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21 Miles East of Quartzsite

by hana

08/23/2016 06:44 in voyeur-husband

Thanks to SlaveGirl70 for the help with editing. She suffered so you don't have to.

This is a romance in the shadow of betrayal and revenge.


The star-filled Arizona sky was fixed in the windshield as the rest of the state raced past. There were no tail lights ahead and the nearest headlights had merged into a single point in the rearview mirror. Jack relished the clear views and long straight roads of desert driving. He knew that moonrise would soon mask the stars, so he peered over the steering wheel to take them in.

Ancient cinder cones approached on both sides of the road as his thoughts drifted to his now ex-wife. He flashed back to the afternoon he caught her in their bed with Peter. She said that it wasn't what it looked like and that she had done nothing wrong. She asked how he could not trust her after all these years and made it sound like the whole mess was his fault. Just thinking about it drove his blood pressure up and blocked the beauty of the night sky from his mind. He pushed the feelings of betrayal and anger aside, disengaged his mind, and simply drove.

Two dim tail lights emerged from the darkness at the roadside. One of the lights blinked, then blinked again. The deep yellow filament of a flashlight on its last gasp begged for his attention. He slowed to see a woman waving frantically as he passed. He stopped, then reversed to her car.

The woman ran to the passenger window. "Could you please help me?" she pleaded.

"I can't get the spare tire on. I'm sure it will be easy for you."

There was a desperation in her voice that Jack couldn't refuse. He backed his car behind hers so that his headlights lit the vacant rear passenger wheel well. Her car was an early Ford Falcon. It was in good shape for a car that was more than fifty years old, but apparently not in good enough shape.

Jack held the spare up to the studs. "This spare is from a different car, isn't it?"

"Is that a problem?" She looked over his shoulder as Jack showed her that the holes in the wheel were a half inch further apart than the studs on the brake drum.

He got his first look at her while she was illuminated by the headlights. She was wearing a vintage dress. Horn rimmed glasses framed her dark eyes, and deep red lipstick accented her lips. Her dark hair was styled like it belonged with her car and clothes in the early 1960s. The woman herself was young, probably in her mid twenties.

He looked up at her and said, "You need to put the good tire on the good wheel."

"My sister lives in Quartzsite, which is just down the road. Maybe I can do it there."

Jack checked his phone to find it had no signal. "We can't call her, but I can give you a ride if you want."

He turned off her car's parking lights while he waited for her to think. He made a habit of helping people. It was the right thing to do, and he liked the way it made him feel about himself.

She contemplated her situation. Jack was the only person that had stopped in the five hours she been at the roadside. His help was her only option.

"Please give me a lift." she said.

They put the flat, the spare and her bags in the back of his truck. Jack opened the passenger door and offered his hand to help her in.

"Please don't touch me," she said. She sat with her knees together and her hip pressed against the door. Her hands clutched her handbag, which she held tightly in her lap. She stared straight ahead.

"Where are you from?" Jack thought that maybe a conversation would help her relax.


"Did you drive all the way from Chicago in that Falcon?"


After a couple more one-word answers he gave up on making conversation. They spent the next fifteen minutes listening to the sound of the road passing by.

Jack pulled off the highway at Quartzsite and into a truck stop for gas. "Do you want to give your sister a call?"

It was now after 11, she was at a truck stop in a strange town, and she was flat broke. Her mind grasped for options, but there were none; she'd been out of options since before she left Chicago. Desperation lead her to ask her sister for help and then her sister quit answering the phone. She didn't have to call to know her sister wouldn't answer now.

She dialed anyway, waited, then said, "She's not picking up."

In the light of the gas pumps Jack could see that her left eye was black and blue from a recent beating. There was a fading yellow bruise from an earlier beating on her right cheek. On her left arm was tattooed, "Fuck Yourself, Not Me" and on her right arm was, "Crucify Your Rapist."

She caught him looking and put her arms behind her back.

The signs of abuse made him even more sympathetic to her plight. "I can give you a ride to her house if you'd like."

Her sister lived in a double-wide about fifteen minutes south of town. She knocked on the door, but the lights were out and there was no answer.

Jack knocked on the trailer next door where an elderly snowbird was still watching TV. He asked if they knew anything about their neighbors.

"They moved out a few weeks ago. It's been a lot quieter since they left."

"Do you know where they went?"

"They didn't say. It's not like we were friendly, with those two fighting all the time."

There was no reason to stay, so they got back into Jack's truck and drove back into town.

Jack tried to figure out what he was going to do with this girl. He couldn't just dump her at the truck stop, and the town didn't look like a hotbed for social services. He pondered the tattoos on her arms and the hookers he'd seen on the street corners of Los Angeles. This girl was on a slippery slope that there was no easy way off.

He pulled into the McDonald's next to the truck stop.

"Do you want anything?" he asked.

She shook her head.

He bought two combos then joined her at a table. He ate a couple of bites of one burger then said, "I guess I'm not as hungry as I thought I was. Do you want this?" He pushed the tray with the other combo across the table.

She despised being patronised, but she was hungry and she knew he was trying to be kind. While eating, she studied her benefactor. He was in his late thirties. He was reasonably good looking and fairly fit. He wore a long sleeve shirt and cargo pants that must have come from the outdoor section of a sporting goods store. His truck was a well-worn SUV. It was packed for camping and was covered in dirt. She guessed he was on his way home from a camping trip, but who goes camping alone? She tried to figure what he would want for helping her. Even though he looked tame enough, he would want something, everyone wanted something.

After she finished eating he asked, "What's your plan?"

She used to have a plan. She was going to live with her sister for a couple of months, save some money, then move into an apartment of her own. Now she had a couple of bags of personal crap, a piece of shit car that was stranded twenty one miles east of town and two worthless tires. There was about $27 in her purse and some offensive tattoos on her arms.

"I think my only good option is to marry you."

He laughed. "I don't even know your name."

"I'm Cathryn," she said as she held out her hand.

Jack shook her hand and said, "I'm honored to be the one you'd like to resent for the rest of your life."

After they laughed he said, "Seriously, what are you going to do?"

"Do you mean tomorrow, or for the rest of my life?"

"Let's start with tonight. Where are you going to sleep?"

Her heart dropped at the question. It was getting late and it looked more and more like she was going to be sleeping with this stranger.

He went through a similar calculation. It was almost midnight. If he left now, it would be at least a quarter to four before he got home. He imagined himself staying awake by winding himself up with thoughts of his ex and his former friend, but he had suffered enough self abuse lately. He also felt obliged to help Cathryn. It wasn't that he owed her anything; it was that the task of helping her was only half done, and he needed to finish what he had started. She needed a place to sleep, so he needed to find a room.

There were only a few motels in town. The two they could see from the McDonald's had the 'No Vacancy' signs lit, but they went in to talk to one of the receptionists anyway.

Jack asked, "Do you know where we could get a room?"

"Sorry, we're full. The Gem Expo is this week, so everybody's full."

