was done, Drew pulled up his pants, and started to walk out.

"Thanks, Give me a holler the next time you get horny." He told her. Then he disappeared out the door.

Claire stood and walked to her desk. Cum leaked out of her pussy and oozed down her leg. She was going to go clean up when she remembered watching Larry on video lick Missy's pussy after she got fucked by another man, and she got an evil thought. She grabbed her panties from her desk drawer and wiped the cum off her inner thigh and pulled her panties up trapping the rest of Drew's deposit inside her pussy and her panties.

The rest of the day was spent trying to work in complete arousal. She couldn't get the thought of Drew and what she was going to make Larry do when she got home out of her mind. When it was time to go, she said good night to her assistant and drove home in a hurry to experience more of the power she now had over Larry.

Upon arriving home, Claire summoned Larry to her room. She had removed all her clothes except for her panties. Her heavy breasts hung on her chest with a bit of sag, but Larry loved playing with them. Her curvaceous body was nothing like Missy's, but Larry still wanted it. His cock became uncomfortable in his pants.

Claire ordered him to his knees. Larry complied and Claire walked up to him, nestling her pungent panty covered pussy up to his nose. The smell was familiar to Larry. He knew she had had sex, and that obviously meant with someone else. His jealousy began to stir. What was she doing?

What she was doing was abusing her control over him. She was going to show him who was boss now.

"Lick my panties." She ordered.

Larry did as he was told. The taste was nothing new, but it was worst than before because with Missy it was all about the sex. With Claire however, he was jealous, and he didn't find this arousing at all. He licked and licked until Claire was satisfied.

"I got fucked today like you used to fuck me by a young hot stud at work. Can you taste his cum on my panties?" Larry just looked at her without answering, the jealous rage building inside.

Then she ordered him to pull them down. He did, and she spread her legs.

"Clean my nasty snatch." She said, recalling what Drew had called it earlier in her office. Lick me clean."

Larry didn't want to, but concluded he had little choice. He stuck out his tongue and began wiping her pussy with it.

The sheer power of it all made Claire euphoric. She moaned and groaned and continued to humiliate Larry.

"That's it, eat my lover's cum. Lick me you cheating bastard. How does it feel knowing the woman you supposedly love was getting a good hard fucking just hours ago? Just think how I felt when I found out you were fucking my daughter. Eat my pussy clean." The power was consuming. All that hurt that she felt yesterday when she found out about them poured like venom from her mouth. "He was so much better than you. He made me feel like a woman. You are just an ass licking wimp.

Larry felt hurt, mad and ashamed all at the same time. He continued his task until Claire screamed out with pleasure from her orgasm. "Lick my nasty cunt. Yes, I'm cumming!!"

Larry licked her until she finished.

Claire pushed him back and headed for the shower.

Larry sat back and contemplated his situation again. He was more determined now than ever to get out of it.

The rest of the night neither one of them spoke, both trying to figure out where to go from here.

EPILOGUE: The next morning Larry weighed his options. He really liked servicing Missy, but he could not reconcile in his mind Claire having sex with other men. He did love her, and it hurt too much. As he packed and left he realized what a big mistake he had made. He just had to keep his dick in his pants, and he could have all he needed. Now, he was going to have to get a job, find a place to live and figure out what he would do without the woman he loved and who treated him better than anyone in his life.

When Claire got home that day and found the letter, she was indignant about the whole thing. "Fuck him!" she thought. I have Drew and I don't need his ass. However, after a few months, she figured out there was no future with Drew, and she really missed Larry. She had let the jealousy and the power take over her and treated him poorly. She tried to find him, but what she didn't know, was he had moved to another state by then and she failed in her search.

Missy of course was fine, she was 19 and hot, she soon forgot about Larry and moved on to many more men, until she married 5 years later.

Larry and Claire both regretted their actions for many year, never really finding anyone as good as each other.

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