Jack searched the map on his phone for the closest town with a motel while the receptionist scrolled through something on her computer.

She said, "I have one room that might work. They checked out late, so housekeeping didn't clean it. I'll let you have it if you'll make the bed."

Jack said, "I guess we'll take it."

The receptionist checked them in then retrieved some sheets and towels. She gave the room keys to Jack and the towels and sheets to Cathryn.

Cathryn weighed the sheets, then asked, "How many beds are in the room?"

"Just one queen. Is that a problem?"

Cathryn gave Jack a panicked look.

Jack asked, "We're not married. Is there a cot one of us could sleep on?"

"I'm sorry, everything is out."

On the short walk from the lobby to the room Jack said, "Don't worry. I'll sleep on the sofa or the floor or something."

Cathryn wondered if this guy was for real. She knew there were lots of nice people in the world, but they never stopped on the highway after dark. She inspected the room then said, "We should both just sleep in the bed, but please don't touch me, alright?"

Jack consented. He crawled under the covers in his boxers and a t-shirt and was asleep moments later.

Cathryn wore a vintage nightgown that was sexy without being revealing. She laid under the covers and contemplated her financial situation, the whereabouts of her sister and the fate of her car. She went over everything she knew about Jack. Was he as nice as he seemed? He treated her like a damsel in distress, which was much better than being treated like the sleazy bitch she'd become in Chicago. She didn't want to be that person ever again.

The room heater gradually caught up with the chill in the room. Jack turned in his sleep and kicked off the covers as he rolled onto his back. A beam of moonlight slipped through a gap in the blinds to illuminate his erect penis poking through the gap in his boxers.

Cathryn flashed back to the last time she had seen a penis and the beating that had followed. Thoughts of her rape rose up from the grave she had tried to bury them in. She began to sweat, and her breathing became shallow as a wave of anxiety washed over her. She had to get out of the room. She quickly changed, grabbed her handbag and quietly closed the door.

Jack woke the next morning to find himself alone. Cathryn's luggage was still on the floor, her toiletries were still by the sink and her nightgown was draped over the chair. He slowly showered, shaved and dressed. He watched the local news from Phoenix and otherwise lingered in the room. He called the front desk for messages and checked the cash and cards in his wallet.

On his slow walk to breakfast he noticed that the Falcon's tires were still in the back of his truck. After breakfast he had the tires fixed and killed time in the motel room. At noon he loaded her stuff into his truck and checked out of the room. As he left, he asked the receptionist if she had seen a girl with offensive tattoos on her arms.

"No, but the police wanted to know if anyone was asking about a missing girl."

The police station was a sand-colored building in a sandy lot. Jack asked the officer behind the desk if he knew anything about Cathryn.

"Is that the girl with 'Fuck You' tattooed on her arm?"

"Yea, I suppose so."

"The judge thought she was a flight risk, so the bail is set pretty high."

Bail was just within reach of Jack's combined credit cards. "Holy crap. What are the charges?"

"Soliciting, possession of narcotics and resisting arrest."

Soliciting didn't fit with what Jack knew about Cathryn, but resisting arrest did. "What were the narcotics?"

"Pot. This isn't Colorado you know," said the cop.

Cathryn's mood was bleak. The crack-whore in the cell with her had provided a dismal foreshadowing of her future. She signed some paperwork and collected her handbag. She was surprised to see Jack, but happy he was still around.

They drove east to her car. She watched from inside his truck as he mounted the wheel, lowered the jack and put the tools in her trunk. She felt like she was crossing the finish line for a race that was long over. She got out of the truck and said, "We're wasting our time. I don't have enough money for gas and I don't have anywhere to go even if I did."

The sun was bright but the air was cool. Jack sat on his heels and rehashed what he had been thinking all morning. He said, "...and you don't trust me."

"No, it's not that I don't trust you. Your dick freed itself last night and I couldn't control my anxiety. I saw your erection and I had to get out of the room."

"So, what do you want to do?"

"Can I stay with you until I get my feet on the ground?"

Jack was relieved; he was afraid she would ask for money. He needed to get the bail money back, and this way he could keep an eye on her. He filled her tank in Quartzsite, then she followed him to his apartment in Los Angeles.

His apartment was smaller and less homey than she expected. Packed moving boxes filled the living room. The walls were bare and the refrigerator was nearly empty. She took a shower, then a nap and woke to the smell of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

"What's the story with your apartment?"

"I've only been divorced a couple of months. I haven't had a chance to get my shit together."

"How long were you married?"

"Seven years. I guess she'd been having an affair for the last two, so they kind of sucked, but it took me a while to figure out why."

"Did you know the guy?"

"Yea, he was a friend of mine."

"How did you find out?"

"I suspected something was going on. The clues piled up until I caught them in bed. I didn't want it to be true, but it was."

Jack swallowed a spoonful of soup then asked, "What's your story?"

She held out her arms. "Does this give you any clues?"

Jack reached out and held her arms. He ran his finger over the word 'rapist', then asked, "How old were you?"

"Much too young."

"So, this is before the bruises?"

Cathryn nodded.

"Do you have any family other than your sister?"

Cathryn shook her head, and Jack stopped asking questions.

Cathryn got a job as a waitress at a diner with a retro theme. She showed up at the interview looking the part and was hired on the spot. She worked as many shifts as she could and socked the money away. Jack set her room up with the essentials and installed a lock on her door. She insisted she didn't need it, but gave him a peck on the cheek once he'd finished. She hung up some art, unpacked some boxes and tried to make the house more of a home. Their schedules didn't mesh well, but when their time off aligned he showed her what he could of LA. They visited Venice Beach and the Getty Museum, saw the Hollywood sign and walked the Walk of Stars.

Deep down she sensed her ascent up the hierarchy of needs. She no longer worried about where she would sleep or what she would eat, and she wasn't apprehensive about her safety. She was even beginning to feel like she belonged. The girls at the diner accepted her as one of their own, and Jack treated her like feral cat that he was patiently domesticating. She realized that it would be very easy to take advantage of Jack. He let her live rent-free, kept food in the cupboard and didn't ask a lot of questions. In Chicago she might have been greedy, but that didn't feel right here and now. The bitterness that had once consumed her was abating. It was almost like she was happy.

They returned to Quartzsite the day before her trial. Her attorney suggested she plead guilty to the possession charges and innocent to soliciting and resisting. He advised her to wear a short sleeve shirt and pray for mercy from the court.

Cathryn had taken care of the reservations and checked them into the motel.

Jack said, "Hey, this is the same room we had the last time."

"It is."

"But there's only one bed."

Cathryn smiled and said, "...and I only have one night. I could be locked up tomorrow."

After Jack put the luggage down Cathryn turned to face him and said, "How come you've never tried to kiss me?"

"You told me you didn't want me to touch you."

"That was the first night. It's been almost two months. You've had plenty of opportunities."

"Do you want the real reason?"

"Tell me."

"It would be cheating. When you kiss me I want it to be because you want to kiss me, not because you owe me. I want you to be an independent woman, self sufficient and master of your own destiny. I want you to kiss me because of who I am, not what I've done for you."

She reached up and kissed his lips. "Don't you want to be the white knight that rescues the damsel and falls in love."

He slid his fingers through her hair and said, "No one can rescue you, but you."

"You don't think you rescued me that night?"

"I got you out of a jam." Jack reached down and took her hand. He lifted her arm and lightly brushed her tattoos. "This is your prison. All I can do is stand outside and hope you find a way to me."

She kissed him again. Her tongue breached his lips as he pulled her body tightly to his.

She push him away. "What if I never completely escape from my prison?"

He kissed her forehead. "I don't think you will ever be completely free of the emotional scars. But I don't want you to resent me in five years or seven years."

She undid the top button of his shirt. "I'm not the only person in the room with emotional scars, and I'm not willing to wait until the scars are fully healed."

Jack smiled and kissed her. Their tongues mingled in her mouth and then mingled in his. He pulled away and asked, "What happened the last time we were together in this room?"

"I didn't know you, and I wasn't ready."

"Are you ready now?"

"Almost, but I have some rules. You can't do anything that reminds me of my rapist. I want you to lie on the bed and let me take control. Don't touch me unless I tell you to touch me. Don't speak unless I speak to you, and don't moan, whatever you do, don't moan."

"No moaning. Got it."

Cathryn slowly undid the second button on his shirt. "Why did you stop for me that night?"

"It was the right thing to do."

"Yes but hundreds of people sped past. Why did you stop?"

She undid the next button while she waited for him to answer.

"I think it's because the man I aspire to be would stop. He's never in a hurry. He makes time for people. He always stops."

She undid the last button and slid his shirt off and slipped her fingers through the hair on his chest. "It would probably be easier to aspire to be an astronaut or the president."

"Yea, sometimes I get totally fucked."

She hooked her thumbs into his pants and pushed them down. "Well, you are going to get totally fucked tonight, that's for sure."

"I really hope you're being literal."

"Of course I am," she said as she pushed him until he fell onto the bed.

While he lay naked on the bed, she undressed and then slowly put on vintage lingerie. The bra pushed her tits into tight bullets and the panties went almost up to her navel. She took her time securing dark stockings to a garter belt.

She held up her arms and turned around for him to see. "Do you like?"

"Very much."

She sauntered into the bathroom and returned with her deep red lipstick. She casually applied the lipstick while looking in a mirror where he could watch. She touched up her hair and then inspected herself in the mirror. Once she was satisfied she put on a pair of long black gloves.
She looked into his eyes while she touched her gloved index finger to the tip of his big toe. Her eyes held his as her finger glided down his foot and up his leg.

"I want you to tell me something." She paused while tightening her grip on his gaze. Her finger was inches away from his cock. "I want to know your kryptonite."

His cock inexplicably surged. Was this a game? It had started off serious, but now they were way off in uncharted territory.

"I'm not Superman." It was the best he could come up with.

"Every man has a kryptonite. I need to know yours."

He knew what she wanted, but he didn't want to give it to her. He froze.

She sat down on the bed and playfully touched the tip of his nose, "Don't you want to play?"

"I do want to play."

"So, tell me something about yourself that no one else knows."

"Like what?"

"Tell me why your wife left you."

"I thought we already talked about that."

"You told me how, but you didn't say why."

"She was having an affair. He offered something I couldn't. I don't know." He feigned ignorance.

"Tell me more."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you're closed. You stop at the side of the road, and you drive me all over the desert, you put me up in a motel, and you let me live in your house, but you don't share anything of yourself and you don't tell me why. I want to know why."

She grabbed his cock, shook it, then said, "Come on out Jack, I want to know the real you."

"That's what Tess said. She said she never knew the real me."

"Was Tess your wife?"


"Did you love her?"

"Of course."

"Why did you let her go?"

"By the time she left, I didn't have a choice."

"Did she fuck you?"

"Of course, we were married."

"No, not literally, figuratively. Did she fuck you?" She was no longer playing. She stopped and looked into his eyes while she waited for an answer.

"Yes, she fucked me."

"Have a lot of girls fucked you?"

"Please stop."

"Why do you let them fuck you?"

"Someday I'm going to meet a girl that isn't going to fuck me over. When I do, it will make it all worthwhile."

That was enough for Cathryn. She removed her panties and crawled on top of him.

She sat on him with her knees at his ribs and her feet at his hips. He tried to stroke her thigh with his hand, but she grabbed his wrist and said, "You need to be good," and she put his hand at the corner of the mattress.

She moved her hips forward and back, rubbing her bushy pussy up and down the length of his shaft. He began to move his hips in unison with hers, but she stopped him, "Be still. Don't do anything."

He couldn't touch her, move, speak, or god forbid, moan. He had nothing more to do than watch her as she used his cock to masterbate.

Eventually, she bent over and kissed him on the lips. He could feel the residue of her heavy lipstick on his lips. She kissed his cheek, his neck and his nipple. She kissed his stomach, his navel and then she kissed his cock. A trail of red rings marked her path to his penis.

She asked, "Do you think it's better to give or receive oral sex?"

"That depends on whether I can move or not."

"That's a good point." She slid down the bed so that she could take his penis into her mouth.

Jack thought she would give him a blowjob, but she just moved her lips up and down his erection. After a few round trips his penis was bright pink from her lipstick..

"There," she said. "You no longer have an aggressive cock. Now you have a polite pink penis. Isn't it adorable?" She gave it a little kiss.

"I suppose," Jack was not happy about having his penis referred to as polite, but he guessed that a polite penis was not something that a rapist would have.

Polite or not, his penis was hard. She had no trouble sliding it inside of her. She slowly raised herself up off of him, then breached her vagina and gradually slid all the way down again.

Jack had a hard time keeping still. Her vagina was hot and wet. He wanted to drive himself into her, but he knew that wasn't what she needed. It was the first time he'd had sex with a woman other than his wife in years. He was surprised by the tightness of her youthful pussy, the varied contours of her vaginal canal, and the playfulness of her technique. They weren't just having sex, they were becoming intimate in a way he had never done before.

She looked down on him as she repeatedly impaled herself. She savored the penetration of her vagina, the transit of his cock and the serene satisfaction of her fullness. She delighted in the torture of his unbound restraint. He was doing his best to give her what she needed and he was doing nothing at all.

He looked up at her and wondered what her tits looked like underneath the bullet bra and if he would ever get to touch them. She looked down on him and traced a line on his chest with her finger. The line went down his stomach to the place where his cock disappeared into her vagina. Her finger made a small circle on her clitoris.

"Do you wish you could touch me?"

"You know I do."

"Well, maybe if you're a good boy you can touch me next time."

She slowly built of the intensity on her clit. Her eyes held his. "Do you like watching me?"

"It's my second favorite thing to do."

She smiled and continued to massage herself while she continued to rise and fall over him. He hated to see her satisfy herself in front of him, but knew that it was not his place to touch her.

"Don't you dare look away," she said. She wanted to watch him suffer through her orgasm, with him on the precipice of his own. He began to move a hand, but she stopped him with the shake of her head.

She continued to finger herself, while slowly riding up and down his cock with her firm, tight pussy. All the while he looked him in the eye. She came first, then she increased the frequency of her motion and he came soon after. She laid down beside him.

"Can I touch you now?"

"Put your arms around me and hold me close."

They laid in silence for a few moments, then she said, "That will give me something to live for while I'm in jail."

Jack considered what had happened. He had kept to his code for two months of living with her, then somehow failed spectacularly in one night. Was it a failure? If anything she now knew that she could trust him with a loaded penis.

Cathryn wore a vintage sleeveless dress to court the next morning. It was something that Jackie Onassis might have worn when she was still a Kennedy. She and her attorney left Jack in the gallery as they went before the judge, who happened to be a woman.

The police officer described how he had stopped Cathryn as she walked alone at night. He determined that she was soliciting based on her provocative tattoos. She resisted arrest and later the pot was found in her bag.

The judge studied Cathryn as the officer spoke. When he finished she said, "Let me see these tattoos." After examining Cathryn's arms she spoke quietly to her, then asked her attorney to join them at the bench. They spoke quietly for several minutes. Cathryn pointed Jack out and then they spoke some more.

The judge said, "Karl, did you read these tattoos before you made the arrest?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Please, read them again." As he did she asked, "Is it more likely that these would be on the arms of a prostitute or someone that had been brutally raped?"

Karl said, "I must have misread them your honor."

The Judge thanked the officer, then found Cathryn not guilty of soliciting and resisting arrest, but guilty of possession of marijuana. The judge called Jack up to the bench. "I understand that Cathryn is living with you."

"I let her stay in a spare room."

The judge nodded, then said, "I'd like to put her on probation, but I'd rather not force her to live in Arizona. Are you willing to report in to her parole officer for the next six months? He will want you to confirm Cathryn's whereabouts and activities on a weekly basis. This is a big commitment, can you do this for me?"

Cathryn gave him a hopeful look.

What was he going to say? He wasn't going to quit now after all the effort he had put into getting her to stand on her own two feet, so he did the only thing he could do and agreed to her terms.

There were several technical details that had to be sorted out regarding Jack's background, employment and financial situation. Once the court was satisfied that Jack had the means to take care of Cathryn they met the parole officer and sorted out the details of their new routine. It was late afternoon before they started home.

Cathryn closed the truck's door and smiled. "You're bound to me."

"I think it would be more accurate to say that you are bound to me."

She couldn't get over her change in fortune. Last night she thought she was be in jail; today she found out she has six more months with her white knight. As a bonus the sex was great. Not that he did anything spectacular, but he played by her rules and that was what she needed the most-at least for now.

Jack thought about the last two months as he drove. He couldn't identify a decision or choice that he had made that would have altered his current situation. Driving past Cathryn as she waved at the roadside was not an option. He helped people, that was just who he was. After that the dominos just seemed to fall. He couldn't abandon her at the gas station, at her sister's trailer, or at the police station. Now he had her for the next six months. Would six months become a year? Were they going to spend their lives together?

Jack looked over to see her gazing at him.

She said, "I can't believe how lucky I've been."

"I'm happy for you."

"Aren't you happy for us?"

"I'm happy, but I'm also worried that I can't be the person you need."

"I don't understand."

He lightly touched her arm and said, "I think you do."

The silence of their drive was interrupted by a phone call.

"Hello." Jack answered on the trucks bluetooth.

"Hi Jack, it's Mary."

Jack and Mary exchanged pleasantries. Cathryn was able to glean that Mary had been a mutual friend of Jack and his ex. She was having a party and wanted Jack to come, even though Tess and Peter would both be there.

Mary said, "I haven't heard back from you, so I wanted to follow up."

Cathryn's eyes lit, she nodded vigorously and silently mouthed the words, "Let's go."

Jack shook his head.

Mary continued, "Tess promises she'll be good. She really wants to see you."

Cathryn took control by speaking directly into the bluetooth, "Can he bring a date?"

"Is there someone with you?"

Jack shook his head at Cathryn while he said, "Yea, we're just driving in from Arizona." Mary was going to have a field day sharing that with the girls.

"I didn't realize you were seeing anyone."

"We're living together," Cathryn inserted herself again.

Jack winced at the thought of the shit storm Cathryn was creating.

Mary was a bit flustered, "By all means, bring your date."

After a few more pleasantries the call ended.

"Oh crap, what have you done?" He really didn't want to see Tess.

Cathryn studied the side of Jack's face as he drove. "What's up with your ex-wife?"

The question made Jack uncomfortable. "I really don't want to talk about my ex." They listened to the radio for the rest of the ride.

Then next day Cathryn scoured vintage clothing shops to find the right outfit for Mary's party. She returned with something Audrey Hepburn might have worn in Roman Holiday. It had the long sleeves she needed, but was short enough to show off her legs. She'd found matching heels that were high enough to shape her calves without drawing attention away from her legs. She topped it off with a matching hat and a pair of white gloves. She roped Jack into a retro suit with a thin tie and they drove off together in her Falcon ready to travel through space and time to conquer Jack's friends.

By the time they arrived the party was in full swing. Cathryn hooked her arm through Jack's and let him escort her in. She straightened her plumb perfect posture and imitated the walk she had seen in her favorite Hepburn films. The only thing missing was a long cigarette holder.

The party was in a barroom. Twenty or so small tables surrounded the bar. A few empty tables were cast into quiet corners. Most of the people were standing and talking. Some couples sat at tables and a group sat at the bar. The lights were dim and lively music played.

Jack recognized about half the faces. He realized that most of those he recognized had known about Tess's affair long before he did. He felt his confidence drain away.

"Look at me and smile," Cathryn said.

As he did his best to smile she said, "Is there a single woman in this room that you would rather be with? Take your time and look around."

Jack saw Tess, Mary and a few other acquaintances. A couple that he vaguely remembered stopped and said hello. He waved to a few other friends then lead Cathryn to the bar as he continued to scan the room.


"Everyone is looking at you." he said. There was no mystery why, she looked fantastic.

"Only one person in here matters to me."

This time he gave her a real smile.

While Jack waited in line at the bar a young buck introduced himself to Cathryn. He complimented her outfit and made small talk about the lameness of the party. Once he established a beachhead, three friends joined him. They chatted, laughed and tried to outdo one another in stories of hijinks and adventure. Cathryn encouraged them with eye contact, smiles, and laughter. By the time Jack returned with the drinks the group had grown to become the center of the party, at least for the younger crowd.

Jack held the drinks over his head as he waded into the group surrounding Cathryn. He collected some dirty looks from the eager stallions he displaced, but Cathryn pulled him in. The conversation hopped from fashion to mixed drinks to social media. Jack surfaced for air when the group began exchanging usernames on each of the endless social media applications.

Tess descended upon him the instant he emerged from the group. As usual, she was overdressed. She wore a steel gray suit that left most of her long legs exposed. Her silver hair was parted on the side and precision cut to align with her strong jaw. Her ears, neck and wrists were adorned with diamonds. Her meticulous smile appeared warm and calculating at the same time. She scolded him for not keeping in touch and said that there was something very important that they needed to discuss. She took his hand a led him to a table tucked in a secluded corner.

Tess sat facing him with her legs crossed. She made certain that her seat blocked his exit. She delicately took his hand, placed it on her knee and traced the veins with her index finger. She settled into her soft coo of a voice, "It's nice to see you again."

Jack couldn't understand why his cock got hard every time she used this voice. Was he nothing more than a tool for her to use? He shifted in his seat and tried to prepare himself for her impending assault.

"Aren't you happy to see me?" she asked. Her blue eyes insisted that he respond.

"It's always nice to see you. How's Peter these days?" He tried to exert some control over the conversation.

"Peter is Peter. He will never be you." Her head tipped gently to the side as she spoke.

Jack marveled at her ability to play into his deep-seated desire to please her.

She squeezed his hand between hers and said, "I need to talk to you. Can you please help me out?"

She had asked for help. Jack could no more refuse than fly.

"You know I didn't mean to hurt you, don't you?"

"How can you say that? You had an affair. How much more hurtful can you get?"

She squeezed his hand, then slid her hand up his arm. The hand then dropped from his arm down to his leg. She looked into his eyes and said, "You know I did it for you."

Jack was confused. Her touch was distracting and her words didn't make sense.

"You have to admit that our marriage had gotten a little stale." She pushed her hand up his leg, testing the limits of his cock, but not touching it. "Don't get me wrong, you were always good, but we could have been better. I realized that some men, men like you, are unhappy in conventional relationships. You need more. You need to be the white knight, battling to save your princess."

"You thought I wanted to fight for you?"

"Of course I did, but you let me down."

Jack just looked at her.

"You were my valiant prince. You always came to my rescue, but just when I needed you most you weren't there."

Somehow her affair was his fault, and she was disappointed in him. He was overcome by an instinctive urge to flee but he was hemmed in. Tess sensed his panic and soothed him with her hands and calmed him with her voice. Her soft touch and smooth voice opened his mind to her strange, twisted logic.

"Jack, I want you back. Everything I did, I did for you. I thought it would make you happy."

"But, how could you think that I wanted you to be with someone else?"

"Jack, you practically forced me into it! I know you knew about it from the beginning and I also know that you liked it."

Jack shook his head, it simply wasn't true. Even though he knew that she was warping reality, she knew exactly how to bend his will and shake his resolve. He could feel his will begin to crumble.

"I miss you, and I need you. Won't you please come back?"

Jack feared that he was lost. In a few moments he would be back under her spell.

Cathryn had watched Tess lead Jack away. She ruled out direct intervention. Her two month relationship was no match for seven years of marriage, no matter how ugly the divorce had been. She decided that the best defence was a good offence and found Peter, who was alone at the bar.

Peter was a big guy. He was about Jack's age, but he had at least four inches and fifty pounds on him. He dressed in navy blue slacks and sports jacket. His hair was freshly cut and his cologne was generously applied.

Cathryn stood close enough to be inescapable, but did not look his way. The barkeep delivered Peter's drink, took her order for a Manhattan and departed.

"What is a sophisticated woman like yourself doing with this mob of youngsters?" He waved an arm in the direction of her group.

She gave an enticing smile and asked, "Who should I be associating with?"

"You need someone with some experience and maturity. Someone with a gentle hand that can guide and caress you."

"Wow, it sounds like I could really learn something from you." She turned her shoulders to face him, engaged his eyes and made him the center of her universe.

"Indeed you could."

"Do you mind if I record this? It sounds like it is going to be good." She held up her phone to catch his response.

"By all means. You should record this so that my wisdom can be preserved and cherished."

"You were saying..."

"Oh yes, of course, I was saying that a beautiful sophisticated woman like yourself should be associating with someone like me. Rather than bring you to a dull as dishwater gathering such as this, I would whisk you away to the farthest stretches of the Earth. We would dine on the finest delicacies and drink the most superb wine." He brought a pointed finger to his chest and said, "I would show you how to live."

"...and sex, would we have sex?"

"Oh, my dear, sex with me is unparalleled. These young men would do nothing more than bounce around on top of you. I would show you the joy and pleasure of sensual lovemaking. Once you have sex with me you will never want to have sex with anyone else."

Cathryn almost felt sorry for this poor pompous ass, but she kept recording anyway.

Tess felt no pity at all. She wanted Jack under her thumb and she was going to have Jack under her thumb. She stroked the side of his face and waited for his will to yield. He was born to be exploited and she was born to exploit him. There was nothing anyone could do about it.
A loud eruption of hoots and hollers broke Tess's train of thought. She looked out into the bar to see what the people were watching, but no one was watching the TVs. All of the young people were looking down at their phones. Would they ever live in the real world?

She turned back to Jack who was also looking at his phone. She was about to lash out at him when Mary interrupted.

"Tess, you'd better get Peter away from that girl."

Mary lead Tess to the bar.

Jack followed the instructions that Cathryn had texted and headed straight for her car.

"What the hell happened?" Jack asked as they drove out of the parking lot.

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

Jack hung his head. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh, I know what happened. I just want the details."

"What do you think happened?"

"She held your hand and walked you to a quiet place. She softly stroked your arm, hand and face while she made it seem like she'd never done anything to hurt you. You believed her even though you knew better. Then she asked you to do something for her. It was probably something degrading, something that you would never do with a clear head. But with her touching you, staring into your eyes and purring into your ear you were completely powerless to say no."

Jack wondered how she knew so much.

"That's textbook male manipulation. Every sleazy bitch in town knows how to do it."

"I'm so fucking pathetic."

"No, you're not pathetic. You had your defenses all set. You weren't going to the party. You didn't even reply to her invitation. I was the one that made you go. It was my fault."

She continued, "The thing you don't seem to understand is that you are genetically programmed to help people, particularly women. Once people like Tess realize that, they will take advantage of you again and again. It's like you have a handicap, except with the right woman it's a blessing."

Jack meekly smiled. "At least there's hope."

"There's more than hope. You can be that person you want to be. You just can't be it with her."

The passing streetlights created deep shadows that moved across her face as she drove. Only her dark eyes and deep-red lipstick held constant. Somehow Cathryn was becoming more attractive with each passing day. Jack wondered how it was possible that the girl at the truckstop could be so beautiful; was it the clothes or something deeper that had changed?

Jack had just laid down in bed when he heard Cathryn called from her bedroom.

"Jack, could you come here please."

She was sitting up in her bed, wearing the vintage nightgown he had seen before. She patted the bed and said, "Sit down here next to me."

He arranged his boxers so that he wouldn't be exposed as he sat.

She took his hand in hers and examined it. She touched a scar near his wrist with her index finger, then traced a tendon down to the end of his finger. "I want you to help me understand what is going on. Can you please help me?"

"Of course."

She smiled as she turned his hand over and examined his palm. "I saw Tess in action today, but I didn't get why she wanted to talk to you. Can you please tell me?"

"Please don't ask that."

"Oh, Jack, don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you." Cathryn had known he would be easy to manipulate, but it wasn't until she had seen Tess's merciless onslaught that she realized how strong her hold was on him. Cathryn resolved to break Tess's hold with a little manipulation of her own.

"Please, please don't."

"Won't you please help me?" Cathryn purred. Her voice was as smooth as silk. She knew that he would help. He had no choice.

She softly rubbed her hand on his. Her eyes were focused on his hand, but she was paying attention to every movement his body made.

"I don't see how this is going to help." Jack's cock surged up through the gap in his boxers. He tried to readjust himself, but she wouldn't let go of his hand.

"It's alright. Your cock is supposed to get hard." Cathryn appealed to a base desire of his subconscious. She touched his hand, his arm and his face. She nurtured his erection by touching everything but the erection itself.

Jack felt like he was lost in a stormy ocean of emotion. Waves of desire crashed over him. He wanted to please her, but was appalled at the same time. Cathryn was manipulating him just like Tess did. He had thought he could trust her, but he was no longer certain.

"Your cock got hard today at the party didn't it?"

He was silent.

"It's okay, just tell me that your cock got hard." She brush a stray hair from his face.

The sensation of her fingers on his face caused his cock to surge again.

"My cock was hard. My cock gets hard every time she touches me."

Cathryn smiled, "That's a good boy. Now tell me what you talked about."

Jack was silent.

"You're not helping me Jack. You said you would help me. Tell me what she wanted." Her hand made an excursion up his leg.

He continued to resist her gentle persuasion.

"Oh, Jack, I'm only doing this for you." She continued to caress his leg.

Jack did not want to expose any of this to Cathryn, but she was impossible for him to deny. He could feel anxiety building within himself as he said, "She wanted me back."

"But she has Peter now. I don't understand."

"She thought I wanted her to have another lover. She said she did it to make me happy." A bolt of panic struck him as the words left his mouth. His stomach wrapped itself into a knot and his whole body began to sweat. He stood up and said, "I can't do this. You have to go."


"I can't do this." The panic rapidly subsided and his will began to build.

"Of course you can."

"I won't be tooled like this, and the only way I know how to prevent it is to stay away from people that take advantage of me. You have to leave."


"No, you can find a place tomorrow." He went back into his room and closed the door.

Cathryn couldn't believe she'd been so stupid. She should have known that he would be pissed off about being manipulated and she knew that his only defence was to push her away. It was exactly what he'd done with Tess. Now she'd fucked everything up. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

The next morning Jack couldn't look her in the eye. They navigated around the toaster and coffee maker like strangers at a breakfast bar.

Cathryn was tempted to apologize, but thought it would sound like she was being manipulative. She said, "Do I need to go back to Arizona, or will you still support me?"

Jack considered the question. It didn't sound like manipulation, and she needed to know. He said, "I'll support you." It was what he had committed to do, but he still felt like a sucker.

She moved in with one of the other girls from work later that day.

A couple of days later Tess knocked at the door. She burst in as Jack answered.

"Would you mind reining in your bitch?" She spit the words at him. She was dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Her hair was a mess and she wasn't wearing any makeup. He had never seen her look so disheveled.

"Good morning to you too."

"Don't give me that shit. Where is the little cunt?" Tess stormed around Jack's apartment.

"What's going on?"

"Oh, like you don't know."

"Please humor me." He maximized politeness to contrast her rudeness.

"That little bitch of yours is posting six-second video clips of Peter making an ass of himself all over the internet. She started at the party and refuses to stop. I'm going to rip her fucking head off when I get my hands on her."

That explained the rapid exit from Mary's party. Jack laughed, "It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

"Fuck you. I would have thought that you of all people would have been sympathetic to public humiliation."

"You're horrible. It's time for you to leave." With that he pushed her out the door and said, "Give Peter my best."

She stumbled onto the grass and shouted, "Fuck you asshole!"

Jack looked down on her spread out on the grass. "You really are a sleazy bitch. How did I miss that?" The expression on her face revealed that she knew he was gone for good. He closed the door without a second look.

That evening Jack found the videos online. Humiliating was an understatement. It was bad enough that Peter was cheating on Tess and trying to bird dog Jack's girl for a second time, but he was completely oblivious to what was going on. He interpreted Cathryn's mordant smile as encouraging and he boorishly insulted everyone and everything in sight. But the saddest part was that the videos captured the real Peter.

The thought of Peter being humiliated brought a smile to Jack's face. Of course, Tess would be humiliated by association. He wondered how long it would be before Tess had someone new, and then he decided he didn't care.


"I think mister lonely heart at table 12 is in love with you," said the new waitress.

Cathryn replied, "I should be so lucky."

"He's there every morning, and he only sits at your tables. I think he's got the hots for you." she sang in an unrecognizable melody.

Every morning Jack was there to check up on her, just like he said he would. Every morning he was there reminding her of something that could have been. Every morning she prayed for a second chance.

The morning rush had died down so she took the seat across from him. "More coffee?"

"No, thanks."

"What time do you want to leave tomorrow morning?" It was the end of her probation and the probation officer wanted to see her in person. In two days they would no longer be bound, and she would probably never see him again.

He picked her up at 10. She looked as nice as he'd ever seen her. A white sweater covered her arms and a short skirt let her legs show. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks." She was consciously as perky and attractive as she could possibly be.

They listened to the radio for the first hour, then Cathryn's phone rang and she turned down the music to take the call. She chatted for a few minutes with a boy that wanted to take her out. She was polite, but noncommittal. It wasn't five minutes before her phone rang again and she had a similar conversation with a different boy.

"You're popular now."

"I guess so. It's funny, it wasn't that long ago I couldn't get anyone, including my own sister, to pick up the phone. Now attractive guys call me day and night."

Jack gave a hollow smile, "You've come a long way."

They rode in silence for a few minutes before her phone rang a third time. This time she turned it off.

"Do you remember the conversation we had in the car after we saw last saw the judge? You were worried that you couldn't be the man I needed."

"I remember."

"Well, you were there for me. I wish I could have been there for you."

"Why would you need to be there for me? I'm the white knight. I don't need to be rescued."

"You know that's not true."

Jack drove in silence. He wanted to leave his problems buried.

Cathryn thought for a few moments. Today was her last chance, she had to make it count. She'd spent that last couple of months trying to figure out a way to address their relationship. Despite that, she was here winging it on the last day. "Tell me what happened Jack. I thought we were doing so well. We were a team at the party, but I made one mistake, one well intentioned mistake, and wham! goodbye, so long forever. Was it that horrible that I played with you? You seemed to like it when Tess did it."

Jack didn't want to have this conversation. He said, "I think I'd rather talk about your rape."

"No, you don't get to say that. I wear my rape on my arms. Whatever happened to you is buried. All I see are the consequences."

He failed to reply before she continued, "How long am I going to have to wait for you to find your way out of your prison? It will take forever if you fail to acknowledge you're in a prison."

He caught the reference to their earlier conversation, and he knew what she was driving at, but he didn't know how to answer.

"Would it really be that objectionable for me to help you?"

"I don't need your help."

"Oh right, you were doing great with Tess at the party. You'd be wrapped around her finger right now if I hadn't slimed Peter."

He knew she was right. "But you were just going to take her place."

"No, I wasn't. I just wanted to know what was going on. I just wanted to know you better. I wanted to be intimate with you."

She continued, "You could look for a thousand years and never find someone that feels the way I do about you. If you have any feelings for me at all you have to let me in." She laid her cards on the table. It was a gamble, but she figured she had nothing to lose.

Jack knew that he had feelings for her. He was surprised at how lonely he had been after she left. How did she leave such a big hole in his life after only a few months? He replayed their conversation in his mind. She hadn't touched him, asked for his help, given him big doe eyes, or spoke in a soft voice. If anything she sounded a little desperate and shrill.

He said, "You really did slime Peter. Tess kicked him out; she's got some new guy that no one likes now."

"I kind of felt sorry for Peter. He was just a pawn that we all used."

"You probably did him a favor."

Cathryn nodded; he probably was better off.

"Were you as effective with your own revenge?"

Tess didn't like to discuss anything to do with her rape, but she answered in the spirit of shared intimacy, "Well, no. He died from prostate cancer a few years ago."

Jack was sorry he asked. He shut up and drove.

When they got to Quartzsite they checked into the same room at the same motel they had stayed in before. They walked hand in hand from the motel to the best restaurant in town, which was really a bar that served decent food. Jack picked the quietest table and ordered their best bottle of red wine. He was implicitly giving her what she asked for, and he hoped he wouldn't regret it.

The waiter poured the wine, took their order then left them alone.

She raised wine glass and said, "Tomorrow you will be free of me, and I will be an independent, self sufficient woman. Here's to independence."

Jack touched his glass to hers with a tinge of melancholy resting in his gut.

"I will also finally be able to kiss you," she said with a broad smile.

"To lots and lots of kisses," said Jack with another clink of their glasses.

Cathryn clasped her hands at the edge of the table. She spoke directly, with no detectable emotion. "Do you want to tell me here, or do you want to wait until we get back to the motel room?"

Their table was secluded enough to have a private conversation. "We might as well get it over with." Jack refilled his glass then downed it in one gulp.

"I wasn't totally honest with you. After I found Tess and Peter in bed, she raced after me and caught me before I could leave. She cooed in that voice of hers, and stroked my head, arms and hands. She told me how precious I was to her, how much she loved me and that she couldn't make it through life without my help. Some part of me knew it was all bullshit, but there was another part that wanted to believe her. I stayed, like the schmuck that I am."

"The first time I caught them I'd surprised them by coming home early. The second time she wanted to be caught. She didn't even ask Peter to leave. She just looked at me from underneath him and said that she would be done in a moment and that she had something important she wanted to talk about."

Cathryn didn't want to hear the rest, but she was transfixed by Jack's gruesome tale.

"She was naked when she came out of the bedroom. She reached down, touched my cock through my pants and said that she knew I would be hard. She said that my cock told the truth and nothing I could say would change the truth. She said that I had to stay with her because it was who I am and nothing would change that. She made me kiss her and fuck her. I could smell him and taste him all over her and it happened night after night. I put up with it for a couple of months and then I moved out. A few months later we got divorced."

"She raped you."

"No, it's not like I couldn't just get up and leave."

"That's exactly what you couldn't do. You were powerless and she took advantage of you. That's rape in anybody's book."

Jack refused to accept that he'd been raped. "No, I was just weak. I let her do it."

"You sound just like a rape victim. You were raped."

Jack paused for a moment. He didn't accept that he'd been raped, so he pressed on with his explanation, "Anyway, back to you. You called me into your room and told me where to sit, just as she would have done. You touched me the way she would have touched me, and you softly cooed, just the way she did. It took me back to her in bed with him, asking me to clean up his mess. I was overwhelmed by anxiety. I just had to push you away. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? I am so sorry!"

The waitress interrupted their apologies with Jalapeno Poppers.

Jack put a full pepper into his mouth hoping the pain would be a distraction.

Cathryn thought about telling him that arousal during rape was common, that there were both psychological and physical aspects to rape, and that most male rape victims were erect during the act. But it wasn't where the conversation needed to go.

She said, "I regret asking you to tell me this."

Jack could feel the anxiety drain, "Now you know my kryptonite."

"Yes I do." She also had a much deeper appreciation of the white knight who had cared for her that night.

From there the conversation took a lighter track. Over dinner they discussed her work at the diner, an issue with the starter on the Falcon and some home improvements Jack hoped to get done.

On the way out Jack picked up another bottle of wine for the motel room. He put his arm around her and said, "I have one more thing that I want to say. Up until the night I found you, I thought about Tess sixty times an hour. Since that night, it's been you I think of."

With this Cathryn was certain she had him back. She was ecstatic.

Jack opened the door to let them in. He hadn't taken two steps into the room before she tackled him on the bed. She rolled, so that he was on top, and looked up into his eyes. "Now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?"

"Ah, yes. The eternal question, what to do with a fair maiden lying on your bed. Centuries of scholars have pondered this very question." They exchanged smiles, then he touched his tongue to her lips and traced the arc of her mouth with the tip of his tongue.

He kissed an eyebrow, then traced the ridge of her nose with the tip of his. She felt his hot breath on her face and smelled the Jalapenos from dinner.

"You're trying to torture me, aren't you?"

"After all you've put me through, I think you deserve it."

She slid his shirt up over his head, then strained to kiss his neck.

He sat up and straddled her. "Are there any rules tonight?"

She started to say, 'no', but stopped herself. "Just one. I want you to touch every part of my body with every part of your body."

Jack laughed, "That could get a little awkward."

"Well, you asked."

"So, it's my fault."

"Of course, you're the guy. Everything is always your fault."

He pondered her request as he unbuttoned her sweater. "I'm going to start with the tip of my nose."

"An excellent choice." she said as she slid her arms out of the sweater's sleeves.

He sat behind her and reached around to unbutton her blouse. He slowly undid the buttons as his nose pressed against the back of her neck. His breath was hot against her skin. She arched her back to amplify the sensation as he slowly breathed. In then out. Each breath seemed to last for ever. The button's defense held much longer than she expected as his breathing marked the passing time. In then out. She could feel the blood flowing to the organs between her legs and the lubricants building up. With each breath she became more and more aroused. In then out. When the last button fell he gently slid her blouse down the length of her arms.
She thought, 'at last!' and hoped he would roll her over and take her, but he turned his attention to her bra.

He touched the tip of his nose to the vertebrae in her neck as his fingers navigated the hooks of her bra. In then out. Deep breaths through his nostrils tickled the fine hairs on her back while the pull and tug at her bra began to excite her breasts. In then out. The hooks frustrated his fingers as they blindly uncoupled the closure. In then out. Eventually, her bra went slack, and he slowly slid it off.

She wasn't going to be able to handle this. She was wet and engorged, and he still had his pants on. She wanted his cock hard inside her. She wanted to feel the fullness, the motion and the pressure. She wanted the pounding of his pelvis against hers. A shiver ran down her spine, causing a wave of tension in her vulva. She reached back and placed her hand on the crotch of his pants. His cock was rock hard. She forced him up undid his pants and ripped them off, taking his boxers as well.

He smiled as he stood at the bedside, taking in a good look at her taut tits. After gazing at her for what seemed like eternity he asked, "Would you like some wine?"

He poured wine into the motel's disposable plastic water cups. She took the cup in one hand and his balls in the other. A healthy mouthful of wine was followed by tug at his testicals and a healthy mouthful of cock. She road her lips as far down his cock as she could and then back up.

He parried her assault. He slid his dick out of her mouth and kneeled down in front of her. His face was level with hers and their noses lightly touched. Their eyes were much too close to focus. In then out. His breath washed over her face. He thought about her tattoos and bruises she had on the night they met. He dragged the back of his fingernails down both sides of her face and wondered it she had ever experienced sex with compassion and affection. In then out. He recalled his voluntary restraint the first time they had sex and concluded that it was unlikely.

He said, "This isn't a porn movie or work of fiction with an eight inch dick and F cup tits." Puffs of air splashed off her face as he spoke. "This is just you and I, exploring each other's bodies. We will come, there is no doubt about it, but relax. Let it settle on us like a sunrise rather than trying to force it to happen."

"You're driving me crazy. I'm a fucking hair's breadth from orgasm and all you'll do is breathe on me." She stood up and took off her skirt and panties. He tried to stand but, before he could, she pushed him onto the floor. She jumped on top of him and pierced her soaking vagina with his rigid penis. His cock's transit was frictionless. She ground her pelvic bone against his then extracted his penis and pierced herself again, driving her clit hard onto him. She did it again and again, rushing headlong into a glorious climax.

Jack realized that he was fighting a losing battle, so he began thrusting upwards into her, matching her verve with a vigor of his own. His hands grabbed her tight ass and he pulled at her to amplify the thrusts. In a matter of a half dozen thrusts she let out a lusty wail that was undoubtedly audible in the adjacent rooms.

She stopped thrusting and lowered herself all the way down, taking his full length inside of her. She began to move her hips in a circular pattern. "Talk to me."

He looked up at her as he assembled his thoughts. "Let's get on the bed."

"Not like that, I mean sexy talk."

"No, seriously, my back hurts. Let's get on the bed."

She laid down on the bed with her legs spread. He climbed on top of her and inserted himself into her. His back was arched and his hands were at her shoulders.

He said, "I've been looking for you for a long time." His hips moved slowly as he spoke. His penis glided effortlessly in and out. "I even gave up and married the wrong woman."

Her eyes closed.

"I can't tell you how many times I've put it all on the line for a woman, only to be totally fucked."

This was better than the 'fuck me harder' sex talk that she was expecting. She slowly pushed her hips into his and waited for him to continue.

"I vowed that I would never let it happen again. Never again would I let a woman into my heart. Never again would I play the sucker. Never again would I be totally fucked."

She opened her eyes to watch the unfolding confession. She grabbed his back with her hands and pulled herself up and onto his cock.

"And then there you were on the highway, and I had no choice but to stop."

He closed his eyes and drove his shaft deep into her vagina. A shiver ran down his spine and he did it again.

"I had no choice but to help you."

His hands dug deep into the sheets as his hips pressed down upon her. She responded by pulling her hips up into his.

"There was nothing I could do."

They pummeled at each other's pelvic bones while sliding effortlessly at each other's genitalia. She could feel the pressure building again.

He said, "Please don't fuck me."

His head dropped so that he could suck a nipple into his mouth. He nibbled at it with lip-covered teeth, then he sucked as much into his mouth as he could while an errant hand massaged the other breast. Her tits were firm and filled with youth.

She grabbed clumps of hair and held his head tightly to her. Her back arched and chest expanded to push more of her tit into his mouth.

She said, "Oh, but I'm going to."

Terror struck Jack. He thought she knew better than to tease about this.

She rolled over on top of him, firmly holding his gaze with hers. She said, "I'm going to fuck you every day, and you are going to fuck me."

Jack's fear of being fucked mixed with the ecstasy of their intercourse, his anxiety about his past relationships and the reassurance of her body next to his. Was she deliberately torturing him or did she have some other motive?

"You are going to spend the rest of your life vulnerable to me."

His pulse raced as she compelled his cock to plumb the depths of her warm, wet socket. In then out, again and again.

"You will be intimate with me."

His fear was displaced by the rush of an impending orgasm.

"You'll need me."

His cock was a slave to the beck and call of her cunt. He had no choice but to drive it fully and completely into her.

"You'll have me."

She was relentless in her persuasion.

"Love me."

His spine began to shiver as the orgasm built inside of him.

"That's the way it has to be."

His cock released with a tsunami of semen surging inside of her. His body shuddered then went slack.

He thought about what had just happened. She was right. He couldn't spend the rest of his life cowering from women. She would probably hurt him, but he didn't think she would do anything he couldn't handle.

Her face dropped to his and her lips drenched him in kisses. She laid on her side while draping an arm over his chest.

He picked up the arm and examined the tattoo.

"I hate my tattoos"

He ran his finger along her arm, "This one says, 'I don't love myself so you will never love me' and the other one says, 'I'm stuck in the past'. I think of them as the rough spots. Rough spots aren't shiny or smooth, but they do have one advantage, they are where the adhesive holds the strongest." He wrapped his hand around it and held fast.

She kissed his cheek. "Well, they're no longer accurate, but if that's where the glue sticks I'm going to keep them."

The next morning found them with her parole officer. They chatted briefly and then he had her sign a few papers. After only a few minutes he said, "Congratulations, your parole has been served."

As they got in his truck she asked, "Can we go to the spot where we first met?"

"Of course," Jack said as he headed east. It was a beautiful fall day in the desert. The cool morning air was all but gone as the midday heat began to build. Jack drove with his elbow out the window - the way it was done in the days before automotive air conditioning. He crossed the median and brought the truck to a halt facing the cinder cones.

Cathryn stood next to him as she snapped picture after picture of the two of them. In a few days she would change her profile picture to one of her kissing Jack on the cheek as he grinned like a love-struck sap. Her status would read 'Attached' and the picture's caption would read, 'The luckiest spot on Earth is 21 miles east of Quartzsite.'

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